10 Best Enterprise Social Networking Software

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Enterprise social networking uses social relations or social networks to communicate with people to share business activities and interests. As we know that nowadays, most of the organization work run online, and people talk online with their project members in remote areas. Multiple organizations have their branches in different cities or countries, and it is quite challenging to manage them from one place.

For such a purpose, they take the help of social networking. Social network services help them to share their ideas with their teams and get the latest updates about their ongoing projects. Most of the famous companies are creating their social networking sites to control their tasks in remote areas. Companies are boosting up their workers to use social networks to connect with other employees for collaboration.

There is a large number of cloud-based solutions that are providing enterprise social networking services to other companies. These solutions are offering all the necessary tools required for the best collaboration. Working with social networking within organizations has a significant impact on project management and other behavioral issues. Such interactions with a social network are necessary for structured information systems and boost up business projects.


What is Enterprise Social Networking Software?

Enterprise Social Networking Software is a cloud-based collaborating solution to assist small to large business organizations. These programs provide integrations with popular applications to ensure the best results. These applications work as merely social networking apps and provide all the tools and features for better communication. These programs connect everyone in an organization to transform and empower the entire business. These network apps engage people and help them to access the latest files and information.

Some programs provide News Feed to make you update regarding activities and projects of other team members. You can create private and open groups to share files and feedback. People can update status as well as like, comment, and share states of other people. These programs help large organizations to conduct training sessions or meetings as well as the broadcast announcement to send your messages to your employees in remote areas. All of the enterprise social networking programs include an instant messaging tool to use to have some conversation individually or chat with group members.


Best Enterprise Social Networking Software

Here is the list of Best Enterprise Social Networking Software that are providing the most advanced tools for communication and collaboration.

1. Clarizen

Clarizen is a cloud-based work management software having a large variety of products for large enterprises. The program provides enterprise-grade security for your clients, network levels, and applications. The engaging human interface is easy to personalize and configure for effective and efficient working. It helps you to complete tasks efficiently and effectively with better results. The collaboration tools connect your projects and tasks with social context to boost up profitability and productivity.

It put all your works in one place, like your reports and documents, your activities, unique workflows, and your cooperation with partners and peers. It offers a list of conditional and mobile formatting options as well as new a list of profitability reports. The clean interface shows all modules on a single navigation bar and enables you to select between six diverse views and a list of templates.

You can add notes and insert data from Microsoft Projects. It upgrades all integrations and versions automatically. The toolkit of this solution includes both out-of-the-box possibilities and traditional PM methodologies like milestones, due dates, resources, deliverables, and independencies. You can find stumbling blocks and stepping stones on time and can create ad hoc reports instantly.


  • Issue tracking
  • Task management
  • Expenses
  • Personal calendars


  • Project hierarchy
  • Budget tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Risk management
  • File sharing
  • Template customization


  • Lack of reporting tools
  • Limited integrations


  • Trial: Free
  • Enterprise Edition: By quote
  • Unlimited Edition: By quote

Visit: Clarizen

2. Zimbra

Zimbra is an online collaboration program that assists small to large organizations. The program is offering a vast set of social features like wikis and forums, blogs and microblogs, web pages and content editing, tags and tag clouds, video embedding, and media galleries. The program enables you to create a personal profile, send requests to friends, make polls and events, leave comments, and like statuses.

It has integration with Mitel and Cisco to provide voicemail, instant messaging, and call record history. The program offers quality scoring, content reputation, points, and badging to enhance the content. Zimbra ensures the control and privacy of your data and provides advanced reporting and tracking systems. The configurable and flexible interface includes out-of-the-box integrations.

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A 60 days trial version is available for new users with all necessary features. The user can access photos, media galleries, and video embedding as well as he can search for content and people. Q&A monitoring and tracking is part of it with RSS feeds and activity streams.


  • Shared calendar
  • Social analytics
  • Badging and points
  • Content search
  • People search


  • Instant messaging
  • Polls and events
  • Liking and commenting
  • Tags and tag clouds


  • Active sync needs additional configurations


  • Trial: Free
  • Quote-based Plan: Contact vendor

Visit: Zimbra

3. eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an award-winning open-source networking program, including collaboration tools for users. The program has a user-centric design with social tools for work-related processes like community building and document management. The program is helping businesses to meet their standards and achieve their goals. It includes central storage for excellent document management where teams can access shared files instantly.

Your team members can work on the latest document version using the Lifecycle Management feature. A Content Management System is part of it for intranets, extranets, and complex websites, by extending templates. Only authorized employees can access sensitive information when you set custom rules. Individuals can get a customized dashboard with gadgets to track feeds, status, analytics, and matrices. In a collaborated workspace “Spaces,” individuals can switch between features like forums, chats, wikis, and calls.

You can use Spaces as a conference room to get feedback and thoughts of employees. You can set Spaces as private or public, closed or open, or a subgroup of a more significant task. Integrate this solution with external programs to generate customized business process management. Work with a community management system to provide your feedback and share the experience using different channels. You can use this program to create support and marketing channels.


