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Due to advanced technology, our computers and laptops are becoming more powerful and efficient with each passing day. If we talk about raw hardware specifications, everything is getting better and bigger. For example, now you can hold ridiculous amounts of data in hard disks and have capacities spanning many terabytes. When you get a new laptop or computer, you have the facility to divide your HDD with full free space into different partitions. After some years, you want to resize your partitions with full of data according to your requirements then what will you. For this purpose, you can get the help of specific programs which area specially designed to create, shrink, delete, expand, merge, or split partitions into your hard disks or other storage devices. These programs are known as Partition Management Software. A large number of programs are present in the market; you can buy some with a high price, and others are free of cost. We have also collected some freeware partition management tools for your help. You can use these programs for creating new partitions, deleting existing partitions and for changing the attributes of already present partitions. So have a look at the list and choose the best Partition Management program according to your requirements.

1. MiniTool Partition Wizard Free

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free is a simple to use application that allows you to manage your hard disk drive partitions and keep it free of errors. Make your system run smoother and keep an eye on disk drives status to maximum potential. The simplistic interface has a fresh and modern look with clearly arranged buttons and intuitive icons. A center list shows all storage devices with important details such as file system, free or used space, status, and type. Use the context menu to put a process in motion or select options from the toolbar after choosing an element. Work with multiple functions such as format drives, change the label, copy drives content, and perform a surface test. You can use a few wizard to copy disks, partitions or recover the entire content of the partition. Your selection operation will remain in the queue until further notice because no changes are made to drives until you click the “Apply” button.

2. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition facilitates you to create, merge, resize, recover, backup hard disk partitions to improve computer performance. The application provides numerous tools and wizards to change the parameters of your partitions. Dividing the disk space into partitions is necessary for optimizing the performance of your system. Changing a partition is a difficult task when you have important data on disk drives. It provides you essential tools for changing the hard disk configuration. Work with the application to change the label, partition size or format it. In addition, you can alter the size of partition by splitting, add unallocated space or merge it with another drive. The Partition Copy Tool is useful to create a sector by sector replica when you want to move the content to another hard disk. For configuring multiple PCs, You can create a bootable disk that can work with all the machines without running the application on each one.


3. Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free Edition

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free Edition is a straightforward software that facilitates the user to manage the space on disks and partitions quickly. The user can maintain volumes’ optimal performance without any issue. The user-friendly graphical interface allows you to access and perform the required operation quickly. The program shows some basic details about the reserved and free space on drives. You can get information about the file system, the total number of sectors, sector size, the volume’s GUID or cluster size. It offers a simple way of monitoring and managing hard disks and partitions. The program enables you to set labels, defragment, move, copy, delete, format, wipe, view the properties, and perform surface tests. This utility is for home users, so it lacks some of the important tools. Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Free Edition has a fast response time and can work with the low amount of system resources.

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4. EaseUS Partition Master Free

EaseUS Partition Master Free is a lightweight program that lets you modify the structure of hard drive, copy and move partitions, defragment them or change their labels. This free edition is for home users and offers three precise tools such as Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy, and Partition Recovery Wizard. A well-thought and witty interface of Partition Master provides a tidy and smart environment for performing all tasks. You can move, resize, copy, check, merge, convert or explore your partitions. The defragmentation option helps you to keep your folders and files in a single, contiguous place. You can manage your partitions graphically and numerically without rebooting the computer. Find deleted or lost partition within the unallocated area of the hard disk and get them back with the help of Disk Clone Wizard. Transfer your data from current disk to the newly created one and even boot from it.


5. GParted

GParted is a handy program that facilitates you to modify partitions on any OS. It is a GUI for the GNU Parted command line application. You can use it to partition hard disk drives, solid disk drives, and USB flash disks. Use the program to create, resize, delete, check, move, copy, paste, and label partition tables without losing data. In addition, you can set Universally Unique Identifier. On Linux, GParted can work with file systems such as EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, XFS, SWAP, NILFS2, JFS, F2FS, LVM3, UFS, and Reiser4, and ReiserFS. The program offers support for many filesystems such as HFS+, HFS, ExFAT, NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32. Work with GParted when you need to manipulate any disk drives. Moreover, the GParted LiveCD lets you edit partition tables on machines with other operating systems like Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows.

