Best Free Parental Control Software


Best Free Parental Control Software is the list of a specific software application that can be used a parental control measure. All these parental control applications enable you to control and monitor the Internet usage of your kids quickly and easily. Best Free Parental Control Software applications are free of cost and you can download them for your system easily. The parental control application offers many interesting features like control and monitor the activities of your children on the Internet, set a time limit for their computer usage, keep a track of websites visited by them, block porn websites, malicious websites, online chat rooms, online game sites, runs in invisible mode, set a timer, as well as provides a detailed information and report about the activities of your children over the Internet. Some Parental Control program have password protection tool which enables you to set a password for your parental control application so that no can change settings of the program without your permission.

1. GroundHog Internet Access

GroundHog Internet Access is a simple and straightforward application that was created by a dad for his kids. The application is simple to install and very friendly. This program simply limits each child to a provided amount of computer time. Nowadays, Internet s the largest draw of teenager attention and the social sites like YouTube and Facebook are created by marketing developers to increase eye time. So you can use this software to prevent your children from using long time internet. The interface of the application is simple and intuitive. GroundHog Internet Access utilize a low amount of system resources and works fast.


2. Any WeBlock

Any WeBlock is a user-friendly software program that enables you to block an inappropriate or malicious website by developing a list of user-defined web pages. This lightweight program can help you to restrict other users from using certain websites. Mostly, it used for parental control purposes. The interface of Any WeBlock is clean and simplistic that facilitates you to set up the specific parameters using minimum effort. in addition, you have the possibility to specify the websites that websites that are blocked by the application, remove or modify the selected ones, and insert additional subdomains. It provides you the opportunity to encrypt the information by setting up passwords, import information from XML or plain text files, as well as export data to XML file format. You should restart your web browser and clear the cache to apply changes to your computer properly. Plus, you can protect your computer from malicious websites that can harm your system security.


3. Romaco Timeout

Romaco Timeout is a lightweight software program that can help you to lock a child or user out of their account if they spend extra than their allocated time on the system. The interface of Romaco Timeout is nice and clean which is divided into many tabs. So, you have the facility to run a daily quota timer, create an access window, define a session time limit, set a maximum time limit for web browsing, and block access to specific sites or applications. In addition, you can trigger the computer to shutdown, log off, lock or hibernate. For enabling a daily quota timer, you can choose the amount of time available for each day of the week. If the system is locked, shutdown or the user logged off, the timer is paused. The timer is resumed when the user returns.

4. PC Screen Watcher

PC Screen Watcher is a useful software utility for recording keyboard and mouse input. Moreover, it can monitor and set restriction to other users’ activity on the system. The application has a clean and straightforward interface that provides multiple configuration settings to tinker with. Moreover, you have the opportunity to make the computer hibernate automatically if it has been idle for a user-defined time, set up a master password, use the saving directory where the logs and screenshots are stored, and delete older files. You can allow the program to disable the screenshot option if the computer is free, configure the email parameters, connect to an email a user-defined number of screenshots, as well as set up rules. Moreover, it offers details about the allowed and used a number of windows for the current date. You can work with this system easily without having an extra knowledge of computer.

5. SelfRestraint

SelfRestraint is portable and easy to configure software application that allows you to block the desired web pages for a specific time on the breeze. The application is used as parent control measure to stop children from spending extra time on playing games, accessing different websites, or chatting with their friends on Facebook. In this application, everything is simple and clear, and you can easily learn to configure the specific parameters with little effort. You have the facility to create a list with websites that you want to block. In addition, you can use the built-in time slider to pick the duration pretty easily from 15 minutes up to 24 hours and 45 minutes. The program shows a countdown timer for letting you how much time is left for accessing the blocked web pages. Overall, it is an efficient program to block the desired web pages, and it is suitable for both rookies and professionals.

6. Seriousd

Seriousd is a comprehensive software program that helps you to monitor the total time you spend on each website. The interface of Seriousd is user-friendly that contains some useful features for fast working. All options are arranged in a small primary window along with the currently running program as well as you can view the total amount of time allowed for each. The “Live View” feature helps you to closely observe keyboards and mouse usage, how often you switch between programs. There is an activity history tool to provide a brief list of your running activities. Furthermore, you can access the “Watchdog Rules” feature from the same window that enables you to set the exact amount of time allowed and how much time is remaining for recreation. When the time is up, the program shows you a message on the whole screen that it is time to get back to work.