  • iOS and Android apps
  • Social Network
  • Collaboration tools
  • Dashboards
  • Calendars
  • Scheduling


  • Task management
  • Cloud-ready
  • Built to localize
  • Enterprise portal


  • Developing constantly


  • Trial: Free
  • Professional Plan: $6/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $27,500/year
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: $50,000/year

Visit: eXo Platform

4. Xoxoday Empuls

Xoxoday Empuls is an online collaboration program that assists small to large organizations to manage employee motivation, empowerment, alignment, and collaboration at work. It includes a complete set of task management tools, communication features, and a rewarding system to provide the best collaborative experience. It has a communication platform for groups and workplace communities.

A messaging feature is there for private or group chats, and you can use it for making announcements at group or company levels. The program will assist you in collecting employee feedback at every step of the work cycle, like employee recruitment, development, onboarding, and retention. You have the option to make polls for work-related queries as well as to measure employee engagement.

It also offers scalability, longevity, and security. The user can work with multiple integrations like CRM systems, logins, HRIS, and more. Mobile versions for Xoxoday Empuls are also available for iOS and Android devices. The owner can manage files and data and gives multiple access controls. A search feature is there to get files or information on groups, users, and content. It can automate rewards, gifting workflows, and greetings and enables you to customize gifts and greetings for different events like service anniversaries, appraisals, and birthdays.


  • Notifications
  • Groups and communities
  • Feeds
  • Announcements
  • Search


  • Chats
  • Manage documents
  • Certificates
  • Customize templates
  • Global catalog


  • Technical problems sometimes


  • Trial: Free
  • 1 user: $3/user/month

Visit: Xoxoday Empuls

5. talkSpirit

talkSpirit is an enterprise social networking application that connects your office locations, teams, departments, and individuals. It gives a modern collaborative environment for all team members. This communication tool enables you and your team to share thoughts and solutions, discuss ideas, and work together for different projects. Users can collaborate and communicate in an organization, from top management level to ground players.

In a setting area, it sorts information in threats, visible for everyone. The application supports difficult project management works, enabling you to execute and give tasks without any problem. It provides a single overview of all schedules, projects, and resources, and users can access data of their choice. It connects all your tools for tracking and planning and saves your work in a single database.

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The program offers unlimited native integrations, to follow industry news, and to perform many other tasks. You can give power to your team members to improve collaboration and communication and share knowledge across the organization. You can work with advanced tools for chatting and video conferencing.


  • Posts
  • Polls
  • Agenda
  • Video conferencing


  • Admin rights
  • Desktop Apps
  • Dedicated apps


  • Does not offer all options


  • Trial: Free
  • talkSpirit: $4.5/user/month

Visit: talkSpirit

6. Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is an advanced cloud-based platform for enterprise social networking. This platform allows users to connect with their official partners, disseminate information, and share ideas. People can send text messages, conduct real-time discussions, and share files instantly. It is offering a private social network for businesses where they work together and convert their ideas into reality.


The business owner can create a public group to get a transparent view of your teamwork as well as make a private group for sensitive information. You can maintain your schedule, track RSVPs, create events, and set reminders. Plus, you can collaborate with contract employees, consultants, and interns and add them to your group as guests. Work with feeds to start discussions and share ideas. It will give a complete conversation relevant to you. You can start a private conversation to keep things under wraps.

Besides, you can comment, like, and share posts for interactive workspace. The team leader can make channels to discuss work problems and work with independent channels for major objects. It includes rich formatting and text support options as well as inline pictures and videos. Zoho Connect works as a bridge between employees and management and provides regular meetings and video conference tools for open discussion.


  • User profiles
  • Groups
  • Access complete control
  • Text content search
  • Like, comment and share


  • Video conferencing
  • Meetings
  • Chatrooms
  • Discussion forms


  • No payroll
  • Not good for large businesses


  • Free Plan: Free
  • First 100 users: $1/user/month
  • 101-500 users: $1/user/month
  • 500+ user: $0.5/user/month
  • Unlimited users: $100/network/month

Visit: Zoho Connect

7. QuickReviewer

QuickReviewer is a collaborative review program with commenting and marking tools. This application supports HTML files, PDFs, images, and videos for reviewing the websites. The program allows the whole team, including managers and clients, to view the files and put thoughts with the commenting feature. These comments are visible on a single pane, and everyone can keep track of them. It facilitates all team members to see pending files for approval and read to go files.

Moreover, QuickReviewer helps the team to publish tasks in a fast way and makes workflow efficient. The program allows team members to work together, as well as team leaders, and clients can give their approvals on different tasks. Using comment panes, all team members can keep track of file versions and revisions. You can get all the reviews and comments on a single place anywhere anytime.

Besides, you can give deadlines, compare versions, and respond to comments. Team members can toggle between different files to view reviews. They can share images, documents, and videos, and get access to add or view comments. Using version control, you can view old feedback and make some changes. It also helps external reviewers to improve the quality of projects.


