Best Free Software To Organize Desktop Icons

The desktop is the first thing we see when we turn on our Windows or and Operating system. Imagine if we open our desktop and what we see is a cluster of applications and icons which looks like houseflies on honey, how it will feel. Well, I would lose my will to work for a moment. However, sometimes, it is necessary to keep your important files on the desktop as it gives you instant access to any application and you can turn on any application without going through various pages or folders from the desktop. So if you want to keep your essential files in quick access on the desktop also you want it clean, you should try desktop organizing software as it is an easy solution to your problem. The primary purpose of these software is to make the desktop clean and arrange all the clustered data in various expandable categories. After the software has done its work, it will look like you just installed a new Window in your PC while all the files will still be there ready to be launched with a single click. This way, you can keep your desktop clean without losing the efficiency of your work. Take a look at the list of software which allows you to arrange icons on the desktop.

1. Fences

Fences is a top-rated software which is used to organize desktop. The software has the ability to automatically arrange the icons on your desktop. It creates various fences on your desktop depending on the types of icons you have on your desktop and each fence contains icons of the same type or about relative same types. You can manually arrange icons in the fences too if you want and name fences. The fences roll up once they have been arranged and it keeps your desktop clean as in mobile phones, whenever you need to access an icon, just open the related fence and there you go.


2. Nimi Places

Nimi Places is among the top ranks in the category of the desktop organizing software and a lot of people are talking about it. The software is robust in performance and is loaded with exquisite features like Image cropping, internet shortcut thumbnails and Fast note taking. There are more of the features which can be used for arranging icons like Customizable elements order, Sorting by content, View modes (in Places), Customizable item size and Align containers to the grid. The software is multilingual and operates well on Microsoft Windows.


3. Object Dock

Object Dock is a docking type desktop organizer which lets you arrange multiple types of icons in docking style. The main dock is placed at the bottom of the screen, and you can create various other docks with sub docks to hold your icons. These new docks are moveable and fully customizable, and you can contract and expand them too. If you arrange carefully and efficiently, your desktop will always be free and clean which makes your PC work better. It also gives you the feature of drag and drop application launch.


4. FSL Launcher

FSL Launcher is a freeware which is loaded with features and holds a good rank as a desktop organizing software. The software as many functions to organize desktop but is unique to some functions also like Multi-Desktop and Dual Monitor support. Additionally, it holds memory for different users on a PC. For example, mother, father and son, all can have their own optimized desktop, and whenever they turn on their account, they will find the setting they left behind. This software is good to be used in the family as well as in a company.


5. DeXpot

DeXpot is a virtual desktop software which is used when a person is working with multiple applications at a time. It creates multiple grids in which user can arrange different kind of running applications, and it gives the user quick access to any of the application. All the applications stay running in the background, and you have a clean desktop while working and the good point is that all the applications are accessible by just some simple clicks right where you left em. The software is a freeware and link to the website is given.


6. Tool box

Tool box is an easy to use software for beginners as it has very easy features and the user can know how the arranging of the icons works. It is mainly a manual icon organizing software as it does not automatically finds and places the icons of the same category in one workspace. You have to manually give directions to the software for creating a box like defining no of rows and columns, spacing, box size and name. Then you have to select the icons to be placed in the box. A point of notice is that you cannot place more icons than you have defined it when the box was being created, so think carefully.

7. Side Slide

Side Slide is a simple and straightforward software made to organize desktops automatically in some clicks. The software is very lightweight and can easily arrange the clustered icons in your desktop in minutes. It gives you an instantly accessible and adjustable workspace that stays out of your way until you need it. The workspaces it creates are variable in size, and you can adjust them as required. There are many more functions for organizing icons in this software which you can use by downloading and installing it.


8. Rain Meter

Rain Meter is a desktop customization tool which is multipurpose as it lets you view the performance of your PC in real time. You can arrange the icons in the fence view, and it is always showing you the resources used by your PC and weather reports in real time. The files can be arranged in various ways and are easily accessible at any time you need them. It also provides the user with multiple skins which makes the desktop more attractive and comfortable for the user. The software is freeware and the link to download it is given.


9. Rocket Dock

Rocket Dock is a simple applications software by Punklab which lets you arrange icons in the dock form on your desktop. The software is very lightweight and can be used even on very slow PCs. It consumes a minimum of the resources from your hardware and keeps running without disturbing you or your work. It makes your desktop clean in a matter of minutes, and you are at ease whenever you need a file to be accessed when it’s arranged.


10. Iconoid

Iconoid is a straight forward software which lets you organize your desktop with just some simple clicks. It is very lightweight and suited for the people who are still on old generation PCs which are quite slow to pick new heavy software packages. This software supports many Microsoft Windows versions Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Also, this software is available for both 32 and 64 bit Windows versions and is a freeware. The primary function of this software is that it instantly hides all icons on your desktop and whenever you need them, click and they are there.


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