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We need a healthy mind and physique for making our achievements done efficiently. We are so much busy in our study, job, business, or other activities. We definitely have a vigorous, strong, and healthy mind for both physical or mental activates and for this reason we have to do proper exercise on a daily basis. The exercises and proper diet are the only reasons for having a healthy life. But we are working like machines, having tons of daily routine working, and does not manage our time for our fitness at all. It is pretty much acceptable and true that an individual does not give a small amount of time for his fitness, but we has to understand that mental and physical fitness is the only key factor that leads us towards our hard work. Here is a damn amazing collection of apps that cares yourself more than you. These Social Fitness apps provide proper guidance, healthy exercise methods, and techniques along with guidance tips which enables you to stay healthy and safe. These extracurricular activities make you more fit to do your job more attentively and efficiently.

1. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club is a superb quality app that enables its users to lead their work with proper health and fitness. It provides probably the best workout library which includes hundreds of workouts that lets you enhance your fitness in an exciting way. These apps let its users do proper workout regarding Yoga, Strength, Mobility workouts, and Endurance, manage workout time in between 15 to 45 minutes, along with the proper approach to beginners, Intermediate and even on advanced level with low, medium, and high intensity. It also allows time-based and rep-based options along with the light and full equipment support. It also provides fitness details from some favorite athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Rory McIlroy, Ashton Eaton, Alex Morgan, Ellie Goulding, Kevin Hart, Kyrie Irving, and some other.

Android iOS

2. Carrot Fit: 7 Minute Workout, Step Counter, and Weight Tracker

Carrot Fit: 7 Minute Workout, Step Counter, and Weight Tracker is the best self-improvement app that enables its users to do their workouts with proper mobile catching. It delivers some amazing and marvelous touch of features which enhance the flexibility of doing your exercise and gym workouts with more ease. It allows workouts with a hilarious AI Construct, enjoy more than 3 hours of spoken tips, ridicule, and encouragement, gets 12 additional exercises, records your weight, and much more. It also comprises the features of Voice guidance, Adjustable circuit time Adjustable rest time, Beautiful character and UI design, Workout log, Ability to pause the workout, skip the exercise, Notifications, and Abs workout for women, etc.

Android iOS

3. BodySpace – Social Fitness App

BodySpace – Social Fitness App is a great app that helps you schedule and monitors your daily workout activities combined with one of the largest online fitness community. Many of its super quality features let you provide innovate workout tools, fresh tips, and content, cutting-edge tracker, fitness tracker, and an intuitive social functions design that enables you to become your best version. Having this app, you can choose from dozens of Body Space programs, thousands of top rated community built, tips and guidance from professional athletes and trainers, and much more. You can effectively choose from the best-fitted workout for you regarding your goal, your motive, experience, gender, duration, age or the number of workout plans for each day.

Android iOS

4. Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log

Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log lets you work with expert trainers and athletes that help you reach your fitness motives with detailed guidance. Having this app, you can easily track any workout that you imagine, make up your own workout, and also use its free workouts. It lets you stay motivated by getting attached to this Fitocracy community. It urges and helps you succeed your awesome fitness and level up in real life. It is a revolutionary, magical, and most important app for measuring your activities and other gym workouts. Rather than these, it also provides powerful workout tracking, embarks on an epic adventure, takes on quests, browses others profiles, unlocks the achievement, and be inspired.

Android iOS

5. Fitness Buddy: Gym Workouts

Fitness Buddy: Gym Workouts lets you be stronger from inside of your body by providing hundreds of vital features that let you lead your goals of fitness intuitively. It delivers hundreds of home and gym workouts, clear, precise, and distinct instructions and videos for all exercise, and a definite meal or diet recipes and plans, and training plans by most personal and experienced trainers. Some of its blushing features include more than 2400 unique exercises, over 1000 HD videos, more than 75 workout routines, comprehensive exercise for all major equipment including dumbbells, resistance, bands, machines, barbell, and ez carl bar, etc. It also allows exercise categorizations, detailed exercise plans along with user friend interface and lot more.


6. Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is a widely used app which lets you work out properly and makes it so easy to stay and get in shape with dynamic programs that consistently adjusted to your goals, feedback, capabilities, and motives. It lets you hit your goals faster and even more effectively and ensure your workout anywhere. It enables you to stick to your personal fitness goals and plans by adopting a well-scheduled podium. It offers personalized video workouts, lets you get fit anytime, handcrafted sessions, customize your fitness stack, customize your fitness soundtrack, AirPlay support, and much more.

Android iOS

7. Weight Watchers Mobile

Weight Watchers Mobile is an astonishing and marvelous app that helps you make your fitness more clear and regular. It leads you towards more active, fit, and healthier life. Using this app, you can easily share your victories and achievements and post your pictures, and also get inspired by this new social experience. This app allows you track your fitness and weight and follow your progress regarding your fitness plans. You can easily add your favorite diet meals, and recipes for other builders or users, swipe right to track multiple items instantly and sync with Apple Health to transform your daily steps into FitPoints.