  • File sharing
  • File upload
  • Comments
  • Restriction to download files


  • Version control
  • Compare versions
  • Color coding


  • Quality loss
  • No live updates
  • Inconvenient Interface


  • Forever Free: Free
  • Power: $29/month/annual billing
  • Enterprise Plan: By quote

Visit: QuickReviewer

8. Clinked

Clinked is a cloud-based business program to offer collaboration tools to users. It contains a complete set of tools for social collaboration, file sharing, and online documents. It has solid integration with Google Apps and provides project management features. It helps you to share files like videos, audio recordings, photos, and documents without thinking about storage space. The program uses 256-bit SSL encryption to secure your files.

Any employee can view files online without downloading them. Employees can also share and store conversation threads and feedbacks to enhance collaboration. Automated email notifiers and tagging are also present for swift action and quick response. An online document editor is there to create and update files already present in this program. It helps project groups, teams, and business clients to work together on shared documents and files in an insecure manner.

This application provides a way to measure events, progress, activity, and tasks of team members. It is necessary for good client retention, better project management, and a happier workforce. Project Collaboration, Intranet, Extranet, Collaborative Client Portal, Document Management, Project Management, File Sharing, and Enterprise Social Networking are primary use cases. You can provide limited access to team members and make files public.

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  • Stream activity
  • Share files
  • Integration with Google Apps
  • Video hosting
  • Online documents


  • Group chats
  • Discussions
  • Universal search
  • Shared team calendars


  • Limited client management tools


  • Trial: Free
  • Clinked Starter: $99/month
  • Clinked Collaboration: $249/month
  • Clinked Enterprise: Contact vendor

Visit: Clinked

9. Slack

Slack is a cloud-based messaging platform for all your communications. The program offers file sharing, real-time messaging, search, and archiving. Specially created for new teams to communicate in a single online location. The program successfully works with over 1,500 external services and applications to provide a fully extendable and flexible platform. It is offering many external and internal sharing options, enabling you to share and receive files with individuals.


Advanced filters, sorting, and search makes it easy to access files instantly. Plus, the user can set filters according to variables like file type, relevance, and recent type. Slack provides native applications for Android and iOS users for complete mobile functionality. It automatically synchronizes data on all devices. It is the most extensively integrated collaboration and communication platform is providing services to top global organizations.

It works well with leading software solutions like Zendesk, Dropbox, MailChimp, Google Drive, and GitHub. This solution offers advanced features like flexible browsing, private groups, open communication channels, and many more. Its channel format helps you to get a real-time response from synchronous to asynchronous communication. A searchable and centralized menu of messages is always present for all team members. Data security and two-factor authentication is part of Slack.


  • Private groups
  • Conversation channels
  • Message history
  • Webhooks
  • File sharing
  • File browsing


  • Feedback
  • Audio & Video calls
  • Synchronization
  • Data security
  • Data encryption


  • Delete conversation after 14 days


  • Trial: Free
  • Standard: $8/user/month
  • Plus: $15/user/month
  • Enterprise: By quote

Visit: Slack

10.Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a private social network designed for businesses. It provides a host of benefits for improved collaboration and better communication. It enables anyone to communicate with the entire organization. The program has open channels for feedback using likes, reactions, and comments. You can create a deeper relationship with staff members and check employee thoughts by running polls.

It mixes group discussions with instant messaging tools and provides real-time responses for chats. The latest version is supporting government organizations and emergency services to fight against COVID-19. It connects people to access to latest advice and information. Like Facebook News Feed, you can get view updates of other projects and people by scrolling stream of posts. You can create groups for sharing feedback, files, and updates. It works as email threads but works better to organize and follow everything.

A live video tool allows you to start training sessions, meetings, or announcements across your organization. The instant messaging feature helps you to chat with individuals or in groups and send videos, voice, pictures, and texts. Besides, you can start HD calls from Workplace Chat and connect to fifty people wherever they are. It can translate conversions in 46 languages so you can read posts in different languages. It collaborates with over 50 important enterprise tools like Office 365, G Suite, Jira, ADP, Notskope, Dropbox, and more.


  • Video streaming
  • Video calls
  • Instant messaging
  • Data sharing


  • Project groups
  • Desktop notifier
  • Monitoring tools
  • Integrations


  • Doesn’t encourage detailed interaction


  • Standard: Free
  • Premium: $3/active user/month

Visit: Workplace by Facebook

The Verdict

Above mentioned solutions are some of the best enterprise social networking programs having the desire to facilitate small to large businesses. Some programs offer audio and video calling facility to cooperate with your project members and view live streaming of your projects in remote places. All major businesses and organizations are working with leading social networking platforms to manage and their employees and projects and to boost up their work.

These programs also provide security features to secure your files, videos, and other important documents. Plus, you can access control to your team members to access limited features and files according to their positions in organizations. Most of these platforms are also providing Android and iOS apps, assisting you to control your work from your smartphones anywhere, anytime.

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