10 Best Color Fill Apps for Android and iOS

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As like, nowadays, we are free at home and having nothing to do because of coronavirus. It is challenging to spend all day doing nothing.

So you can spend your free time in a better way by playing some games and performing some artworks. Some people love to make new art designs and filling colors in them in reality.

What is Color Fill App?

However, you want to perform artworks, and you don’t have materials for it, then you can do it on your mobile phone. Color Fill App is a mobile application created to provide all tools for creativity and unusual artworks.


There are countless applications present on Apple and Android stores that are offering numerous color filling pages and color options for making amazing designs.

Best Color Fill Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of Best Color Fill Apps for Android and iOS that help you draw your imaginations in real-time.

1. Fill Color

Fill Color is a freehand application that helps you to fill your color book with multiple colors. The app provides many interesting photos for coloring and allows you to draw your imagination. Besides, it offers many stunning colors to fill your breathtaking images. You can move the picture and zoom in or out using a simple pinch gesture for your satisfaction.


You can save the creation in the gallery instantly. It is providing tow modes for doing your artwork. Simple mode helps you to fill images or paint using different colors. Free Hand Mode assists in creating your imagination with different colors. A color picker is there to choose your required Color.


  • Color picker
  • Simple Fill Mode


  • Free Hand Mode
  • Zoom in or out


  • Can’t paint personal pictures

Download: Fill Color for Android

2. Color Fill 3D

Color Fill 3D is a fantastic application that is offering a gaming mode for color painting. It provides only one task to fill the board. The app is giving simple gameplay mechanics for playing with unlimited unique levels. The application is a combination of color art and gaming interface to provide your colorful environment.

You have to cover all the board to win the game. You can play by swiping your finger and avoiding obstacles. You can spend your free time playing this game, or you can give mobile to your children to play this simple game. Children will like the game because of they always like colorful games.

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  • One objective
  • Fill the board


  • Swiping finger
  • Avoid obstacles


  • Too many ads

Download: Color Fill 3D for Android | iOS

3. Coloring Book for Adults | Adult Coloring Book App

Color Book for Adults is a free coloring game that is providing an addictive way to make creativity. The application is offering high-quality photos and pictures for painting, coloring, and drawing. After coloring, you can share your artwork with your friends and family. It is offering gorgeous coloring pages and books for adults.

It includes multiple color categories like Colorful, Animals, Mandalas, Nature, Secret Garden, Nature, Flowers, Art, Design, Colorful Patterns, Enchanted Forest, and Portraits. The application is suitable for family, women, kids, teens, and people who love to paint, re-color, and color-fy. It offers coloring books and coloring games for everyone.


  • Color art therapy
  • Coloring books


  • Coloring categories
  • Coloring pages


  • Can’t save images

Download: Coloring Book for Adults | Adult Coloring Book App for Android | iOS

4. Color Fill

Color Fill is a mind-blowing coloring book app that facilitates people to fill colors in mandala pages. The application is providing stress relieving drawing and painting game for everyone. It offers patterns and floral pages for coloring. Creates your best artworks and share them with your friends or save as wallpaper.

You have to touch on screen for coloring and tap for picking Color from unlimited colors. It includes numerous mandala photos and offers HD color for your creativity. Use zoom in or out function to color small spaces on the page. Color picker is there with 50 colors to offer. Save your artwork and share it on social media networks instantly.


  • Color fill
  • Coloring pages


  • Color Picker
  • Zoom in or out


  • Need more options for coloring

Download: Color Fill for Android

5. Coloring book for kids

Coloring book for kids is Color fill an application that is allowing children to color coloring pages and have some fun using coloring games. The drawing and painting games include more than 150 color pages. It includes four categories including wild animals, farm animals, birds, and sea animals. Other categories for drawing are vehicles, animals, alphabets, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Kids have the option to choose a color from over 80 different colors. They can save coloring pages, change pencil size and clear coloring area. Undo or redo the last action, use eraser removing Color and draw with a pencil. It is a fun application that provides interesting pages for coloring for both adults and kids.

