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2-Dimensional Animation is the traditional way of creating videos from images. Due to the latest technology, 3-D animation has been replaced 2-Dimension Animation. In stop motion animation, you have to edit or clip into numerous frames to improve the FPS ratio and quality.

Initially, in the animation industry, cartoonists were developing the content by capturing or drawing thousands of photos and combining them under various video capturing techniques. This process was done manually at that time, but now some frame editing and stop motion software can do this work automatically.

What is Stop Motion Software?

Stop Motion Software is designed to facilitate the animator and 3D content creators to combine all the frames in a continuous manner to develop video and movies. They have the ability to render the full effects and make unique content from scratch.


It offers you a vast character library with instance color-changing tools. This way, you can design new characters by slightly changing their appearances. You can export frames from other platforms and convert your drawings into editable frames.

6 Best Stop Motion Software

Keeping in view users’ demands and expertise, 6 of the best stop motion software are presented in this article, along with features, pros, and cons. This way, you can opt for the most optimum software for your personal use based on your amination needs.

1. Purple Elephant

Purple Elephant is an open-source software program that enables you to compose, edit, test, and play traditional 2D animations. It allows you to add multiple layers for each frame and utilizes them in animations. It has the facility to create stop motion animation by uploading pictures from your system with music or sound.


You can work with this application using a simple procedure and understandable tools. First, add photos in the animation frames. Then, it will allow you to add layers for each frame with music or sound for the animation. In addition, this program can set the frame rate of the animation.


Later, you can set the animation’s frame rate by using a frame rate adjuster in the bottom right corner of the interface. After that, you can play the animation by pushing the Play button. Overall it provides several handy tools for stop motion.


  • Layout Addition
  • 30 FPS Playback
  • Change Brush Color


  • Open Last Document
  • Export Current Frame
  • Loop Playback


  • No Live Support
  • Limited Platform Integration

2. JellyCam

JellyCam is a straightforward software program that facilitates you to create stop motion movies with the help of capturing frames, images, and sound files from your system. Using this program, you can create a physically manipulated object that appears to move independently.

You can easily create stop-motion movies with the aid of a webcam or a bunch of pictures. It helps you make films by turning on the webcam and loading or filming images. It allows you to save files as JellyCam projects or convert them to video files. The program has a small interface that is easy to figure out by users of all types.

JellyCam offers support for all types of photo formats like PNG, GIF, and JPEG. Moreover, this program enables you to duplicate or reverse the created frames to create specific effects. Later, you can edit the animated films at any time and watch them view precisely how they progressed.


  • Stop Motion Movie
  • Clip Editing
  • Tool Library


  • Time Frame Customization
  • drag and Drop Frame


  • No Developer Support
  • Outdated Features

3. SharpAnimator

SharpAnimator is a user-friendly software program that enables users to create animations with the help of a webcam. It is a handy and easy-to-use animation program that uses stop motion to make traditional 2D animation. You have the option to save the animation in AVI and GIF file formats.

Timed Snaps features are unique tools for capturing photos from the webcam at a specific time. It works with low computer resources and has a fast response time. So, you can create animation by capturing pictures from the webcam or uploading photos from the system. Moreover, it can set the frame rate and add music or sound to the animation.

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  • 2D Animation Tools
  • Customizationable Layouts
  • Material selection Library


  • Easy to Use
  • Simplistic Interface
  • Low Hardware Requirement


  • No AVi Format
  • Lacks Multiple Layer Formation

4. Stop Motion Animator

Stop Motion Animator is a comprehensive software developed to create stop motion videos. It has the ability to capture video through your webcam or any other digital or analog capture device. You can capture individual frames by pressing the “Grab” button. After finishing the video, you can save it as an AVI file.

You have the facility to set the number of frames the application will capture on each take and how many frames per second the animation video will show when played back. It enables you to choose the video capture device for working.

Moreover, you can adjust multiple parameters for optimal results like brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, and sharpness, among others. The user can choose what palette to use for capturing the video. You can apply various grades of transparency to the live images by changing the “onion skin level.”


  • Virtual Manipulation
  • Export Layer
  • Content Mirroring


  • Photographed Frames
  • Platform Integration


  • No Live Support
  • Expensive Paid Subscription

5. MonkeyJam

MonkeyJam is a compact program that is useful for capturing images from multiple devices and saving the streams to AVI file format. This program helps you capture pictures from scanners, webcams, camcorders, or other devices and separate frames.

In addition, you can preview the animation, import WAV or MP3 audio files, print the sheet, edit the exposure sheet by adjusting the timing option, cut, copy, paste or trash the chosen information, insert or delete frames, undo or redo your actions, add or delete layers, and edit the layer properties.

Moreover, the program allows the user to alter the FPS, choose the captured color, pick the layer color, and select the image format like BMP, JPEG, and PNG. You can save the created animations to AVI file format. You have the facility to protect the individual photographs to a file and preview that file in an exposure list.

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  • Save and Reload XSheet
  • Ten Level Drawing
  • Waveform Display


  • Export Sheet Driven Interface
  • Import MP3 Audio Files
  • Instant Preview


  • Require Advance Skills
  • No Layer Management

6. qStopMotion

qStopMotion is one of the best stop motion applications that help you create stop motion animation by capturing photos from the webcam and uploading images from the system. This program supports JPG, BMP, and TIFF image file formats. Furthermore, you can export the 2D animation in video format in your system.

In addition, it provides you the facility to save the animated video in AVI and MP4 video file formats having HD quality. The application has a multilingual interface like French, English, Dansk, German, and Svenska. To create a new stop motion video, open the program and create a new project.

First, add a scene in the project and then add pictures to the stage. You can add captured images from the webcam and later add them to the animation. After that, you can start playing the animation by pushing the Play button on its interface.


  • Stop Frame Animation
  • Layer Integration
  • Image Alignment


  • Structured Interface
  • Data rendering
  • Huge Character Library


  • No Community Base
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Lacks Creative tools


To sum up, you have briefly understood stop motion video and why the conventional ways were quite time-consuming and problematic. Stop Motion software has been immensely helpful for animators to design and edit 2D and 3D videos.

Six of the best software are discussed with their working methodology, advantages, and disadvantages to facilitate the reader understanding these platforms and selecting the most feasible one for their use. Based on the features offered by them, qstopmotion and moneyjam are the best high-end stop motion software.

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