Best Task Manager Apps for Android

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Usama Ali • Updated on Apr 18, 2023

Management is one of the biggest issue of wherever some process or work is going on in a formal way. Either we talk about any of the organization or company management has its own importance. Nowadays management is even given more attention as it has been introduced as whole new discipline of study and at every level there is a management department. When it comes to the management in machines and devices, we all are well aware of the disk management in computers. Where hard drive is divided into various parts, memory and space is managed in such a way that every application and program is provided their required space despite of effecting the overall CPU performance and functionality of a computer system. Similarly as it is the era of smart handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets the system working on it also needs to be managed. In Android operating system although there are preinstalled tools and features that are managing the system but still further assistance is required in terms of task management, memory clearing and killing unnecessary apps that are slowing down the whole device and sometimes resulting to get halt. In this list best task managing apps for Android are mentioned and the users can select from it the best suitable for them.

1. Zapper Task Killer & Manager

Zapper Task Killer & Manager is one of the finest and full of pure quality task manger app that manages all the tasks of the system on its own. The app is way much intelligent and still it is quite underdog. The app is developed and proposed by Lookout Mobile Security. Despite of being from a long time in the market this app is still having few thousands of users from all around the globe whereas the apps which are poor in quality as compare to this amazing app are exceeding and touching the million marks even. The only flaw of the app is that it is not proposed by any of the famous or well-known vendor. One big mistake of the vendor and the publishing company does while proposing the app was its publicity, that was almost zero and that’s why many of the people didn’t even know about such amazing and astounding app. The app possess a mastery engine it that it self-determine the working of the system running on a smartphone or tablet and never let it to be slow down or halt as it keeps on managing the files by deleting the junk and residual files and allocate the proper required space to every of the program so that they cannot disturb the overall functionality of the devices on which they are being run. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.



2. Super Task Killer-Fast Booster

Super Task Killer-Fast Booster is another handy and easy to use simple sort of task managing app that keep you aware of the CPU and GPU performance of your device and never let it slow down or hang. From its overall outlook and glossy attractive setup it seems to be a gimmick sort of stuff which does not possess any functionality in real, but that is a totally wrong concept. Despite being that much cartoonish this app possess all the basic and essential task managing tools in it that are present in the top notch apps. The user interface and overall outlook of the app is way much more attractive and it readily captures the attention of the users at their very first glance on the app and on the same time it is one of the most easy to use and convenient app for the users. Every kind of user belonging from any walk of life can easily start up the app and can use it with its way simple controls for managing the stuff on their respected devices. The app is developed and published under the flag of NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ). This app detects the battery life and its overall functionality status in real time and let the user aware of the apps or the programs which are draining more battery and help them to increase and boost up the battery life. It too can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.



3. Clean Master (Boost&Antivirus)

Clean Master is one of the oldest and most inspiring sort of pioneer app in term of task management and cleaning up the smart devices so that they can perform at the best. It is ranked among the pioneer apps that created the concept of task management on Android and created a pathway for others too that they also work on it and build similar sort of apps. The app has millions of satisfied and happy users from all around the globe and this number despite of the app being too old is increasing day by day and soon it will be doubled or even tripled. The app is ranked among the top class task management and memory boosting app of all times. The app was designed and released as a product of Cheetah Mobile. The vendors of the app are way much famous and well reputed in terms producing mastery task managing, security based, shielding related and device memory cleaning and boosting app. This app is surely their master product but they have produced many other quality based apps too that successfully makes to our list of best. The app never let he junk and residual files to slow down the device of the user as it keeps on removing the system junk and keeps on providing the space to the memory so that it can load more stuff without getting slow or halted. This app is too freely available for download on the Google Play store for Android based smartphones and devices.

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4. Greenify

Although from its name the app seems to be an app relating to the alluring sceneries or something like that but in terms of the apps one should definitely not go for the names of the app as they are a bit different and strange from their real meaning and functionality. But despite of its strange name this awesome and tremendous potential based task managing and memory boosting app ranks among the top class and best task managing app and possess hundreds and thousands of users from every part of the world who are way too much satisfied with the functionality of the app and are quite keen of using it. This amazing and astounding app is developed and published by Oasis Feng. Although the vendor of the app is not that much famous and well reputed but still the app manages to do outstand other competitive apps and retain its own top spot in the market. The app has way much simple functionality and basic control every sort of user belonging from any walk of life can use the app easily for managing the tasks on their smart devices. The app is way much intelligent and initiative on its own and the user just have to download it free of cost and install on their Android device and forget because from their it will manage everything on their own.


