Best Endless Running Games for iOS

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Most of us play games in their leisure times as this is the best and most convenient leisure activity that we all possess. Other than socializing, gaming is the biggest trend and hobby of almost everyone. When it comes to choose a specific kind of game and their category we are often confused which one to go for. Endless running games are the trendiest ones and are played by millions of people in every part of the globe. The biggest reason that they are preferred is that they are highly addictive and as they are endless they possess new and new things as the level approaches. Best Endless running games for playing on the iPhone and iPad are listed down here.

1. Temple Run 2

Whenever it comes to the top notch and world class endless running games, no one can deny the class and mastery of this astounding and spectacular game. Temple Run 2 is the world’s number 1 and most widely played endless running game of all times. With millions of users all around the globe the app has successfully managed to retain the number 1 spot from very beginning of its launch. You can play this app without internet access. The high quality and high definition liquid flow graphics of the app and new exciting organic environments make running even more alluring and bewildering. The latest upgrade of the app proposes numerous more cool features.



2. Subway Surfers

Fighting for the top spot along with the Temple Run series this is another splendid and extraordinary endless running game that is loved by millions of users all around the globe. Almost every 2nd iOS user do possess this game on their smartphones and iPads. The high quality supreme nature graphics and simple and easy swiping gesture based controls of the game let the players to enjoy playing it in the best possible way. The best thing about the app that everyone loves the most is its crystal clear display and stream less display. The app keeps on getting regular updates and the graphics and background keeps changing as the run keeps switching between the famous places of the world.



3. Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is another quite popular and famous endless running game that is developed and proposed by SEGA Inc. The game is one of the pioneers and is been played on Gameboys, PCs, PlayStation, Xboxes etc. from very long time. It ranked among the oldest endless runners that was a huge success and create a path for the rest modern games. Sonic character is a hedgehog that is on a mission to run as quickly as possible and rescue its partners and mates. While run the players have to boost up their points and immunity by collecting rings. Supreme quality HD graphics of the game makes it worthy to play.

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4. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is another new but already quite famous endless running game. The game is based upon the animated movie that was released and was a box office hit. The movie was loved a lot all around the world and make new records of success. Little minion characters in that movie were the most alluring and adorable characters that gain the maximum attention. The players have to control the run of cute minion and have to achieve the targets. The game has already been played by more than 750 million players and is counting more of them.


5. Agent Dash

Agent Dash is another spectacular and astounding endless running game that is loved and played by millions all around the globe. Despite being facing such a swear competition from the top notch premium rival games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer, this marvelous functionality game successfully retain its own unique spot. The different and unique gameplay and liquid flow HD graphics of the app let its players to enjoy the run of the agent. The players have to make sure that the agent reaches the destination while destroying the enemies and avoiding the obstacles.


6. Giant Boulder of Death

Giant Boulder of Death is different and unique sort of endless running game that is liked and played by thousands of iOS and other platform users. Unlike other endless running games, this game does not possess any physical or living character. The player has to control the rolling of the giant boulder rock that rolls down on the path crushing the villages, fields, animals, cars whatever that came in front of it. The game in its own unique way let its player to turn into a giant rock and crush whatever comes in their way.


7. One Epic Knight

Turn yourself into a warrior as this astonishing and epic endless running game provides you a chance of fighting as real classy knight. One Epic Knight is another amazing and bewildering master blaster endless running game. The game features a knight that runs down the caves and dungeons killing all his enemies and gaining the gold and other rewards. The game possess high quality graphics along with simple swiping gesture based controls which helps the players to play with maximum ease and convenience.

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8. The End: The Mayan Apocalypse

The End: The Mayan Apocalypse is another extremely amazing and splendid master quality endless running game. The gameplay of the app is quite initiative and attractive as it possess a whole story in it and keeps maintaining the attention of its players in the game. The world has come to an end and you have to run like screaming and jumping over the obstacles for survival. The game is a unique blend of endless running and strategy, the players surely experience a new feel while playing the game.


9. Ski Safari

Ski Safari is another astonishing and alluring endless running game that is developed and proposed by Defiant Development. Despite of being new to the market and facing such tough competition from the top class rival apps, this marvelous game still manages to grab a wide range of players towards its. The game possess a very unique colorful high quality HD theme based gameplay that surely attracts everyone at very first glance on the game. The players have to save their character from the dangerous that are catching them and have to make it survive for as long as possible.



PITFALL! Is another new endless running game that possess some real brilliance and glimpse of pure master class. The game possess extreme quality and is unique in terms of its gameplay and overall graphics. The game is developed and proposed by Activision Publishing, Inc. Although the game is new but has already captured a large number of players who are simply in love with the game. The game possess high class HD retina display and liquid flow graphics that even looks extremely amazing and alluring on the latest models of iOS devices.


11. Rail Rush

Rail Rush is a tremendous potential based extremely amazing and epic endless running game that is totally different in terms of functionality as compared to all the rest similar sort of games. In this game the players do not have to control the run but they have to manage the rail movement. The character in the game is a minor and archeologist who is in the caves and dungeons looking for the treasure quest. Initially the regular endless players will find it bit difficult to manage the rail movement and jumps but soon they will be familiar.


12. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is another different and unique sort of endless running game. The game has a blend of different kinds of games altogether. This merging is quite successful and the players surely have a whole new gaming experience as they play an endless runner along with the strategy and zombie attack. The players have to escape as the zombies broke out. They have to survive and along with it complete various tasks and missions while defending themselves. The game is developed by PikPok and is compatible with all iOS devices.

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13. Canabalt

Canabalt is a quite famous and popular endless running game. The game possess a unique gameplay based upon the daring escape and is often referred as escape platformer. The best and most unique thing about the game that attracts every player towards the game to play it that it has to be played by just single finger. The upgraded version of the game introduces new exciting 8 modes of escape. The city is destroying and you have to escape and run as far as you can.


14. Monster Dash

Monster Dash is a basically a mixture of three different sort of games, all merge together resulting in a whole new and different kind of endless runner. The game faces a lot of criticism as the main character and events of the game were copied but who cares, the game get an outstanding response by the players from all around the world. The endless running and along with it shooting and action makes it a complete power pack game that has everything in it to offer.


15. Jetpack Joyride

Everyone out their must surely be aware of this extraordinary and world class endless running game. The game ranks among the pioneer endless running games that has set the trend of endless runners in the market. With more than 500 million downloads from every part of the world it is one of most loved and widely played game. The new and latest updates of the game introduces the new missions along with the extreme level customization support via which the user can change the costumes and outfits of their character.


16. Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Panem Run

Hunger Games : Catching Fire – Panem Run is another new but already quite famous endless running game. The game is based upon the super hit Hollywood movie Hunger Games. The gameplay of the game surrounds the similar story as in the movie. The players have to control the run of their character that has to dispatch the obstacles and destroy the district of Panem. The game is downloaded widely and is loved due to the success of its movie. It possess remarkable high quality HD graphics and simple swiping controls.


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