10 Best Medical Billing Software

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As a Medical Professional, when you are running your clinical work online, and you have to manage many appointments and deal with numerous patients, then, it is difficult for you to manage tasks related to billing and invoicing and get paid on time.

You need a specific system for managing all such tasks accurately and effectively. Many online companies are providing solutions for billing and invoicing problems.

What is Medical Billing Software?

Specific platforms designed to solve payment and billing processes are known as Medical Billing Software. Medical professionals can communicate with patients online, send bills online, and get payments on time.


These applications handle all such tasks automatically, helping doctors to concentrate on essential tasks. They can manage inventory, monitory monthly billing records, and get revenue details from a single platform.

Best Medical Billing Software

Here is the list of Best Medical Billing Software that is providing all necessary tools for billing and payment procedures.

1. EpicCare EMR

EpicCare EMR is an agile platform that provides useful tools for taking care of patients with MyChart. Use online scheduling to get more prospective patients. Patients can get details of health information using the Mychart tool. The program allows patients to attend e-visits, schedule appointments, send messages to doctors, and complete questionnaires.


Patients can review schedules, connect with the care team, request help, and get personalized education materials. Work with pre-built content to only focus on your work. The program provides high quality and safe care, increases productivity, helps physicians thrive, and allows doctors to incorporate findings into clinical care and conduct independent.


  • Productivity
  • Discovery


  • High-quality care
  • Revenue cycle


  • Customer support is not user friendly

Visit: EpicCare EMR

2. Nextech Practice

Nextech Practice is delivering innovative solutions for telehealth, remote access, health & safety, and patient management. The application includes tools for dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, and ophthalmology. Patient management tools help to increase patient/doctor relationships and promote foster communication. Revenue cycle management features assist in increasing reimbursement rates and making business decisions.

You can optimize processes and control workflow using practice management tools. They can perform tasks related to scheduling, billing, and patient records. Get distinctive charting preferences and individual workflow using customizable EMR solutions. Get more solutions regarding dermatology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology.


  • Practice management
  • Patient management


  • Revenue management
  • EMR


  • Complicated progress notes
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  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: Nextech Practice

3. 75Health

75Health is a web-based secure, fast, and efficient EHR solution that uses an intelligent system for helping doctors and simplifying their working. Use improving technology for managing electronic medical records and maintain personal health records using digital record management tools. Work with medical practice management tools for managing the workflow of various clinicians in medical organizations.

The program is providing services to 35,700 medical professionals in more than 100 countries. Doctors can communicate with patients and keep details of patients’ records. They can fix and schedule appointments and provides error-free electronic prescriptions. They can instantly manage billing details for assisting medical professionals. Access the service on your smartphone to view records anytime, anywhere.


  • E-Prescribing
  • Billing


  • Appointments
  • Health records


  • Many steps for inserting records


  • Trial: Free

Visit: 75Health

4. eClinicalWorks PM

eClinicalWorks PM is a simple application providing the quality of an in-office visit to your patients remotely. It uses innovation and leading-edge technology for controlling every aspect of patient care, like checking in and scheduling through documentation, billing, prescribing labs, and follow-ups. It includes hospital interoperability using care quality and common well nationwide networks. eClincalWorks virtual assistant is part of it providing help to patients remotely.

Besides, it is available anywhere, anytime, on any device, and gives in-place editing, enhance prescribing of controlled substances, compliance dashboards, and patient safety. It consists of tools for promoting deeper involvement and increasing patients’ access to healthcare. For active patient engagement, it facilitates messenger campaigns and patient portal.


  • Messenger campaigns
  • Healthcare


  • Virtual Assistant
  • Compliance dashboards


  • Outsourced customer support


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Call the provider

Visit: eClinicalWorks PM

5. CollaborateMD PMS

CollaborateMD PMS is a cloud-based platform useful to create custom reports or run standard reports efficiently. The program provides institutional and professional billing and unlimited eClaims. It includes RVU & facility reporting, more than 125 reports, and dashboard analytics. Capture real-time data, streamline workflow, and eliminate duplicate data entry. The program proudly offers unlimited updates and upgrades, online training videos & on-demand support, unlimited users, and security.

It will optimize your financial and clinical workflow in no time. It combines the power and speed of a server-based system with the flexibility and convenience of a browser-based platform. Many communication outlets are there like live chat, knowledgebase center, training video, secure messaging systems, and wiki-based resources.

