10 Best Field Service Management Software

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Field service management is the management of an organization’s resources. For example, managing worker activity, locating vehicles, ensuring driver safety, scheduling, and dispatching work. Service management also has integration with activities like billing, accounting, Inventory, and other back-office systems. Such supervision is necessary for organizations that want to manage installation, repairs, or service of an equipment or system.

Field management services are useful to manage the resource in different industries like healthcare, telecommunications, gas utilities, HVAC industry, property maintenance, and heavy engineering industries. Nowadays, field service management is done by multiple software and cloud-based systems to provide all the necessary services. Service management is useful to fulfill the requirements related to customer expectations, service to sales, safety, dynamic environment, and low employee productivity.

Field Service management platforms have integration with back end systems like billing, service management, parts inventory, accounting, and other HR systems. Many major companies are present in marketing to provide such services with different features and functionality. Pricing depends on various factors like business needs, company size, carrier selection, number of users, and planned data usage.


What is Field Service Management Software?

Most of the large cloud-based organizations are providing services with different prices according to the number of administrators and employees. With a high price, you will get more features for services. These programs are available to make you comfortable by eliminating paperwork and performing your tasks automatically. Some of these programs are providing mobile applications to facilitate admins to get services when they are out of their office.

Security is the essential thing in a field service management software. They provide a login account to every user of the company for the best protection. The program synchronizes data to all devices to provide complete reports of information. Administrators can keep track of their employees while they are on work. Inventory management helps to keep a record of all instruments and other Inventory of the organization.


Best Field Service Management Software

Here is the list of Best Field Management Software that are offering the most exciting tools and services for service management. Most of these programs have top ranking worldwide and providing services to major international organizations.

1. is a leading communication and collaboration program for teams. The application can synchronization all details in one accessible hub and allow team members to make decisions collectively. It understandably shows progress data and helps departments and teams to perform tasks in the best way. They can keep track of standard operations and projects.

A well-organized and neat interface includes conventional methods of interaction and does not need previous experience to run this program. However, new users can get training materials related to this solution from its website or YouTube channel. A unique Board concept offers in-depth insights on manager tasks or projects and can show complete company performance.

The primary Board includes all tasks and projects together. Besides, you can invite project beneficiaries and external partners to follow notifications and exclusive alerts even they don’t have a account. The program can also manage the performance of individuals and teams to save the time of managers.

Regarding customization, the user can configure any option from a brand-specific platform. It divides tasks and projects into different categories like groups and sections by using specific policies and rules. You can make unlimited changes, and still, it will follow each and everything like re-positioned agents, modifies statuses and dates, or entirely dismissed actions.


  • Track operations
  • Training materials
  • Display of progress
  • Big screen display


  • Send updates by email
  • Dropbox, Pipedrive, Google Drive
  • Public and personal Boards
  • Live comments


  • Confusing plans and pricing


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic: $39/month
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Enterprise: Contact the provider


2. Freshdesk Field Service

Freshdesk Field Service is a cloud-hosted solution for providing quality customer support. It can meet the demands of both small and big organizations. A quality ticketing module is there to move transactions into a ticket. Multi-channel support is there to navigate too many tools automatically. It includes tools for management and streamlining ticket delivery. The program allows you to tag tickets according to requirements and properties.

The Service Level Agreement management tool provides useful delegation of tickets by making rules and needs. Some collaboration tools to help internal teams to search and solve context issues. The user can collaborate on a ticket and can divide it into smaller tickets. It does not support ticket updates and instant notifications to avoid customer frustration. He can view data on the reports page and check issues regarding ticket closing, customer frustration, and response time.

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It also provides pending tickets, first response time, first contact solution, and tickets reopened. A helpdesk allows you to get relevant reports of your choice. Freshdesk Field Service includes tools for advanced automation, customization, and community platforms. It offers you the flexibility to connect forum questions to a ticket, and you can provide streamlined answers and replies. Live chat, game mechanics, and phone support integration is part of this online solution.


  • Team Inbox
  • Create a custom ticket
  • Linked Tickets
  • Manage tickets
  • Monitoring


  • Customer segmentation
  • Reports regarding customer satisfaction
  • Real-time customer analytics


  • Issues in the Ticketing system


  • Sprout: Free
  • Blossom: $19/agent/month
  • Garden: $35/agent/month
  • Estate: $65/agent/month
  • Forest: $125/agent/month
  • Field Service Management: $29/field technician/month

Visit: Freshdesk Field Service

3. Ai Field Management

Ai Field Management is a market’s leading program to provide coordination to team members. It contains multiple tools regarding field management. The program can create invoices and bills and offer a solution for contract management. It is useful for electronic signature, inventory management, and dispatch management. You can track service history and schedule your tasks efficiently.

Work with it for online booking and room booking management. It will help you to manage commercial properties and track assests. You can use it form equipment management, dispatch management, and work order management. Ai Field Management has internal chat integration and allows you to calendar/reminder system for automatic scheduling.

