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Android device offers live wallpaper feature, and from a long time, the live wallpapers are seen in many mobile devices which are based on Android. Some devices which have the live screen feature which offers live wallpapers too which are built-in in the mobile software. The limitation is that they are not much in numbers and sometimes you don’t find exactly what you are looking for. For this purpose, Live Wallpaper Apps are made, and there are a lot of live wallpapers available in the Android market nowadays. This kind of app allows you to browse through a number of HD live wallpaper screens which can be downloaded and applied to your mobile screen. Some of the apps also allows you to create custom live wallpapers which suits your type and mood. We have listed some of the famous live wallpaper apps in our list which is given down below. All the applications are different from one another and specializes in specific fields. You can look through the apps, and if you still don’t find what you were looking for, please leave a comment so that we can add something of your choice in the list. Your comments and reviews are essential for us. Thanks.

1. Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper is an app for nature lovers. This app is full of beautiful panoramic nature live wallpapers which will give you a peaceful mind and a clean interface when you use your device. The wallpapers are chosen carefully by the community, and all of the wallpapers are HD in the result. The application is directly linked with the devices live wallpaper feature, and the downloaded wallpapers can be set through mobiles settings. If you don’t have the live wallpaper lock screen feature in your device, you won’t be able to use this app for setting live wallpapers. The app can still be used to download HD wallpapers, and you can set those wallpapers as simple wallpapers if you like any picture from them. The photos can be surfed through the application, and you can download any wallpaper directly from the app.



2. Mountains Now Free Wallpaper

Mountains Now Free Wallpaper could be your thing if you like exploring and large mountains are the beauty of your eye. This application is full with many realistic, beautiful wallpapers of popular mountains around the world, and the application keeps getting new wallpapers by the day. You won’t get enough of the previous wallpaper, and the next eye-catching wallpaper will come up, so you will always be at ease with the app and will get to know more about the world. The application is made to make use of gyroscope of your device which is used for movement sensitive games, and as you move the device, the wallpaper will also move to create a 3D effect. It has the 3D Parallax effect with multi-screen support, and this app is readily supported by tablet devices. The application can be downloaded freely from Google Play Store.



3. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is the app created for art lovers, and it stands it name because its wallpapers are always unique and prodigious. The application gets updated on a regular basis giving you new wallpapers to choose every day. If not for changing the wallpaper every day, you can just look through its updated library to see the fabulous creative artworks from people around the world and recreate your imaginations. The features to set the picture at the background are also optimized by the application as the wallpaper does not blend with the icons of your device making the icons much brighter and sharper by dimming and blurring wallpaper when you are using the device. The application is user-friendly, and anyone who wants to make little adjustments to the app or relaunch the app with some other name can get the source code for it.

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4. Material Islands™ – Wallpapers

Material Islands™ – Wallpapers provides you with the minimalistic creative wallpapers of islands. The wallpapers are human-made and are not some photographs clicked by any photographers. The wallpaper in this application inevitably catches the eye and shows the creativity and thoughts of the creator while still, they are free for any user to download and use. The app is widely used but the people who have a taste for some realistic handcrafted wallpaper, and it has all the wallpapers for every kind of mood. The wallpapers are not as bright as well not so dim so that they don’t affect the eyes of the users. All the wallpaper are created and edited carefully with perfection, so the thing provided to the user is always the best and ready to use. Take the live wallpaper experience to another level with this app.


5. Shake Them All 2

Android everywhere, Shake Them All 2 is an app which has an unlimited amount of wallpapers all consisting the Android characters and things. The wallpaper added in this application are all related to the Android, and if you are an android geek, this app will get your mood going. With its exclusive HD wallpapers, you are sure to be impressed by this app, and you will suggest this app to your friends also. The best thing the app gives you is the lifetime free version even without ads, and you can enjoy the app as much as you want as long as you want. It keeps updating on a regular basis giving you cheerful wallpapers every time, and you can take your time in watching all the wallpapers you want even if you don’t just want to change your previous wallpaper right now.


6. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paperland Live Wallpaper is an app which fills your life with beautiful pencil art type wallpapers which attract both the kids and adults. If you have kids in your surroundings, you can have this app installed for free for them, and they can enjoy really colourful drawings created by professional. The picture explains a lot of thins without any words, and the cartoon pics are one of the most expensive pics around the world. So even the adults can learn a lot from this app as well as give coolness to the eyes. All the wallpapers are panoramic which are made to blend with the device and does not affect the usability of your device to a high level. However, it can surely change the look of your device’s interface and you’ll see it whenever you turn your device on.

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7. Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper

Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper is an app which can really create an impact on your daily life as all the wallpapers in it are damn impressive and one can undoubtedly be hypnotized by them. The quality of the wallpapers this app provides is about the highest with the best quality available on the internet. The application is made with caution to not to affect the usage of the device much and all the wallpapers added in the library of the app are also made with the same level caution which are sure to impress the user. This app, unlike many other live wallpapers, has a clock function which will show you time in real time, and it has hardware acceleration making it work well even on low-end devices. The pp has much more to it as it has many loaded features and you can put your time in exploring the features and gallery of the application.


8. Fracta Live Wallpaper

Fracta Live Wallpaper is an app which provides you with a lot of beautiful mosaic wallpapers. The application is not limited to just live wallpapers, it also allows you to change themes of your device, and it has built-in themes for that. The application has about four themes from which you can select any of your likings. There are about 20 themes available in this application but more than four themes are for the paid version, and the themes are really worth purchasing for. As this app has pro paid themes, this app also has pro wallpapers available in the paid version which are on a different level than the free wallpapers. As you download the wallpapers, you can select to save the wallpapers on SD card if you have SD Card installed on your device and it requires permissions to save wallpapers on SD Card.


9. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker is just on a whole other level than all other live wallpaper apps. This application allows you to create live wallpapers with its high performance layout editor. The features it provides to create wallpapers are optimistic and you can design unlimited type and amount of wallpapers in it. The application is loaded with features and you will spend a day exploring all of its features. This richness in features allows you to creative many professional live wallpapers with as near precision as your imagination. All the data on the app and its features is given on the applications page on Google Play Store and from the Play Store Page, you can download and install this app easily. The link to its Play Store page is given in the link section, just click the link and jump straight to the download page.

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10. Live Storm Free Wallpaper

Live Storm Free Wallpaper is a free app which gives you a lot of wallpapers of the beautiful stormy sky. The application is loaded with features and is made to make your lock screen look more interesting and beautiful. The application holds both types of wallpaper light type and dark type, and you can select from any choosing from which type you are. It has many coloured sky images available, and you can choose a sky colour from a collection of themes that suits your taste. Currently available: silver, violet, and classy black & white and more of the patterns will be added in the pro version in the feature. You can merge different kind of scenes to create one beautiful wallpaper which suits your mood and type. The app features lightning effect on touching the screen with sound and also rain effect can be applied to themes.


11. Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Water Garden Live Wallpaper will make your day with just one look at its beautiful wallpapers. The app is great to download and use 3D wallpapers, and it offers many features to play with your live wallpaper in real time. The live wallpapers have koi fishes exploring the screen of your mobile screen to whom you can feed by tapping on them making them happy. You can create ripple effects on water in the wallpaper. The app is made by some top class graphic designers and app developers. The language used to create this app is C++, and because of this, it works quite well even on low-end devices. The koi fish bodies are made on 3D models which are pixelated to an extent where you cannot distinguish between the real and animated fish. The app is free to download and use, but this app also offers in-app purchases.


12. Ocean Live Wallpaper

Ocean Live Wallpaper is the app of the choice who like bright realistic and beautiful sceneries. The one passionate about the beauty of the world can download this app and get a taste of Beauty of the world from this app. The application holds a vast number of wallpapers from the famous island like Hawaii and other beaches clicked by professional photographers with the best equipment’s. All the wallpapers are best in quality, and the sceneries are also eye-catching. Just apply a wallpaper at your live lock screen and live the time every time you turn on the screen of your mobile with a beautiful and peaceful pic of never-ending water. The app gives you Relaxing Ocean sounds on the real 3D animated live wall with a Simple to use user interface in the lowest battery usage. This app is free but adds supported, and you can download it from Google Play Store.


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