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The calculation in nowadays is not only linked with counting the stuff and simply multiplying or dividing them. The level of the stuff that needs to be solved via different logical calculations is increasing day by day. An individual despite possessing remarkable abilities is not that much competent that he or she can do such calculations in real time without any guidance or direction. Even the middle and high school students do not require the standard arthematic operation based calculator as their level is upgraded too and they will never go for the less than the scientific calculator, that allow them to do a lot more different kinds of calculations and operations. In the fields of programming, statistics, finance, engineering, etc. the people need to perform varies in depth and complex calculations based on totally different concepts. In the near past, the high ended calculators were quite expensive that are used by scientists and engineers for their work. No everyone can afford them still as they are not provided to everyone. All of the leading technology work needs to be done with more ease and convenience rather than making the things more difficult and complex. For this purpose, there is a gigantic variety of top notch calculator apps on the iOS that the users can use for performing all their desired functions and operations with initiative interfaces. Best of such apps are listed down below.

1. Kalkulilo (scientific calculator)

Kalkulilo is a pure masterclass astonishing calculator app for iOS based devices. This app is complete and bewildering scientific calculator app that possesses every basic and essential feature in it that has to be present in a top notch calculator app. The best and most prominent feature of the app that is mostly of concern is its simple and easy controls, which let every sort of user to use the app with maximum ease and comfort without any further complexities. This tremendous potential scientific calculator app possesses various modes of usage and can be selected by the users according to their requirement and preference. The users can perform the basic algebra and arithmetic functions with an immense digit and variable support too. Other features of the app include the trigonometry ratios, roots, logarithm, power and many more others too. The users can use this amazing calculator app for dealing with geometry and graphs as well. One the same time by simply changing the modes, this scientific calculator app can be converted into a master statistical calculator and can be used to calculate the median, mode, mean variance, range, standard deviation, quintal values and many more other things too. The app is developed and proposed by Alexander Clauss. It is available in the Apple App Store for free and can be download on the iPhone and iPad.



2. Calcbot — The Intelligent Calculator and Unit Converter

Calcbot is another bewildering and astounding calculator app that is already quite famous among the iOS users. The app is referred as one of the most accurate and intelligent calculator apps that possess some real master class sheer brilliance and utter smartness. The powerful setup and solid engine of the app assure not only its intelligence but also the remarkable smooth efficient working and stream less performance. The app is ranked among some few calculator apps that are worth having on the iOS devices. Hundreds of users that are using this app already in various parts of the world, they are quite happy and satisfied with the quality and features of the app. The app until now is quite successful in managing its users to replace this calculator app from their native and pre-installed calculator apps. This splendid calculator app is developed and published under the flag of Tapbots. Already being multiple functionality calculator apps providing various modes of calculations, this app even refers to work as a complete and accurate unit converter as well. So the users no need to run for any other app for converting the units as they can convert whatever they want by simply using this calculator app. Prominent features of the app include the history mode and expression view. History mode of the app shows the previously done calculations that are automatically saved by the app making it much more convenient and handy. The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is freely present on the Apple App store.

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3. Calculator +

Calculator + is a simple and multiple functionalities based a real gem calculator app for iOS. This astoundingly outstanding calculator app simplifies the things and makes it look easier than ever. The users from all over the world using various kind of calculator apps on their smart devices and gadgets do suffer from the inconvenience. That inconvenience is mostly related to the complexity of the controls and features of the app. Despite getting simple and initiative, many top rated apps are having such a complex and saturated interface and control panel that a common daily life user is quite shocked and does not even dare to calculate using them as they seen more than intricate. But this astoundingly simple calculator app with crystal clear display and a very user-friendly easy to use interface makes things a lot better for every kind of user. Being simple does not refer to the lack of quality, but it to refer to the convenience and expediency. Overall outlook and the control panel of the app is quite attractive, and alluring supported with colorful themes. This elegant calculator app is designed and developed as a product of The vendors of the app believe in the tidiness of the work along with quality. Along with the Apple Watch support, this calculator app is compatible with all iOS devices and the users can download it for free from the Apple App store.