6. Disk Management

Disk Management is a reliable and efficient program that can update your BIOS to check out higher capacities. You can bypass the BISO limitation and access the whole disk space without any issue. Use the program to find a BIOS update or to install an adapter that facilitates you to connect the hard disk through a PCI slot. You have the alternative option to alter the cylinder limitation jumper if your motherboard contains single one. This application offers you with a non-invasive way by creating a boot disk that can easily bypass the capacity limitation. A wizard-like interface of Disk Management assists you through all the needed steps. You have to prepare a floppy disk and format it before initiating the application. It can copy all the needed files to the disk without any configuration. It can also help you to fix the HDD space problem.

7. Active Partition Manager

Work with Active Partition Manager to create, delete, and format disk partitions with the least time possible. The simplistic interface of Active Partition Manager comprises all the functions in a single window. If you have an external device connected to your computer, you will notice that the program supports removable drives. You can create new partitions or trash existing ones with the commands lined up in the primary window. You has the capability to format partitions and logical drives, and it provides support for FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems. The program can assist you if you need to explore detailed information or alter the attributes of a drive or partition. The advanced users can also view and edit the boot sector values. For creating partitions, you have the choice among Primary, Logical, and Extended options. Set the partition geometry manually and work with measurement units like sectors or megabytes. Use basic settings tools such as selecting the file system and size of allocation unit as well as writing a volume label.

8. MiniAide Magic Partition Home Edition

MiniAide Magic Partition Home Edition is a modern application that allows you to perform many managing operations on partitions such as changing the drive letter, defragmenting and resizing it. The modern and minimal interface comprises multiple buttons, a pane to show all the detected partitions, and a navigation pane to display all available operations. You can see a list of all partitions along with information such as capacity, file system, free and used space, type and status. The program uses some progress bars to show the amount of used space on each disk. You can change label and letter, convert a transform a drive to logical or primary, trash the whole partition or format it. Defragment, move, resize, or hide disks and set them active or wipe their whole content. Get up partition properties, such as first, last, and a total number of physical sectors, serial number, and physical geometry.

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9. PartitionGuru Free

PartitionGuru Free is an all in one program for partition management, data recovery, and disk utilities. File recovery helps you to recover files trashed or emptied from recycle bin, recover files by file type, recover files from certain partition and supports file filter and file preview. Partition recovery tool allows you to extract files from damaged partitions and find lost partition and get files from it. This tool can also fix partition table. Work with Sector Edit to edit the sector data easily. Partition Management tool enables you to create, resize, format, split, delete, and hide partition and it supports for GPT and MBR. Backup and Restore tool is useful when you want to backup and restore disk and partition and back and restore partition table. Recover lost or invalid partitions and files. Many disk tools are parts of it such as Integral Disk Clone, Quick Partition, and Files’ Permanent Deletion.

10. QILING Disk Master free

QILING Disk Master free allows you to create virtual disks and ramdisks with minimal effort. It can enhance your system performance and keep your data safe. You can create and simulate RAM memory, and multiple virtual HDD drives to improve system speed. The simplistic user interface of QILING Disk Master free only focuses on necessary tasks. You can get useful information about HDD present in a table such as a name and a temperature. You can create different disk drives using only a few clicks. You can set up a password to protect your newly created drive. Create a virtual RAM unit using the same method to speed up computer performance. Set your download destination folder to a virtual drive to stop the unwanted program from harming your PC. The size of the RAM and disk should be equal to your current space.

11. Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager allows you to perform all types of partition tasks with ease. Manage to move, resize, and optimize partitions through a built-in wizard that assists you through every step of the task. The simply organized GUI of Partition Logic contains shortcuts to all of its tools. Create a new partition, resize, it, delete it, merge two or more, save a log and send it to program’s supporting team if you are facing major difficulties. Work with the Copying and Migration section to move data to a new hard drive and make a copy of a partition. Backup and Rescue section helps you to create a backup of your files and burn a bootable recovery CD. The Boot Management is also part of it to configure the boot parameters of your computer and enables you to prepare for an upcoming installation of a new operating system. Paragon Partition Manager uses low CPU memory and has a fast response time.

12. Partition Logic

Work with Partition Logic to cleverly manage available disk by formatting and partitioning it according to your requirement. You can create new partitions or erase already present ones. Modify their dimensions and alter their attributes, as well as move and copy partitions in an easy way. Use the program to format partitions or defragment the disk. The clean and user-friendly interface of Partition Logic shows all the required details for managing your HDD partitions. View all details such as filesystem, partition type and size, attributes and cylinders. Work with Partition Logic to set a specific partition active using a single mouse click. Get interesting tools to access some files or transfer data from the target partitions while the application is running. It comprises a computer Explorer, a built-in file browser and some administrative tools such as display device management or settings configuration.

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13. Partition Magic

Partition Magic is an efficient program that helps you to split, move, resize, or merge partitions. It is useful program when you need to undo the mistakes from a disk partition operation during a Window Installation. You can divide one hard disk into multiple partitions or vice versa. Safely run and switch through different Operating Systems on the same PC. Launch the program from a bootable disk and search through files, view and edit them on different operating systems. If you are facing some issues, you can watch the presentation to understand the keywords and concepts in a better way. The program provides support for FAT, Ext2, FAT32, NTFS files and USB external drives. Get the benefit of Partition Magic when you need to increase the size of an NTFS partition. Perform a file backup before starting a radical action onto your hard disks.

14. Ranish Partition Manager

Create multiple partitions on your hard drive with the help of Ranish Partition Manager. The command line interface allows you to work with the only keyboard to operate it. You can create, resize, and copy primary and extended partitions on your hard disks with ease. The program detects the number of hard disks on a computer, their size, and the number of heads, cylinders, and sectors automatically. Work with different slots to create many partitions. Choose a new slot; the partitioning wizard assists you through the creating task. First of all, select the file system type from BeOS, FAT16, FAT32, Extended, Linux or Linux Swap. Use it to install and boot Linux and numerous copies of Windows on your PC. Set the desired parameters such as starting and ending cylinders, and size. For each created partition, use different options. Set its maximum and minimum size and the partition size. Use the keyboard to choose the file system or clean an existing record.

15. Partition Resizer

Partition Resizer is a comprehensive Partition Management program that lets you alter the size of partitions or move them easily. First of all, you should check the Readme document to get all information regarding pre-requisites and method to prepare the disks. You have to run the program from a different partition than the one which you want to resize. If you need to move or resize the boot partition, you can perform this task from a bootable floppy disk. Partition Resizer has a reset protection system that will resume your task if the power supply goes off. The intuitive interface of Partition Resizer facilitates you to work in a clean environment. It is a complicated program so only experience people can work with it.

16. Cute Partition Manager

Cute Partition Manager is a simple to use program that facilitates the user to create numerous partitions without any issue. You can edit the properties of the partitions from the hard disk. The program furnishes you with the necessary tools to manage your hard disk drive in multiple partitions. You can use it to create a bootable floppy or disk and load the program by restarting your PC. The downloaded package helps you to select the bootable device and deploy the application’s components. After loading, you can add or alter the partitions from the detected hard disks. Get details about each HDD and partition including the file system and sectors. The old school interface helps you to interact with it using the functions keys. Create or delete partitions to create the hard disk structure necessary for your activities. Alter the file system of a specific partition and change the boot partition. It works fast and does not put the burden on computer resources.

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