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The world is becoming a global village as the social networks and other similar sort of platforms are increasing rapidly nowadays. Everyone is connected with the rest of the world, no matter that he or she lives in which part or corner of the world. The communication gap between the countries, nation and different societies and cultures is reduced to a large extent. The only thing that is still causing problems and inconvenience is the language barrier among the people, as almost everyone in the world prefer to speak and communicate in their native language. Although currently English is the language that is used as a universal global language for the official and even un-official conversation and communication but still the urge of being completely mixed with the core and ground culture of a particular place one should need to learn the native language of that place. Travelers and tourists from all around the globe who keep on visiting different places should be aware of different native languages who helps them in communicating more effectively. For this purpose there are many foreign language based dictionary apps and other learning apps that helps the users to learn and translate in real time in multiple languages. Best of such apps are mentioned here.

1. A+ Dictionary Translate Speak

A+ Dictionary Translate Speak is a bewildering and astounding dictionary app that has extreme level of pure quality based multiple functionality and it let it users to translate the words, phrases and sentences into the multiple different language at once in the real run time. This marvelous and ravishing app possessing such great and useful features in it is already used by thousands of users all around the globe from every corner of the world who are quite satisfied and happy with the functionality of this app. The app benefits all of them who want to learn any foreign language or who want to travel into foreign country as this dictionary app is a complete translator too in its own. The app is designed and proposed by Dynotes. The app is quite amazing and astonishing as it provides amazing support for all the famous languages of the world and possess the ability of translating the sentences, words and the phrases from English to all other supported languages of the world and vice versa. The best and most prominent feature of the app that not only makes it one of the best foreign language dictionary app but also makes it most convenient and contemporary, and that is the effectual functionality of text to speech. Now the users even don’t have to write the word or the phrase for finding its alternative in a particular language or getting it translated as they can simply get all the stuff translated into a specific language by just speaking to the app. The app possesses a brilliant and smart engine inside it which readily understands the voice commands given to it and translates the stuff according to the user’s requirement and that too quite rapidly and swiftly. The app supports all famous languages of the world and it can be downloaded for free from Play store.



2. Dictionary All

Dictionary All is another tremendous and marvelous dictionary app that provides amazing multiple support for many famous and widely spoken languages of the world. Despite of not being developed and proposed by any of the famous vendor or developer of the market, all due to its sheer brilliance the app up till now has managed to satisfy more than 1 and a half millions of people from all around the globe and a survey states that it is used at an average of 100,000 times in a day in any of the corner of the world for the desired results. The app is proposed by a Korean developer and is unique in terms of its user interface and functionality, the app gets remarkable edge over the other similar sort of apps present in the market because of its easy to use handling and way much simple yet alluring and attractive overall outlook. The only thing which is considered as its con, which is in actual not a negative thing is that it can only be used online whenever a user has a enabled data connection of their smartphones or tablets or are connected to a working internet connection. Although nowadays everyone using smart devices do have internet access every time and it is not big deal anymore for having an internet connection and remaining online 24/7. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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3. Multilang Dictionary Glosbe

Multilang Dictionary Glosbe is another amazing and alluring foreign language all in one sort of dictionary app that provides multiple supports for almost all famous and most widely spoken languages of the world. The app is not that much famous and popular and not even proposed by any of the famous vendor or developer which is well reputed in the market but still this app on all due to its high level user support and effectiveness it has successful in retaining a unique spot in the market and is surely preferred by the people all over the globe as compare to the similar sort of apps that are already present in the market for the very same purpose. The app is designed and released Glosbe Parfieniuk i Stawiński s. j. by which is a community in its own. The app is quite convenient and easy to use, it enables it users to translate the sentences, words and phrases into all the famous and most widely spoken languages of the world. The real time translating ability and a lot of other features like examples for better understanding and accurate pronunciation facility makes this app a complete power pack. The app is still under more development and the developers have asked from all the users worldwide to give their feedback and suggestions regarding the up gradation of the app. This app is too free of cost and can be simply be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.


