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We install a large number of applications and utilities on our systems or laptop. Some of these programs are useful for us every time and but we use some of the applications one time in a month or a year. However, these programs are still running in the background and slowing down the performance of the system. In a similar way, some utilities run automatically at system startup and we don’ know about that. Such applications create a large number of junk or useless files and eat up much space of system resources. If you are also facing such types of issues then don’t worry about it. A large number of programs are designed for this purpose that can boost up and optimize your system performance by performing some cleaning operations. These programs are called PC Optimization applications. Here is the list of Best Free PC Optimization Software which can help you to speed up your system performance and secure it. These programs start a scanning process on your system and remove useless registry files, logs, history data, junk files, as well as uninstall programs which run at system startup automatically.

1. Wise Care 365 Free

Wise Care 365 Free is a complete computer tweaking and optimization program that has the facility to find and fix the error, delete junk files and improve the performance of your system. This user-friendly program can remove all the redundant data on your system without disturbing its stability. Once program finds all the junk files on the computer, you can select to erase them all, so improve the performance and speed of the system. Moreover, you can select the type of registry entries that should be removed just like obsolete startup programs, invalid ActiveX or COM Components, empty keys, missing shared DLLs, invalid Windows Firewall settings or useless uninstallation information. It has the ability to remove all the traces left by the OS or by utilizing third party program as well as the Internet surfing history. Moreover, it provides additional features to speed up the startup process, the network, and program’s response.

2. PC Manager

PC Manager is a powerful software program that facilitates you to remove duplicate or rarely used files easily and create passwords. This application can manage Bluetooth connections in a secure manner as well as create an unlimited number of the password. PC Manager contains a highly intuitive interface that is easy to work with by any type of user. Plus, its UI is customizable, facilitating users to select from a large list of available skins. The duplicate and rarely used file remover windows show a folder structure that allows you to select the partitions or directories quickly in which to start the search. You can enable the program to scan files that have not been used in the last week, month, year, and so on, or according to the date of your selecting. Create an unlimited number of passwords from any combination of letters or numbers.


3. System Mechanic Free

System Mechanic Free is a lightweight program that is designed to improve the overall performance of your system and resolve a large number of applications issues. An eye-candy interface of System Mechanic Free makes the whole cleaning and fixing process easy and enjoyable. The application can repair registry errors, disable unnecessary apps to improve boot time, scans the applications which run automatically at system startup as well as fix some security vulnerabilities. In addition, you can use this application to alter the Internet configuration and optimize it for fast speed, amend HDD errors, backup settings, and to perform many other essential tasks to keep the workstation in shape. You can perform scanning process very smoothly with the ‘Quick Analysis’ option. Furthermore, you can perform diagnostics, easily defragment the memory and other tweaks with the help of stand-alone features.

4. JetClean

JetClean is a comprehensive program designed to improve the efficiency of your system. It is useful to free up space on your hard drive by getting rid of the unnecessary file. JetClean is a portable application so you can place it anywhere on the system and run it directly on your computer. The clean and pretty intuitive interface of JetClean can take care of the Windows items, registry, applications, RAM, and shortcuts. So, you can set the application to clean registry entries in program locations, custom controls, startup applications, history lists, Windows fonts, virtual devices, applications paths, and others. Moreover, it can look into the Recycle Bin, temporary files, Internet Explorer, typed URLs, clipboard and other Explorer MRUs, history, auto fill form, cookies, Internet cache, index data file, saved passwords, and more. In addition, you can remove installed applications from the system, use a search function, manage programs which run automatically at system startup, boost performance and the Internet connection, defrag the registry, and view system information like screen resolution, video adapter, and a central processor.


5. TechieBot

TechieBot is a straightforward application that has the power to manage autorun items and scan your system for junk file and missing registries to trash them for fast performance. The fresh interface of TechieBot contains different elements and buttons, along with descriptions. The application has two areas to take care of your system. First areas provide you the facility to decide what runs on Windows. It takes time for scanning of different items, however, the result shows details, along with info regarding whether or not registries are disturbed, the location, and more. You can use another component to scan your system for broken elements in a try to fix them and delete files that take up space for no reason, to get a bit more space. The application tweaks autostart programs automatically, clean the Recycle Bin, check Windows updates, and put web browsers under the scope.

