10 Best Business Process Management Software

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Large organizations and enterprises use numerous methods to run their businesses efficiently. They hire multiple managers to manage different tasks and to boost productivity. Still, these managers have a massive burden of work for management.

For helping these managers, some specific applications came into the market for performing all management tasks automatically. These platforms are useful to increase productivity and to save managers time for other important works.

What are Business Process Management Software?

These are specific applications that help large organizations for managing multiple processes from a single platform. These applications include all the tools necessary for boosting business and eliminating issues.


These application analyses the progress of workflow and shows it in the form of detailed reports. Besides, these apps can track progress performance and monitor the performance of team members. Collaboration tools are part of every application for better communication.

Best Business Process Management Software

Here is the list of Best Business Process Management Software that includes all exciting features for boosting business workflows.

1. MuniBilling

MuiBilling is a property management and billing solution that provides configurable tools to increase workflows and maximize efficiency. Significant features of this solution are software integration, online payments, customer portal, mobile application, and fixed-rate billing. From the customer portal, your clients can get related details and get answers to their queries.


Flexible billing options are there to boost workflows and decrease administrative costs. The online payment module is useful for both customers and staff. Online payments reduce phone calls, time-consuming payments tasks, trips to banks, and office visits. E-billing module assists users in cutting the cost on paper, ink, and envelopes.


  • Customer portal
  • Meter integration


  • Bill printing
  • Contact module


  • Missing reports


  • Standard Plan: Ask the vendor
  • Enterprise Plan: Ask the vendor

Visit: MuniBilling

2. TeamDesk

TeamDesk is an online database application designed to help professionals to create custom databases. This system provides predefined database templates to create databases instantly. Share your databases with others, and store some set of permissions for custom roles. Manage permissions and assign roles to users. It is offering unlimited storage and database to save extra costs.

This customizable and flexible solution allows companies to create an online database according to their requirements and structure. This database contains only the necessary options and features to boost your work. You can modify each system object or create it from scratch. It is a useful tool for business process management.

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  • Unlimited customer support
  • Workflow rules


  • Unlimited records
  • Document management


  • Slight lag in response


  • Trial: Free
  • Starter Edition: $49/month
  • Team Edition: $99/month
  • Enterprise Edition: $249/month

Visit: TeamDesk


KiSSFLOW is an online solution allowing business professionals to make, design, and customize business apps. It is offer5ing 50 pre-installed applications like purchase orders, employee onboarding, vendor payment, and mileage reimbursement. The application facilitates users to work with these programs or customize them according to their requirements.

Advanced BPM features help to handle numerous complicated situations. Professionals can attach Dropbox documents and Google Docs to their applications. This application can track the progress of workflow and offer prebuilt reports and advanced reporting. Besides, it contains collaboration tools and a Unique 5-step App wizard for more assistance.


  • Single Sign-On
  • Progress tracking


  • Collaboration features
  • Advanced reporting


  • Slow response to technical issues


  • Trial: Free
  • KiSSFLOW: $9/month/user
  • Enterprise: Contact the provider


4. Orchestly

Orchestly is a centralized business management application offered by Zoho. This application maps and assists pipelines to perform tasks automatically. The program offers task assignments, centralized dashboards, reports, scheduling tools, and visualization of process data. It offers control and customization for the inventory managers. They can customize forms to get related process data and control.

Besides, it is providing Blueprint duration analysis, Stage utilization chart, Blueprint usage report, stage duration chart, and job distribution chart. You can get an active directory, notifications, email templates, role-based access control, custom functions, and audit trials. Form designers and workflow builders are also part of this system.


  • Workflow builder
  • Form designer


  • Email templates
  • Notifications


  • Limited options


  • Trial: Free
  • Monthly Plan: $8
  • Annual Plan: $7

Visit: Orchestly

5. Studio Creatio

Studio Creatio is a business process management application designed for streamlining business tasks. The program assists professionals in creating, performing, and optimizing BPM processes. The interface includes essential visual elements like swimlanes, flow objects, and artifacts. It consists of the necessary tools for complex and simple designing of processes.

Collaboration tools are there for sharing of links, editing, and commenting in real-time. Other useful functionalities are core configuration, case management, administration, security, and system designer. Besides, it includes section wizard, artificial intelligence, and business rules for more enhancements. The program also offers third-party integrations. Open API structure helps to create integrations of your choice.



