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Due to up to date phone cameras, we are taking and sharing more pictures than ever. Most of the people try to edit images to make them more beautiful and interesting before uploading them to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Google+. Due to this image editing tradition, a large number of applications are created to fulfill the requirements of people. In a similar way, multiple online programs are also present for image editing. However, it is difficult to find the best program according to your requirement. We have collected some of the best Image editing programs that can help you for creating beautiful images according to your requirement. These programs are free of cost and offer numerous features to assist you. You can create animated GIF, create slide shows, set transparency in GIF files, work with collage maker, edit or create web graphics, draw business cards and poster and apply multiple effects.

1. Photoscape

Photoscape is a lightweight software application that allows you to take snapshots of the screen, create mosaics and animated GIFs, search for look-alikes on the Internet, and convert raw formats. The primary window of Photoscape encloses a circle with animated icons for different modules. It also contains some comprehensive contents for users help. The application has a large number of options allowing you to easily manage and edit your images. You have the possibility to use a viewer with a folder structure to help your choose images faster. Photoscape has a pretty basic editor which enables you to crop, resize, rotate and flip items, as well as adjust the sharpness, brightness, contrast, and backlight. Further, you can apply many effects to your animations. The user can create composites of different images, animated GIFs with custom change effect, time, and size. You can utilize a color picker, search for look-alikes on the internet, rename different pictures in one single session, and convert raw images from formats like DNG, ORF, RAF, NEF, CRW, and DCR to some most common extensions.

2. IrfanView

IrfanView is a minimalistic software application that useful to view pictures, as well as edit or convert them with the aid of a built-in batch mode. The interface of the app is simple, leaving space for the actually shown photo and providing few buttons for the basic actions. This program allows you to open almost any format out there and you have the facility to enhance IrfanView with the help of third-party plug-ins. You can also use this application for conversion and resize using batch features which are fast and efficient. Means, you have the possibility to convert, rename, crop, resize, and alter color depth of different images with few clicks. the application contains a rich Settings window where you can change every single option of the application. Overall, IrfanView is one of the best programs for handling images, viewing multi-page photos, editing them, creating slideshows or making panoramas.




GIMP is an open source and handy software application with many options and tools for editing. The application contains all necessary and basic elements you’re required to work with pictures. But the interface becomes more difficult if you wish to perform complex operations. You can do everything from the most common tasks to complex operations, just like an array of layers and effects. Moreover, you can apply gradients and custom patterns on a fairly average system using minimal resources and you can accomplish batch processing successfully in short time. You have the facility to retouch digital pictures and create bitmaps from scratch and use the app as an image format converter. In addition, you have the possibility to create animations, view SVG images, adjust hue, contrast, and saturation, insert text strings, and get the advantage of a powerful zooming feature.


4. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a straightforward software application that enables you to create professional-looking images. The application has an intuitive interface that contains an array of options. This interesting program contains all the features require to generate professional looking designs and attractive projects. You can use multiple buttons to perform both basic functions like crop, cut or rotate, as well as advanced ones like clone stamping, color picking, or inserting a new layer. The application has the full keyboard support which enables you to complete all actions by pressing dedicated hotkeys. Its menus contain additional adjustments and effects to enhance any artistic project like invert colors, layer editing, image sketch, distort, blur or sharpen, emboss or even fractals. The application uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

5. XnView

XnView is a straightforward application that enables the user to view images as well as convert and arrange them easily. The interface of the application is highly customizable and easy to understand. You have the facility to open multiple images and then simply move from tab to tab. The context menu of the app enables you to start a batch conversion or renaming, move or copy it to a specific folder, send a picture to a friend by e-mail, tag and rate it, set as a wallpaper, and much more. You can convert an image from one format to other format and it supports to common image formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF. Plus, you can add a list of transformations to a set of pictures you are about convert is astounding.

6. Photobie

Photobie is a lightweight software application that enables the user to edit his photographs, import 3D models, use painting features and multiple templates, and take snapshots of the screen. The interface of Photobie is simple and well-organized, it contains a menu bar, a color palette, and multiple buttons. The primary window offers quick access to a variety to tools. You have the ability to work with various layers, do some basic paint operations, apply effects, adjust colors, work with advanced filters, and manage GIF files. Moreover, you can work with the “Animation Editor” to build from the ground up original animations by adding files quickly and settings the delay time for showing the frames. You have the facility to add your own templates from the hard drive in different formats such as BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO, and GIF, as well as get some from the Internet. Plus, you can import 3D models using a 3DS or XAML extension and create a cube with the aid of one or multiple chosen layers.