Android iOS

8. Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker

Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker is a stunning app that lets you get fit and create an impact by earning cash for the charity when you run, cycle, walk, and otherwise track your fitness. It is a simple to use app that works like a walking, timer, running stopwatch, run-tracker, and pedometer, etc. You can easily stop and start your workouts to track your distance. You can choose from more the 40 world-changing charities to support including Stand Up To Cancer, ASPCA, The Nature Conservancy, ALS Association, Feeding America, Every Mother Counts, RED, Girl Up, Back On My Feet and numerous others.

Android iOS

9. Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach

Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach provides an interesting and exciting approach to listening to your favorite songs while having gym activities and workouts. There are some stunning and mesmerizing features of this app that helps you do your workout with pretty much attention, focus and excitement. Rather than the cool providence of its new and stunning music, it delivers a coaching Tab, large variety of programs including Biking, Walk/Jog, Treadmill, outdoor run, etc., more than 24 new coaching workouts, and lets you pair workouts with your favorite mixes, genre or BPM. It also allows effective suggestions, high-quality sound recordings, the right amount of coaching, sharing of workouts with friends, and proper motivation when you need it the most.

Android iOS

10. Argus Health & Calorie Counter

Argus Health & Calorie Counter is although not a specified running app but it is surely concerned of the fitness and health of the users so that one can be fit and healthy physically. The app is a complete tracking guide that keeps the track of the users’ health and health based activities such as exercising, running, jogging and variety of other health related exercises too. The app is equipped with a tremendously marvelous and intelligent calorie counter that maintains the in details and exact record of the users daily calorie intake and keep the user aware of the calorie level of they exceed the limit or they are way below the required level. The app also tracks the record of daily calorie burned by the users and motivates them for maintaining their daily life routine so that they are able to achieve the desired ideal level of fitness and can led to live a proper healthy lifestyle. The app is designed and proposed by Azumio Inc. and it can be downloaded from the Google Play store for the Android based smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. The app is also quite compatible with the Android smart watches commonly known as Android gears or Android wears.

Android iOS

11. Lose It!

Lose It! is an astonishing and bewildering diet planning and fitness maintaining app that is never the less a gift of heaven for the people who are obese, fat and overweight. Being corpulent is never accepted by anyone and nor by the society we live in, so the app is quite useful and effective in losing weight in a proper step by step manner making sure that dieting does not affect the fitness and health of the users. The app is equipped with variety of some modern features that is attracting the people from all around the world towards it. The most promising and unique feature of the app includes Snapping and Tracking technique, in which the users just simply have to capture the photo of the food they are going to have and the app will track every single in-depth detail about that food. It is available for free on Google Play store.

Android iOS

12. Sworkit Personalized Workouts

Now setup your workouts and exercises in your very own way, as this app enables the users to customize their workout routine and manage to cope with all the fluctuations and leaps and bounds came as the hurdle for the fitness maintenance and health. The best part of the app is that it is an all in one sort of working out app that contains variety of different exercises in it so that the users can choose the desired one and practice and workout according to their desire and convenience. The sessions can be customizly set from 5 minutes to maximum 60 minutes depending upon the users that either they are the beginners, intermediate or the advanced level exercisers. The different worth learning workouts mentioned inside the app includes the cardio, yoga training, stretching and gigantic variety of other fascinating and effective exercises that does not help the users to be fit physically but mentally as well. More than 20 million people from all over the world use the app and are quite satisfied by its overall performance. The app is free of cost and is available for Android based devices on the Google Play store.


13. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper is another amazing and outstanding running app that let the users to follow up the daily healthy routine so that they can be on the top of their physical health and can perform their rest of the daily based tasks well and in much better than before. Running early in the morning on the daily basis for even few minutes let the users to be enhancing their stamina and later on they start enjoying and loving to run and some of them can’t even live without running and working out. The app motivates those individual who are very much lazy and cant left their beloved bed early in the morning at any cost. Even they are ready to cost their health, fitness and physic and in short they risk their entire life. Such lazy lads are soon become the fitness freaks and they can live without running and all such credit goes to this mastery app. The app not only motivates the users but also track their runs and other working out activities. The app tracks the live performance of the user and also provides them with the stats of their own progress and always keep them aware of their performance either they are improving or not. The users can set small goals on the daily basis and try to achieve them and later on can increase the intensity of the goals. The app is developed and proposed by FitnessKeeper, Inc. and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.

Android iOS

14. Pocket Yoga

Yoga is one of the most inspirational activity anyone could perform to be active and fit physically as well as mentally, this app is specifically focuses upon the daily routine based yoga exercises and makes the users to follow it, so that they can be strong mentally and physically. Moreover yoga is often referred as mind relaxing and is mixed with the meditation and all such stuff, but in real it has completely different concept and it is more about the physical strength and fitness. Pocket Yoga is a yoga learning and training app that is developed and published by Rainfrog, LLC. As the name of the app refers to its convenience level that it is a portable yoga packed app, which possess the ability of a complete and full-fledged yoga trainer. The visual instructions in the app are accompanied with the audio based detailed instructions which helps in copying the poses more accurately. Over all the app has 27 different kinds of Yoga sessions, all of them pondering on some different areas. The app possess over 200 alluring and amazingly portrait images of poses that enables the users to learn well and practice them in a better way. The app costs $3.15 and can be easily downloaded from Google Play store for Android.

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