6. HLP Free PC Cleaner

HLP Free PC Cleaner is one of the best free PC Optimization programs that have the ability to find and remove common junk files that accumulate over time. The application enables you to select multiple files to be cleaned, including recent files, temporary files, and Internet data, like cookies, temporary Internet files, and history. You can start the whole junk data cleaning process by pressing the “Search” button and choosing the results you want to delete. The application does not show too much information, except for the number of scanned folders and the files count. HLP Free PC Cleaner perform the removal process instantly, however, administrator privileges are required to clean junk files on Windows 7. The program only offers support for Internet Explorer and does not provide any other configuration options. It does not contain help section for further assistance.

7. System Ninja

System Ninja is a reliable and efficient program that can find junk files present on your system, manage startup items, improve system speed, and display all the running processes. System Ninja has a simple and quite an intuitive interface where you can choose the types of junk files you want the program to look for, and start the scanning task. You have the ability to clean incompatible, temporary, thumbnail, and recent files, thumbnail, common torrent tags, game and Internet cache, Windows logs, memory dumps, Internet cookies, and others. In addition, scan the whole hard drive or just a folder of your choice. After the end of scanning, you can delete a file, ignore all files, view the containing folder and save results to a log file. Use the “System Tools” to remove apps which run at system startup automatically, analyze files, and terminate currently running processes.

8. PC Brother System Care Free

PC Brother System Care Free is an intuitive software program that can boost up system performance using different optimization options, and clear junk files, registry items, and temporary files. The application contains multiple cleaning tools and optimization modes which help you to improve the overall performance of your system. The clean and straightforward layout of PC Brother System Care Free enables you to perform most of the operations using a few clicks. You have the facility to perform a general scanning operation which shows details about different issues related to antivirus programs, system updates, firewall settings, redundant registry items, junk files, and disk defragmentation errors. In addition, you can solve all issues using single click or choose the ones that you need to repair. It shows data from memory, CPU, and page file usage in a graph, enabling you to optimize the memory performance, and delete the chosen items like sounds, startup items, shared DLLs, and start menu entries.

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9. Magix PC Check & Tuning Free

Magix PC Check & Tuning Free is a high performance all round program that can speed up your system, free up RAM, defragment its drives, disable Aero scheme and erase Internet history. The intuitive and graphic interface of the application provides access to different types of components for increasing and checking PC performance, evaluating the overall status of it, and configuring Window visual settings. Using this beneficial program, you can defragment your drives, optimize swapfile, optimize services or look for updated apps and drives, as well as clean the Windows registry. Plus, you can manage the items that started working at system startup, so as to disable unnecessary ones and make sure that no malicious programs are launched. In addition, you can optimize your web browser so that they work faster than before. For freeing up RAM on your system, you can enable the program to remove Internet histories like temporary Internet files, cookies, download history or form data.

10. Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner is a simple to use a software program that facilitates you to get rid of temporary internet files to free more space on the system. it has a plain and simple interface where you can view a list of products and their total items, description and size. You have the facility to clear Flash Player shared objects, the Firefox cache, and cookies, the most recently used file names in common dialogs, along with leftover present in the Windows temporary folders. Using this program, erase the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome cache, Windows log files, cookies and history records, and more. Furthermore, disable the options to trash locked files on reboot if you are working as an administrator, save and delete presets, warn when open programs interface with the cleaning process, hide entries with zero items to clean and more.

11. Tweak Me

Tweak Me is a handy Windows tweaking application that enables you to alter the configuration of different features of the operating system, plus manage Context Menu entries and startup items. In addition, you can customize computer performance and security, Internet Explorer, User Account Control, Windows Update and Media Player, the Aero interface, AntiSpy, and the Action Center. The application has the facility to disable Aero Peek, Snap, or Shake, turn off suggested sites, IE tabbed browsing, or geolocation, the indexing service, boost performance by disabling animations, Windows Defender and super fetch, disable Windows ballon tips, Recycle Bin or the Slidebar, as well as allow gadgets without User Account Control. The “Cleaner” tool helps you to remove Google Chrome cookies, remove application files, as well as clean Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera temporary files and other useless data present in the Windows system folder. Use “Startup” feature to control over the processes supposed to work at Windows startup.

