14 Best Free Task Scheduler Software

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We perform most of our tasks manually such as browsing sites, taking screenshots, downloading files. But all these processes take a lot of time. We can reduce our working time if we get help from certain programs. These programs are known as Task Schedulers. Task Scheduler programs are designed to help you while you are working on your computer and have not enough time to perform ordinary tasks. A Task Scheduler has a connection with Windows, and it can control startup files so you can manage a start-up, shutdowns, application permissions and more. Use such type of programs for scheduling one year ahead and setting up scans, alarms, and reminders. Here is the list of Best Free Task Scheduler Software. All these programs contain extraordinary features for your help. Get alert messages, add tasks to the list, run program from the system tray, shut down PC at the specified time and more.

1. Task Till Dawn

Task Till Dawn is a lightweight program that allows you to schedule different tasks between any time interval or any date by using many useful functions. You have to install the Java Runtime environment for proper working with the application. The minimalistic design of Task Till Dawn comprises traditional menus and large buttons to furnish you with increased accessibility. You can schedule different tasks and work with multiple customization options. Schedule operations to be executed anytime between a time interval and set the task to run for a specific number of times. It allows the user to adjust the parameters to schedule tasks which are dependent on other ones. You have to furnish a supported file for creating a task. Close a task with everything it contains, such as behavior, schedule, file path and dependencies. Enable, disable, or stop an entry freely if the count down is active.

2. Z-Cron

Z-Cron is simple to use task schedule that facilitates you to execute all types of tasks by specifying user-defined times and dates. The intuitive design of Z-Cron helps you to start scheduling your operations instantly. The “Desktop” button lets you minimize the primary window of the system tray for fast work. Allow the program to run virtually anything you want, at any provided moment. You can do it by editing different options. The user has the option to view and manage current day tasks and logs file and see if something is not according to your plane. Overall, Z-Cron is a reliable scheduling program with a user-friendly interface and different programmable task options. So you can save your precious time. It works fast and does not put a strain on computer resources.


3. Process-Timer

A straightforward program that enables you to run or kill a custom task at a user-defined time and date, and shut down your system. Make use of a count down timer to start or shut down a user-defined task. Process-Timer is a portable program so you can run it without installation and does not leave traces in the window Registry. The simple interface of Process-Timer has a small panel with few configuration settings for your help. The tool provides you the option to select the desired process that you need to trigger. Run or stop a task, insert the desired time and date, and choose a user-defined process with the help of the built-in browse button. Allow the app to shut down the PC at the end of the process and delay the shutdown task by choosing from different preset time values. It carries the task quickly and does not put a strain on system performance.

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4. Kana Reminder

Kana Reminder is a simple yet powerful program that helps you to remember events by setting reminders. The intuitive interface of Kana Reminder lets you work in a smooth environment. The compact window includes all available options. It is present in the system tray most of its time, and you can bring it up using hotkeys. View all created reminders in the primary window of the program. Further, edit them at any time or trigger them at the press of a button. The program furnishes many advanced features for setting a new task. Add custom text, be alerted by one of the present tones or a WAV file from the computer acoustically. Launch any program or activate one of the PC’s power options by using Kana Reminder. The application does not overburden system RAM or memory.


5. System Scheduler

You can quickly schedule a large number of operations and tasks with the help of System Scheduler. The plain-looking interface of System Scheduler allows both beginners and experienced users to work with it without any issue. The primary window has a menu bar, different shortcut buttons, and a panel to show events, along with details such as title, event type, last and next run. You can select from three types of events. Run a program, watch a window or pop up a reminder. You have to add a title and a schedule for each task. Force the process to repeat every minute, hour, day, week, month, a year or according to user input number of minutes or days. In addition, schedule an event to take place just once or at the custom time and date. Work with window watcher to terminate, minimize or close an application when a certain caption displays on the screen. Export a list of your created events to a CSV file, and backup and restore all your information.

6. Freebyte Task Scheduler

Use Freebyte Task Scheduler to schedule numerous applications to start at different times. It supports intuitive options for all types of users. You can save this portable program in any part of the disk and run it without installation. The user-friendly interface of Freebyte Task Scheduler has a classical window that is easy to navigate. The program can keep track of many applications to launch at various times and allows you to add as many tasks as you can. The user can put together new tasks by indicating the name, application location, and command line parameters to enhance functionality including a run as admin or run silently. You can modify the start time and can reset the last start time. Remove any process from the list if you change your mind. Edit task properties, execute tasks instantly or prematurely and sort them in the list by name, time, frequency, activity status or last start time.