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7. Golden Filter Premium

Golden Filter Premium is a Safe Internet browsing filter that can help universities, Gsi Egypt, point out companies, coffee shops and other places for controlling systems and the Internet from stopping adults from watching inappropriate content. the program asked if you wanted to view the list of restricted words. In addition, you can add or delete items on the list as well as import or create your desired list. You have the facility to add restricted Web sites and restricted applications to prevent adults from accessing specific apps without permissions. Moreover, you can enable or disable access on schedule. You can use a hidden folders tool to hide selected folders and files from view. The screenshot video tool can help you to create a video of all screen activity when the option is enabled. Furthermore, you can save the video to a hidden destination and view it later.

8. Qustodio

Qustodio is a parental control software application that enables you to monitor your children against inappropriate or dangerous content. this application is specially designed for parents who want to provide their children extra protection while they are using the Internet. With the help of this program, you can get benefit from social monitoring, application control, safesearch technology, time control, and web filters. Using Qustodio, you can keep cyberbullies away, limit the time a child can spend on the system, block harmful content, and view children activities from a separate system. As Kids use the Internet, the program records and show graphs of their activities on the Internet. It provides the details of their surfing on the Internet by showing the generated reports in the form of graphs and charts. In this way, you can get a clear view of the percentages involved. Moreover, you can view the timeline information in minutes, hours, and days.

9. Parental Lock Guard

Parental Lock Guard is efficient and handy software program that is used for guarding your system and limiting the time children spend online. This complex program provides you the facility to block the access to specific applications. This program can be used by everyone due to its clean and straightforward appearance. This application cannot be shut down by anyone other than the computer administrator, so kids don’t have the facility to close it even from the Task Manager. Parental Lock Guard can help you to schedule a precise number of hours for the computer usage, thus preventing children from wasting time on useless activities. This program enables you to decide if other users can change, move, rename, delete or even view most important folders, preventing other users’ permissions on using the computer. It can help you to set the system to shut down if the specific activity is performed. You can use the “Internet Spy” component to keep an eye on children’s online activities.

10. PC Sitter Lite

PC Sitter Lite is a free and handy software application that allows you to keep your kids safe on the Internet when you are not around. It is a parental control program having a collection of multiple features. if your kids are online without your permissions or they are playing computer games while you are sleeping, you can monitor their activities using this helpful program. The application facilitates you to set time limits on their activities on the computer and schedule shutdowns any time of the day. In addition, you can view or print computer sitter settings and monitor shutdowns through log files. PC Sitter Lite enables you to create or delete computer sitter accounts and also manage user accounts. The interface of PC Sitter Lite is very simple and easy to use.

11. Internet Access Controller

Internet Access Controller is a special program that helps you to control, block, and restrict Internet and network access. It is a full-featured program that allows you to block or restrict access to specific applications or websites that need an Internet connection. You have the facility to define rules for each account on your Windows workstation. You can get the help of Password Protection so that no one can access the program and change the rules. It places an icon in the Windows System Tray to facilitate you open the configuration screen quickly. Internet Access Controller contains an eye-appealing GUI which has a modern layout and a straightforward approach for easy access. In addition, you can define the allowed programs, websites, IP addresses, and services, as well as define the blocked websites. You can set up a time management to enable Internet access between specific hours. You can use a Help Manual for further help.

12. KidiSafe

KidiSafe is a straightforward and simple software program that facilitates the parent and supervising adults to monitor children activities on their computers. You have the opportunity to monitor what your children do on the Internet easily and quickly. It is an innovative application that offers a log of: Internet sites visited, messages sent through different types of instant messaging utilities like MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo! Messenger, save the screen of the user’s desktop and check the program launched by the user. So it enables parents and others to ensure children safety while online. The new version of KidiSafe has latest Yahoo and MSN logging and Network ID recording so you can easily view who was doing what on a shared system. Further improvements are also made in this version.