4. Dictdroid Dictionary

Dictdroid Dictionary is another amazing and pure quality based functionality app that provides stream less searching facility to its users so that they can look for the meaning of their desired word, phrase or sentence in any of the famous language of the world as supported by the app. The app is outstanding in terms of overall user support and multiple functionality. The app is developed and published under the flagship of Xynotec. The app possess a gigantic database regarding the data and possess variety of different dictionaries from many other sources. The app provides extraordinary supports for different multiple languages and enables its users to not only use it with ease and convenience but also have many supportive secondary features like quick efficient search options and voice search support. Major languages that are spoken in the world are linked that are English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. All these languages possess the pronunciation tools with them too that enable the users to not only know the meaning or translation of a particular word, sentence or phrase but also make sure that they are well aware that how to pronounce the word too. The app is basically a collection of different sort of 120 dictionaries setup together. This amazing and useful foreign language dictionary app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


5. busuu – Easy Language Learning

busuu – Easy Language Learning is fundamentally not a dictionary app but so far it provides the same sort of facilities and options to its users and even it is quite more appreciating and effective as compare to the specific dictionary apps. The app is basically a kind of personal tutor that let the users to learn various languages that are spoken widely all around the globe and that too in the best possible and effective manner. This language learning app is developed and proposes as the product of busuu Limited. The app already has millions of users in the every corner of the globe that almost thousands of times in a day use this splendid app for learning different languages. The app is said to be best for the travelers, who urge to travel a lot around the world and face a lot of problems while communicating with different individuals speaking their native languages. In fact it is best for everyone including the students and other common people so that they would be able to understand well and the communication gap between the societies and cultures is if not eliminated completely but it is minimized to a large extent via this app and similar sort of apps like this. It is too free of cost and can be simple downloaded for Android devices from Google Play store.

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6. Filipino-English Dictionary

Filipino-English Dictionary is the international and multilingual foreign language dictionary app the provides extreme level support for the meaning of English language phrases, sentences and words in to the Filipino and vice versa. Filipino is the native language that is spoken widely in the Philippines and some of its neighboring countries. Filipino is one of the most widely spoken language of Asia and have a lot of importance. The app is basically best for the English people and everyone around the globe who wants to learn Filipino and is effective for the Philippines people who wants to learn English. The app although seems to be quite simple and straight but it is amazing in terms of effectiveness. The users can now search any of the desired word, phrase and sentence even when offline as the app provides complete offline support too. Other than this the trainer mode provided inside the app enables the users to learn the correct pronunciation of the words and help in enhancing the reading and listening skills as well. The app is designed by AllDict and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.


7. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free is an amazing and astounding multiple languages learning app that let its users to learn a massive variety of different languages and all of them at the very same time. The app is quite famous and popular among the people as it already has millions of satisfied users from every corner of the world and is still counting more and more with the passage of time. The app is developed and published by Duolingo Inc. It is one of the best possible platform for learning the multiple languages at the same time and that too in a better and effective manner. Unlike most of the other apps present in the market for the same purpose that only possess the support for two or maximum 3 different languages, this app provides complete assistant and support for learning all the major and most widely spoken languages of the world including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Irish, Polish, Turkish, Esperanto, Ukrainian and many more others too. The app has category in which all the languages are present as their own individual pack, the users can choose the desired pack and start learning a specific language in the most effective way of all. The app is free but for complete access and the features the trail version of the app has to be upgraded into the premium one by paying. It is present on the Google Play store for Android.