  • Process library
  • Process designer


  • Process documentation
  • Collaborative process design


  • For small organizations only

Visit: Studio Creatio

6. ActiveBatch

ActiveBatch is a workflow automation application that offers centralized control over many enterprise processes like infrastructure, document and file storage, data analytics, IT, and business process management. This tool is providing integration of applications, processes, and scripts in one platform. A Service Library is there to support .NET, WSDLS, REST Assemblies, and command lines.

It helps you to create tasks related to a particular API. Besides, track data in real-time, monitor and manage SLAs, create reports, and get alerts in real-time. This platform is providing a dashboard view, graphical workflow editor, troubleshooting tools, third party integrations, low-code support, multiple data sourcing, scheduling, android native app, and ETL Support.


  • API architecture
  • Cloud-hosted


  • Alerts and notifications
  • Task management


  • Overwhelming user interface


  • Quote-based Plan: Contact the vendor

Visit: ActiveBatch

7. Zoho One

Zoho One is a complete and innovative suite of business tools. It provides administrative control over business tasks. This platform includes more than 35 applications for managing business process and increasing sales. It offers collaboration tools for communication between customers and teammates. It provides a single and secure account for accessing the platform from different devices.

You can connect it to other applications to generate an ecosystem of extensions and custom apps. Besides, it offers tools for billing and invoicing, surveys and feedbacks, remote troubleshooting, browser-based conferencing, and inventory management. Work with it to get expense tracking and reports, slide decks presentation, recruiting module, password vault, sales inbox, and medial social tools.


  • Help desk
  • Remote troubleshooting


  • Billing and invoicing
  • Inventory management


  • Lacking customer service


  • Trial: Free
  • Zoho One: $35/user/month

Visit: Zoho One

8. Zoho Creator

Zoho creator is a web-based app builder that facilitates professionals to create certain web tools. A drag and drop interface is there with multiple customization tools. Professionals can design their workflows, generate custom applications, and set up rules for a proper business. Centralized and remote teams can work with it to perform all tasks using a single platform.

The program includes interactive dashboards and custom reports to view complete insights into the business workflow. Collaboration tools are there for communication between team members and employees. Besides, it offers customer portal, secure access controls, workflow builder, smart reports, and multi-language support.

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  • Customer portal
  • Smart reports


  • Workflow builder
  • Secure access controls


  • Limited tools for business management


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic: $15/user/month
  • Premium: $30/user/month
  • Ultimate: $35/user/month

Visit: Zoho Creator

9. Wrike

Wrike is a business process management solution to help businesses of all types. This application can measure, automate, and optimize business tasks. The program includes forms and request tools to improve progress visibility and reduce errors. It offers integrations with any email account, Google Apps, Google Drive, Dropbox, MS Project, and many others.

Work with collaboration tools to manage tasks quickly, manage requests, and get better visibility of context. Analytics tools assist you in getting global reports, performance charts, and different graphs to view tasks’ progress and tasks from different folders. Besides, it offers real-time newsfeed, workload management, task management, customized reports, recurring tasks, and an interactive timeline.


  • Free mobile apps
  • Discussions in tasks


  • Workload management
  • Customized reports


  • Limited integrations


  • Trial: Free
  • Free Plan: $0
  • Professional: $9.8/user/month
  • Business: $24.8/user/month
  • Marketers: $34/user/month
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: Wrike

10. is a leading business process management application that provides tools for project and task management. It offers third party integrations and API architecture to build custom integrations. Reporting and analytics features help to collect data related to projects and show them in reports to get complete insights into the progress of the project.

Team members can share files, leave notes, and make discussions using a single platform. You can monitor the performance of your team and track projects progress in real-time. Besides, this solution contains an execution board, email updates, personal and public boards, full documentation, email notifications, and motivation tool.


  • Personal and public boards
  • Email notifications


  • Execution board
  • Visual display of progress


  • Missing scheduling tool


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic: $39/month
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Enterprise: Contact the provider


The Verdict

Above given business process management applications are providing necessary tools for managing tasks and processes related to boost any business. Most of the applications are offering third party integrations and API architecture to create personalized integrations. Mobile apps help to access the working platform from anywhere. Some programs allow you to customize the dashboards according to your preferences and requirements.

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