7. PicPick

A straightforward application that comprises powerful capture tools, color palette, image editor, color picker and different features for taking snapshots. PicPick is a fully featured program for taking photos of the screen or a specific area and also for editing the screenshots instantly. Move into the image editing section to work with built-in functions such as resize, rotate, or crop an image, simple draw or writing something on top of the fresh image and add some visual effects. Use Options menu to customize the application settings in great details. You can configure the naming scheme, hot keys, auto save, or the editor. And associate specific graphic file types with PicPick. You can get a snapshot of the whole screen, a specific region, the active window or a fixed area and you can also repeat the last capture. The intuitive interface of PicPick helps you to work in a clean environment.

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8. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro helps you to create, manipulate and publish photo files with the help of professional tools. The pretty standard interface of Photo Pos Pro is difficult to use for the first time. The application enables you to create a photo collage, add a frame to a photo, remove red eye, utilize the clone brush to remove an unnecessary object, and create a greeting card. Work with multiple options to enhance the pictures, count inserting a new object in an image, create a neon sign, and create a flame effect and film artwork design. Also add vector objects, watermarks, and effects. Apply different filters such as sharpen, reduce noise, morph, blur, and edges to enhance your images. Send a powerful message with your photos, and use multiple effects such as wave, spin, metalize, star dust, metalize, and perspective. Create layers, batch convert and resize photos, add frames and scripts, and turn your designs into HTML pages.

9. PC Image Editor

PC Image Editor is a reliable and handy graphics editor that contains numerous features of a professional product. The plain and simple interface of PC Image Editor allows you to import photos from the file browser because the “drag & drop” feature is not present. Use basic graphic editing features such as pencil, eraser, select, text, color picker, brush, airbrush, filter brush, line, crop, and shape. Change the size of the image, change the perspective, rotate and flip the image, set photos as wallpaper, and use the undo and redo functions. Allows the program to adjust the level and contrast automatically, and set the saturation, brightness, hue, gamma and RGB levels. You can adjust the threshold, colorize, posterize, and equalize the photo. Apply different filters including negative, sharpen, blur, mosaic, diffuse, halftones, twirl, trace color, and emboss.


10. Pos Free Photo Editor

Use Pos Free Photo Editor to easily edit your favorite image files. The user-friendly interface allows you to import photos from the file browser only. You can select a circular or rectangular area, zoom in or out, crop the selection, use a magic wand and switch to full-screen mode. Modify the photo settings related to RGB, contrast, gamma, HSL, blur, and sharpen. Automatically correct and enhance colors, use a histogram equalizer, rotate, flip, and resize the images. Apply different effects such as bump map, frames, negative, wave, grayscale, paper, shadow, lens, puzzle, banner, and red eye reduction. It enables you to choose the Twain source, scan images, use the undo, redo or copy features, print a single or multiple photos, invert the selection, clear the clipboard, and disable toolbars. You can search a large range of filters and effects to apply.

11. Fotor

Fotor is a simple image editor that facilitates you to change the aspect of your photos and create collages with different effects. The application contains two different modules for seamless graphic editing. Fotor is the combination of a photo editor and collage creator. It offers the essential tools for graphic editing and a collection of preset scenes to improve your digital images. You can make further adjustments such as use the crop feature to cut a section of a photo, customize parameters including brightness, exposure, saturation, contrast, white balance, add text watermarks or borders, and apply different effects to get an original touch. Get an EXIF information tool and the option to share the edited photos on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or add them to a collage creator. Use the second module to put together amazing images. You can work with one of the available template shapes or move with the Freestyle mode for more privileges.

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12. ACDSee Free

ACDSee Free is a fast and reliable image viewer that facilitates you to convert images from one format to other format and set images as a wallpaper. The application contains some tools for modifications. The plain and simple design of ACDSee Free comprises all features inside a few menus and buttons that are easy to understand. It provides support for multiple input formats such as TGA, PNG, PCX, JPG, WMF, BMP, TIFF, EMT, GIF, and WBMP. You have the option to run the image in full screen, use a customizable zoom factor and navigation controls, set as wallpaper, rotate to the right or the left, and configure file associations. Perform zooming feature through the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys and use mouse scroll to navigate between images. You can disable animations, allow the gamma correction, and resize the scenarios.