8. Arabic English Dictionary

Arabic English Dictionary developed and released as a product of Bravolol – Language Learning Inc. is a specified language based dictionary app that let its users to learn and find out the meanings of different words, sentences and phrases in both the English and Arabic. The app fully provides extreme and complete support for the above mentioned two languages Arabic and English. The users can also use this amazing dictionary app as a translator as they can freely translate the words, phrases and even complete sentences into English from Arabic and vice versa. The vendors have proposed many other similar apps that provides similar sort of amazing assistance regarding different languages. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


9. Babbel – Learn Languages

Babbel – Learn Languages is one of the most popular and most widely used app that enables its users to learn multiple languages at once and that too in the best possible manner and with massive effectiveness. The app possess a remarkable sheer brilliance and utter smartness due to which it is successful in retaining the top position in the market in terms of providing excellent and effectual approach in terms of learning different languages of the world. The app has alluring and ravishing outlook and overall appearance that gives it amazingly attractive look that successfully grabs the attention of its users from the very first glance on the app. The app has a smart engine inside it which due to its unique and realistic approach and via different entertaining ways let the users to learn the languages more quickly and that too with full knowledge of the meaning and pronunciation sense. The exercises and methods involved in the app are quite easy and enables the users to enjoy the learning process via this app. It is too free of cost but some of the premium and additional features are to be purchased via in-app purchase option. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.

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10. is amazing and complete dictionary app that contains everything in it that should be present in a full-fledged perfect dictionary. The app is developed and published by, LLC. This app is the most famous dictionary app with more than million active users all around the world and the number is increasing rapidly. The app contains over 2,000,000 words with definitions and along with variety of synonyms and antonyms. The other unique features of the app includes a Translator that provide instant translation in more than 30 different languages. Blog section is present in the app too containing over 800 fascinating blogs on various interesting topics. The best part of the app is that all these features are free of cost to use. It is available on Google Play for Android.


11. is an education based dictionary app containing thesaurus and all the other user full tools for learning vocabulary. It is developed and distributed by The main aim of the app is to provide a long time learning facility to its users, so that with the help of this app they can improve their vocabulary and other skills too. There are a lot of different kinds of activities present in the app or we can say various activity based learning modes. The user can choose the desired one for starting the learning process. The step by step learning help the users to lean forward from minors to the majors. The initial start of a regular normal user is from 120,000 various questions that will help the users in learning 12,000 words quite effectively.


12. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a unique and interesting sort of dictionary app that possess many new and different things in it as compare to the simple regular dictionaries app. The app is developed and published by Urban Dictionary Inc. The app possess massive variety of different kinds of words, phrases, definitions, meanings, sentences, synonyms etc. The most unique and interesting part of the app is that it supports unofficial words including slang that are used regularly in speaking or while chatting on social media. The user can enter any word even a slang, the app provide its definition to the user and in some cases it also tell about its start. The app is free of cost available on Google Play for Android based devices.


13. Advanced Offline Dictionary

Advanced Offline Dictionary is very interesting and useful dictionary app that is developed and published by movinApp. The best thing about the dictionary is that it is quite simple and easy to use with a classy outlook, which not only makes this dictionary app quite convenient but attractive too. The app possess more than 290,000 various types detailed definitions, meaning, and possess a fully loaded thesaurus too. The user can now search any word or their requirement by many useful and effective searching tools and filter methods. The app is totally free of cost and the users can access its all features even when offline, it means now no need to be bound of internet anymore. It is present on the Google Play store for Android.


14. Dictionary Offline Dictionary

Dictionary Offline Dictionary or better known as Dictionary + is another premium level of fascinating and astonishing dictionary and thesaurus app. It is developed and published by Xlabz Technologies Pvt Ltd. This is the most underrated dictionary app of all. It possess such a high profile state and pure bewildering quality. Despite of being that much effective and handy, it is not much popular among the users all around the globe, as most of them are stuck to the big brand names and demolish this alluring and classy app. The app provides immense access to more than 147000 words along with their proper definitions, phrases, sentences, and a complete thesaurus containing thousands of synonyms in it. Not just this, the app also provides a massive variety of many other thesaurus features like the users can look up for the antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms etc.


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