10 Best Classroom Management Software

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Manually, it is a difficult task to manage students’ activities inside the classroom and outside the classroom. In the past, the school administration call parents one by one to inform them about the progress reports of their children.

Taking assessments, making result cards, and sharing other necessary information with students and parents were quite tricky tasks. There was a communication gap between teachers, students, and parents. Managing school activities was a time-consuming task for administration.

What are Classroom Management Software?

But, now, many online latest solutions have taken charge of all these management tasks, allowing teachers and parents to only concentrate on essential tasks. These applications are helping the administration regarding student registration, classroom management, assessments, and grades.


They are providing communication tools to connect teachers with students and parents to create a knowledgeable classroom community. Most of these applications are offering iOS and Android apps so that students can access portals from their mobile phones

Best Classroom Management Software

Here is the list of Best Classroom Management Software that are offering creative and amazing tools and features to institutes administration and teachers for making a learning environment for students and their parents.

1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a simple classroom management system that connects parents, students, and teachers to create new classroom communities. Teachers can create a positive culture by encouraging students to work hard and help others. Students have the option to share their learning by inserting videos and images to their portfolios. Engage parents by sharing pictures and videos from the classroom environment.


It can translate messages into more than 30 languages. Make announcements or send private messages to parents and allow them to join your class from any device. School leaders, teachers, and families could be a partner to make an enhanced school community. Everyone can join the community from any equipment like a mobile, tablet, or desktop system.


  • Digital portfolio
  • Share learning


  • Translate messages
  • Notifications


  • Limited features

Visit: ClassDojo

2. Classter

Classter is a complete learning and student management system to enhance the education life cycle. It is offering solutions for academics, higher education, and high school management. It is useful for pre-registration, class registration, graduation, and student management. Other useful services are assessments, school timetables, school-student relationships, transportation, and billing.

It facilitates higher education institutes regarding assessment, admission management, learning, and marketing processes. This application is also supporting language or supplementary organizations like music or any other type of academy. It offers multiple integrations and rich customization options to create a personalized management environment.

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  • Customizable
  • Functional Rich


  • For large and small customers
  • Secure and reliable


  • Need improvements


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: $50/month

Visit: Classter

3. Edmodo

Edmodo is one of the best classroom management systems that create a better learning environment. It provides a simple, free safe solution for managing your classroom and engaging your students. It contains all classroom tools to save teacher time. This system facilitates teachers to share class materials and topics, send messages and make learning accessible.

The program is also providing a learning place for students and allowing them to be a part of an enhanced classroom community. Parents can also join Edmodo to view classroom grades and activities, stay in touch with teachers, and get class updates. It is helping the school administration to integrate complete school with it and get the benefit of special PD features.


  • Connect teachers and parents
  • Display class activities


  • Manage classrooms
  • Share class materials


  • Limited features

Visit: Edmodo

4. Skyward School Management

Skyward School Management combines leadership, community, and technology to create a better school environment. It includes a flexible HR/finance business suite and a student information system. The program allows teachers to insert in on the portal for the parents. They can get everything necessary for better classroom management.

Teachers can get attendance and quickly check the previous history of presence. Parents can view the progress of their students, grades on projects and tests, and missing assignments. They can communicate with teachers using mails and get updates about their children. Navigate complete system from the dashboard and work with it form student information, scheduling, and tracking attendance.


  • Track attendance
  • Student information


  • Scheduling
  • Dashboards


  • Frustrating

Visit: Skyward School Management

5. RenWeb Student Information System

RenWeb Student Information System is an advanced classroom management system that contains more than 300 basic features and integrations. The program includes tools for classroom management, school administration, and communication with home. Besides, it includes live customer support, comprehensive training, and the setup process.

This system enables parents to get the progress of their children. School administration can store all necessary to this platform, and teachers, students, and parents can access information at any time. It can manage school activities like admission, result compilations, and assessment. Teachers can track attendance and stay in touch with students’ parents for creating a better classroom environment.

