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French is a beautiful language that is used on a worldwide level. The language itself is very sweet, and it has Latin and Greek words in it which makes it a valuable language also. Many fields of science were introduced by Greeks and Latin’s and nowadays, the science subjects we learn, have so many things like elements named in Greek or Latin language. As the phrase says “The more we know, the more we grow”. So it is a good thing to learn French langue because it can help us understand our subjects more in detail. Adding to all this, sometimes it is a necessity to learn a language like if you are traveling to an unknown country whose language you don’t know, you won’t be able to communicate with people there. In these times of need, you can get the help of some of the language learning software which can teach you enough of the required language that you may be able to enjoy your tour. If you have much time on your hand, you can even learn a whole language using just the app sitting in your home if you want. So if you need to learn a language without going through many roads or reaching some classes on-time spending a lot of money, just download one of the software given in the list below and get started. Some of the software under the line are only available as an app and can only be accessed by a browser from a PC.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a companion for you if you want to learn any language. To learn a language through Duolingo, you can download its app on your mobile device and start learning from the first day freely. And in case you don’t have any mobile device, you can learn any language directly through the website. The websites hold many tutorials for many languages with voices and pictures to describe you about a word or phrase clearly. It has lessons developed for users who want to learn a language through Duolingo which goes from basic to expert level step by step and you will be good enough at the end of the course to hold your ground in any conversation.



2. FluentU

FluentU is a tutorial-based language tutor which gives you a 15 day trial for learning a language. The software is available for IOS devices as an app and its app for android is under development. However, if you want to learn a language through FluentU from a desktop, you can learn it directly from its website without any installation required. The software teaches a language step by step with a real-life video tutorial which makes it easy to understand a language. If you are a good picker, you can learn a language in just 2 months using FluentU.



3. Open Teacher

Open Teacher can be regarded as the best software for learning a language as it is the cross-platform and open source. The software is customized for learning the purpose and has many features to make the learning of a language easy for the user. The user has to select the language he/she wants to learn, then a lesson and it will give the user a materialistic lesson that will be easily understandable by any individual. One unique feature of the software is that it offers reverse rehearsal, which means that the answer to a question will be given and the user has to ask a question suiting it.

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4. Buensoft

Buensoft French is a freeware software package which can be easily downloaded from the Buensoft website and used. The Buensoft website offers many software packages containing languages to be downloaded, and all of the versions are free and updateable. All of the versions of it are very easy to use, and you can learn a lot about the selected language easily by using them. After starting the software, you need to choose the subject and a lesson from it and you’re all set to learn. The link to the website is given.


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