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Every business comprises contracts, but it is difficult to keep an eye on an agreement that are months or years old when daily projects demand instant attention. It was difficult to manage different contracts manually. For such a problem, many applications are designed which can help you for your contracts. These programs are known as Contract Management Software. You can find downloaded applications or online programs according to your choice. However, it is efficient to use online contract management program for your job. In this way, you can access your contacts from anywhere and any device. You can perform all necessary tasks online such as add or delete contracts, get email alerts related to each contract, upload documents for each contract and add parties to work.

1. Avaima

Avaima is an online application that offers multiple business programs that you can run in the cloud. Contract Management is one of the best programs you can access from Avaima. The free Contract Management tool allows you to manage up to 10 contracts. Add a contract and get email messages about the contract. The application can maintain the history of the contracts. At the start, create a free account with the website and add a program of Contract Management. Then start adding contracts and store basic information about each contract. Set terms of the contract, set contract starting date, contract ending date, contract currency, witness, email, user, and more. The program sends you email alerts based on the dates you insert. Reporting feature helps you to view a complete summary of the contracts, along with expiration date. Organize your contracts in different categories and search for contracts on renewal or expiration date. Overall, it is a basic tool for online contract management with no advanced features.

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2. ContractLive

ContractLive is a free online web application specially created for contract management. It comprises both free and paid versions. However, the free version is good enough for your work. It allows you to add up to 5 contracts and use some interesting features for your work. You can sign contracts digitally and can add all the parties that are participants of the contract. The program will get the digital signature of all parties. You can collaborate on the contracts online and work with multiple people on a contract together. It well sends you email alerts related to your contracts. ContractLive maintains a various version of the contract, allowing you to add contracts in multiple categories. The application furnishes status of the contracts such as draft or executed. All in all, ContractLive is a nice program for managing contracts online. To start working, you have to create a free account ContractLive website and to add highest five contracts to the list.


3. Cloudtract

Cloudtract Contract Management is easy to use program for online contract management. The completely free program helps you to add an unlimited number of contracts and manage your contracts online. Create contracts and upload their related digital documents. You can upload up to 10 files per contract. The application will alert you when the contracts are about to expire. This cloud base program provides contract alert, a storage platform, and administration features. To work with Cloudtract, first, create a free account and insert the details of your contracts. Add traditional details such as contract value, contract category, notice period, start and end date. The security feature is part of it which helps you to set users to whom the contract is visible. Set up numerous users in your contract and individually control the visibility of each contract. All the data present on your computer and Cloudtrack server is encrypted. Apply different types of settings such as add or delete users as per requirement.

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4. WhyAbe

WhyAbe is a fully fledged free e-sourcing program. Online Contract Management is one of its modules. WhyAbe provides two types of user accounts. For Suppliers and Buyers. First of all, you have to create a free account on WhyAbe. You have the possibility to upload many contract files for the same contract. Add a description, commitment notes and auto re-new terms to the contract. Easily manage your important contracts through the website. The program offers email alerts service for expiring contracts. You can export contract list and can manage contract categories easily. Set up email alerts, owners list, suppliers list, and reviewers’ lists. The interface of WhyAbe is simplistic and easy to understand. This online page provides many other modules, including Quotes/Bids, Account Management, and RFX Events.


5. ContractLogix.com

ContractLogix.com is an online source which provides much important application such as Customer Centric Service, Contract Management Software and Market Leading Solution. Contract Management program is the important tool for the people who want to manage contracts in an easy way. You can efficiently and proactively manage contracts using best-in-class contract management solutions. It comprises highly experienced professional services team to help you for making smarter decisions.

6. Contract Alert

Contract Alert is online source program that can simplify your contract management. You can receive email alerts of expiry dates and other contract deliverable deadlines. By adding deadlines to a contract, it will inform you of the next step in the procedure to streamline your tasks automatically. You can share access to latest contracts and updates with your team. It shows all the changes to a contract on the user dashboard. A role-based access control helps you to restrict access to program options and contracts. Insert scanned files to the contracts so that relevant data is present in your database. Grant “read-only” access and enable on the contract level what information is accessible such as documents of a contract or financial information.

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7. Intelligentcontract.com

Intelligentcontract.com is a web project designed to help you for managing your contracts online. You can easily support your organization with renewal management. You can simply contract management process and share contracts with the people you need. Place everything in one place, so you can get information anytime using any device. Get information about agreements which are active, expired or due. Access a secure platform of information that everyone can access.

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