13. Quick JPEG Resize and Crop

Quick JPEG Resize and Crop is an efficient and reliable program that facilitates you to crop and change the size of the JPEG image and adjust the quality setting. You can perform different operations on your photos such as cropping and resizing. It supports the TIF, JPG, and PNG image formats. The plain and simple to navigate interface helps you to import images from the file browser or drag & drop method. You can preview photos, crop their margins, and set their new size. Specify the quality level and use the copy, undo and paste functions. After some modifications, save the new files by setting up the name and output destination. You can also overwrite the original photos. Quick JPEG Resize and Crop works with low to moderate amount of system resources. A well-drawn help manual with snapshots is present for beginners.

14. Photo Filter Factory

Photo Filter Factory is an intuitive and user-friendly program having the aim to enhance the looks of your image collection by applying different effects. The dull and uncomplicated interface of Photo Filter Factory allows you to import images using the folder view. You can add different filters which revolve around aged paper, abstract, water drops, chess board, and cool metal. Choose one of the present filters or configure settings regarding local equalization, hot pixel noise remover, vibrations and others. The program facilitates you to use some basic painting features such as pencil, eye dropper, word art, text, line, fill, and rectangle. Copy the canvas, enable framing, and run scripts including granite frame and blue paper. You can apply different effects such as emboss, fade, blur, pond ripple, and rounded glass. Photo Filter Factory has a good response time and uses a moderate amount of CPU and RAM.

15. CollageIt

CollageIt is a reliable program that helps the user to create photo collages with the help of different templates or customized layouts. Showcase your favorite photos in a unique way as well as create image albums, scrapbooks, and posters. Select from a list of predefined layouts according to your projects. After loading a template, you can view how the images would be arranged, even without inserting any image files. You have the possibility to determine the height and width of the panel in mm, pixels, or inches, and set its orientation and DPI value. You can edit loaded template’s layout in different ways. Modify the size of spaces between photos and the width of outside margin. Specify the number of the loaded images you need to use for creating the collage as it supports 200 images for a single project. Select whether frames should be applied to the images and enable or disable object shadows.

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16. FotoMix

FotoMix is a simple program for making some modifications to your photos. You can mix and blend images and create image manipulations. The simplistic interface has a “Background” tab to open an image and resize, rotate, crop or mirror flip it. You can add multiple effects such as soften, sharp, blur, grayscale, oil paint, old paper, edge, rock, emboss, negative, metallic, negative and mix with original. The Foreground section helps you to erase parts of a photo, use fill eraser, and color eraser, choose brush size and shape, resize, rotate, crop, flip, or duplicate the image, invert erase, choose to mark erased portions with green, red or blue, and more. Work with Composition section to adjust the text shadow and shadow angle, set the maximum fade, transparency, brush size and shape, edge and circle face, push chosen foreground behind all other foregrounds, allow anti-alias and others. Use brushes to apply color, change clone colors, color tint, soften edges, adjust the brush strength, shape, and size and smoothen the final image.

17. Free Image Editor

Free Image Editor provides support for an array of formats and allows you to capture screen, edit photos or create original bitmaps. The plain and quite familiar interface of Free Image Editor has a menu bar, different buttons, and a pane to show the uploaded image. Use a single button to paste image data from the Clipboard, resample, invert, crop, rotate, reskew, flip or rotate an image. Configure the size of the image including resolution, width, height, and resolution. You can apply different effects to the images such as color emboss, bump map, sand, swirl, lens, wave, split light, posterize, solarize, contour effects and color filters. Get RGB and HSV channels, view a histogram, replace colors, and adjust color features like equalizer, contrast, FFT, HSV, HSL, and RGB. Use Alt + S combination to save file and Alt + N combination to start a new file.

18. Photo Frames & Effects Free

Photo Frames & Effects Free is a graphical editing program that comprises an extensive set of effects and tools to enhance the overall performance of digital photos. The application supports for many famous graphic formats and allows you to process RAW camera photos including NEF, RAW, CR2, and CRW. It enables input formatting from smartphones or TWAIN device scans. The built-in library comprises many borders and frames, object shapes, inner shadows, textures, film and artistic effects. A large collection of graphic filters includes dilating, blurring, edge detection, motion blurring, low and high pass filters, sepia, unsharp masking and emboss. Apply wave effects or create a paper having tiles of the same image. Perform fine adjustments to your photo and enhance its look. Automatically set the white balance with a click, and adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature, and tint. Apply color and gamma correction, and auto sharpening to enhance the image.

