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Radio is still from the time of its advent is the most cheaper and pure quality based amusement and entertainment that enables the users to listen to the things what they want to listen like they can hear the sports commentary, or any live discussion, can listen to the music of their choice, can participate in the programs that are streamed live and various kind of other quality based amusement stuff too. In early times the radio was the utmost preference of everyone especially for listening to the news and weather updates, and even still many prefer the same scenario. Mostly nowadays the radio is being used for listening up the live musical stuff and songs that are being on aired by the radio stations and FM channels to spend a good leisure time. Being a cheap entertainment it is still in demand widely. The iOS users can look up this list of best radio apps, so that they can easily choose one that is most appropriate and suitable for them.

1. myTuner Radio – Live Stream Internet Radios Player

This is an amazing and astoundingly praise worthy radio app that surpass all the rest similar kind of apps in terms of intensive multiple support and smart level of convenience and brilliant assistance. myTuner Radio is a bewildering and spell bounding radio app that enables the people living in more than 120 various countries of the world to get a direct access to more than 30,000 live radio stations and can tune with a lot other for getting live updates regarding various topics such as sports, news and let the users to listen variety of different musical stuff and a lot of other things. Along with listening to the radios the users can also tune to various FM channels and listen to the live programs that are telecasted on that channels. The app is one of the best app for listening radio on the iOS devices as it is compatible with all sort of iPhones, iPads and iPods too. No restrictions of operating system’s version or whatsoever the users can use this astounding app for listening radio wherever they are whenever they want to. The app has won various awards all around the globe all based on performance and has been on the top of performance charts worldwide. This multiple functionality app is totally free of cost and simply can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iOS based devices.



2. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is another bright and most famous name in terms of Radio apps and is almost known to everyone all around the globe who is more into listening up the radio on their iOS devices. This mastery and tremendous potential app provides the users direct access to the thousands of their loved and liked musical stations all around the globe and totally changes life by fulfilling all the musical related desires of the users. This radio app is in basic specific sort of app that is more into the musical stuff and enables the users to listen to their favorite music from their iOS devices using this very app. The app let the users to access to the thousands of private and even temporary hand crafted music stations that are created in purpose to any of the particular event or festival. The users of this app has the facility of creating their very own music station customizing setting it up according to their own preference and desired and let other to access their station and listen the musical stuff they possess and want others to listen too. The amazing and most demanded features of the app includes the offline play backing facility which enables the users to play their favorite tracks even when not tuned by simply subscribing to that particular channel or music station of their desire. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App store.



3. Tambura Radio – Tunein to Bollywood Desi Radio

Bored enough listening the regular kind of music and stuff? Wants to try something interesting and praise worthy that will not only make you feel awesome but will enhance your musical taste and skill as well. This is a multiple language based radio app that let the users to access various different kinds of music including the top from every area the best and top charts from the Hollywood, some from the Indian region known as Bollywood and a lot more different sorts of radio stations that will surely amuse the users as they will discover every day something quite new and interesting that will not only make them feel great but will increase their knowledge about various famous cultures all around the world. Many people from the Asia or the Indian region can now even access to the songs of their own as by this very app they can access to their native radio stations from all over the world and can listen to the desired music whenever they want and no matter wherever they are. This multiple functionality radio app let the users to search the songs and music by the name of the songs, by name of the album or artist even. The app is free of cost available on the Apple App store and can be downloaded from their for iPhone and iPad.

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4. TuneIn Radio – NFL NBA Audiobooks Podcasts Music

Tuneln Radio is one of the most widely used radio app all around the world especially in US, Canada and North America. Millions of people including myself are with in love with this amazing quality and pure brilliant app that it has everything in it to offer that one cannot even imagine off and there is no more need of anything else as the whole world is like in this app on your palm. This radio app is one of the oldest and is a kind of pioneer app which led the other apps of similar kind as well and make a way forward for them. The app has solid astounding setup and powerful outlook that ensures its stream less multiple performance and effectual and efficient premium kind of working. By this app the user can tune to any kind of radio station all around the globe and can listen to any of the specific channel demanding upon the personal preference and desire of the users itself. Whether the user wants to listen to the live commentary of the NFL and NBA matches or want to listen live weather updates of the world, or the business news or if he is in the mood of listening to the stations of music, every single demand of the user is fulfilled by this master blaster app providing everything that the user wish to had in terms of radio stations and channels. This app is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad.