4. Math 42

Math as the subject is hated by almost every student in the middle and high school. Some even hate it and avoid it after their schools as well. We have seen a gigantic variety of college students even, who keeps on complaining about the math another subject that relates to it. Most students struggle with this outstanding and important subject due to their weak basic concepts and other because they are not able to relate it to real life. But no more hitting and running from the Math as this astounding and master quality app will teach you the basics of math and let you stand out as a shining star in mathematics. The app is already helping thousands of students from all around the globe in understanding the concepts of math. No need to hire a private tutor and pay him that serious amount of money, as the students have their private math tutor 24/7 in their hands and pockets. Math 42 is one of the most trusted learning apps that has been used by more than 22,00,000 students including the middle school, high school, and even the college ones. This app enables the users to learn the concepts in an initiative way and provide them a simple step by step approach towards the formulas and rules. The app has smart calculator inside it that accurately answers the user’s queries. This must have app is free of cost available on the Apple App Store and is compatible with all sort of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and even iPod Touch.


5. Calzy – The Smart Calculator

Calzy is another amazingly talented and master quality possessing calculator app for the iOS. The app is already quite famous among the worldwide iOS users. It has thousands of downloads and updates from the time of its launch, and it is still in demand widely. The app has modernized controlling options and optimized attractive outlook that is specifically designed for the iOS-based devices, and it looks amazing and provides master quality experience when using it on the iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. The compatibility and the device support of the app are quite extreme and immense that it works the iOS devices with such indulge support. It looks like that is a native calculator app of iOS and is pre-installed on your iOS devices. Apart from the features and easy controls that are handy enough for daily life use, the best and most prominent feature of the app is its overall setup and outlook. As the iOS version gets an upgrade with the latest update, the app also upgrades its user interface and outlook to look best with the new updated version. The app is one of the most rapid calculating apps that enables the users to calculate their desire stuff and that too in their desire mode just on the single go. The app costs $1.99 on the Apple App Store for iOS-based devices including iPhone and iPad.

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6. Calculator³

Looking for a real master quality calculator app that possesses some real multiple functionalities apart from the fake and gimmicky features. Then this is the app that you all you should defiantly consider. Calculator³ is an amazing and bewildering 3 in 1 sort of multiple functionality based calculator app for iOS devices. The users are now able to perform a variety of different kinds of calculations whatever they want by simply using this one app. This calculator has the full-fledged power of 3 different calculators, all of them are merged to form this single calculator. The best thing about the app is that the users who are only concerned about a single kind of calculator can avoid the complexities of other two and can use that with ease and full comfortable support. The scientific, graphing and programmers calculators all are present inside this single master blaster app. The app is developed and proposed by VARIANTE. The app has equipped with all the latest widget support system, and the notifications are now also available. The users can use the app on their Apple watches now using the RPN mode, as this astounding 3 in 1 calculator app is completely compatible with all kinds of iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod Touch.


7. powerOne Finance Pro Calculator

powerOne Finance Pro Calculator is another amazing and multiple functionality based calculator app that possesses some real quality based sheer brilliance and utters splendid smartness. Calculating the stuff on the iOS devices was never that much simple and easy as made by this marvelous calculator app. As from the name of the app, it is quite displayable that the app is a powerful blend of various kinds of useful calculating techniques. The app enables the users to calculate their all sorts of real estate dealings. Detailed business based calculations and financial tactical calculations are also completely supported by the app, making it quite simple and easy for the users to use only one single app for performing various functions. The app is already used by thousands of iOS users all around the globe and has won many performance based appreciation letters and awards. It is developed and proposed as a product of Infinity Softworks. On the other hand, the app can be used by the common daily life users for doing simple daily based algebraic and various another kind of calculations as the app provides the ability to do free 400 calculations. The app costs $4.99 which is a bit higher as compared to rest similar sort of calculator apps but by its working and experience, it worth.