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  • Innovative technology
  • Security


  • Unlimited Updates and Upgrades
  • affordability


  • Uni-directional Interface


  • Starter: Get quote
  • Basic: Get quote
  • Growth: Get quote
  • Unlimited: Get quote

Visit: CollaborateMD PMS

6. Practice EHR

Practice EHR is a number one medical billing cloud-based solution that offers automated and integrated billing and expert RCM services. You can manage patient care and make notes with few clicks using the EHR system. A fully integrated billing system helps you to get paid on time and submit claims automatically. For running financial success, it is offering revenue cycle management services.

The system homepage “Dashboard” is the place to view complete Practice by displaying statistics of different performance indicators. It gives details in a graphical or tabular view to analyze the whole Practice quickly. You can access pending lab results and incoming messages instantly. Besides, access patients in the office, upcoming appointments, and notes in progress.


  • Access pending lab results
  • Single Dashboard


  • Billing system
  • RCM


  • Takes time


  • Trial: Free
  • EHR: $149/month/provider
  • EHR+PM: $248/month/provider

Visit: Practice EHR

7. AllegianceMD

AllegianceMD is a fast billing solution, practice management, EHR, and patient portal platform for facilitating medical professionals. EHR tool offers electronic fax, evidence-based clinical knowledge, lab interface, immunization interface, medical calculator, and telemedicine software. For engaging patients, it provides online scheduling, appointment reminder, patient education, patient portal, and self-service kiosk.

The app also offers tools for practice management like automatic eligibility checking, appeal and denial management, billing, electronic claims, credit card processing, claim to scrub, and clearinghouse. You can customize lab ordering tasks like sending orders and getting results quickly to follow up. You can view summary sheets, phone encounters, chart notes, lab results, and messages.


  • TeleMedicine
  • Electronic Prescription


  • Immunization Reporting
  • Machine Learning Algorithm


  • High prices


  • Trial: Free
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: AllegianceMD


BFLOW is an HME business management program for getting insights, automating everything, and collecting more revenue. It includes all tools and forms for better cash flow. The program offers features for patient billing, B2B invoicing, insurance billing, and retail POS. use multichannel billing to simplify your payment tasks. You can access all diagnoses, insurances, medical documentation, and notes accurately at the time of billing.

The program has a comprehensive automated cash system for identifying denials, applying for payments, and crossing over secondary claims. It gives customizable accounting, equipment, inventory, and payment reports for predicting revenue and tracking assets. Besides, you can track inventory and maintain scheduling and documentation.

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  • Inventory tracking
  • Revenue cycle management


  • B2B Invoicing
  • Document management


  • Lack of communication


  • Kayak: $85/user/month
  • Sailboat: $110/user/month
  • Yacht: $140/user/month
  • Ship: $165/user/month

Visit: BFLOW

9. Insta HMS

Insta HM is a clinic and hospital management application for assisting speciality clinics, hospitals, and health care centers. They can optimize productivity, make revenue, reduce inventory leakages, and streamline tasks. For outpatient management, it provides billing & collection, patient registration, outpatient reports, and appointment reminders. You can get results trend reporting and inventory control for Lab Reagents, Xray Films, or other consumables.

It will alerts patients about results and schedule appointments. This platform contains tools for nurse activity monitoring, surgery scheduling, discharge management, bed allocation, and vitals capturing & diet plans. You can make reports, add patient survey results, and generate templates for survey forms of patients.


  • Patient Surveys
  • Maintenance Management


  • Insurance Management
  • Inventory Management


  • Limited integrations


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Quote-based

Visit: Insta HMS

10. Medicare Enterprise Package

Medicare Enterprise Package is a complete platform form managing the Medicare revenue cycle. It provides detailed analytics and reporting to get an insight into the billing process. It offers actionable data on ADRs, RTP claims, claims paid, eligibility, days in A/R. Updating claims is a natural process, and your team can correct many claims in a short time.

Use a comprehensive eligibility report to correct data discrepancies like incorrect MBI numbers, misspelled names, and DOB on the spot. You can view essential patient details like preventative services and advantage plans. The application helps you to get paid faster, count on revenue integrity, change manual tasks with proven workflows, use relevant data insights, and collect the Medicare full payments.


  • Eligibility Verification
  • Claims correction


  • Secure connection
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Difficulty in downloading

Visit: Medicare Enterprise Package

The Verdict

These top ten Medical Billing Software are providing many other essential tools to facilitate medical professionals. They can schedule appointments, check patients remotely using communication tools, track revenue processes, and monitor progress.

They can generate customized invoices to send to their patients and work with templates for creating reports. They can take care of patients, view their diagnoses reports, and manage the tasks of other medical staff.

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