10 Best Pest Control Software

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Pest Control is the management of a species that harms human activities. People use many resources to control this species. Nowadays, many companies are present in the market that are offering services for pest control.

They have trained field workers and necessary equipment for controlling the pest. However, these organizations also need a system to manage their workflow, budget, and customers.

What are Pest Control Software?

There are many cloud-based platforms preset on the Internet that are providing their services to Pest Control companies for performing their multiple tasks automatically. They help companies to provide services to their customers instantly, manage their work, and process payment processes easily.


They offer a service management system to assist in scheduling, tracking, billing, invoicing, and performing recurring tasks.

Best Pest Control Software

Here is the list of Best Pest Control Software that is offering intuitive tools for managing all processes of pest control companies.

1. Service Assistant

Service Assistant is a field and customer relationship management system that can perform marketing activities and schedule services. It provides all details related to customers on a single dashboard. It connects managers and owners with field workers, office, and customer data. It offers reliable and secure data management and provides quick access to all information.


You can print invoices and statements and insert customer payments. Set any service virtually like snow plowing, lawn mowing, and pest control and schedule many services and programs. Get complete details about customers like marketing campaigns, flag codes, note fields, cancel reasons, account balance, and property inventory like common pests and grassy type.


  • Customer information
  • Pests control


  • Customer notifications
  • Scheduling and routing


  • Unable to complete a few tasks

Visit: Service Assistant

2. The Service Program

The Service Program is a service business platform that can effectively manage your business by collaborating with leading application QuickBooks. It provides robust mobile solution options and a customer portal for more help. You can add and view equipment in the field and keep a record of equipment history. Route management helps you to manage routes by tech, day, and area.

You can capture a signature, view customer equipment, print transactions. Besides, improve staff communications, keep track of customer profitability, and manage routes. Manage recurring tasks like optimized route schedules or annual filter changes and insert work orders in the field or computer system. Work with the sales representative and post employee time, bills, and invoices.

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  • Service management
  • Route management


  • Equipment tracking
  • Improved communications


  • Confusing features


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: $49/month

Visit: The Service Program

3. 7 Software

7 Software is a pest control application created to boost up your business. Get tools to retain available customers and manage sales effectively. Give extraordinary services to customers using practical service management tools. It provides a complete list of features for the pest control industry according to their requirements and processes. Make a productive and efficient team and create a technical environment where you can communicate with your team and field workers.

Get business insights to view the performance of your team and make long term and short term decisions on behalf of performance. Optimize service order, assign geolocations automatically, reassign routes with route editor, schedule future services automatically, and track the progress of daily work. Manage online customer payments and billing. Create payment plans and view past due balances.


  • Sales reports
  • Audit reports


  • Online customer payments
  • View past due balances


  • Limited tools


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $25/month

Visit: 7 Software

4. GroundsKeeper Pro

GroundKeeper Pro is an invoicing and business management program for lawn care and landscaping industries. It is offering a hard copy of the software and thirty days of a free trial. People can create professional invoices for residential and commercial accounts. It provides secure, integrated, and safe card processing to give more payment options to customers.

Make your log or edit from pre-designed logos for your website. It can maintain over 10,000 customers and allows you to print labels, make reports, and find a customer by name or other info. It provides a separate contract with all prices and a list of services for every client or customer for better work management. View current client balances and view and print customer account history.


  • Income statistics
  • accounting


  • Time and materials
  • Special services


  • Issues in scheduling


  • Pro: $549

Visit: GroundsKeeper Pro

5. ServiceTracker

ServiceTracker is one of the best pest control applications created to regulations set by government associations. It will keep you up to date regarding food safety standards and industry-leading customer policies. It includes fantastic tools for people present in the Pest Industry. Get rid of paperwork and put all your dealing details on this platform instantly.