5. Jango Radio – Free Streaming Music

Jango Radio is another quite famous and well reputed radio app for the iOS devices as it provides them the freedom of streaming the musical stuff live all the way 24/7. Initially in the early stance of its release it was not given that much attention and response by the people as it was just for listening to the music and was having a weird sort of dull outlook and setup but later on as it gets updated and its latest version released for the iOS 9 hits the deck really hard and blows the minds of the users who were not aware of its mastery abilities and the multiple functionalities that are possess by the app. Now adding more towards the glory the app has become the official musical partner of the cellular carrier around US which is T-Mobile and leaping towards the success and fame quite rapidly. There are thousands of users already who are using this very radio app for listening up to their favorite musical stuff and live streaming various musical events promoted on various channels assisted and supported by this very app. The app is best as the best and top class free internet radio and often nowadays top various performance based charts all around the world that refers the app as the best internet radio. The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and it can be downloaded for both from the Apple App store for free.


6. 8tracks playlist radio – Free music app

Many of the radio apps in the list in which the often and most top rated radio apps for iOS are often music specified and possess the ability of promoting and providing access to only the musical stuff and musical stations, enabling the users to listen the desired kind of musical stuff and songs which they wants to listen. Among all those specified musical radio apps that are specially designed only to provide pure quality based immense high standard access to the musical channels, this very app is best of them all and is my personal favorite too and is highly recommended by everyone all around the globe, as whoever uses the app surely enjoys its working and is so much impressed by its performance that they further refer and recommend others to do use the app once for fulfilling their musical desires. 8tracks playlist radio is an ultimate free music app that enables the users from every part of the world to access and explore more than 2 million different kind of musical playlists and all of them are offered for free, the users can choose from such a gigantic range and can even setup their own customized playlist. The playlist of the user can also be accessible to others if the user want it to share with other enhancing the overall playlists provided by the app itself. This app is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad.


7. Jungle Party by mix dj

Jungle Party by mix dj is another amazing and marvelous kind of radio based musical app as it names states its description quite well as jungle party. The app is almost loved by everyone who is more into the parties and wants to do parties every time no matter what day or night it is and what place they are in, they just have to party hard that’s it. This astounding and bewildering app let the party freaks to thrill even much as this astounding DJ based radio musical app let the users to go right up to the flare with a lot of fresh musical top class beats that make them dance, sing etc. The app in basic is designed for providing the easy and convenient to the users as they can become the DJs of their own party by themselves by simply popping into the app. The app is equipped with wide range of thousands of musical beats and tracks that includes the Jungle theme based DJ stuff and DJ mixes collaborated altogether for giving the users a whole new and amazing party experience. The best and most ravishing thing that I personally noticed about the app is its real time updating ability, as the app keeps on updating the new musical beats 24/7, so that the users can never get bored of the music they listen and can keep on listening to the new and new over the time.

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8. Prog House Party by

Prog house Party by is another astounding and bewildering musical beats and tracks mixes app which features all the top and trendy tracks of prog and let the users to explore thousands of new and latest Prog. The app is accessed by thousands of party freaks all around the globe, most of them are in pure love with the quality and features of the app. The app is developed and proposed as a product of OneClickMedia. The app is among the most trendies musical stuff and DJs mixed stuff based app. The users of the app can now listed to tons of pure quality and pleasant beats that will surely make their mood fresh and will defiantly urge them to dance upon the beats in their home or in the party. The users can now create their own much customized playlist where they can save and store their favorite musical stuff for listening later on. The users now possess the ability of sharing the stuff they like with their friends and family on the social media platforms and even directly via recommendations options inside the app. The users are able to listen to more than 120,000 various DJs of the world who mix up the songs and beats in their very own way. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad.


