13 Best Free Computer Spy Software for Windows

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With the increase of businesses, the number of employees has also increased, which is good to stabilize the economy. Many companies are just a startup, and it is hard to keep track of the activates, if the productivity will go low, the first thing the employers do is to take the anger out on all employees who are not fair to those who come on time and do their work honestly.

Employee monitoring has become necessary in all types of organizations, whether it is a small or corporate company. To maintain productivity, employers have to focus on improving the employee’s behavior, and they can’t focus on that factor alone and ignore other significant responsibilities.

There is software that tracks the employee in the working hours and determines who is being productive and who is using company resources for personal gain. These programs mostly work on Windows operating system and offer features like PC monitoring, real-time screen recording, filtering the websites, provide organization productivity analysis, email screening, and many other functionalities.


This software comes handy when you give kids’ access to PC, and you are not there to watch over the type of web searches they do or what kind of games they play, these programs can restrict certain websites, view history, and much more.

Best Free Computer Spy Software for Windows

Here is a list of most simple-interfaced computer spy software.

1. SpyTech’s SpyAgent

SpyAgent is spying software that has been around for quite some time and a product of SpyTech Inc. This software is used to monitor the activities of your employees and kids. This tool works in stealth mode, so the person you are monitoring has no idea that he is being watched.


The interface of this software is docked with features and provides a constructive layout of the menu, which consists of 15 different modules. It can spy computer usage and internet activity. With SpyAgent you can control your kids’ internet activity and at the same time, allow them to surf for fun and productive things. You can also review the transcripts of sent and received emails, and can review a conversation or activity on social media.

Adjusting filters settings, activating the program at a particular time, various reporting capabilities, downloading the reports are some of the many features of this software. SpyAgent comes with a purchase and a license to monitor the systems.

2. SurveilStar

SurveilStar is a monitoring software used to monitor the activity of employees or kids with the limit of programmed policies. The high-quality featured of the software is that it allows the user to monitor the systems invisibly and provide a remote control feature for direct access. The users can watch real-time screen snapshots and activity of every employee system and web surfing.

The tools of this software are easy to use and embedded in the interface, and GUI provides a simple look at the program. The features SurveilStar offers are a user-friendly interface, access from multiple devices, detect insider threats and maximize the overall work productivity, screen playback, monitoring social chats and activates, file printing, computer maintenance, and many more.

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3. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a software that provides service of a spy monitoring functionalities. To track your employee’s computers and to see what they have been doing in their work hours. For performance evaluation, it is the best software because it allows you to monitor multiple systems at one time and provide a detailed report regarding users’ activity.

It offers impressive features like capturing screenshot from your remote workstation, use image redaction tools so you can keep the report professional and private, real-time monitoring aspect, provide detailed information on the web or system usage.

It also protects and restricts the access to unsecured websites and software, graphical representation of data and use of ActiveDirectory, and many more features. The best part of ActivTrak is that all the data collected is automatically stored on the Amazon Cloud.

4. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy, as the name suggests a standalone software that provides a monitoring function. It is one of the advanced software in the category of monitoring software, and the main function of this program is that it is invisible and cannot track. Users can easily monitor employees and kids to see their activity on websites and systems.

The software has much to offer, including spying, tracking, remote monitoring, reviewing chats of social media, and remote control. The stealth mode works perfectly, and the employees or the kids do not have any idea what they are being watched. With an intuitive interface and structured design of software, the feature it includes is listening to live surroundings because the employer has remote access, which activates the cell phone microphone.

It also offers excellent cell phone monitoring, live screen sharing, and view live visuals by the spy camera app and uploading the information on TheOneSpy user control panel.

5. SniperSpy

SniperSpy is computer software that provides the user with the tools to monitor kids’ and employees’ computers so you can see what is happening on the computers and how can you increase the performance and productivity. You can watch the work they have been doing, have the transcript of the outgoing and incoming emails.

The software offers many features that have almost all the tools you required to set the company performance right on track. Taking screenshots, sharing the live screen, reviewing reports in different formats.

The monitoring software includes easy installation, friendly user-interface, online control panel to view the logs, checking social media activities and filtering the websites, blocking the shady sites, and many other features. These features come with the free version, with the paid version you get additional functions.

6. Teramind

Teramind is an employee spying software for various operating systems. It includes user activity monitoring, data loss prevention, and user behavior analytics. All these aspects provide sophisticated and invisible software that is hard to track and provide multiple features in fulfilling its task.

The platform is customizable, which gives an edge to user experience. Its exclusive feature of workforce productivity optimization helps you in getting a clear report of the activities going among employees, so the employer has the factual data to improve productivity and grow the business.

