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Data mining is a technique which is used in discovering patterns in large data sets. The process involves calculations of a large amount of data sets with special methods and then extract useful info’s from plain text. The data mining is widely used in developing of predictive business software which are mostly used in high calibre business industries. With data mining, you can find a lot of data about your customers with a single click and get quick insights on the. Data mining process is also used for calculating big mathematical problems which are about impossible to solve by hand. Most of the scientists use these software for their research related calculation as an algebraic component of the software is very strong. You teach the machine what to do through data mining software development, and after that, you are set to do the thing even with just one click. However, you need to have a good knowledge of software coding to operate in this kind of software as it is a software which is used to develop software. Some data mining software are given in the list below in which some of the software are free and some with the trial version.

1. R

The name itself is enough to describe the software as it is one of the most famous software in data mining field and the people who work with this kind of software, surely knows about it. The software is popular for some reasons, and one of the reason is its high capability performance in computing scientific and complex algorithms in a matter of seconds. The software is loaded with feature and is available on the internet on many websites. The official website for this soft is also available, and a link to the website is given in the link section. To know more about the software, visit the link to the website and decide for yourself.



2. Dundas

Dundas is a business intelligence software which is used for high-level predictive data mining, and it is equipped with a powerful AI. Embed analytics, a stunning dashboard and intuitive performance, all in one package which gives you peace of mind while at work. The software is top rated, and it can compute the data of large companies with many employees in a few moments with precise accuracy and a satisfying result. You can get the demo or live demo of the software on demand from the official website of Dundas and then you can purchase the software for the full version if you like it.

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3. Data Melt

Data Melt is a data mining software which is used in computing scientific mathematical calculations. The software is used by scientists and students as well as they develop their research. The data computation capability of this software can compute the data of a very large scale at once, and big problems can be solved with just some of the efforts. It also shows you 3D charts of the data and many more data visualization possibilities. It supports Microsoft Windows, Linux and Macintosh and the software is open-source.


4. Shogun

Shogun is a very good software if you are looking for a machine learning software which is open source and readily available on the internet. Its features are optimistic, and you can perform various large-scale data mining functions in it quickly. It supports many languages (Python, Octave, R, Java/Scala, Lua, C#, Ruby, etc.) and as it is said that the software is open source, it supports many operating systems too. It can handle calculations of standard stats as well as cutting-edge algorithms. The software is a learning platform, and it is community-based.


5. CMSR Data Miner

CMSR Data Miner is an open source data mining software which provides an integrated environment for predictive modelling and expert shell system. The software provides a GUI interface with an intuitive, powerful model which is quite good for data visualization. You can use it to know cross-shell analytics, Data Mining statistics and it provides many database analytic tools to be used. Power visual charts: 3D bars, histograms, bars, scatterplots, histobars, and more are a part of this software which are quite helpful. The software is open source and can be run on any platform easily.


6. Rosetta

Rosetta is a good software for data mining, and it can be used for analyzing tabular data within the framework of the rough set theory. The software is pretty much customized for the user to be at ease while working with its GUI. Operating in the software is very easy, and it provides classical type Graphical user interface. It has many features to compute your data in an arranged way, and the result is shown in a manner which user can understand easily. You can know more about the software from the official website. The link to the website is given.

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7. Sisense

Sisense is a leading software in the category of data mining, and a lot of people have left a satisfactory review on the website about software. It assures a great data extraction rate and the way it shows the results are mesmerizing and even a new user can know the details easily. The software is equipped with a high powered AI engine on the backend, and its mathematical qualities are to be counted second to none. It also saves all the history of your work and can give you instant insights with a click.


8. OpenNN

The software OpenNN follows the artificial intelligence techniques and is written in C++ to implement a neural network which is a main area of machine learning research. The thing that this software is written in C++, gives it an advantage in memory management and processing speed with lower resource consumption. There are many tutorials available on the official website of the website which shows you how to work in this software with which field. There are seven main classes for which the tutorial is available on the website.


9. Weka

Weka is a loaded software which confides multiple machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. Regarding mining, this software is pretty great, and some of its feature which helps mining are classification, data preparation, regression, association rules mining, clustering, and visualization. The software is open source and support readily Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh and some other popular Operating Systems. There are some courses available on the website to learn machine learning and data mining using Weka. The link to the official site is given in the link section.


10. Natural Language Toolkit

Natural Language Toolkit is a big fish in the pond of python programming. Most of the python programs are written in it which are created to work with human language. The software is loaded with features like a suite of text processing libraries for classification, tokenization, tagging, stemming, parsing and semantic reasoning and many more to work with. All the features are included in a single package, and it is free software. The link to the official website is given in the description.

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11. Orange

Orange is a Text analyzing and Data mining software which is open source and used for machine learning and data visualization. You can statistical distributions, box plots and scatter plots, or dive deeper with decision trees, heat maps, hierarchical clustering and much more in this software’s graphical user interface. It gives you interactive data analyzation experience with rapid qualitative data analysis with clean visualization. The software also provides with many add-ons to be added I the software to increase its functionality and features.



KNIME is a tool for data scientist which blends different tools and data types seamlessly. Because the software is open source, it can be further improved ash the user wants it; any new feature can be added on demand, the user interface can be themed and much more; all without compromising on the data analyzing quality. The company in itself is developing new features for the software and integrating them in the software. Each update comes with a new feature giving you more freedom to work in the same user interface


13. Rapid Miner Text Mining Extension

Rapid Miner Text Mining Extension is a multipurpose text analyzing software which allows you to analyze text with different filtering methods. The software is good quality software and is used widely by people around the world. It gives you a statistical analysis of the text in a user interface which is very user-friendly and you can understand it easily. You can load texts from various data sources and apply different filters on it. The software extensively supports many text formats like HTML, Plain text of a PDF as well.


14. Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout is a top quality software by apache which is second to none and is available for free. If you are a professional user of languages and are used to text analysation, then this software is good to have a thing for you because it has many available features which can be used by a professional. The software is mostly supplied to scientists for calculations of comprehensive data fastly and accurately. Having all the performance required by the user in one package, this software is freeware which makes it more worthy to be used.


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