6 Best XML Syntax Checker for Windows

When we are writing XML codes, there a lot of chances that a mistake may be made and remained un-0noticed even after we finish our coding. This creates a big impact on your coding and sometimes, even a mistake of a dot can make the whole program useless. So, when this kind of error occurs, it is necessary that you find the error in the syntax, and for that, you have to search the entire document for one mistake. Even while searching the whole document, there’s still a slight chance that you may find the error by eye and it will take a lot of your time for this purpose. So, this is where some software come to rescue you, and you can find the error in your syntax by just some simple clicks automatically. The software searches the whole document automatically after you gave it the command and then it highlights all the possible mistakes in it. This way, the software saves you a lot of trouble, and you are set to go ahead with your work without wasting much time on error solving. Some software which helps you find the syntax error are given in the list below. Take a look and choose what suits you the best.

1. EditiX Open Source XML Editor

EditiX Open Source XML Editor is a free Text editor which can be used as XML editor, Editor, XQuery Editor, Visual Schema editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. When you are using the software, you get the features of dragging and dropping for copying and moving nodes, Schema generator, a relational database and a fully customizable OASIS XML Catalog. You can know more about the software from its official website whose link is given. Also, you can download the software from the official website.


2. Oxygen XML

Oxygen XML is a professional level software which is commercial and is only available in a trial version for free. The software is loaded with features and writing any type of code in it is as easy as writing a letter in Microsoft Word. It has a content fusion feature which is unique to this software, and you can also do infinite undo and redo’s in it. Some more features are highlighting nodes, auto closing nodes and many more. Many more new feature ma added with regular updates and the software keeps its performance in top shape all the time.


3. Exchange XML Editor

Exchange XML Editor can be regarded as the best XML syntax editor in the market as it is open source and the features it provides are comprehensive. The software is built for the ease of use and is loaded with easy to access and use features which make it quite user-friendly. Some of the features this software provides are Tag prompting and validation, Schema conversion, Content folding, Standalone XSLT Debugger, Tree view and outliner for tag free editing and XPATH and regular expression searches. Get more details on the software at the given website.


4. Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is a multilingual text editor which is very popular and is used on many operating systems. The software is open source and because of it, the people who work with it, can use it on almost any OS they want. The performance this software provided is one of the reasons which makes the user its permanent user and the one using it is at peace while working with it. Its text editing capabilities are very high level, and lots of features are embedded in this software to help a writer.


5. XML Notepad

XML Notepad is a simple notepad software by Microsoft which is quite good to use for XML related projects. It is equipped with features and user can easily control operations in it according to the requirement of projects. It can automatically and intelligently close nodes while you are writing codes and have infinite undo and redo function. It has many more useful features, and you can also easily check the syntax of your XML Document. The software is freeware and is available on Microsoft’s official website.


6. Liquid XML Studio

Liquid XML Studio is a commercial XML Editing software which can be obtained in trial version for free. The software is very good in both performance and features which means that it is lightweight and dependable. The software has a spell checking feature which works in real time and tells you about the spelling mistakes you make. Syntax highlighting, auto-completing, document formatting, canonical form and file changing notification are some more of its functions. It also checks you written syntax in real time and keeps you updated about any mistakes you make.


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