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  • Collaboration tools
  • Track attendance


  • Transcripts
  • Report cards


  • Difficult logging sometimes

Visit: RenWeb Student Information System

6. GoGuardian

GoGuardian is a powerful all-in-one system for creating a better learning environment for students. It includes classroom management, filtering, and school health tools and assists you in maximizing your learning potential. It can easily integrate with numerous devices and platforms like Apple, Chromebooks, BYOD, and Windows. A dedicated impact research team is there to improve digital learning.

The support team of GoGuardian always provide solutions to your problems. You can protect your students from harmful content, remove unwanted distractions, and set digital guidelines for students. Teachers can manage the activities of their students and use powerful comments and automatic alerts to get students back on-task.


  • Manage classroom
  • Improve digital learning


  • View students activities
  • Automatic alerts


  • Teacher side need more improvements


  • Enterprise Edition: Request a quote

Visit: GoGuardian

7. Childcare

Childcare is offering a pedagogical management solution for childcare institutions. It provides tools for educators to focus on the learning of children. They can engage families with images, messaging, and live journal of learning. It can make safe and efficient daily routes and support the professional growth of educators. Educators, children, and families can collaborate in daily learning activities.

They will work as building blocks for your center. You can select one, two three blocks to enhance your working. Names of these blocks are Collaboration, Pedagogy, and Professional Development. You can manage the daily routines of your students quickly and safely.


  • Professional development
  • Pedagogy


  • Collaboration
  • Classroom management


  • For beginners only


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: $25/month

Visit: Childcare

8. ClassReach

ClassReach is an interesting classroom management system that provides free service for the first 25 students. You can customize the program according to your institution regarding attendance, forms, grade books, and more. Teachers can add everything related to student learning, like reports, forms, grades, calendars, messages, and assignments.

It can track attendance, grade, and other fields for students. Calendar tool helps you to make events, edit them, and make them visible to the persons you want, like parents, students, and teachers. Moreover, you can customize behavioural markups and attendance reporting. Some more enhanced features are course registration, messaging, agenda, Lesson plans, Homework, approval forms, and schedules.

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  • Department management tools
  • School Announcements


  • Customizable academic levels
  • Attendance markings


  • Difficult messaging tool


  • Simple: $1/student/month
  • Competitor: Contact the vendor

Visit: ClassReach

9. ParentLocker

ParentLocker is a leading platform for institutions to manage classrooms in a better environment. Many beautiful and powerful tools part of it to assist you and your staff. It includes integrated modules to synchronize your data and make your platform up-to-date. This solution provides personalized support through phone and email. Work with School Information System to manage, retrieve, and update your school database.

You can create, review, and distribute customized and beautiful report cards. Besides, it allows you to schedule a parent-teacher conference instantly. Teachers can get a Teacher Gradebook to record, average, and publish grades. Moreover, you can update classroom news, grades, Homework, images, files, and events on this platform.


  • Learning management
  • Teacher Gradebook


  • Admissions and registration
  • Progress Reports


  • Scheduling section require improvements

Visit: ParentLocker

10. LanSchool

LanSchool is a modern classroom management tool that have the aim to give purposeful technology to passionate teachers. This classroom orchestration tool helps teachers to inspire developing brains. The program allows educators to manage numerous classroom activities collectively and customize settings according to his needs.

Besides, he can share his screen with students to distribute quizzes, materials, and polls, and display outstanding Homework. It offers a comprehensive set of features, IT administration control, and smart integrations. You can get features like Website Limiting, real-time screen monitoring, and Broadcast Screens. Teachers can communicate with students using collaboration tools.


  • Clever integrations
  • Google Classroom


  • IT administration tool
  • Broadcast screens


Limited remote controlling

Visit: LanSchool

Final Words

Above mentioned applications contain sophisticated tools to enhance the educator’s work experience. They can upload assessments, study materials, grades, classroom pictures and videos, projects, and students’ performance reports on the online portals. They can share their tab screen with students to share important things.

They can track students’ attendance, view previous attendance history, communicate with parents, create beautiful marks sheets, and track students’ tasks. Some applications are offering popular third party installations to enhance their compatibility.

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