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The intuitive interface of this program is another cutting-edge function of Teramind, which also includes, data analysis, remote desktop control, file tracking, history playback, keystroke logger, live view, automate behavior rules, instant message monitoring, and many other features.

7. CleverControl

CleverControl is a spy monitoring software that track, spy, and report the employees and kids computers, so the user has every information and knowledge of what is going on their systems and what websites are visited. It is a useful instrument for businesses allowing full computer monitoring of employees. Easy download, easy installation, and registration are required to get this program working.

The interface of the program has a simple yet attractive design. The core features of CleverControl include activity monitoring, browsing history, email monitoring, keystroke recording, productive analysis, screen activity recording, and time and attendance. The detailed review of reports and data access from any remote place gives good ratings to this software.

8. Employee Trail

Employee Trail is an employee tracking software providing multiple features and easy navigation of tools and controls. It is a Windows operating software designed to keep tabs on the employee or kids’ computer activities, the type of work they do, and searches they do online. It is an essential tool for companies to manage their productivity, it allows control over the employee’s systems without getting detected, provide a communication tool, and report generating based on the work.

Employee Trail tracks activity, alert management, instant activity transparency, software metering, risk scoring, digital asset management, work comparison, organizational efficiency, analyzes workflow, and many other functions to improve the work and get progress. Employee Trail offers three packages free, essential, and advanced.

9. Veriato

Veriato, a spy monitoring software that provides a full-function system to monitor and track the performance of the employees and get you a better understanding of the work which conducts under your command as an employer. It is loaded with feature and provide any solutions to various problems. It maximizes the work productivity, builds a performance report, eliminates risky and inappropriate use of the internet, investigates suspicious activity, protects the data against theft and corruption, monitors remote workers accurately, and much more.

The data representation of the program is well-structured and provide a simple way to explain the stats. Veriato can record anything and everything from chats messages and online searches to apps used and uploads and downloads. It has a simplified deployment and management system which gives ROI and day to day operational impact reports.

10. WebWatcher

WebWatcher is a computer program that offers services and tools to monitor and spy your employee systems. It is also suitable for kids. You can restrict websites they should not visit and can watch what they have been doing. This software works on almost all operating systems and compatible with smartphones.

You can review all recorded data of your employees, which highlights only items identified as risky behavior. It helps you become aware of digital scams by providing you features that search, update, and alert you of data leakage, cyberbullying, inappropriate behavior, suicide prevention, sexual content, etc.

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The platform of WebWatcher is comprehensive, and its core functions split into two categories, system monitoring features and smartphone monitoring features. System monitoring features include Emails checking, view browser history, typed keystrokes, social networking activity, peer-to-peer activity, and much more. Smartphone monitoring features offer reading incoming messages, viewing call history, GPS tracking, photo gallery review, and various more.

11. iMonitor EAM

iMonitor EAM, an activity tracker program, designed to track and monitor workflow of employees and spy if people are trying to affect your productivity or harm any data. The software design has capabilities that can watch thousands of computers under just one server. It follows the employee computer in real-time so you can administer action in case of any disturbance. The interface is filled with constructive menus and various graphs to show performance and the productivity graph of single and multiple employees.

The core features of iMonitor EAM consist of online monitoring, PC tracking, live remote control, real-time alerts, filtering and blocking, password protection, asset auditing, database backup, stealth mode, and many more features. iMonitor’s trial version lasts for 30 days, and the paid versions have many varieties according to the company’s nature.

12. InterGuard

InterGuard is an employee monitoring software that tracks the PC and website activates of your employees. It is a tool that protects against threats like who is accessing the company’s secure files or participating in risky activities. It provides alerts of data loss, user risk, and remote incident response.

By managing remote workers, you can know who is loyal to the company and who is not working to its full potential. The program also offers an investigation module to get proofs in need to respond to complaints, satisfy the auditor, session recording, and screenshots provide suspicious activity as it was being carried out on the employees’ desktop.

The web filtering feature has different rules of engagement, it blocks certain websites and sends the data in report form to the employer, InterGuard also provides service of agent-based solution that gives cloud-based control over employer’s endpoint. It also creates a user and group-based policies to ensure each employee has access to sites they need to complete their task.

13. Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a spy monitoring software to keep the log of employees’ PC, and web activates. It also helps you keep an eye on kids’ activities, and records live motions, live screen recording, restricting some websites that do not have acceptable content for kids. This software has a straightforward interface and provides direct interaction with its users.

Work Examiner features offer website tracking, screenshot capturing, web filtering, PC tracking, instant messaging, current activity, email transcription reporting, keylogging, and a real-time monitor displaying without getting detected and many other amazing features. Work Examiner works in stealth mode, so employees don’t get a hint of it and give you alerts when there is any threat is detected.

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