Provide the best services to your customers and grow up your business. The program is offering integration with leading management application for better management. It is working with secure data protection and GDPR standards. Grow your business with full control over each process and provide the best service to the customer regarding Pest Control

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  • Handless compliance
  • Manage workflow


  • Faster sales
  • Pest Control


  • Bad filter option resetting


  • Trial: Free
  • $25/user/month

Visit: ServiceTracker

6. ProServe 2012

ProServe 2012 is an efficient pest control system created to help pest control service companies for managing the scheduling, billing, and routing of repeating services. The application offers termite inspection and pest control services. This platform is serving pest control service operators from the last thirty years. It is a desktop application, and you can install it on any local computer.

It is also offering management solutions to other service type industries besides pest control companies such as window cleaning service, septic tank service, animal control service, equipment maintenance, and rental, and lawn and mower care. Managers can track customers, manage billing and invoicing, and take care of service management.


  • Purchases management
  • Creative reports


  • Accounts receivable
  • Orders management


  • Limited tools


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: $395

Visit: ProServe 2012

7. Structural Pest Control System

Fundamental Pest Control System is one of the oldest systems providing solutions for the pest control industry. The application can perform many tasks automatically, like invoicing, scheduling, and managing customer details and routes. It is easy to learn the program, and you can work with it without previous experience.

You have to purchase the application for a one-time fee. Install it on your system and work with ease. However, you can work with it as a cloud-based system and access it from any device anytime. It will take care of all tasks related to customer management and will handle processes related to billing and invoices. This affordable program works well for any service management industry.


  • Pest control operation
  • Scheduling


  • Manage routes
  • Customer information


  • Only basic tools

Visit: Structural Pest Control System

8. Bugbase

Bugbase is a fast pest and terminates control platform specially created to provide services to California pest control companies. It offers monthly Ag. Chemical reports and unlimited customer support. It is an integrated custom drawing application with a user-friendly windows interface. The app provides detailed instruction videos and user-level security options.

It has a multiple user network and automated scheduling for contracts. You can easy to understand reports as well as preview, PDF, and print files. Work with it for tracking job, property, and customer and print service contract tickets. It includes billing and receivable options and an ultimate termite report writer for your assistance.

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  • Print Service Contract Tickets
  • tracking


  • user-level security options
  • custom drawing program


  • Custom features

Visit: Bugbase

9. Insectram

Insectram is an advanced Pest Control Program that provides all your business in one screen. It offers instant and online reporting in real-time. It is providing a secure system, and no one can inter-data without customer premises. This platform is giving management tools for both sides of the table, like Clients and PCOs. The application can decrease the data difference between the customer, central office, and field service operations.

You can offer QR codes to your customers and their tasks to follow-up. Besides, it is providing an audit module, operations module, and quality management module for users’ help. It can manage all functions related to customer services, scheduling, billing, invoicing, reporting, and customer tracking.


  • Safe and complete data
  • suggestions


  • Flexible system
  • Pest Control Services


  • Need more options


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: $18/user/month

Visit: Insectram

10. Summit Service System

Summit Service System is an exciting application that is providing intuitive control of customer accounting and processes. You can boost job management and customer service, gain control of your business, set reminders. You can schedule upcoming services automatically. You can view job completion through site photos, diagrams, and service details. It includes detailed invoicing capabilities and parts inventory control.

Manage your workflow by gaining control over schedules, service date and time, and jobs by priority. View information screens for tracking lab samples, disposal information, manifests, and site tank details. You can convert work orders into invoices and payments after job completion. It includes advanced tools for job history, customer accounting, and dynamic business.


  • Tracking
  • Information screens


  • Control over technicians
  • Manage schedules


  • Limited controls

Visit: Summit Service Systems

The Verdict

Above mentioned applications are offering managing services with secure system. Managers can track the performance of their field workers, communicate with customers, keep track of equipment inventory, perform billing and invoicing process, and boost up their business.

They can view complete reports about their companies like work performance, tasks completed, customer satisfaction, and gained profit.

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