Best Free Business Card Maker Software


Business card is a small and lightweight card which contains all the useful information of company or individual like contact, address, occupation, name, contact number, website, email address and more. Business card is the best way of promoting your business and for sharing your useful business information. Your Business Card is the first impression people have of your business. Your business card is useful to convey trust and a clear message about what you do. So if you are bootstrapping your business or cash flow is tight, you don’t require a professional designer for creating your business card. You can perform this task with the help of specific programs which are called Business card maker software. Here is the list of Best Free Business Card Maker Software which can make your work quite easy. Use these applications for designing high quality and creative business cards. All of these programs contain all the necessary tools for designing templates, configuration options, clip arts, images, logos, and more. Moreover, export your cards to famous images and PDF file formats. You can make multiple business cards at the same time.

1. Page Wonder

Page Wonder is a simple and reliable software program that allows the user to create personalized business cards, flyers, menus, export them to JPG, BMP, GIF, EMF, PNG, WMF, or other image formats, and shapes, embed text, and 3D text effects. The application facilitates you to personalize the designs with the help of rich text boxes, custom images, 3d text effects, and shapes. It does not contain a help manual for your assistance. It has a list of all objects embedded in the current task and facilitates you to preview the last results in the specific panel. A multi-tabbed environment helps you to work on different projects simultaneously and switch between them easily. You have the possibility to add user defined text in boxes, input 3D text, and rich text, as well as embed photos from your personal collection. Moreover, you can insert rectangles and triangles, as well as grids.


2. Formtec Design Pro

Formtec Design Pro is simple to use a software program that is specially created for design and printing different Formtec paper for printing. The application allows the user to make address book and manage data for labeling and provides you outstanding DB compatible feature just like Access data file, Excel, previous Formtec pro6 data file and Printing and Editing different designs and multiple contents are present on one screen. You can create unique and attractive Business cards easily as well as you can insert images, edit special text and use multiple other functions for making business cards. The application furnishes more 2,000 clip arts and lovely sample designs for making valuable and charming cards. You have the possibility to print different types of Formtec labels like Shipping, Address, Barcode, File Folder, CD/DVD, Name Badge, and Media.


3. Free Business Card Maker

Free Business Card Maker is a lightweight software program that enables you to create and print simple business cards utilizing text, shapes, and logos from local image files. This straightforward program helps you to design and print personalized business cards quickly. You can define the dimensions of your business cards and choose the required background color from the Setting menu. After that, you can move on for inserting your logo. You have the ability to import BMP, JPG, and GIF files. For adding a text box, you can select any font, fine-tune its alignment, alter the text style and size, as well as choose the right background color. Moreover, add rectangles, ovals, circles, and squares, as well as rounded squares and rounded rectangles. You can align the inserted elements and can change their order after they are inserted. Later, print or save the design to a project file.

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4. Simnor Business Card Creator

Simnor Business Card Creator is a useful application that can help you to create business cards quickly and easily. The primary window of Simnor Business Card Creator contains all the necessary features in groups. Moreover, the application has only limited a number of tools so beginners can work this program easily without wasting his time with complicated programs. At the start, you have to select an image that should be placed on the business card. You can utilize photo in any of the famous formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG. After that, you have to provide the contact information like company and contact name, address line, and some other specific fields like email address, phone number, and website. You have the facility to print many cards on the same paper sheets. Overall, it is a simple tool for creating business cards.

5. CardWorks Business Card Software

CardWorks Business Card Software is a straightforward software program that facilitates the user to design business cards. It provides support for PDF exporting and printing options as well as multiple card presets to select from. The application contains different preset templates and editing tools for designing your business cards. The clean and intuitive interface of the program helps you to create single or double sided business cards instantly. In addition, you can choose a color scheme and edit the business information such as job title or position, individual name, address, organization name and slogan, fax, email, and website. Furthermore, you can change the font size, style, and color of the chosen text. Move the text to any area of the working environment using mouse cursor or built-in buttons. View all the adjustments applied to the card and enable the program to show the front or back side of the card.

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6. DECADRY Business Card Software

DECADRY Business Card Software is one of the best software solutions for creating and printing DECAdry labels and business cards. This program contains four primary tools like DECAdry labels, DECAdry CD labels, DECAdry business cards, and DECAdry Hobby&Papers. This program helps you to insert images in a standard format, create barcodes, number the labels, create dynamic texts, insert contents from any database, as well as create a QR code generate them in your data. You have the possibility to print the QR code on your labels or badges. You have the possibility to design really original and professional business cards with the help of your own images or the furnished models. Insert images in a standard format, create dynamic texts, as well as use a colored background, geometric forms, curved texts, and symbols. You can get the best printing quality from your CD labels.

7. Clickable Card

Clickable Card is a comprehensive software program that allows you to create business cards by furnishing information of your company. It is a portable program so you can run it on your system without installation. The clean and straightforward interface of Clickable Card enables you to provide information about your name, company, job title, personal and work address, email address, phone and fax number, URL, and additional comments. In editing menu, you can customize the text messages regarding font, font color, style, and size, and reposition the text by dragging and dropping text in the select area. You have the possibility to get the chosen objects to the font or send them to the back, resize the photos, embed a picture and make it solid or transparent, adjust the size of the card, as well as delete an item from the card. You can get an online account creation for saving your photos online.

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