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Children are very much involved and inspired by the cartoon characters they look and watch in their daily life. Some of them are even emotionally attached to the animated characters and imagine them to be real. Talking about myself, I was also much more involved in the cartoon characters and thought them as to be real life heroes. Some animated cartoon characters look and act so lively and real that even an adult think once of their existence in the real world. Animations are in used for quite a long time now especially in the field of making cartoon characters and animated movies. The recent mode of technology has introduced with mastery 3D animations which even seems to be present in real life. Creating these animations have always been quite difficult and complex as it required some real passion, dedication, and understanding of various basic techniques. Whereas nowadays a young teen can create amazing and astounding animations right from sitting in his home. All the credit goes to master quality animation creating apps that let its users create their imaginary characters and animation stories using their simple and convenient tools. There is a gigantic variety of such marvelous animation apps, and some of the best for the iOS devices are discussed down below.

1. Cam Animate – Bring your pics to life!

Cam Animate is an amazing and a different sort of unique animation creating and photo editing app that unlike another simple sort of drawing and animation creating an app, let the users turn their photos into classy and glorious looking animations. Even thought about the animation version of yourself? Maybe you would look like your favorite animated character, for clearing all such ambiguities and reaching new heights in the animations the users can now make their selves and their friends the real life animated characters. This astoundingly amazing and creative app is developed and proposed by half click Studios Inc for iOS, and it is compatible to use on all the iOS based devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The users just simply have to insert the image or even the snap story or a whole video to the app and can turn them into colorful, creative animations. The users are now also able to add various filters, banners and text notes in their animated pictures. Along with it, the app possesses all the basic and essential photo editing tools which make it a complete photo editing app as well. The app is totally free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple app store.



2. Stick Nodes – Stickman Animator

Stick Nodes – Sickman Animator, is another master quality based astounding animation creating an app which let the users be on top of their creative skills by simply making various sorts of alluring animation right from sitting in their homes using this marvelous multiple functionality apps. The app is already quite famous among the users from all around the globe and is way much more recommended for the iOS-based users as this app tremendously supports iOS based devices and creating animation on them is way much more advanced. As the name of the app states its type of animations that the user creates on it. The app can create the best and one of the most widely used and preferred animations. Stick based animations are although made through various kinds of animation techniques but the sort of stick figures are made via this app are amazing and worth viewing. The users can now create their stick based cartoon character or any of the animated character they ever had to imagine of and wished of making them in real life. Now all creative wishes of the users are way much easier to be fulfilled in real life. The app is created and proposed by Ralph Damiano and is available for free on the Apple app store for iOS based devices as it is compatible with all sorts of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



3. Animate Me

Animate Me is an amazing fun based photo editing and animation creating an app that is entirely based on the entertainment and thousands of iOS users use the app from all around the world. The users prefer this amazing and tremendous pure quality based app for creating and making the funny animations of the photos of their own and their family and friends as well. With its way much easy and simple controls and basic tools, everyone belonging from any walk of life can easily create animations and edit their photo and other images related stuff. This marvelous and astonishing app is developed and proposed by Apptation Inc. The users can now turn their selves into real animated characters and can explore the whole new world of exciting animations by simply turning their pictures into funny and alluring animations. Other unique features of the app that are not seen in any other similar sort of functionality app are the support of an e-card. The e-card is a motion-based animation which can do various actions like speaking, winking, etc. as the users want to do and can make their images turn into motion-based animations via e-card. This app is too free of cost present on the Apple app store. The design of the app suits both iPhone and iPad.

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4. Glowing – Create glow animations

Glowing – Create glow animations is a different yet an amazing sort of animation creating an app that is purely different and unique regarding its functionality and animation development. The app does not make you design and create any cartoons or another such sort of animations as every other app is based on this kind of abilities. But this app has something unique and inspiring to offer. As the name of the states, the users can now create different and unique sort of lightning based animations. Such sort of animations is although not that much popular and many of the people are not aware of their functionality. But these simple locking glowing LEDs light like of animations are alluring and attractive. They surely once grabs the attention of the users and urge them to look at them once at least. The users can now create various characters that look quite different than the normal cartooned animations. The enable the users to display a whole message or a short story in their animations by using the glowing lights and other effectual tools provided to the users of the app. The app is developed and proposed by Detox and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store for iOS based devices.


5. AnimatedPics

Looking for an app that helps you creating various quality based animations of your pictures so that you can share them with your friends and family on social media, then you should consider this astounding and master quality app developed and proposed by Ki Tat Chung. The app is highly recommended for creating animations and adding various banners based descriptions and watermark to the photos especially before adding it to Instagram. The users can share animated pictures that are being created via using this very app to any of the social media platform or sites; there is not any restriction regarding it. Most of the people judge the app from its name and though it as a specified app for creating animated based pictures for Instagram only, which is not true and the concept that they had developed of judging the apps by their names is totally wrong. As Instagram is a specified photo sharing social media platform, that’s why it is mentioned here so that the photo freaks can be attracted, that they can give a whole new animated look to their pics before uploading and share them to Instagram. The app is equipped with some amazing and alluring features that make the app best for editing and turning the photos of the users into beautiful and attractive animations. The users are also provided a premium sort of facility of creating short videos of maximum 15 seconds via this app and can add animations to their short clip before sharing it. It is too free of cost and is present in the Apple App Store for iOS based devices.