You can use it for payroll and resource management and create reports and analytics. You have control over Inventory and can schedule maintenance. It includes customer database and technician management. You can install the Android version of this program to run it on your smartphone to view all details anywhere anytime.


  • Contract management
  • Inventory management
  • Dispatch management
  • Routing
  • Service History Tracking
  • Work Order management


  • Appointment reminders
  • Online booking
  • Mobile access
  • Room booking management
  • Scheduling


  • Missing some characteristics


  • Trial: Free
  • Purchased version: $4.99/month/user

Visit: Ai Field Management

4. Jobber

Jobber is a cloud-based field service management program to help small businesses. This self-serve portal enables customers to check appointment details, approve quotes, print receipts, pay outstanding invoices, and request for work anytime. You can plan work schedules, create invoices, and make job quotations. You can monitor and deploy teams and individuals. The communication tools can offer conversations and notifications with clients. Besides, it synchronizes with accounting applications and other programs to facilitate you and your team.

Professional services firms can manage their teams of experts like landscapers, plumbers, general contractors, residential cleaners, and many more. It works fast to send invoices and pay faster. The vendor’s team is present for customer support for help 24/7. It can generate jobs, choose clients, and assign work to your team. You can perform business tasks faster and can work with different calendar views to get a clear view of your team’s availability. Plus, you can have a glance to view the billing of your clients.

The user can customize the invoicing process and work with features like batch invoicing, payment tracking, past-due notifications, and invoice templates. The CRM tool can monitor important customers while they are in the office or traveling. Note linking, attachments and notes, full client history, and client search are other interesting features of Jobber.


  • Approve quotes
  • Pay invoices
  • Follow-ups client
  • Client history
  • Link notes
  • Attachments and notes


  • Client records
  • Track time
  • Track expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Timesheets


  • Auto bill tool should be present


  • Trial: Free
  • Core: $39/month
  • Connect: $129/month
  • Grow: $249/month

Visit: Jobber

5. Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is an online customer management application to manage the workflow of your organization. It has integrated solutions to improve field service automation, lead tracking, and boost sales. It can boost up tasks that work with cloud-based business programs and mobile devices. It includes helpful tools regarding customer support, help drive sales, financial management, and other operations.

Besides, it supports devices that run over Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. You can work offline, and it will synchronize data automatically when connecting with the internet. The program provides the best integration with SharePoint, Lync, Outlook, Word, OneNote, and other Microsoft programs. This software can help you regarding customer service, financial management, sales improvement, and overall operations.

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You can also insert people into projects and meetings. It offers a personalized workspace and shows a list of priorities to remember important tasks. It will schedule different items automatically to help you optimize resource scheduling. Using such optimization, you can take care of objectives like duration, resource availability, required skills, and time windows. Work with it to track devices remotely from your office or home. It provides server-to-server integration and Cortana integration.


  • Microsoft programs integration
  • Power IB
  • Customer services
  • Track devices


  • Customer insights
  • Editable grids
  • Process enhancements


  • Ask again & again for product knowledge


  • Dynamics 365 Plan: From $210/user per month
  • Unified Operations Plan: From $190/user per month
  • Customer Engagement Plan: $115/user per month
  • Applications and Offers: From $140/user per month

Visit: Dynamics 365

6. Wrike

Wrike is an award-winning program for managing projects online to improve the efficiency and speed of work in distributed groups. It allows multifunctional groups to work together and perform tasks together from a single location. The program is allowing you to prioritize, schedule, discuss, and track both progress and work efficiently. Top 500 companies in the world are working with this program for their work management like Adobe, HTC, Google, EA Sports, and Stanford University.

It has user-friendly navigation to make things easy for you and work as a hub for all your work. Security measures are there only to allow authorized persons to access the files and information stored in an online database. You can work with a mobile app of this program to track and monitor program anytime, anywhere. It provides clear visibility on project tasks.

You can quickly work on projects by viewing all the details of a project on a single page. Audit reports enable admin to track both group and individual activities to stop data breaches and other harmful activities. The program has a complete set of tools to help market teams to simplify their administrative burden. Email integration is useful to create, edit, or assign documents from a preferred email account directly.


  • Analytics of reporting
  • Data migration integrations
  • Track progress
  • Activity stream
  • Share project data


  • 3-Pane project view
  • Audit reports
  • Advanced forms and requests


  • Limited integration


  • Free Plan: Free
  • Professional Plan: $9.80/user/month
  • Business Plan: $24.80/user/month
  • Wrike for Marketers: $34.60/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan: By quote

Visit: Wrike

7. Service Fusion

Service Fusion is a cloud-based field service management program designed for small and mid-sized organizations to manage their work and boost up customer satisfaction. It can save clients time by utilizing work order, workflow automation, estimate creation, scheduling, and drag-drop dispatch. It also provides QuickBooks integration. It always connects field workers to customers and dispatchers through real-time access to customer histories and work orders.

They can update their status and send texts to clients. Custom-branded apps and online booking features assist customers in dealing with your business efficiently. Work with business management solution to streamline your tasks and get connected with scheduling, payments, estimates, work orders, and reporting. It provides a single source of data, easy collaboration, and a trail of changes to reduce work errors. Automated text notifications and online booking portal to increase customer expectations.