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13. Cyberoids Web Blocker Lite

Cyberoids Web Blocker Lite is a professional parental control program and it is created to keep the simplicity of parents to monitor their kid’s activity over the Internet successfully. A number of new features are present in this program. The new version of Cyberoids Web Blocker Lite has new window form and GUI. The application has a File System Watcher and Active Keylogger having more than 300 keywords detection. This program provides you more enhanced Database protection. It can easily block or unblock User specified Websites and present in the program database. Advanced Settings Manager is the part of Cyberoids Web Blocker Lite and it has an advanced Install and Uninstall Procedures.

14. Kurupira Web Filter

Kurupira Web Filter is an intuitive and powerful program that enables you to restrict other users’ access to programs and websites. In addition, it offers support for whitelists and blacklists. It is a handy tool which facilitates you to apply different handy filters and control the time spent on the Internet. Kurupira Web Filter supports an intuitive interface which has a bundle of many dedicated parameters which allow you to perform multiple operations using minimum effort. using this program, you have the facility to create lists with blocked or allowed applications and websites, block inappropriate applications and websites automatically, upload the information from a plain text file, or provide access to sites and applications registered as allowed. Moreover, it can take screenshots automatically at given time and grab the window having a user defined expression or word as well as allows you to see the taken images in a dedicated pane. You can filter the results by date and can export data to PDF or JPEG.

15. Sevnsoft Web Patrol Free

Sevnsoft Web Patrol Free is a simple piece of software that offers an individualized approach to managing and monitor your child’s activities on the Internet and prevent access to specific websites. Sevnsoft Web Patrol Free has a clean and visually appealing graphical interface that contains a number of nice tools. Now you can easily monitor or restrict your child’s access to social networking, websites, and instant messaging as well as enabling them to access to appropriate social interactions. Moreover, you can get a report of the programs and websites they use, prevent them from using potentially dangerous websites using Sevnsoft Web Patrol Free filter, and monitor their keystrokes. The application allows you to get remote reports, through email, of your children online activities. Plus, you can use the option to set a password inside the program. You can ban specific websites and have the ability to create a list of exceptions that are allowed to be opened.

16. MegaProtector

MegaProtector is a comprehensive and efficient software program that enables you to prevent other users from accessing specific websites and programs. MegaProtector should be installed in any computer that your child can use. You have the opportunity to filter adult or any other website content that is harmful to your children. It is a nice way to protect your children without removing them from the Internet by blocking specific adult websites and other applications. Furthermore, you can also use this program in your office to improve worker productivity and keep office computers free of virus and spyware. The layout of MegaProtector is simple and user-friendly. MegaProtector has a fast response time and consumes a moderate amount of computer resources.

17. KidLogger

KidLogger is a simple application program that is useful to monitor your kid’s activity on the system. This program runs in the background so kids will not even know that someone is monitoring them. Moreover, you can set password protection access to the program. To make a change to the settings of KidLogger, administrative privileges are needed. You can use this program to log all websites’ URLs, keystrokes, and instant messaging chats. In this way, you will be sure that your kids do not engage in conversation with strangers or open web pages accidentally that are inappropriate for their age. Furthermore, it can log the Skype video calls by taking a screenshot every 30 seconds. The applications enable the parents to log the activity of USB drivers, as well as the usage of folders and files on the system.

18. Focalfilter

Focalfilter is a simple to configure and compact software application that enables you to block websites for a specific time by creating a list of custom URLs. This lightweight application can help you to block specific websites that distract your attention from your work on projects, learning for an exam, as well as doing other types of activities. This program can be used as a parental control measure to protect your children from inappropriate websites or pages. The interface of Focalfilter is plain and easy to configure that delivers a few configuration settings to tinker with. You have the facility to create a list with a custom website that you want to block and set the time duration, such as from 5 minutes to 12 hours. Moreover, you can edit the list by adding new websites and deleting the chosen ones.

19. Refog Time Sheriff

Refog Time Sheriff is a parental control program for the parents of the 21th century. The application facilitates you to filter the Internet websites individually or categorically. So, you have the option to block all of the social media websites or just specific website just like Facebook. This program enables you to set time limits for online activities. Furthermore, Browseshield will monitor the details of your children’s online activities by the minute. The application works invisibly on your system and it is absolutely free of cost. You can secure its features by a master password that only you will know. In addition, you can use this program in your office to monitor the activities of your employees as the program provides you accurate timesheets as to how employees are utilizing the system and which programs they are using.

