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GPS Navigation apps are the famous and among the most popular applications for iOS devices. They provide terrific mapping, turn-by-turn navigation, and search features that help you get the right path. As they serve their efforts to navigate the places, roads, cafes, petrol stations, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, Gyms, industries, shops, shopping malls, mosques, museum, grounds, and approximately all the existing things which have their dimensions on Google. These sort of apps helps human beings to get the map of whatever city or country they want. It helps them going the right way to their destination, and wherever they want to go. Using these apps, you can easily navigate your way on your mobile phone devices without any wrong direction. You do not have to ask your destiny from any other person, for having this app on your mobile phone devices. These apps fell on the category maps-on-the-fly and on-board-maps, etc. Rather than this, it also provides a distinct satellite view as well. You can easily get to know the time of a specific location to another location. It provides your locations and also enables you to find any locations around the world. A huge amount of people prefers this navigation app on their mobile phone devices.

1. Google Maps – GPS Navigation

It is a smooth and vector-based map animation tool. It provides an accurate routing and PIO data that helps you search easily. It efficiently enables you to check your location using your smart phone using an extremely easy user interface. It is an easy app that equally adept at car navigation and pedestrian. It provides a beautiful satellite view, data, and street views. This app even also includes public transit navigation in major cities. There is a drawback of this app that it does not display road speed limit, no lane assistance, having a few configuration options and no iPad version.



2. Waze (for iPhone)

It is an intuitive community-based navigation and traffic app for iOS devices. It provides Maps-one-the-fly. You can easily share report hazards and communicate with the other users using the same app. It lets you add a photo to road reports and provides the FourSquare, Facebook, and Twitter integrations. It enables its users to contribute speed trap, traffic jam, and read hazards and some various other information to the database. Waze efficiently detects when you are doing below the speed limit, and contributing to real-time traffic data. There are tons of other interesting features of this app that lets you navigate easily and accurately.



3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is a widely used app having tons of interesting features for its users. It brings an effective voice-guided navigation, online, offline, and free map updates on your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and others. There are tons of important and flexible features of this app that enables you to search anything online as well as offline. It does not need any internet connection and offers speed limits, parking suggestions, junctions view, live traffic, satellite view, warnings, route sharing junction view, lane guidelines, and a whole set of other useful features. This app comes with tons of other fertile featuring capabilities that let you navigate precisely.

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4. InRoute for iPhone

InRoute (for iPhone) is a GPS app that needs proper updating and caring process because it cannot does his best without proper operation and premium updates. InRoute’s User Interface is not easy to navigate for the users. But it contains all the compulsory tools and features that a GPS app contains. It provides roadsides assistance based on GPS position, Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) integration, gas price search, places messages, shares locations, full multitasking, multi-language support, automatic day/night mode, simulated view of major exits and interchanges, along with speech recognition address input.


5. Here Maps for iPhone

Here Maps (for iPhone) is easy to use navigation app for iOS users that deliver a deliberate touch for seeking paths and tons of other things using your mobile phone devices. It is an excellent app for drivers and journey lovers who need to know the severity of traffic across different roads and highways and the locations along their route. It provides an accurate GPS and navigation driving directions that let you successfully get your destinations. But on the other hand, this app needs many improvements when it comes to public and walking transit.


6. Scout GPS for iPhone

Scout GPS (for iPhone) is a popular app for navigation purposes. It efficiently provides you with personalized GPS and navigation on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices. It provides a robust set of features that includes voice recognition input, turn-by-turn navigation, cheap gas finder, traffic scenes provider, live traffic, and other updates, etc. It also offers recent trips tracking around you and lets you share ETA using some social media apps with your friend and colleagues.


7. MapQuest

MapQuest (for iPhone) does a pretty nice job for car navigations but lacks the capability of public transit guidance, and missteps with walking directions. It offers a proper platform that lets you find local businesses, get driving directions, and view maps. It is a great app you can rely on for having real-time traffic details, transits, GPS navigations, tracks updates, and details about tons of places and paths around you. It is a web mapping service with tons of functions for having a great GPS finder experience. It provides street maps, satellite view or imagery, and a 360-degree panoramic view of tracks, and find the best path and the information that you need to get in some place.