5. 360 Security – Antivirus Boost

Talking about this very app I am way much more emotional now as it is my own personal use app and I am in love with this app to hell. Outstanding quality based app it proved to be from the time I installed it on my devices. Once I got hanged my device and friend of mine recommended to use this app as the task manger, and from that day I am in peace and never ever faced any inconvenience related to my device getting slow down or halting. This beloved app and extraordinary potential based task managing app is developed and proposed as a product of 360 Mobile Security Limited. The vendor of the app got single night fame due to there this outstanding product. And from this app they never look back and keep on giving extraordinary and pure quality based apps that include the launcher apps, theme apps and many more others in their list. According to a survey this multiple functionality based antivirus and task management apps is used on more than 200 million devices which is a record in itself. The simple and some quite outstanding features of the app like one tap boosting, battery saving, cleaning up the phone from the residual and junk files and real antivirus detector and remover makes the app first priority for the smart device. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


6. CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

CM Security AppLock AntiVirus is another one of the famous and most widely used pure quality based app that never lets down the users and keeps their device running on the top speed by managing all the tasks and security functions on the priority basis. As I have mentioned above the pioneer Clean Master app, this app is the product of the similar vendor Cheetah Mobile and we can say a more improved and modernized form of task manager it is having more multiple functionality and equipped with the security responsibility too. The app has a real antivirus in it and astoundingly keeps the devices of the users safe from any internal and external viruses that are transmitted while surfing on the web or when connecting any other device with it. The app is completely handy and is compatible to all modern kind of devices that have various new and improved functions such as some devices in current time are including finger print scanning facility, this app supports that too and modifies itself according to the version of Android and on the type of device on which it is installed. The users from any part of the world can access the app free of cost from the Google Play store for Android.


7. Watchdog Task Manager

This outstanding and amazing quality task managing app is of different kind of functionality and involves more of the manual functionality but due to which it enables the users to monitor and track the memory very keenly and do not let shutting down of apps at once and that too randomly on its own as it is done in many of the similar sort of famous task managing apps. The vendor of the app Zomut, LLC finds out the flaw and lacks in other apps and then proposed this app with enhanced functionality that covers the flaws. There are many fake apps too who notify the users that they have managed the tasks and have shut down unimportant apps whereas they lack such smartness and does not perform any of the function and are just for the gimmick. This app is basically a revolutionizing app against the task killers, who despite of managing them well kills the task and free up the space as they are not that much capable of managing. The app does not have any of the attractive and colorful eye catching outlook and setup, it silently works in the back ground and keeps an eye on all the tasks and alerts the users before any of the app is causing disturbance or is not running well. This supreme quality app costs $3.66 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.

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8. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer or more commonly known as ATK is another quality based app that enables the device of the user to work on its best as it randomly on its own kill the unnecessary apps and the apps who are resulting to slow down the functionality of the device. The app is developed and released under the flag of ReChild. The vendor upon the success of this very app also introduced many other similar sort of task managing app but none of that app could beat this app and reach to that much success and glory. This app is too one of the most old and is in working from the very beginning when the Android operating system was introduced initially for the smart devices. That’s why it has such a regular colorless and way too much simple user interface and overall look that nowadays gives a rough and odd look. From the time it should have been improved but it is not. On the similar side in term of working and functionality the app is still a top notch pioneer app that kills the running apps and boost up the memory of the device. The app has two versions one is the free and other one is PRO and costs $5.00. Both of the versions can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


9. Smart Task Manager Pro

Smart Task Manager Pro is another outstanding and bewildering sort of overall system’s task managing app that quite smartly and with its intelligence let the device keep on running on its top level without getting halt or slow down. The app keeps on monitoring the apps and instantly aware the user if any of the app or program running inside the memory is causing problem and effecting the overall functionality of the device. The app does not itself or randomly kills and stops the app from working as it respect the user opinion and with the permission of the user it only kills and stop the apps that are of less importance as it works on the principle of preference and priority. The app is developed and proposed as a product of SmartWho. Despite of being that much easy to use and multiple functional the app has less customers as it deserved to be used by more. The only problem that I think is its dull outlook and setup which seems way much boring if compared to the modernized task managing app. The app has a free version and a PRO one with additional features that cost $3.50. Both of the versions can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


10. Apps-Killer

Although from the name this app seems to be from the family of assassins who are given the contract of killing the apps that are available on various stores but the scenario is not like that as it seems to be. This is a new and amazing sort of task managing app that does not itself manage the tasks directly by monitoring or scheduling but on the similar side it never ever let the system of the device to get slow down or halt due to any malfunctioning of the app as it will automatically kill that app who will result in disturbance. The app is basically designed for saving the time by killing unnecessary and unessential apps that are taking a lot of time to load and are occupying a large space in the memory resulting the other apps and system to be slow and sometimes may hang. The app is quite new to the market and is not known by many people but soon as it possess sheer brilliance and utter smartness with to the point excellence it will surely grow wide and would be ranked among the top notch task managing. The app is developed and proposed by curlywurly823. Although the vendor of the app has developed a series of apps but is still not that much famous and renowned but surely due to it’s this product it will gain all what it deserve. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play.


