11 Best Texting Apps for iOS

Nowadays wherever we see people are busy with their phone texting each other no matter what they are doing and where they are present. Even while walking on the roads, sitting in a café, waiting for a bus in the stands, sitting in the class, working in the office everywhere everyone is busy chatting and texting. It is the most common hobby that is found in almost every 2nd person of the world. Moreover this has become their habit than the hobby. As the Information technology leaps so it took the communication standards to the whole new level of excellence and remaining in touch in the present day is a piece of cake nothing else. The ancient times were the real hard days when people use to travel on animals for years for reaching their destiny and the messages were sent through ravens and pigeons which were delivered wrong most of the time. Jokes apart but that was the real hard time indeed. Now the world has become the global village. One can keep an eye on other while living in any part of the world and can be in contact with the whole world. Audio calling and texting is also not a big deal where people can chat on video looking at each other live and so on. But texting is the robust trend of today and is the hottest thing going around. There is a massive range of texting apps developed specially for iOS so that the users could text in the best possible environment. Best of which are listed here.

1. FreeTone – Free Calls and Texting for iPhone, iPad, Android

FreeTone – Free Calls and Texting for iPhone,iPad, Android is an amazing and alluring pure quality based texting, messaging, free calling app that enables the iOS and Android users to be connected always with their friends and family as this app provides them the freedom of texting anywhere they want that too for free. The users of the app can now enjoy free unlimited calls and texts to all the phone numbers all around the US and Canada. The app is not only specified for calling on the cell phones as it is too valid for texting and calling on the landline too. The app is although new to the app store but still being a newbie this app possess a massive range of users from all around the globe counting more and more in the US and Canada for sure. The app has a simple yet quite inspiring and eye catching user’s interface that captures and grabs the attention of the users on the very first glimpse. It is developed and proposed as a product of TextMe, Inc. The app has a more enhanced and specialized design that suits well to the iOS 10. Some of the new options of the app includes various customization options for the notification bars and voicemail services. The best thing that is currently introduced in the app is the ability of doing international based calls and texting facility. The app is free of cost and the users can download the app from the Apple app store for iOS devices. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad both.

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2. Kik

Kik is already a well-known texting, messaging and free chatting app that is quite famous among the users all around the globe. Although the app is in use by millions of users all around the world including the both Android and iOS users. But the ratio of iOS users are way much more than all the rest. Many people do prefer other apps for free texting and calling as they are much more famous and are in the trends nowadays. But this astounding app is way too much inspiring in terms of its emoji and emaciation support. The users can now enjoy the whole new different kind of modernized texting with this very app. The app is ranked among the top class social media messenger apps of all times. It is developed and proposed by Kik Interactive Inc. Overall look of the app is quite glossy and charming and usually due to the attraction of its setup and easy user interface most of the users prefer this app for texting as it is way too much fun to use the app itself. For sure no one will never get bored while texting to anyone using this texting app. It gives more premium look on iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iPhone and iPad both as it is compatible with both.


3. Google Allo — smart messaging

There are always massive communication boundaries and borders between the iOS and Android users. It was nevertheless a sort of dead connection between the two operating system as nothing was there for connecting the users at the both ends. But now the situation is way too much favorable and is changed a lot. Although there are numerous apps for texting free of cost on the iOS between the iOS based devices like the iMessages and many other but there was not something similar that would connect two different platforms together like the iOS and Android. Google Allo is the new revolutionary app that has set a whole new path of communication and that too in a whole new unique, exciting and lively manner. The astounding and bewildering artistic approach and spell bounding new live sticker support provided by the app let the users to be texting in the best possible environment ever. The iOS users can now text for free to the Android users via this very app and that too with such an amazing and alluring manner. The new and unique features of this fascinating app includes the smart reply ability via which the users can reply without typing anything but through photos and other styling options. The app is totally free of cost and up till now it only have a version for iPhone but soon it will be launched for iPad also. The users can download the app free of cost from the Apple App store.


4. WhatsApp Messenger

Nowadays whenever the thought and image of texting or messaging or even chatting comes to our mind, the only thing that readily comes in our thoughts is this very much famous and world’s most widely used free texting, chatting, and free calling app. WhatsApp is used by billions of users all around the globe including a gigantic number of iOS users too. This app from its release started getting viral and viral and a time came that when it totally cover up the market and it even replaced the concept of sending SMS via using the simple messages based on the cellular network support. WhatsApp family has grown that much fast that a person that owns a smartphone, smart devices such as iPad or tablet it does have WhatsApp in it for sure. The main reason of that much success and fame of the app is based upon its simple and effectual user interface that let the users to text for free sharing picture, videos and even files. The users can do free international call using this app and can even send voice messages on the go. The sticker and emoji support provided by the app for the users it way too much outstanding. Currently a new feature is introduced in the app as it enables the users to do free HD video calls and that too internationally. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.


5. Text Me! – Free Texting, Messaging and Phone Calls

Text Me! is an amazing and outstanding pure quality based free texting app that is specially designed for iOS devices. The app is quite famous among the iOS users all around the globe and has already be in use by millions of them and the numbers are increasing quite rapidly with the passage of time. This app is a sort of native texting app for the iOS. If you are a regular iOS user and are using it from long time than you will be defiantly aware of the importance and demand of the app. The app is ranked among the most top rated and widely used iOS apps. It has almost replaced the cellular network based SMS services on iOS as almost now every user either use this astounding app for free texting and chatting globally or prefer the iMessages. It has no restrictions in it as there are some in iMessages and other similar sort of texting app while touching the international boundaries and other platform devices. The app is used in 200 countries around the world. The users of the app receive free credits of calling when they install or update the app this is the latest feature provided within the app. The users can also text to any of the cellular network number for free in US, Canada, Mexico and in more than 40 countries of the world. Other than texting the app is widely used for its stream less crystal clear free voice calling and high quality HD video calling. The app has the versions for both the iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded for free for both from the Apple App store.