12. Amigabit PowerBooster

Amigabit PowerBooster is a comprehensive software program that can clean, fix and speed up a system using 1 click. It is the best application that offers a complete solution to speed up, power up, fix and clean up your Windows system. Using Amigabit PowerBooster, it is easier for you to speed up your slower system quickly and easily. It allows you to customize scan times by day and time using the Scan Schedule feature. The application offers multiple features to boost up computer speed like Disk Check, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, Remove Duplicated Files, Startup Manager, Process Manager Protect Internet Privacy, Driver backup and more. It performs all the actions in an exclusive window. You can use this Amigabit PowerBooster to fix PC crashes or freezes, slow system, blue screen, error messages, and more.

13. Safe PC Cleaner Free

Safe PC Cleaner Free is a simple and reliable software program designed to clean and optimize your system to make it work faster. It contains few useful features for managing clutter and cleaning up the system. By scanning the system, you can view total items and size occupied by history, cookies, recent, cached, Internet temporary and Windows temporary files, along with their total amount. You can clean items using the click of a button. Plus, remove installed applications and features after viewing their name, install items and uninstall strings. You have the possibility to remove entries which run at system startup, end up active processes, and access different Windows tools like Control Panel, System information, Registry Editor, and Disk Manager. Safe PC Cleaner Free is very light on the computer resources and does not affect the overall performance.

14. Your Cleaner

Your Cleaner is a free and simple PC Optimization application that enables you to get rid of unwanted files from the system. The user interface of Your Cleaner is plain where the command buttons are haphazardly placed on the main window. The interface selections change according to clean function you choose. First, it starts scanning hard drives of the system for unneeded files. You can use this fast scan option to quickly pull up empty folders and privacy infringements. You have the ability to deselect the items manually that you don’t want to remove. Using single click of a mouse, you can send all of the found files to useless Registry entries. In addition, you can create a backup of your Registry before removing any file. Moreover, it offers a link to Publisher’s Web site for further assistance. The application’s Duplicate and Autorun tools help you to manage your files and startup items.

15. SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner is a community-based program that is useful to optimize system performance. Now you the facility to boost up system’s performance level by getting rid of junk files. The simple and pretty intuitive interface of SlimCleaner provides a large number of useful options. You have the facility to manage applications and services which run at Windows startup automatically, change the homepage of web browsers and create a log file on the startup, uninstall programs and use a search function and more. SlimCleaner can clean your system, Windows history, and Windows Utilities like remote Desktop and WordPad recent file list. Moreover, you can take care of installed programs, web browser, Windows Update, Notification tray, as well as the Registry such as shared DLLs, services, file extensions, and application paths. View a disk summary, use a file shredder, analyze and wipe the disk, as well as access different Windows tools.

16. Ashampoo Magical Optimizer

Ashampoo Magical Optimizer is a lightweight software program that can boost up your system performance using a single click of a mouse. The application contains three specific cleaning modes, Internet Cleaner wipe out online tracks quickly, Drive Cleaner is useful to clean hard disc of redundant and useless files, and Registry Cleaner has the ability to check the central database of the Windows for junk files. Ashampoo Magical Optimizer can make backups of deleted files, offers Multilanguage support, and provides a statistical history of files which were deleted, as well as furnishes the list of updates that can be downloaded from the Internet. The application starts scanning process quickly and uses an insignificant amount of system storage. Moreover, it can remove invalid and orphaned entries from the registry and optimize PC according to user choice.

