10 Best Light Leak Effects Apps for Android and iOS

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Now it is the era of social media, and people want to upload beautiful and amazing pictures on their social media accounts. You can’t get a shining and unusual image of your mobile Camera. You need to add lighting effects and filters to give it a stylish look.

Light Leak Effects are the most exciting effects for addition to images. People use these effects to provide a shinning and brighter look to their pictures and to get professional photography.

What is Light Leak Effects App?

Many specific applications are present in the Apple store and Play store that are providing a vast range of Light Leak Effects. These applications offer unlimited Light Leak Effects for different seasons and situations.


These applications are providing many other exciting tools besides Light Leak Effects. After finishing your work, you can share your photos on social network accounts. People use these applications to give a natural touch to their photos.

Best Light Leak Effects Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of Best Light Leak Effect applications that are providing super stylish Light Leak Effects to get professional photos.

1. Pixlr-o-Matic

Pixlr-o-Matic is a compatible and fun photography application that facilitates users to insert styles to their images with the help of borders, overlays, and effects. It is the old photography application that provides all vital tools for editing your pictures. You can insert text to your images using multiple fonts.


You can track useful overlays and effects using a Favorites button. Besides, you can resize and crop pictures according to your requirements. Make up-to-date images using some additional border packs, overlays, and effects. Pick your favorite style for your border to end the finishing of your editing. You can share your exciting work with your friends on social network accounts instantly.


  • Crop and resize photos
  • Photo effects


  • Adjust tone
  • Track effects


  • Old one

Download: Pixlr-o-Matic for Android | iOS

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is an easy and free photo editor that allows you to share your pictures after finishing on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, email, and Twitter. You can make photo collages by using multiple preset collages, customized ratio, background, and grid style. Work with Auto Fix to adjust the color of your image. Generate multiple effects with adjustable transparency and layers.

Use multiple styles like watercolor, poster, and pencil sketch to generate cool photo effects. It provides simple tools to remove red-eye, blemishes, whiten teeth, and smoothen skin instantly. Choose from the collection of effects to give a better look to your photos. Track favorite effects, insert borders, crop and resize images, and insert additional effects.

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  • Multiple effects
  • Adjust color


  • Photo collages
  • Double Exposure


  • Unable to download extra fonts

Download: Pixlr for Android | iOS

3. Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera is a product for the Apple platform that works similarly to a genuine vintage camera. It provides amazing retro design and allows you to get images from the iPhone album. The program helps you to insert striking and original effects to your images. use an integrated module to take a photo and apply a filter to give a style.

To make stylish and better images, you can select one of the filtered effects available. The professional edition provides more effects like Rockstar, Morning, Watermelon, and Hollywood. You can share your amazing photos with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using integrated functionalities. It provides a practical, professional, and efficient camera to photographers.


  • Share images
  • Multiple effects


  • Filters
  • Professional Camera


  • Difficulties in adding effect

Download: Vintage Camera for iOS

4. LensLight Visual Effects

LensLight Visual Effects is one of the advanced light leak effects programs that helps you to insert beautiful lighting to your images. It offers multiple lights for adding to your images like LensFlares, Light Leaks, Bokeh, Rainbow Effects, and Spotlights. The program renders the lights in real-time with the power of the Optics Engine.

It provides dynamic LensLight effects, and the user can rotate these effects like a real camera lens. After giving the final touch to your images, you will view amazing glares, streaks, and edge bloom. An updated version of LensLight Visual Effects contains an improved interface for choosing flares and lights. Now you can move through the light options to get the flare of your choice.


  • Improved interface
  • Completely dynamic


  • Beautiful streaks
  • Optics Engine


  • Need some advanced features


  • Pro: $4.99

Download: LensLight Visual Effects for iOS

5. Kuji Cam

Kuji Cam is an advanced photo editor application that offers a beauty camera with stickers and face filters. The program provides high-quality effects and filters to make beautiful images. this platform includes multiple stickers like dog face, emoji, flower filters, and rainbow effect. Cropping options help you to resize your images according to your desire ratio and generate a square image instantly.

Kuji Cam provides text and color brush tools for drawing and making a text for your pictures. Blur and focus features facilitate you to create beautiful and high-quality images having blur backgrounds. It includes over 180 filters, multiple photo frames, editing options, filters, self-timer, 3D-effect, and random light leak filters.