6. Text Free: Free Texting + Calling + MMS

Text Free by Pinger, Inc is another one of the most widely used free texting, calling and MMS app. The app is ranked among the most widely used apps on iOS as it is used by millions of users all around the globe and from which the large proportion is of the US and Canada as expected. The vendor of the app is quite famous and well reputed in terms of producing pure quality based stuff and the apps which are proposed by the vendor are the mostly related stuff to the communication and messaging. This app is given the name as Text Free Ultra because of its amazing and some unique features that resulted to be quite handy and convenient and are loved by users widely. Now it is not a problem anymore if the person you want to text or call uses the app necessarily as this bewildering and marvelous app let the users to do send free text messages and do free voice calls on the cellular numbers directly. Which means the users not need to worry if the person they want to reach does have or does not have the similar app installed as this amazing quality based app will text them on their cellular number and will make voice calls in the similar fashion too. This facility is only in US until now but soon it will be expanded. The app can be downloaded for free of cost from the Apple app store for both iPhone and iPad.

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7. TextNow – Free Text + Calls

It is another astounding and pure quality based texting and messaging app that has everything to offer and that too for free. The native and regular iOS users are very well aware of the functionality of the app and are more into the stuff that they want even more from it. This multiple functionality app is developed and proposed by Enflick, Inc. The users can now send free text messages, can do free calls everywhere, they are given a free phone number, the users can send free voicemails, the users can share the pictures too for free as picture messages and many more other things are offered by the app and that all for free. The users can now send the free text messages even if the person they are trying to reach does not have this app installed on their device as the users are free for sending the texts directly on the cellular networks. The best thing about the app is that the users can now do free of calls to any of the phone number even the mobile or landline in the US and Canada. The users can also do international calls in any of the country all around the globe for very low cost and can even win the rewards by completing and achieving the targeted offers which will result in earning them free money for international calls. Now you can turn your iPod and iPad into iPhone by installing this very app and texting and calling anywhere you want to do. The app is free and is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


8. textPlus: Free Texting + Calling + MMS

This is another famous and one of the most widely used texting and free calling app that is used by millions of users all around the globe. The app is a sort of must have app in your iOS device as it possess multiple functionality with immense ease. The setup and buildup of the app is quite simple and solid which ensure the premium level high rated performance of the app and efficient working. The users can text with real freedom with any tension of the bill or cost as it let the users to text for free globally with free calling and MMS facility is provided too. The best thing about the app that personally I liked the most is its super cool and way too much attractive and catchy user interface that is captures the attention of the users at the very first glance and provides them the best possible environment for texting and chatting. The app on the same note is way much easier in use and it is quite handy in terms of its controls and functionality, the users belonging from any of the age group or walk of life can easily access the app and can use it a lot more nicely and conveniently. As like above mentioned apps this app too provide the facility of calling for free on the native US and Canada numbers no matter what. The users can now do group chats even if some of the group members does not possess this very app as they can simply include on the basis of their cellular network number.


9. Secret Text Free Anonymous Texting & Messages App

As the name of the app states, it is a different sort of texting and messaging app that enables the users to text in private with tight security and privacy. The app is developed and published by Return Zero, LLC. Now the users can sent their private messages to anyone they want to send that too without showing their identity. The app let the users to send free text as an anonymous phone number is assigned to them which is not a real number but seems like an original one and via which the users can do their private texting without any risk of their identity. The app is widely used for different purposes. The most use of the app is in business organizations and short terms project management, where there is a danger of leaking the secret information so this app protect the privacy as it uses PIN codes to keep the texts save from any unauthorized use by a third party. The app is also widely used for dating purposes as many youngsters and teens find it fun for anonymously texting one and other. The app is way too much easy and simple to use. It is very much handy in terms of usage and can be conveniently use by any of the user belonging from any of the age group as one just have to download the app for free from the Apple store on their iOS and without any further setup and configuration it is ready to do its work.


10. Text Free with Textfree: Free Texting for iPad

We have discussed about this app above but that version was for the iPhones and iPods whereas this version is specially designed for the iPads and possess various compatible features that are necessary to be used on the larger screen of iPads. The most concerned thing of the version is its screen resolution as for iPads it is quite well maximized and is developed in large size that is fit to the large screen. In terms of functionality and its overall usage and features, this app is identical and quite similar to that which is designed and proposed for the iPhones. Now the users who are having iPads and want to text for free or want to do call they can turn their iPads into iPhones via this very app as it let them do free texting and free calling on the phones for free. The users can also send free SMS, MMS and can call to the cellular network numbers in US and Canada for free. The app is free and can be downloaded for iPad from the Apple App store.


11. Textie Messaging – Beautiful free text chat unlimited (SMS)

Last but not the least to our list is this amazing and alluring pure quality based free texting and chatting app that let the users to send stickers, emoji and pictures for free and can do free texting for free all over the world. Although the app is new as compare to the other similar sort of apps that are the products of well-known vendors and are already used by millions but still this app successfully manages to retain its own unique spot in the market among them and due to its effectiveness it is leaping towards glory with a constant speedy motion. The app already has hundreds of iOS users and is counting more and more on the go and soon will reached the magical numbers too. The best thing about the app is its fast and beautiful texting ability and that too with complete privacy and security, which means the users can text and chat without any issue of their privacy as the conversation is encrypted well from the both ends and is not in access of any unauthorized person. The app is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App store.


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