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20. Parental Filter

Parental Filter is a free and lightweight porn blocker software application that can help the parents to prevent their children from accessing adult content on the Internet. This application is specially designed to block porn Web sites only. So, you can monitor your children activities on the Internet and secure them from viewing inappropriate content. the interface of Parental Filter is simple and intuitive and you can work with this program quickly. Parental Filter uses a low amount of computer resources and has a fast response time. In this application, you can block porn websites by inserting specific words and phrases.

21. Emma Parental Control

Emma Parental Control is a useful practical program that enables the user to monitor the computer usage. This application can keep track of the computer activities of your children. This program facilitates you to supervise the most frequently accessed program or websites from a remote location. Emma Parental Control works without configuration and provides you the facility to access the statistics report online from any system browser. If you want to use Emma Parental Control you have to create an account on Emma official website. The layout of Emma Parental Control is handy and easy to use that contains multiple useful tools.

22. SagHar

SagHar is a straightforward and handy software program that can help you to monitor the activities of your child on the Internet. The application provides you periodic reports of what your kids are doing on their system, even when you are away from home. SagHar sends these reports to your email. Furthermore, the program can take screenshots of the desktop so that you can easily check the detail of your children activities. SagHar provides a list of the running programs for advanced users. SagHar has a fast response time and uses a low amount of computer resources.

23. ABC Monitor Lite

ABC Monitor Lite is an efficient software program that has been specially designed for a parent to monitor the activities of their children. The application can record everything that your child does on your home computer system. The application is created with ease of use in mind, so people with simple computer knowledge can work with this program. ABC Monitor Lite works in the background so you have the facility to keep eye on the activities of your children on the Internet. The application provides you the facility to prevent access to specific applications and programs. The interface of ABC Monitor Lite is simple and user-friendly where everything is organized in tabs.

24. DNS Angel

DNS Angel is a lightweight software application that enables you to protect your children from accessing unwanted content. the application enables you to block access to adult content or pages. The interface of DNS Angel is simple that contains the list of the servers and enables the user to revert the settings to the first DNS or restore the initial configuration of the system. As the green is the universal code that everything is Ok, so it is also used in this software to let you know that the connection to the server operates perfectly. DNS Angel contains the DNS server choices such as Norton servers, OpenDNS, through MetaCert, and Yandex. In this way, you have the opportunity to protect against adult content but also against pages that work as malware. The program works in a simple way by filtering out unwanted content automatically, by only changing the DNS setting.

25. Spyrix Free Parental Control

Spyrix Free Parental Control is a useful and reliable software program that has the facility to record all types of keystrokes, control clipboard content, and create screenshots effortlessly. It has the facility to monitor the whole user activity, shows all the visited web pages and keyboard events, as well as block websites having inappropriate content. the primary window of Spyrix Free Parental Control is user-friendly from where you can see all the clipboard items and keystrokes, recorded from all the system users. “Event Log” from the left panel enable you to manage all user accounts and track stored web passwords, keyboard events, IM and social network activity like Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Moreover, you can control user activity in all areas like events, news, subscribes, groups, and messages. The program allows you to define alerts for unwanted phrases or words and undesirable web pages as well as enable the application to show nonprinting and deleted chars.

26. DigiParent

DigiParent is a comprehensive software application that enables the user to control his children’s computer activity. It has the aim to help you limit the amount of time your children spend on the computer by programming your system to shut down automatically. DigiParent has a simplistic design and you can configure the setup process with the help of intuitive dedicated parameters. The application provides you the option to set up the timer to perform an automatic shutdown process at a specific time. Moreover, you can specify the time in seconds, minutes, and hours. You have the freedom to restrict other users from stopping the timer. In addition, you can’t stop the timer through its interface, you can terminate the application from the Task Manager. You don’t have the permission to create a schedule when a shutdown session is triggered at a certain time. Plus, you can keep it running in the background without worrying that it has any impact on your system’s resources.