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8. Garmin U.S.A.

Garmin U.S.A. provides robust features for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices. It is a unique navigation app that includes great features for making your journey’s and outgoings more accurate and efficient. With some tremendous blow of features it provides offline maps, turn-by turn directions, voice promoted input signals and directions, 3D landmark, along with lane navigation, speed limit warnings or alerts, lane assist feature and much more. It also can project directions on the windshield of your car. This app also enables you to create routes with simple stops.


9. MotionX GPS Drive

MotionX GPS Drive is great navigation app with a great mix of features for iOS users. Using this app, you can easily seek different paths, roads, and tons of other navigation information easily using your smartphone devices. It has a great reputation that offers up-to-date maps multi-support routing, and even predictive support is routing as well. You can see your tracks and positions anywhere in the world, provides direction-up and course-up maps, Apple Road, Hybrid and Satellite map support, NOAA experience marine charts, with the record time, speed, distances, and max speed with over speed alerts and much more. It has also added a geotagged photo to share your experience during your activities.


10. TomTom GO

TomTom GO Mobile is a sleek combo of the latest TomTom car navigation tech that provides world class traffic and other information. It offers World Maps, and you can easily update and install maps from all over the world without paying the extra cost. Its one of the most popular features lets you aware of the route with bulky traffic and also informs you whether a fast and clear route is available. It lets you drive with more comfort so that you can drive relaxed with the speed camera alerts. Rather than this, it provides offline maps, Quick search, Navigation to copied address, navigation to copied address, Tap and do, and an advanced Lane Guidelines for its users.


11. AT&T Navigator

AT&T Navigator is an app with the ability to points of interest data and cache maps. It offers the features of voice search so that you can track multiple tracks using voice control. It provides free maps updates, Gas prize search, instant routing options, full iOS devices multitasking support, spoken commands, pre-download, and cache entire proportions of the places including eastern U.S, etc. The AT&T Navigator app is a full-featured iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac OS X, and other iOS devices comprising spoken turn-by turn direction. Its iPhone app is free, but a subscription plan with $9.99/month is required to use it.

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12. CoPilot

CoPilot Live Premium is a universal navigation and GPS finder app that efficiently works on all iPhone and iOS devices and even on some latest iPods. It provides offline maps with real-time free updates. Its live traffic service enables you to get informed with traffic nearby you. It is also integrated with Wikipedia, and Google Local Search, to provide you one of the best local possible information. It includes all the complementary features along with plenty of amazing paid add-ons for it as well for providing a smooth and updated workflow.


13. Skobbler

GPS Navigation 2 – Skobbler is another navigation app which is not so popular, but still contains attractive downloads over iOS devices as compared to some others. It contains almost all the essential features that a complementary GPS finder and Navigation app contain for its users. Excluded some of its common features some of its cool and core feature includes measures your positions, acceleration, height, and provides you with Google map support. It is pretty affordable and is powered by OpenStreetMap. It is a Hybrid online as well as offline app with no demand apps. There are many other features with making this app stands a bit more among other apps.


14. Round – Navigation for Scenic Routes, GPS Drive & Walk Tracker

Round – Navigation for Scenic Routes, GPS Drive & Walk Tracker is a multitasking and a fast-app-switch. It offers a huge amount of useful functionalities that provides you parking spots near your destination, effective Lane assistance, available in many languages, single click (take me home) functions, store more than 100 locations, and much more. There is a huge amount of iPhone users rely on this app for making their way through destination. It also includes spoken street names, and an on-board maps app. it offers free maps updates but does not include free traffic avoidance and detections with lots of other useful features.


15. Easy GPS

Easy GPS is a good app for outdoors and navigation. There is a huge amount of users of this app which contains an enormous amount of functions and capabilities. It offers one of the easiest and intuitive interfaces that lets its users interact with it with robust simplicity. It provides almost all the features of an ordinary GPS and navigation app but includes some other features as well. It efficiently measures acceleration, height, and position of the user and provides with way points, Google Maps, Open Street Map, satellite views and many other premium add-ons. It with its simple yet effective featuring capabilities is very popular among iOS users.


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