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  • Data stamp
  • Film dust


  • Landscape and portrait
  • Self-timer


  • Need more technical options

Download: Kuji Cam for Android | iOS

6. Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions is a large library of effects for modern photo creators. The program includes elegant overlays, natural elements, and beautiful light to generate real cinematic photos. It offers free photo effects for selection from each category. However, you can unlock everything by joining LD unlimited.

You can generate customizable light rays with atmospheric textures and dynamic light sources using Light Volume. Easy to use and most beautiful lens “Light Hits” are also present there. You can generate immersive worlds for adventure, urban, and landscape photography using fog, organic rain, and snow effects. Signature overlays consist of unique foreground elements and iconic glass textures.


  • Signature overlays
  • Multiple effects


  • Light Volume
  • Light Hits


  • High Price


  • Free: $0
  • LD Unlimited: $2.99
  • LD Unlimited: $23.99

Download: Lens Distortions for Android | iOS

7. RetroLight

RetroLight is a light leak effects and perfect photo editing program to get qualities of traditional photography. It offers red, brown, yellow, green, and other colorful light leaks. Besides, it includes more than 55 light leaks for more enhancements. This simple design of the app includes a snappy and powerful tool to provide your desire look.

The opacity slider is there to control style length and effect. Moreover, you can share your edited images with friends on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The latest version of the app includes performance improvements and some new interesting tools. it has a fair price to purchase with unlimited Light Leak Effects.


  • Colorful light leaks
  • Opacity slider


  • Control effects
  • Share your images


  • Need more options


  • Pro: $0.99

Download: RetroLight for iOS

8. is an advanced application that works as photo magic. This application is for professional photographers to provide them with all the enhanced features and tools they need for perfect photography. The application includes Fog, Bokeh, and Light Leaks effects to give amazing style to your photos.

The program contains 75 unseen filters and 55 dynamic textures for enhancement. This interesting application provides natural optical and flashy purple effects for every situation. Photographers can make a piece of art using its features and filters. They can use sliders to make adjustments in filters. This free application always provides an updated version with new enhancements.

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  • Natural optical effects
  • Dynamic textures


  • Unseen filters
  • Light Leaks


  • Need updated tools


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $3.99/feature

Download: for iOS

9. Kalos Filter

Kalos Filter is one of the best Light Leak Effects platforms that includes awesome color tone and light leak effects. The program helps you to combine many filter effects in a single image. You can easily generate amazing images even you don’t have experience in professional photography.

The program offers gradient patterns, and you can adjust the pattern color freely. Besides, you can work with more than 100 colorful and amazing light leak masks and patterns to get stunning images. the application is also providing more than 20 stylish filter effects and a tap surprise just for you. It is a decent application with interesting masks and filtering options.


  • Colorful gradient patterns
  • Adjust pattern color


  • Stylish filter effects
  • Colorful light leak effects


  • Can’t save images in the gallery

Download: Kalos Filter for Android

10. Afterlight

Afterlight is a stunning photo editing system that includes powerful tools with a simple design for straightforward editing. It offers 15 adjustment tools to get perfection in your photos. Besides, it provides 14 Guest Filters, 18 new sessions filters, and 27 original adjustable filters for professional editing.

The program is offering a complete list of natural and real light leaks effects and textures for scratchy film textures. The easy cropping feature contains 15 numerous presets for cropping images. Besides, use horizontal and vertical flipping tools and rotating tool to transform your photos. More than 77 adjustable and simplistic frames are there with a new Wallpaper Pack for advanced users.


  • Frames
  • Cropping and Transformation


  • Filters
  • Textures


  • Enhancements require


  • Free: $0
  • Yearly membership: $17.99
  • Monthly membership: $2.99

Download: Afterlight for Android | iOS

The Verdict

Overall, these top 10 Light Leak Effects Applications include all the effects for professional use. These applications are providing cropping tools to resize the pictures according to the required situation. Besides, people can add frames and insert wallpapers to their images.

Adjustable filters and seasonal filters are also there for advancement. You can add colors and styles and use brushes to get some creative art.

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