Un-intimidating design enables the user to adopt and use the product quickly. A large range of tools is there to solve certain needs of every persona in such businesses like GMs, owners, dispatchers, accountants, field technicians, office managers, and customers. It offers a variety of offers to customers, and customers can select packages according to their requirements. The program also supports GPS fleet tracking, time tracking, and Payroll. Payment & invoicing processing is too easy with this solution.


  • Estimates & jobs
  • Reporting
  • Web portal for customers
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll & Time tracking


  • GPS fleet tracking
  • Payment processing
  • Invoicing
  • Customer management


  • Limited customized reporting


  • Trial: Free
  • Starter Plan: $99/month
  • Plus Plan: $199/month
  • Pro Plan: $349/month

Visit: Service Fusion

8. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a leading financial service providing program created for non-profit organizations and growing businesses. The program has a specific accounting platform to perform tasks like payables, inventory tracking, Payroll, and many more. It provides advanced functionalities and features for every type of user. Inventory tracking and advanced pricing are complex features of this solution.

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It can combine reports from different companies’ files and create professional statements. You can export your data to an Excel spreadsheet and create custom reports. You can download Credit card and bank transactions into QuickBooks. You can tack snapshots of sales order, on-hand items, re-orders, and purchase order. Work with the central access feature to make user-profiles and give permissions to your employees.

The user can insert 750 multiple prices in the list and add or edit multiple customers. He can add or edit vendors as well as create and send a purchase order. Besides, he can make timesheets for numerous vendors or employees in one batch. It offers tips for employment-related problems like hiring, recruiting, benefits, compensation, termination, and employee relations.


  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Easy setup
  • Advanced Inventory
  • File manager


  • Billing and mobile payment
  • Scheduling and work orders
  • Finances and reporting


  • Unsuited for small businesses
  • Expensive yearly cost


  • Trial: Free
  • Silver Plan (With Hosting): $140/month
  • Golden Plan (With Hosting): $169/month
  • Platinum Plan (With Hosting): $198/month
  • Silver Plan (Local Only): $1155/year
  • Gold Plan (Local Only): $1502/year
  • Platinum Plan (Local Only): $1848/year

Visit: QuickBooks Enterprise

9. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a cloud-based web portal to provide service management to professionals. It is easy to dispatch, schedule, invoice, accept credit cards, estimate, and get booked by customers online. The program will help you to the team to access schedules, and email notifications and admin can set permissions and roles for team workers. A time and GPS tracking feature can count duty hours of workers.

It keeps a record of all services provided by you and export data for reporting tasks. You can create custom reports or use standard reporting templates. A live chat option is part of it to exchange information with agents. So you can impress customers with professional services and assign replacements. The mobile App of Housecall Pro makes your work easy.

Customers can books sessions on your Facebook profile on your Yelp or official website. It provides multiple4 plans for a single person and small organizations. A team of experts is always there via email, phone, or live chat to guide you regarding account settings and solving your problems.


  • Invoicing/billing
  • Customer management
  • Job tagging
  • Electronic signature
  • Live chat support
  • Google calendar


  • Track employees
  • Customizable reporting
  • Payment processing
  • Scheduling


  • Limited control over text and contacts


  • Simple Plan: $39/month
  • Modern Plan: $137/month
  • Advanced Plan: $249/month

Visit: Housecall Pro

10. GeoOp

GeoOp is an award-winning service provider for the workforce management system. It provides features in job status and scheduling, helping you to insert or update information. Mapping and tracking tools enable you to check in different locations or track others to optimize resources. The program supports audio and video files as well as create profitability reports.

It is a better solution for companies in the USA. Moreover, image and video features enable you to share important media for your staff to provide the necessary information. It offers world-class security and helps you to create PDF quotes instantly. It offers remote access to your work and offers many templates for documentation.

You can perform homework meticulously, get details from the vendor, read online opinions, and work with free trials of this platform. It offers multiple plans and a free trial version for 14 days. GeoOp is one of the best work management program because of its cost, available integration, and significant features.


  • Real-time scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Real-time job sheets
  • Send SMS


  • Timekeeping
  • Documentation templates
  • Create reports


  • Too many cookies


  • Trial: Free
  • Plan 1: $58.8/month
  • Plan 2: $118.8/month
  • Plan 3: $274.8/month
  • Plan 4: $838.8/month
  • Plan 5: $1,318.8/month

Visit: GeoOp

The Verdict

Finally, you can get the most powerful and experienced Field Service Management applications from the list to save your time for work-management. Multiple teams work together on a single platform to perform various tasks together and will understandably get progress data. Scheduling capabilities allow admins to manage tasks, projects, and the team works according to specific schedules.

They can prepare job router and monitor teams and individuals. These programs help users to create bills and invoices in efficient manners. These programs offer many templates to save time. A person can make professional statements and export his information to spreadsheets for later use.

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