19. Fly Free Photo Editing and Viewer

Fly Free Photo Editing and Viewer is a comprehensive program to view and edit multiple images instantly. The user-friendly interface helps you to set file associations including TIF, BMP, JPE, GIF, PNG, JPG, and TIFF. Navigate within the interface through the tree view or using the drag & drop method. You have the facility to crop, rotate, resize or flip the photo, apply a grayscale filter, add text, and adjust the contrast, brightness, and hue. Remove red eye, adjust exposure and RGB, set an image as wallpaper, apply monochrome, and switch to full-screen mode. Copy image to the clipboard, allow slideshow, use a search function and create a favorite list. The program helps you to convert an HTML page to an image, save images in the BMP, JPG, PNG, or GIF format, and upload them to Facebook or Flickr.

20. Easy Photo Effects

Easy Photo Effects is a straightforward program that facilitates you to apply effects to photos. The program supports PNG, BMP, and JPG file types for the output. It is a portable program so run it without installation. Import image files into the workspace using the file browser or drag & drop method. You can choose from a plenty of effects and adjust setting for each one of them. For example, you can apply a white and black filter, choose the gray scale method, add the emboss effect, choose the color channels to ignore and set its strength. Other image filters contain movie grain, mirror, sketch, waves, pixelation, and sparkle. Apply numerous filters to the same image, because the program offers an undo feature. You can remove all filters from the image and can save enhanced image with the BMP, JPG, or PNG format.

21. PhotoPad

Edit your image in a user-friendly environment with the help of PhotoPad. The simple and intuitive interface of PhotoPad helps you to import photos though the file browser or drag & drop method. Create a panorama or collage, alter the size of the photos and crop them and allow the utility to keep the aspect ratio. Insert images, text, and mosaics, and apply filters including sharpen, blur, and red eye reduction. You can also make color adjustments such as contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation and hue. PhotoPad provides you the option to use the redo and undo functions, change the background color, zoom in or out, share the image to Facebook or Flickr and more. This simplistic program uses a moderate amount of system resources and comprises a comprehensive help manual for further assistance.

22. Altarsoft Photo Editor

Altarsoft Photo Editor is a simple to use graphical editing program that offers support for JPG, BMP, ICO, GIF, PNG, and ICO files. You can edit images, apply filters, adjust color and lighting, and more. The user-friendly interface of Altarsoft Photo Editor has a large window with a comprehensive appearance. Some basic drawing tools allow you to use a pencil or magic wand, fill color, add text, make circular, rectangular, Lasso or polygonal selections, and zoom in or out. You can draw lines, ellipses and polylines, empty and filled rectangles, along with chords, arcs, pies, and poly-Bezier curves. Create and merge different layers, customize the RGB colors for the background and foreground, and preview the image’s thumbnail. Resize the image or canvas, make rounded corners, and duplicate, rotate or crop the photo. Adjust the contrast, brightness, gamma, saturation, RGB and equalization levels. Apply automatic color for the grey world or white balance and remove red eye.

23. PhoXo

PhoXo is a simple to use program that comprises multiple effects and image adjustments, ASCII art, batch watermark, and more. The clean and intuitive interface of PhoXo provides easy to understand options and configuration settings. The program contains a library of clip art, numerous effects, and frames to enhance the image. You can add text, crop, and rotate images, draw shapes with a paint brush or pen, zoom in or out, make different types of selections and more. For image adjustments, tweak the levels for hue, brightness, saturation, contrast, borders, color tone, and canvas size. Apply watermarks to different images in batch mode and save them to multiple formats. Apply multiple layers to your images according to your preferences. Add new layers and hide the existing ones or make them transparent. The software supports PSD format and can be used as a photo conversion too which support various formats.

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24. Digital Image Tool

A watermarking program that facilitates you to enlarge or rotate small scale images and apply a custom or standard watermark logo. The intuitive interface of Digital Image Tool facilitates you to insert files into the working environment with only a few mouse clicks. It shows all the chosen images on the primary window in the left side panel and allows you to switch between them easily. Click any chosen photo to preview it on the right side of the panel and start adding watermarks to them from the lower pane. You can place the watermark in any corner of the image. You can add stamps to your images and use it to make other changes to images. Resize photos to a chosen height and width, directly from the primary window. It provides support for a large number of formats such as PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.

25. VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor is a nice image editor program that can easily edit your favorite photo files. The user-friendly interface of VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor allows you to import files from the file browser only. Work with basic graphic editing tools like pencil, eraser, paint brush, fill, eyedropper, rectangular selection, magic wand, and text. You can preview the photo in a separate window and adjust the tolerance and hue value. Resize, rotate, crop and flip photos, and apply effects such as shift, twirl, emboss, 3D extension, contrast, brightness, saturation, and caricature. You have the possibility to import and use plugins, use the undo function, export the images as a GIF animation, scan a photo and save results in PNG, BMP, JPG, TIF, TGA, or PCX format. VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor has a comprehensive help file with snapshots for further assistance.

26. PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio is a simple and powerful application that allows you to edit the images in your system or design new ones from scratch. The clean interface of PixBuilder Studio helps you to import photos into the working environment through the built-in browser or drag & drop method. You can edit your photos using a large range of tools including brush, pencil, and eraser. You can insert ellipses, lines or rectangles, and fill the chosen areas with different colors. The built-in text editor helps you to customize the text regarding font, font size, style, alignment, and color. Measure the distance between work, objects with multiple layers, flatten the images, flip or crop the images, and rotate or resize the items. The program works with JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, PSD, PCX, and TIFF formats. You can export the photos to the same file format.


27. Hornil StylePix Pro

Hornil StylePix Pro is a practical image editor that offers all the feature of a raster graphics editor. After installation, start browsing the photo folders on your system to find the photo you need to enhance. You can perform most advanced operations for photo editing. You can crop the source file according to your required dimensions or according to the templates given within the application. Next, rotate or flip the photo, insert different objects such as shapes like rectangles, circles, stars, arrows, or stars and text messages. You can work with a brush for highlighting a specific area of the photo and smudging or blurring the rest area. The program facilitates you to resize the source image or insert new on using a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, you can modify multiple images at the same time.

28. Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

Create and edit web graphics, logos, animations, and technical drawings with the help of Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition. The user-friendly interface has a design wizard which facilitates you to create posters or advertisements using a large range of templates. Represent animations by horizontal rules, banner ads, web button and logos of different sizes. Make drawings on A3, A4, tabloid and other types of pages. Use basic editing tools including rotation, pointer, freehand, node, blending, text, quickbox, and transparency. Insert 3DPlus objects, digital images, and use a border wizard. You can transform a drawing to an animation, use the Undo or Redo button, transform or replicate the wizard and convert to curves or Bitmap. It allows you to export files to EMF, WMF, PNG, TGA, JPG, and other types of media formats. Align or size items, rotate, flip or order objects, lock the position, create frames and layers, and allow snapping.

29. Ultimate Paint

A rich-featured program that allows you to view, modify and enhance multiple images at the same time. You can apply different effects, get high-quality photos and create impressive paintings with pens, brushes, and shapes. It comprises an extensive collection of photo effects such as noise, blur, gradient, and color glow. The accessible interface of Ultimate Paint comprises different movable panels and the editing area. It offers support for multiple photo formats such as PCX, TGA, JPEG, EMF, WMF, PNG, BMP, and IFF, along with TWAIN compatible scanners. Choose the required painting tool from the left pane including standard and curved line pen, spray and brush, color and transparency, and customize the thickness. Some special brushes like halve, outline, stretch, double or shear are part of it for interesting designs. Apply specific effects to your creations such as artistic, color, fun, noise, generator, photo, stylize or the web. You can insert ellipses, rectangles, and text boxes, and clone a specific image area.

30. 2 Pic

Perform different editing operations on two images at the same time using 2 Pic program. The standard interface of 2 Pic is easy to navigate through. Open a right and left image by using the file browser. Apply modification from either right or left picture such as overlay, merge, vertically or horizontally line scheme, and aerosols including fading, granular, smeared, granular merged, circle or square. Apply multiple effects like mirror distortion, JPG quality, mosaic, color shade, granular, faddy, sharpen, blur, engraving and more. You can change the properties of the images, for example, adjust brightness, contrast, illumination, and color saturation. 2 Pic enables you to switch colors, use color selection, adjust fading, resize images or place them side by side and add text. Set file association, use the Undo or Redo buttons, save results in the GIF, BMP, and PNG formats, and zoom in and out.

31. ZC Dream Photo Editor Free

ZC Dream Photo Editor Free is an intuitive program that helps you to create photo collages by uploading photos, choosing multiple borders and templates and apply different editing tools. The straightforward interface provides direct access to the folders and files on your PC. You can easily move inserted objects to any area of the environment using the mouse and also cut, copy, crop, delete, flip or rotate them. You can work with many layers and move the chosen objects to the back or front. Customize text images regarding font style, color, number, and alignment. Choose different border types, pick the orientation, specify the size of the collage, and choose the background color or insert a photo from the system. Adjust the transparency level of each layer, zoom in or out of the created collage, and apply shadow effects.

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