6. Animation Creator HD

Animation Creator HD is another outstanding and bewildering master quality app that enables the users create real amazing fun based animated characters and fulfill their dreams of becoming a world-class artist and animation maker. The app is real quality based providing a wide range of tools and astounding digital virtual environment based platform so that they can unleash their creative potential and creativity, and can make whatever they have imagined before. The app is a real gift of heaven for the young animated artist, who are new to the animation field and wants to learn various techniques and tips for becoming a successful animation artist. The users can practice on the app via using its tools and create beautiful and classy animations in real time. The best and most preferable thing about the app is that it is an amazing app for both the professional animation artist and for the leisure time who wants to create animations as their hobby. Unlike another similar sort of app that is widely used by people for animation and just provide the tools and functionality of creating simple and stick based animations, whereas this master blaster splendid app enable the users to create a variety of different kinds of animations based on their interest and preference. The users can try more new options as they are provided a gigantic list of options along with effective tools. The app is developed by miSoft and is available for download on the Apple App store for $3.99.

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7. Animate Me! 3D Animation For Kids

We have an amazing app in our list that is specifically designed for the kids and young teens for unleashing their artistic abilities and creative potential so they can utilize their free time enjoying and creating unique fun based animations according to their mentality and thoughts. Animate ME! 3D Animation for Kids is a real master and pure quality based app that has a smart engine installed in it that possess extreme sheer brilliance and utter smartness, which helps every kid specifically and enable them to create such animations that they want to create. This app is specially designed and proposed by Arjun Gupte for the kids as according to him the kids do not have something for leaning out their potential and abilities that what they really can do when provided a chance. Now the modern kids will no more watch the cartoons only as with this mesmerizing and extreme level app they will surely be creating their animated cartoons. The app has a range of guiding tutorials and various pre-installed animated cartoons that help and motivates the kids to learn the animation in step by step process and that too in the best possible way ever. This app is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad both.


8. The Animator’s Survival Kit – Animation Masterclass

Enough of getting wondered and inspired by the great and creative animations of other as it is the time for everyone to unleash their creative potential and become a professional animation creator. This extreme level and master quality app enables its users to create their professional level animations using the simple and easy tools of the app. Now no more killing of the creative ideas and thoughts as the users can give them real life shape and turn them to live in the form of animations. The users can create different sort of animated characters, scenes and even can tell a whole story via animation based graphical representation. This supreme sort of professional level app developed and proposed as a product of Faber and Faber. Already hundreds of iOS users from all around the globe are using this app for giving their creativity a new life, and they are quite happy making their animated character based stories and series. The app has various levels and modes to start off according to the previous knowledge and expertise of the users. The users can start as beginners and as well as normal users or If they know a lot they can jump to the advanced expert level. More than 100 different kinds of animated examples are included inside the app for motivating the users and making them learn by looking at them. The app is quite costly as compared to all the rest animation creating apps but it worth it as it teaches the users on the superior kind of professional level. The app costs $34.99 on the Apple app store for iOS based devices.


9. FrameCast

FrameCast is another simple yet quite effectual and amazing sort of animation creating an app that will surely bring your inner artist out of the cage and make you display your creativity in the best possible way. Although from the outlook and overall display of the app seems to be way too much simple and even dull if compared to another similar sort of functionality app that is present in the market for creating animations. But despite being that much simple, the app is still astounding in quality and does provide extraordinary results for the user’s animations and that too quite simply and efficiently. If you are looking for a pure quality app without any decorations and charm that enables you to start creating the animations on the go and let you finish rapidly by the use of simple tools and easy controls, then this is the app that is built for you and you should surely consider it for animation making. Hundreds of serious and dedicated iOS users are using this very app for creating real quality based and amazing animations of their own. The app also enables the users to create amazing and astounding unique slow motion animated videos along with the addition of sounds to it. This unique feature of the app surpass all the flaws and concerns about the app.

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10. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is a master blaster and professional level quality based app that is specially designed for creating animation based characters, pictures, and videos. The app itself is created in such a way that it enables every sort of person belonging from any age group and walk of life to access the app and create whatever kind of animation based thing they want to make. The app already ranks among the top notch professional studio and animation creating an app on various performance charts worldwide. The app is used by thousands of user from all around the globe for creating various alluring and unique sort of animated videos which they can share with the whole world. There is a much top class, and highest paid You Tubers who use animated videos in their vlogs that are loved by millions. Such sort of videos now can be simply created on your iOS device without any further requirement. If you want to make your unique animated videos and want to get fame and hits on your social media that you should surely go for this app without wasting a second as it enables you to achieve your dream of overnight fame. This app is developed and released under the flag of CATEATER, LLC and is available for free download on the Apple App store.


11. Iyan 3D – Make Your 3d Animation

Last but not the least on our list of the best is this outstanding and bewildering extreme quality based 3D animation making an app. The app let the users enter the magical world of master quality based 3D animations and explore their creativeness and built whatever they want to build. The best and most inspiring thing about the app is that despite being fully premium and professional leveled, the app is still fully compatible for both the advanced professional users and for the beginners and amateurs too. People who are new to the 3D modeling and animation making the field and wants to lean forward and make their name as great artists, they should surely consider this app then. All the other apps that are above mentioned in the list are without any doubt amazing and possess real sheer brilliance and quality, but none of them offer real 3D modeling and animation making. Only this app possess all the simple important and basic tools of 3D animations and enable the users to create their 3D based animated scenes. The users can learn various basic and technical concept of the 3D based modeling as well. All the controls that are provided inside the app are manual and can be adjusted as the user wants them to be according to their specific requirements and preference. Now create your animated movies, cartoon series and short story telling documentaries and show them to the world. This free app is my personal favorite and highly recommended animation making an app on the iOS devices as it is compatible with iPhone and iPad both.


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