8. Digits, the calculator for humans

Now is the turn of my personal favorite calculator app for the iOS. Digits is a remarkable, tremendously potential and amazing multiple functionality based calculator apps that are loved by millions all around the world. The app is not only my favorite, but it is loved by millions of iOS users all around the world, who are so much inspired by the supreme master quality of the app and highly recommend to other iOS users as well. Despite getting myself biased, let us discuss the superior features of the calculator app. As the slogan after the name of the app states, it is the calculator for humans, the app is similarly intelligent and smart as the humans and provides them the maximum level of support regarding doing multiple calculations at the same time. If two different persons are accessing the app on one single device and want to use the app for different kind of calculations, this outstanding app provides them the multiple usage facilities and display the real time fast and accurate results of the calculations and queries demanded by both. The app is developed and published under the flag of Shift Inc. Simple swiping and tapping gestures enable the users to simply perform the functions more accurately in the best possible way. Air print facility enables the users to attach the app directly and wirelessly to the printer and take out the prints of their operations and calculations done via this app. The app costs $3.99 on the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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9. PCalc – The Best Calculator

If you are looking for a real beast regarding calculator apps that works seamlessly fast, accurate and should be able to perform multiple functions and works on a variety of different modes, then this is the only app that stands out in front. PCalc without any doubt and ambiguities is the best calculator app on the iOS platform. The app despite being too much costly as compared to all the rest calculator apps, is used by thousands of iOS users all around the globe that does not compromise on quality at all. The best thing about the app is its massive support and immense multiple functionalities that it can be used by anyone belonging from any profession to do their field related calculations as the app has everything in it to offer. It is already the first and utmost choice of the famous scientists, engineers, programmers and even for the students. Everyone even the common user that wants a simple app for short daily based calculations can also use the app with maximum ease. The app despite offering a lot much is not complex in nature at all, and the initiative pure amazing design and outlook of the app makes calculating more simple, easy and convenient. The app is developed and proposed by TLA Systems Ltd. It costs $9.99 on the Apple App Store and is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even Apple Watch.


10. The Calculator Free

It is the most simple and most widely used calculator app on the iOS. The Calculator Free is a simple and powerful calculating app that allows the users to perform multiple calculations based upon different modes using this initiative app. Many people out there will surely be confused about this app as it is quite similar to the native iOS calculator app that is pre-installed on all devices. The look and interface of the app are quite similar to the one that Apple offers, but it possesses some quite smart and enhanced functions that differentiate between both of them by functionality. The user interface of the app resemble a lot to the native Android calculator, and the user who is switched from Android to iOS in the near past are preferring this astounding calculator app for their daily lives calculation purposes. The app is developed and proposed by International Travel Weather Calculator. The app is a devastating blend, or we can say the combination of two different kinds of calculators. It totally depends on upon the users own requirement and preference that which kind of calculator they want to use either the standard one of the scientific one. The app is free of cost available on the Apple App store, and the users can download it for any of the Apple iOS based devices.


11. Tydlig – Calculator Reimagined

Tydlig is a modernized formed calculator app that will surely change your concept of the regular and traditional calculators. As the technology is touching the high skies of glory and is in the process of creating a legacy of success, why the calculators should remain as simple and ugly looking as there are from many years now. The calculator apps that are used on the devices are simple and possess the same design and form, whereas the devices are improving and changing every day. But thanks to this pioneer calculator app for setting up an example as it has introduced a new and attractive way of how the calculators should look. The new look of the calculator as compared with the traditional ones is quite glossy, glooming and alluring; the users will surely get attracted to it on the first glance, and it would be quite fun calculating via this app. Many other calculator apps that are in the progress of development found this app setting a new trend and are following it trying a whole new and different things. With the high-resolution retina display of the modern iOS devices, this calculator app looks great and attractive. It suits a lot better as compare to all the rest calculator apps with simple and traditional design and user interface. The app costs $1.99 on the Apple App store, and it supports all iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.


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