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  • Save coloring pages
  • Clear coloring area


  • Change pencil size
  • Multiple coloring pages


  • Difficult to select a pencil or brush


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $1/item

Download: Coloring book for kids for Android

6. PicsArt Color Paint

PicsArt Color Paint is a simple drawing application that is providing a complete drawing tool with great functionality for beginners and professionals. It offers customizable paint brushes, a color mixer to create Color of your imagination, and layers upon layers for better work experience. Amazing texture brush and symmetric drawing features are there for you.

Draw and erase with text using the text tool instantly. It will save your work automatically using an auto-recovery tool. Besides, it facilitates symmetric drawing with a rotating axis, blending modes, multiple layers, a library of customizable brushes, color fill, and pattern, and mixer, and color wheel for creating your enhanced artwork.


  • Text tool
  • Blending modes


  • Multiple layers
  • Customizable brushes


  • Delete works sometimes

Download: PicsArt Color Paint for Android | iOS

7. Draw And Color – Fill Color

Draw And Color is a creativity application for creating, filling, sketching, and drawing given templates. Just select a color and start working. You can save your work and share it through email. It offers templates for fill color and drawing pens and tools for creating drafts. You can also alter the background of the template frame and import drawing templates.

You can share your work with the public community, and outsiders can view your job too. It offers new tools like brush magic, many pens, color pick tool, eraser, opacity tool, and stroke setting. It offer undo and redo options for better work.


  • Brush magic
  • Opacity tool


  • Color pick tool
  • Change background


  • Limited tools

Download: Draw And Color – Fill Color for iOS

8. Kids Coloring Book

Kids Coloring Book is a free color book application to enhance their learning process. This coloring game helps kids to learn vehicles, shapes, flowers, animals, fruits, and alphabets. The program includes more than 190 color pages to keep children busy for many hours. It includes many categories of pages to provide painting and drawing game for kids.

They can use a bucket fill a region to fill an area with a single tap or click. More than 80 colors are there for selection, and they can change pencils using multiple pencil sizes. Undo or redo an action, use an eraser, clear coloring area for more work, and save coloring pages for working later.

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  • Bucket fill a region
  • Save coloring pages


  • 80 colors
  • 190 coloring pages


  • Very crappy

Download: Kids Coloring Book for Android | iOS

9. Color Fill 2

Color Fill 2 is an addictive color game application that facilitates users to fill colors in boxes. The application provides hints, improved gameplay, colorful graphics, curved pieces, and much more to make it interesting. You can drag and drop color pieces using your finger. It offers more than 1400 free colorful levels and casual puzzles to challenge experts.

It includes seven types of color levels like curves, blocks, classic, and more. It will help you through hints if you are playing the first time. This game is for you if you are looking for quick fun puzzles and real challenges. Curve pieces are there with new colors and shapes.


  • Colorful levels
  • Free hints


  • Easy control
  • Curved pieces


  • Ads freeze it up

Download: Color Fill 2 for iOS

10. Coloring Book – Color Fill Art

Coloring Book is the most advanced color fill platform that will let you remove disturbing thoughts from the brain and concentrate on the game. It includes many categories for coloring like fantasy, birds, animals, fun, geometric, aquatic, and mandalas. Besides, it is offering more than 150 high-quality color pages from the largest artwork collection.

The app is containing 80 preset color palettes having eight colors in each palette. After filling colors, blend textures to get a realistic look. You can generate numerous custom color palettes with optional colors and insert a vignette effect to enhance your artwork. Save and share your artwork with friends & family.


  • Unlimited custom color palettes
  • Preset color palettes


  • Change outlines of the image
  • Add vignette effect


  • Advanced tools are in the premium version


  • Free: $0
  • Pro 1: $0.99/week
  • Pro 2: $1.99/month
  • Pro 3: $9.99/year

Download: Coloring Book – Color Fill Art for iOS

The Verdict

The above-mentioned color fill applications are providing high-quality pages from artwork collection. You can make your customized color combination by mixing different colors.

You can add filters and effects after creating your artwork to get a more realistic look. Some applications include color games for making the work more interesting. Save your interesting work and share it with your friends.

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