Best ZIP Password Recovery Software

Password is used to make our precious files protected from unauthorized users. However, if we forget the password of whatever the thing may be, it’s a problem even for us as we cannot open the file ourselves which we protected from others. There are many methods of recovering your passwords in different files. However, the Rar or ZIP type file are protected by some special coding, and you need to have specific software to break through that if you want to recover your password from these type of files. Some of the software are available on the internet which lets you breach through those coding and get your password recovered in no time. Brute force attack pattern is used in these software and most of the time they are successful in breaking your files coding and recovering your password. Some of the software which can be used in this case are given in the list below.

1. ZIP Password Recovery

ZIP Password Recovery is a free tool to aid you in recovering the lost password of your ZIP Files. The software is high-end software and uses a lot of your system resources while working as it uses pure brute force to recover your Password. In return, Most of the time you get your password recovered if your system provided it with enough power. The software can be run on low spec PCs but requires power while running. You have to get the trial key to use the software but the software is still full in functionality, and you can get your password back.


2. Ultimate ZIP Cracker

Ultimate ZIP Cracker is a multipurpose software which is used to recover passwords from many popular file types like .xls, .doc, Rar, .zip etc. The software has a feature of checking all the pronounceable password ad cracks the password without using any brute force attack if the password was a pronounceable one. It uses Brute Force Attack to limit break and recovers lost password with force, and the result is assured most of the times. The free version can crack password up to 5 words. However, passwords greater than the length of 5 characters will require the purchased version to be breached.


3. Dassasoft Zip Password Recovery

Zip Password Recovery tool is as simple as it sounds and it goes directly for the work of which it was installed. As well it also supports many other features to work with. You just have to the software, select the file to be cracked, and click, it will automatically recover your file password with no disturbance afterwards. It takes a little time to crack the password if your PC is low in specs, but it gets your work done in time. The software is a commercial software, and you can try its free version for free.


4. ZIP Password Tool

ZIP Password Tool is also free to try ZIP password breaking tool which lets you recover lost passwords of your important files. It accepts Zip-archives created using PKZip, WinZip, WinRAR or any other ZIP-compatible software and Self-extracting Zip-archives (SFX) are also accepted. It can use two methods to break the password, and the most popular is brute force attack as its result is most often right on cue. The software comes in trial version as mentioned before and can be purchased for the full version.


5. iSunshare Password Genius

iSunshare Password Genius is an all-in-one password recovery tool which is among the top ranks in this category. The software supports up to 70 file formats and uses brute force attack when recovering data which allows it to complete the task in less time with precision. The software guarantees that no damage will be done to the file on which it is performing the recovery task. iSunshare Password Genius supports Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016. It comes in free trial version only and there are four purchasable versions with different possibilities and features.


6. RAR Password Recovery

RAR Password Recovery is a professional level password recovery software which guarantees 100% recovery rate of Rar files. It is accurate and precise in most cases, and user can easily and quickly recover the password for his file. The user interface of the software is GUI and is very easy to understand as it does not require any specific knowledge of any language or software, you just have to click a couple of times and you’re good to go. The software comes in trial version for free and can be purchased later.


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