9. Air Radio Pro

Air Radio Pro is another famous and one of the most widely used radio app on the iOS devices. This astounding and pure quality based tremendous potential base app let the users to access to a gigantic variety of stations all around the globe so that they can be able to listen whatever they want to listen depending upon their own mood and desires. The best and most splendid thing about the functionality of the app is it is way too much awesome in terms of providing the worldwide station access to the users as the user simply can browse and search for any of the domestic and national channel or the international channel by simply searching the name of the country or even by searching the name of the station. No matter if both of these things are unknown the app itself will provide a vast list of the stations based on the genre they are playing at the moment and user can pick one of them, the one which would be playing will be glowing in a white lightening conditions for enabling the user to know which one they have selected and which one is being played at the moment. The app is developed and proposed by Giles Chanot. It costs $0.99 and can be downloaded on both iPhone and iPad as it is compatible with both kind of iOS devices.


10. iHeartRadio – Free Music & Radio Stations

iHeartRadio is another most widely used and astoundingly amazing radio app that is specially designed up for listening the radio on the iOS based devices. It is one of the most trusted and well reputed radio app that has to be used on all kind of iOS devices. The app is already quite know to the people all around the world actually that it is seen to present in almost every single iOS device already, either it is an iPod, or iPhone and iPad. The app possess stream less extra ordinary mastery in terms of getting the way forwards towards greatness and glory as it unleashed the curtains of restrictions and enables its respected users to get immense access to any of their local radio station and channel so that they can listen to the specific stuff they wanted to listen based upon the individuals own privacy and preference nature. The users can now get access to hundreds of live local AM and FM stations and their various channels through which they are able to listening the live commentary of their favorite sport that is being telecasted on ESPN or Fox Sports. They are able to listen the news, music and various other channels either the live or recorded transmission. The app provides the ability to its users that they can now create their own specific playlists and own music station where they can setup all the stuff according to their own which can be accessed by others as well or the users itself can share with others. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App store.

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11. Pandora – Free Music & Radio

Pandora- Free Music & Radio is a new app for the iOS devices that possess some real quality based features along with a smart sheer brilliance based engine that works according to the specific user that is using the app. The app is developed and proposed under the flag of Pandora Media, Inc. The app despite being new to the market is already quite famous among the users all around the US and Canada and is getting more and more users on the daily basis as it is getting much time to pay off. It is one of the most powerful app that possess a solid build up and setup which ensures its stream less pure quality based performance and efficient nonstop working. The best and most influential aspect of the app that gives it the might edge over many other similar kind of apps is that it is way much more simple in terms of its controls and outlook and the users interface of the app is too very much easy that it enables every sort of user belonging from any walk of life to access the app and use it for listening to their desired radio stations that too with immense ease and convenience. The app is free of cost available to download from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad both as it is compatible with both iOS devices.


12. Radioplayer – free UK radio

It is an amazing and astounding radio app that is specifically for the users who are living in the UK. People from rest of the world are not able to access this app and surely miss the performance of this astounding app. This Radioplayer app is developed and proposed by UK Radioplayer Ltd in collaboration of BBC and now it tends to provides maximum stream less support to the chrome remote cast and various other widgets of Google Cast such as Alarm Clock and Sleep timer etc. The people living inside the UK are now provided with the opportunity to stream thousands of radio stations and FM channels via this astounding app. The users can now search through the app for their favorite kind of radio stations and can even search on the basis or genres and categories that are already provided within the app. The app let the users to access all the BBC network based stations as well and a massive range to the British specific radio stations and channels as well. The users can listen to everything they want including the news, weather updates, and sports live streaming, live commentary, live music, trendy music, live analysis and a lot of many more things as well. This app can be downloaded totally free of cost in the region of UK from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad both.


13. allRadio

Last but not the least the app which finally makes its way to the best radio list of our is another marvelous and outstanding multiple functionality app. allRadio is an alluring and splendid radio app that enable the users from all around the world to access to any of the world’s radio station and live musical channel and listen up what they want listen. The app is top notch in terms of providing access to the international radio stations, the users now while sitting in US or Canada can access to the radio stations of European countries such as France, Spain etc. and can listen up to their favorite show or any other musical stuff they want to access. From its outlook and overall setup the app seems to have a low build quality and have a very dull user interface which is true as hell but all of these things still are not enough to deny the quality of the app for providing access to the stations all around the world. This app is developed and proposed by Jeremie Engel Engel and can be downloaded free of cost from the Apple app store for iPhone and iPod touch.


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