17. PC Cleaner

PC Cleaner is a lightweight program that can clean your system by removing temporary folders and files, as well as DLLs. The interface of PC Cleaner has a standard window where you can get access to “Orphan DLLs”, “Temporary files or folders” and “Duplicate DLLs”. You can enable the program to start the scanning. When it shows the results, you can choose what specific files and folders you need to spare. Through “Options” menu, you can choose what drives you need to be included in the analysis and remove specific DLLs from the scan. Plus, you can choose the signature of a DLL file that will be recognized by the program, so it can ignore the file. You can easily accomplish the “Restore” process by choosing the backup image and the actions you need to perform. PC Cleaner carefully explains to you all the details.

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18. System Optimize Expert

System Optimize Expert is a reliable PC Optimization application that is quite helpful for scanning, optimizing and cleaning your computer for free. This program keeps you away from the hassle of sluggish performance and continuous system crash. System Optimize Expert is a sophisticated program that can protect your personal information and privacy by cleaning recent doc history, IE history, find and search history periodically. It works in a distinguished way and provides the option do things automatically. In addition, you can make your own scan and cure time schedule. You can enable the program to set up personal mode where you can scan and settle all the issues one by one. This program has the possibility to clear history of Web surfing and system use, repair and optimize system configuration, clear off junk files to make more space free, and purge invalid entries to boost up system performance.

19. Speed It Up Free

Speed It Up Free is a smart and easy to use program that allows you to improve your system’s performance by tweaking your computer and deleting useless files. The application can boost system performance by optimizing critical parts of your operating system. The simple interface of Speed It Up Free enables you to work with Internet settings, RAM memory, and hard disk options. The primary window shows the total and free RAM, Windows uptime, and total virtual RAM. The “Speed It Up” screen optimizes the RAM, Windows, cleans the Internet and boosts up the hard-disk with the help of predefined settings. The “Internet CleanUp” tab contains multiple options, enabling you to erase autocomplete information, Internet cache, Windows files that contain visited websites, form data and history logs. A dedicated tool present in the “Options” gives you the power to optimize computer automatically when the system is not busy.

20. Registry Optimizer Free

Registry Optimizer Free is a straightforward software program that has the facility to scan your Windows Registry for correctable problems like leftovers from uninstalled issues, potential security threats, and broken links. It can checks, repairs, and optimize your registry files quickly. Registry Optimizer Free started scanning your computer as soon as the application finished installing. The scanning process of this program is very fast and shows details of registry errors, private and junk files, and other issues to be addressed. It is an important program for the whole requirements of registry repair, system optimization, and privacy protection. Scanning process checks the overall registry, returning issues separately of four species, including privacy threats, registry errors, junk files and system problems. In addition, Registry Optimizer Free can maintain the security by finding and trashing potentially dangerous identity traces from your Internet activities.

21. EasyPC Cleaner Free

EasyPC Cleaner Free is a comprehensive software program that can assist you to clean your system successfully. It can remove old or useless files that clutter your computer and prevent it from running at its best. The application provides numerous components created to address and improve different areas of your system. ‘1-Click Now’ is the primary function of the program that facilitates you to clean both your disk and system registry simultaneously. The “Disk Clean” feature facilitates you to delete temporary files, cookies, erase activity history, recycle bin content, auto-complete forms, as well as select items by hand which you want to trash. Scan and identify issues in your program paths, start menu items, file extensions, system services, startup applications, and many others. The “System Restore” feature allow you to remove all changes made by the programs you installed over time and facilitates you to recover the pristine state that your computer was in at the start. Use “CheckDisk” to check any issues with your computer volumes.

22. Free Windows Cleanup Tool

Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a free and handy maintenance application that can clean junk files and registry errors in a flash. It can fix, clean up, and optimize your system in a few clicks. This application works similar to CCleaner, with the same icon layout and structure. The only difference is that Free Windows Cleanup Tool contains an extra feature, a defrag tool for the Windows Registry. Other tools of this program allow you to clean up system usage traces in famous programs, empty recent document lists, remove temporary files, as well as check start up applications and fix Registry error by creating a full backup beforehand just in case. The Custom List is a specific tool where you can add your own folders, files or registry keys to be scanned and cleaned.