11. Advanced Task Manager

This app is another pioneer task managing app that is quite famous from the very beginning and is widely used by thousands of users from all around the globe who are way much happy and satisfy by the immense and flexible functionality of the app. The app is quite flexible and adoptive that it keeps on updating from the time it is released and remain in the competition with the modern era feature enriched apps. The app is still completely compatible for working with even the latest Android version 7.0 Nougat which is not even launched in many areas and countries around the world. This adaptation and upgrading of the app keeps it in the race and enable it to make to our list of the best task managing apps. The app is developed and produced under the flag of INFOLIFE LLC. The vendors of the app are now quite famous and well reputed and all of it credit goes to this very app as it possess pure quality based features and functions inside it. The app is one of the rapid ram cleaning app that keeps on boosting the memory so that the device could not be slow down for even a single second and could disturb the overall functionality. It keeps on killing the apps on regular intervals for avoiding any of the inconvenience on the spot.

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12. ES Task Manager (Task Killer )

ES Task Manager is a modernized and feature enriched task managing app that keeps on killing the unnecessary apps on regular interval so that it could not affect the overall running and functionality of the device. The best and most promising thing about the app is its simple and attractive user interface and outlook which does not only grabs the attention of the users towards the app but is also super convenient for every kind of user belonging from any walk of life that they can easily by using the simple swiping gestures and tap in controls manage the app to run. The app is developed and proposed as a master product of ES Global. The app is ranked among the top class apps for task managing due to its gigantic number of users and premium level performance. The main frequent features which it performs readily in no time for improving the functionality of the device includes killing of tasks and apps, speeding and boosting up the memory of the device, saving the battery and stopping the battery drainage, on the go uninstalling of the unnecessary apps and many more other quality based functions too. It is available on the Google Play for free of cost.


13. GO Cleaner & Task Manager

GO Cleaner & Task Manager is another very much famous and most widely used bewildering and astonishing task managing and memory boosting app that is used by million around the globe and is counting more and more on the go. It is developed and proposed by GO Dev Team. The vendors of the app are already quite famous and well reputed due to their other spell bounding apps relating to the launchers, themes, security and many more others. This product of the vendor is one of its master piece but the rest are too of amazing premium quality. The app is used by millions of users all around the world who are quite happy and satisfied by the performance of the app and are increasing in numbers quite rapidly. The app needs just a single tap for killing the unnecessary and unessential apps. It never let the device slow down as it keeps on regulating the scheduled apps and programs and keeps on boosting the memory as a whole. The app on the other hand completely look after the security and privacy issue as well as it deletes the data of the history records of browsing etc. to improve the privacy of the user and on the same time enhancing the performance of the system as a whole. It cleans up cache on the regular intervals so that less load could be given to the ram and keep creating space in the memory for other apps and programs who needs to be run. The app works according to the users own preference and works on the basic principle of priority.


14. SystemPanelLite Task Manager

It is another simple yet effectual task managing and memory boosting app that is specifically designed for creating a session between the system and the apps and let the system not to be slow down and manage the functionality of the app as a whole. The app is developed and produced as a product of NextApp, Inc. The users of the app can now be tension free of their system as this app will always keep them aware of the system functioning and never ever let the system get halt or even slows down. As the app is proposed from the famous vendors, it is of pure premium quality and due to that well reputation in the market it is widely in use by thousands of users all around the world and is even counting more and more on the go. The app is equipped some extraordinary features that are so much unique in nature that they are not seen in many of the other famous similar kind of apps. Such features of the app includes the monitoring services, which let the app to be on the very top of their functionality by keeping an eye on all the processes done in a particular device. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


15. Task Manager – System booster

Last but not least in the list of best task managing apps is this modern sort of Task Manager that has almost all the essence of being a latest, feature enriched and pure quality based effectual app. The app is developed and published by Hardy-infinity. The app despite of being new to the market is quite famous among the people and is already in use by thousands of people from all around the globe and is counting more and more with every passing moment. The app has successfully managed to retain a unique and special spot in the market and despite of facing such a massive competition from variety of similar apps in the market, this very app manages to survive well among them. The overall outlook and user interface of the app is quite colorful and attractive and surely gives it a premium look and feel while using the app. it seems a bit identical to 360 and CM Security app that I have mentioned above but nevertheless it is worth having as it really performs very much well keep the memory always boosted and cleared and avoid halting of the apps. This app is too free of cost and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for Android.


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