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It is quite important and necessary to be always aware what is happening around your area. No matter how safe your city and place to live is, but still everyone needs to be careful and attached with various emergency departments near them as bad time does not take permission to come along. Police departments and other emergency rescue departments such as Firefighting, weather department etc. are very much helpful and keeps the users update about the disasters and emergency situations in their area. Initially it was not that much easy to get updated always but now the users are 24/7 linked with the police department and others. There are hundreds of police scanner based radio apps that provides their users live and real time updates from thousands of police radio channels. Best of such apps are listed below for you.

1. Police Scanner FREE

Police Scanner FREE or more commonly known as Police Scanner Radio is a very useful and effectual police scanner app. The app is ranked among the best and most top rated police scanner apps all around the globe and is used by thousands of different sort of people in every region. Now the users get the direct access of more than 5,000 radio police feeds by simply via their cellular data connection or the Wi-Fi. The users are now able to search various channels as well based on GPS location.


2. Police Scanner

Police Scanner developed and proposed by Blue fox for Android is another bewildering and astounding police scanner or police radio app that let its users to be always remain updated and get to know about each every news concerning the police and other rescue departments. The users can now access to the 24/7 updates provided by the police department and even by the fire fighters. The users are now able to browse through various weather channels too for getting the latest updates.


3. Police Radio Scanner

Police Radio Scanner designed and proposed by World Listening is a quite famous and most widely used police scanner app all around the USA, Canada and in various South American countries as well. The best part of the app is it provides the users real time direct access to the police departments all around the country and get latest cautions and updates from them on radios. The users also are linked with the Fire departments and the NOAA based weather channels which keeps the users notified about the weather conditions.


4. Police Scanner Radio Plus

Police Scanner Radio Plus is another astounding and bewildering police scanner based radio app which enables its users to be always have a direct real time link with the local police stations. The users are updates in the real time about all the security concern stuff. The users are able to listen and track the latest Police, weather and Fire department frequencies, as this app is a radio too which is directly in contact with the Police Radio. The app is used all around the USA and Canada.


5. Police Scanner

This Police Scanner app is one of the most old and we can say a traditional sort of police scanner and radio app that is developed from very beginning. It is one of the most widely used and widely preferred police scanner radio app by every sort of user all around the globe. The app provides a gigantic range of police scanner based live radios which the users can choose and get the direct real time access. There are more than 3500 various sorts of police scanner radio options are provided to the users by this app.


6. Police+Radio Scanner 2017

Police+Radio Scanner 2017 is one of the most initiative and feature enriched police scanner radio app that is based upon the modern techniques. As the name of the app states, it is one of the latest app and being even this much new it is still quite viral and people from all around the globe are preferring and choosing this app because of its effectiveness and top-class convenience. The app let the users to access thousands of police scanner radios no matter in which country they are living, this app will provide them the real time access of the area.


7. Extreme Police Scanner

Extreme Police Scanner is another top level and pure class based police scanner and radio app. As the name of the app states, the app possess an extreme level of effectiveness along with sheer brilliance and utter smartness. This feature enriched app let it users to access to various different sort of police radio based feeds. The users just have to connect through a Wi-Fi or data connection and it will enable them to access more than 5000 police radio stations in real time.


8. Advanced Police Scanner

Advanced Police Scanner is another latest and modern kind of Police scanner based radio app that let the users to access various police scanner feeds in real time. No matter in which country you are living and what kind of police serves there, this app on its own automatically connects you with your local police scanners and you are able to get the latest and live updates. This astounding and bewildering app is developed and proposed by GOSoftware. The users are now also able to share these channels with their friends or family on direct Wi-Fi or by sync to their devices.


9. Ultimate Police Scanner

Ultimate Police Scanner is another new and modernized police scanner based radio app. Despite of being new to the market and facing such a swear competition from the similar sort of apps, this app still manages to survive and retain its own unique spot. The users are now able to access the variety of different live police radio channels, as this app provides them the latest and updates in the real time. The app is developed and published by ElctroRD and is already used by hundreds of people in many countries of the world.


10. Scanner Radio Deluxe

Scanner Radio Deluxe is another top rated and pioneer scanner radio app that is used by thousands of people all around the globe for getting the latest updates about various departments. All the above mentioned apps are police scanner radio specific apps or provide access to other fire departments and weather radio channels, but this app is a complete radio in its own. The users can now listen to the live audio updates from more than 5000 police radio channels. No matter in which country you are living, you can access to a wide range of weather and fire scanners as well.


11. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Many of you out there would surely be aware of this very much astounding and bewildering police scanner radio app. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner is another world most famous and most widely used police scanner based radio apps that enable its users to access the live police station frequencies and access the other rescue departments. The users can access more than 5000 various radio channels other than police too and can be aware of the emergency situations around them.

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12. Scanner911 Police Radio

Scanner911 Police Radio is another famous and my personal favorite police and other depart scanner based radio app. The best and most prominent thing about the app is that it is not linked or concerned with any specific department such as police or fire etc. It is in actual a rescue based scanner radio app which allows its users to access the real-time updates provided by almost every kind of emergency and rescue department including Police, fire, weather department etc.

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13. Police Scanner

This astounding and outstanding Police scanner and police radio app is developed and proposed by TwinsCode for Android based smart devices. The users from USA, Canada, Germany, France, England and various other famous countries of the world are already using the app and are quite satisfied with the results and its effectiveness. The best and most prominent feature of the app that make it unique and worthy is that it is updated on the regular basis and almost daily the new channels and frequencies are added to it so that the users can not miss any of the important update or news.


14. Police Scanner Radio Scanner

Police Scanner Radio Scanner is a simple yet quite effectual police radio app. The users of the app are always connected and linked with their nearby police and other rescue departments. The users gets the latest updates about the real time happening around their area. The app is already used by thousands of users all around the world especially in USA, Canada and Europe. More than 3000 live radio channels are offered by the app all based upon the rescue departments.


15. Police radio

Last but not least in our list of the best police scanner apps is Police radio developed and published by Torening Apps. The app is not that much popular among the users as it is quite new to the market but on the similar side it is really amazing and possess pure premium quality. The users now can listen to the latest police radio updates via this fun based app. It provides the real time updates and notifications to the users.


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