23. Asmw PC-Optimizer pro

Asmw PC-Optimizer pro is a lightweight application that can keep your system running smoothly and without errors. It can help you to improve the performance of your computer. The user interface of Asmw PC-Optimizer pro contains a simple window where you can access tools for cleaning, optimization, repairs, disks, protection and others. It provides you the opportunity to configure applications which run automatically at system startup, boost your Internet speed connection, tweak Windows, delete fonts, remove useless DLLs, optimize RAM, use a process manager, and view system information. In addition, you have the option to delete navigation tracks, clean junk files, eliminate web popups, use a maintenance wizard tool, as well as fix invalid install information, registry problems, and invalid shortcuts. The program enables you to lock EXEs, encrypt and decrypt files, use a “MenuGuard” tool and file shredder, restrict programs as well as backup and restore the registry.

24. OSHI Cleaner

OSHI Cleaner is a user-friendly software program that facilitates the user to remove temporary files, Windows error reporting files, Windows log items, and old entries in the Windows registry, uninstall tools, and manage startup items. You have the possibility to perform a quick cleaning operation and allows the program to delete junk files automatically. You can trash the chosen items or erase all of them using a single click of a mouse. You have the ability to look for old and unused entries in the Windows registry like unused file extensions and missing DLLs and remove them. Deleting registry items may cause damage to your system, so you should create a backup before proceeding with the deletion process. Moreover, you can enable, disable, or delete Windows startup items and uninstall items found on your computer.

25. Angular Utilities

Angular Utilities is a smart PC Optimization program that provides a unique way to repair Windows errors and boost up system performance. This program has the facility to clean up useless registry data and system junk files as well as fix Windows related errors. The program provides your computer a stable and cleaned environment to run faster. Angular Utilities diagnoses your computer file integrity and stops error messages that occurred by file missing problems. During system scan, the program recommends solutions for your configuration and hardware problems. The application clean up invalid and obsolete registry Restore missing system file, hardware problem, and update recommendation RamDisk feature. The simple interface of Angular Utilities allows you to work in a clean environment. The program does not put a strain on system resources and work smoothly.

26. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a comprehensive program that can clean, optimize, and defragment your system in order to boost up system performance. It contains a collection of tools that can maintain your system and speed up its performance. The user interface of Ashampoo WinOptimizer enables you to have a look at details of the system, hibernation files, maintenance like auto-start entries or useless objects, and old update backups. The application contains multiple tools like system maintenance, performance improver, Windows customizer, System analyzer, backup manager, task planner, and file tools. You have the facility to create a favorites list, in order to simplify your searching. However, the defragmenting tool only works with its full capabilities when there is enough disk space available. Ashampoo WinOptimizer does not put a strain on system resources.

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27. Soft Cleaner

Soft Cleaner is a reliable and handy software program that enables you to scan your system for obsolete temporary folders and files, later delete them to boost up and protect your computer. This program works as a Window within a Window when it first started, a design selection that comes across a strange. A second launch button shows the interface within the nonresizable Window. The Options menu is the only way to configure the program, does not contains its own certain tab or area within Soft Cleaner. When you choose the options, it appears as a floating menu that shows over existing areas. The Options menu is a series of additional areas that can be enabled to yes automatically, with a click turning them to a no. the layout of Soft Cleaner is extremely awkward and you can easily improve it with a more conventional display.

28. Xleaner

Xleaner is a simple to use a software program that allows you to clear Internet and Windows garbage from your hard disk. So you can free up space on your hard drive by removing useless data. It has a plain and intuitive interface where you can work smoothly. You can enable the program to look into recent documents, the file and system search list, Windows clipboard, user tempo folder, temp folder, Run and UserAssist history, and old prefetch data. Moreover, this program can take care of cookies, web browser history, browser cache, Microsoft Office components, downloaded program files, offline websites, and others. In addition, create a custom list of files, folders and registry keys to clean, get the latest plugins and apps, check volume disks, as well as clean the memory and registry after purging. You can allow the program to run at system startup and start to minimize to tray.

29. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a comprehensive software program that can scan your Windows registry for invalid or obsolete information. It can repair issues present in the Windows registry and helps you to improve the manner in which your systems performs. The easy to navigate and plain interface of Eusing Free Registry Cleaner allows you to choose certain parts of your Window registry that you need to scan like shared DLLs, file extensions, and startup applications, and then start the process using a click of the button. After completing the scanning, you can view registry key, value for each entry, and any other issue. Plus, you unselect specific keys or carry on with fixing all the problems. You can start the “Startup Manager” to view the programs which run at system startup automatically and remove specific programs that may require too many resources in order to run.

30. Argente Utilities

Argente Utilities is an all-round toolkit for experts and beginners which have the facility to tweak, maintain, optimize and secure the system. the user-friendly GUI of Argente Utilities has a normal window with a neatly organized structure, where you can use all application components from the separate area. It contains a one-click maintenance modules that can handle all maintenance jobs using a single click of a mouse. These include cleaning the disk, registry, spyware and privacy, as well as immunizing the system against spyware. In addition, you can review the type of problems detected, make a custom selection and enable the program to eliminate them instantly, as well as move any items to an exclusion list to protect them from deletion. Argente Utilities contains a handy set of features for Windows optimization which can help you to remove installed programs with any leftover files, terminate active and non-responding processes, as well as manage items which run automatically at Windows startup in increase the boot time.

31. DrivePurge

DrivePurge is an efficient software program that can scan, detect and remove invalid registry entries on your computer, temporary and backup files, as well as Internet and user tracks. It allows you to enhance the performance of your system by carrying out different cleaning operations. The straightforward interface of DrivePurge facilitates you to perform most operations using minimum effort. It contains three built-in scanning modes that find invalid registry entries, Internet tracks, as well as backup and temporary files. You have the possibility to trash downloaded installations, registry entries related to DRM cache, error reports, Prefetch items, cache stored by the media player, log items, memory dumps, offline web pages, temporary items, the cache, crash reports and other useless data stored by various apps installed on your computer. You can start cleaning operation by wiping out Microsoft Word auto-backup documents, backup items, temporary files, error items, and Microsoft Excel backup files.

32. WinUtilities Free Edition

WinUtilities Free Edition is a free and simple software program that allows you to remove junk data from disks, correct Start menu errors, clean and repair invalid registry entries, and uninstall unnecessary programs. This rich and powerful program is designed to free up space and optimize Windows to get better performance. The application contains a disk and registry defrag, duplicate file finder, disk and registry cleaner, along with file recovery. A one-click maintenance feature can activate all these components using minimal user assistance. In addition, this application is helpful to remove junk data, delete invalid shortcuts, fix broken registry entries, as well as to uninstall applications. It provides you the possibility to reduce fragments in the hard disk and registry, eliminate BHOs, monitor and free up RAM, as well as to administrator programs which run at system startup automatically.

33. FCleaner

FCleaner is a reliable software application that can help you to clean up your hard drive to free up space and improve the overall system performance. The interface of FCleaner is plain and simple where you can repair or uninstall programs and manage applications which run at system startup automatically. Moreover, the application allows you to clean Browsers, Windows and applications plugins regarding clipboard, Recycle Bin, memory dumps, log files, quick launch, start menu, and desktop shortcuts. In addition, you can clean recent documents, taskbar jump lists, Run history, Internet cache, thumbnail cache, auto saved from installation, cookies, and history, saved passwords, typed URLs, sessions and form information, and others. You have the facility to configure advanced cleaning options related to the menu order and window location cache, IIS log files, user assist history, windows error reporting, and others.

34. CCleaner

CCleaner is a simple software program that can make your computer as good as new by removing junk files from the system. The application is equipped with all necessary tools to scrub every bit of your system. The interface of CCleaner is simple and intuitive with enough space for working. Primary functions are present in tabs found in a side panel. The upper part of interface constantly shows system info, while the rest of space is free for actual options you to get to handle. The “Cleaner” feature enables you to get rid of different files that are unnecessary for you. Two tabs help you to choose either Windows features or specific programs, each with its own list of items to be cleaned. So you are able to choose recent documents, saved passwords, autocomplete history, cookies or even old Windows installations. In addition, you have the possibility to fix registry issues with the help of a dedicated tool.


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