7 Best Music Recognition Apps for Android

Music plays a big role in our daily life nowadays. For some people, it is just a way of recreation, some find it a need for their routine and its some peoples professional life and their bread and butter. In music, everyone has their own preferences and there are various kinds of songs available to listen to now. The music which fits our type or our mood, will enlighten up as soon as our ear gets a touch from it. So if we listen to a sound on a random place and literally, it becomes love for us and we find it a must to have it in our playlist, we need to find the name of the song. To do this, we should use music recognition app as it makes finding a song very easy for us. You just have to turn on the app and use the function of listening and the app will start getting the sound from the mic of your device and in no time, the title of the song will be on your screen. Then you can listen to the song directly online or download it to listen to it in offline mode. It is as easy as giving command via voice to Google and it is efficient in many ways as it saves time and give you a lot of data about the song. Many song will be showed to you with the matching tones of the sound is popular and used in many songs. List of music recognition software is given below and you can select any of them to suit your needs.

1. Shazam

Shazam is one of the most downloaded apps on the play store. It was the first of its kind, and since the day it was launched on play store, it broke the download records. The app is used to recognize songs by just listening to it. Just open the app and start its mic, it will start listening to the music being played near you and processes it, then it gives you the name of the song, and you can start listening to the song directly from the sound cloud app from within the apps user interface. The app is considered the best app for this purpose.

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2. MusiXmatch

MusiXmatch is an app for music lovers from all around the world. You just have to put the name of the song in the search field of the application, and it will show you various versions of songs which may include remixes or unplugged versions. By just tapping once, you get the original lyrics of the song you are listening too from world’s popular apps like Spotify and understand the song while listening to it. You can directly view the song or stream the videos of songs on YouTube. It is a free app, and you can easily download it from the Google Play Store.

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3. Soundhound

Sound hound is an app just like Shazam. You can get info about any of the song being played around you in an instant by using this app. It will show you all the info about the song like title, album name, the name of the artist who sang that song and much more like lyrics. Not only you have the music to be played around you, but you can also sing the tune of a song by yourself or if you remember the song correctly and the app will search the song for you giving you satisfying results. You can navigate through the app with jus your voice as it also supports voice command.

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4. Genius

Another excellent app in just the list of exceptional apps. This app works just like MusiXmatch and is about the same quality but differs in some features. Its backend engine is powerful as it gives you results in an instant with an accuracy of about 95 per cent. Search music and listen, get info on title, artist or album, get lyrics from Spotify and much more can be performed through this app. Unlike MusiXmatch, this app works on a community phenomenon which is popular in social communications nowadays, and this is the reason why most of the users love this app. This free app is readily available on Google Play Store.


5. Music ID

One more choice for you to select from some fantastic music recognition apps. This app also allows highlighting the music being played around you as it also has a robust voice recognition engine at the backend. The application works fine if you have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, it will take much time to give you the results and sometimes, it can also fail to fetch the results from the servers if your internet connection is very slow. An additional function is that it gives you more songs relating to the song that you are listening like songs from the same album, songs from same artist or songs from the same category and you can add them in your songs library.

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6. Beatfind

Beatfind is an app which suits the title of Beauty is the Beast. The app is highly customized for both performance and visual ability. It has a flashy user interface which is not anyway behind in qualitative performance. The software also has the music recognition feature, and it finds the song in an instant by just listening to a bit of it. It shows you some possible matching results for the song, and you can check which song it was by playing them right away. It has an audio visualizer which gives you an indulging experience of music. Download it for free from Google Play Store.


7. Google Music Recognition

Google provides many AI Assisted search function which can be operated through voice like Google speech to text, Google translate, Google voice input and some more. Now it has also introduced music recognition on its official website. Just visit the Google website or open the app from your Android or iOS device, tap mic icon and ask which song is this, and it will start listening to the song which is being played near you ultimately giving you the result with the name of the song. Now it’s on you to listen to the song online or just download it to hear later in the offline mood.

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