7. Solway’s Task Scheduler

Solway’s Task Scheduler is a clear cut program that facilitates you to access files, execute applications, show a pop-up, and play music at regular intervals or periodically. The program helps people to execute programs or access files according to give a schedule. The plain interface of Solway’s Task Scheduler lets you use it with no previous experience with computers. The primary window comprises multiple buttons and panel to show all the inserted tasks along with information regarding them. To define a new action, you have to insert a name for it, specify which applications to run or which files to open by browsing the content of the hard drive. Select start date and time and repeat frequency including only once, weekly, yearly or at shutdown. Select the weekdays to repeat the tasks, specify the end date and skip dates included in the “Holiday File.” Force the program to verify the setting before executing a task.

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8. Schedule Manager

Schedule Manager is a straightforward program that allows you to schedule and performs different tasks automatically such as download files, shutdown or restart the PC, take screenshots and more. The clean and intuitive interface of Schedule Manager lets you perform most tasks with a few clicks. You can schedule different tasks and view details about them in the main panel including date, IDs, time, actions, repeating options, sounds, and occurrences. Schedule a new task by choosing from different preset action types such as active the hibernation or sleep mode, lock the computer, open websites, log off the current user, download files, take screenshots, and others. Work with configuration settings to choose the date and time, change the volume, and select between different preset audio files or upload one from the PC like WMA, MP3, and WAV. In addition, activate the loop function, test the sound and specify the repeating time.

9. TimeComX Basic

TimeComX Basic is a simple and powerful application that can schedule system power options, take screenshots and can monitor different activities. The application allows you to perform system management tasks such as schedule activities like shutdown, log off, restart and much more. The pleasant interface of TimeComX Basic offers basic tools for task scheduling. The program can lock the interface so nobody can change the setting or modify the scheduled tasks. You have the option to set a task to end at a specified time, run a file, access a given URL or play an audio file. Take screenshots of the actual task and view a countdown warning to cancel the task execution. The monitoring function is useful when you need to track CPU, network activity, or specific process. It can log the pressed keys and the mouse actions to provide you extra security.

10. Task Scheduler

Use Task Scheduler to setup up alarms to remember upcoming processes by displaying user-defined text messages, playing custom audio files, and running certain programs. The intuitive and clutter-free interface can take care of all configured reminders. Check out details about each alarm such as time, date, name, and sound. You can easily manage to configure the important parameters without any help manual. You have the option to define a brand new task by furnishing information about time and date. Allow the program to run a custom application or display a user-defined text message. Define numerous tasks, specify custom audio notifications by inserting files from a computer, trash the chosen reminders or remove them all, run the program at Windows startup and erase all complete tasks. It shows the current date and time in the primary window and helps you to back up the reminders to a file on your system.

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11. SwizzTool

SwizzTool is a straightforward and useful software application that allows the user to create automated tasks to launch programs or web pages through a hotkey, take notes, and create reminders. It spends most of its time in the tray area. Through this tray area, you can access all editable areas just like hotkeys, memos, alarms, tasks, and the clipboard manager. You can set reminders that will remind you about important appointments. Further through reminders, you have the possibility to play sound, show a message, run a task, and repeat the alarm. The application contains hotkeys having different buttons to start custom tasks or alarms, as well as controlling multiple Windows core features, just like management, volume, and others. Moreover, the application contains a dedicated drop-down menu with options to add to the clipboard, execute the script, log off, lock the PC, open a file, start or stop the alarm, mouse click, reboot the PC and more.

12. Code Caged Schedule Manager

Code Caged Schedule Manager is a simple, straightforward software that allows you to create a list of your daily routine in its intuitive user interface. The creation of the list is effortless, and even beginners can create their own lists of work to do in it easily. The program has a remainder function which allows t to notify you about a work that you specified it to. To get a notification for a list entry, you have to put an event with date and time, and when the time comes, the software will notify you, and you will not be forgetting your special occasion.


13. Splinterware System Scheduler

Splinterware System Scheduler is a simple task scheduler for windows which is optimized for accuracy and performance. The software is very lightweight and an entirely independent one. You can create to-do lists, set reminders and some other functions that can also be performed in this software. This System Scheduler can show you pop up notifications when the time comes so that you don’t miss your special occasion. The software can run on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server 2008, 2012 and 2016 supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


14. Desktop Reminder

Desktop Reminder is a very dependable system software application that is designed to work on Microsoft Windows. The software lets you create tasks simply but just giving the task a title and inputting the date. You can also put additional information about any task like time, info about the event or to-do list for the event. It can be as simple as just a date and task and as detailed as a full day list with one reminder. Additionally, this software can also notify you months before the time of the event and is beneficial for large-scale plans which require preparations depending on time such as marriage, holiday plan or a loan clearance.


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