Best Free DLL Injector Software for Windows

The DLL is a file which is important for almost all the process to be executed and exists active in most of the in-work processes in Windows. The DLL files are an essential part of the software which makes it executable. However, some files do not require DLL to be executed. The DLL injecting is very successful in terms of creating bugs and malware because they directly attack the core of a file if injected and can make it useless and even harmful for the whole system. This is why most of the viruses nowadays have this ability to be injected as a DLL into the Windows and attack private and vital part of your files. To solve this problem, you can use the DLL injecting software packages as you can then inject your own DLL’s to a running process and also eject the DLL’s from it. This way, you can add an anti-malware DLL to your file, or you can just remove the DLL which is breaking the process of your work and continue your work without any problem. A list of free DLL injecting software is given below, take a look and suit your needs.

1. DLL Injector

The DLL Injector is one of the most popular DL injecting software packages. The software has very value able features and the user-interface is very simple and easy to use. The software being a very useful software, is still a lightweight and compact software and it runs on even lowly speced PCS. It supports all versions of Microsoft Windows and is totally free to download and install. It can function as a tool to hack games and also works as a roblox inject tool as well. To inject a DLL file in to a process, Enter the absolute path to the DLL you want to load into the ‘DLL to Inject’ edit box and click on the ‘Load’ button


2. Remote DLL

Remote DLL is the simple tool to Inject DLL or Remove DLL from Remote Process. It uses following DLL injection methods; Create Remote Thread, Nt Create Thread [Good for DLL Injection across sessions on Vista/Windows 7], Queue Use APC [Delayed Injection]. Remote DLL is very easy to use tool with a simple GUI interface which is readily understandable by both an average user and a professional user. You can use it either to Inject DLL into target process or remove malicious DLL from remote process in just a matter of minutes.


3. Injected DLL

Injected DLL is small and simple utility software that displays the list of DLLs that are automatically injected on every process in your system. The software is a utility type freeware which does not need any installation to run and is executable by double-clicking on the .exe file. After you run it, the software will automatically show you a list of currently injected DLLs if any. The utility is executable on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 and Windows XP.


4. Extreme Injector

Extreme Injector is a straightforward DLL injecting software which is remarked as a great software by a user. The software can be run on Microsoft Windows and seaports many features to inject DLL into a process. It is lightweight and is free to download and use. Give it a try and leave a remark for our website its increase its available content. The link to download the software is given.


5. Injector

This utility provides a mechanism to inject a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) into an arbitrary process and is very fast in the process and does not slow your work down. To inject a DLL file into a process, Enter the absolute path to the DLL you want to load into the ‘DLL to Inject’ edit box and click on the ‘Load’ button. To inject the DLL into any of the running processes, tick the appropriate process in the process list. The method of injecting a DLL using this software is as easy as it sounds. Download it free and use it at will.


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