10 Best Free White Noise Generator for Windows


White noise is a type of noise which if played, can cancel the nearby sound and as it works, it is mostly used for relaxing purposes. This type of noise is often used in sleeping therapies as it helps the patient get a full relief sleep.

The White noise itself is a sound, but its category is that it gives peace to the listener, like the sound of raindrops, breezing wind through a Greenfield or something like that. The sound is made by merging many kinds of frequencies which when played, numbs other nearby sounds resulting in a more comfortable and peaceful time.

There are many ways to produce white noise in which one is using white noise generating software. The software is cost-efficient as it does not require any special kind of device or hardware to operate and can be run on most of the device which we use in our daily life like a computer, laptop or mobile.


A list of software is given below which has a lot of built-in white noises to be selected from, and you can get a peaceful sleep using them. Take a look at the list and let us know if any of the software were useful to you.

1. TM Soft White Noise

TM Soft is a big organization that works in the field of sound and has progressed much in it. The company provides much software for noise creating purposes, and all the software are incomparable in quality. The TM Soft White Noise generator is also one of the software from TM Soft Corp which is quite a good one in its work.


The software is cross-platform and is loaded with many sounds to aid you in achieving a peaceful loner time. As well as, you can use the white noise to get a peaceful sleep if you have a disturbance related to sound in your neighborhood.

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Download: Windows

2. Sound Check

Sound Check is a multipurpose Windows-based application that allows you to perform many actions on sounds like changing frequencies and some like this. The software is also used to check the sound card of the user.

It has many features that can be shortened to one or two on the description like it can Test the range of your speakers and hearing, Real-time waveform display (like an oscilloscope) and Selectable sample rates from 5000Hz to 128,000Hz. Many more features are there to be explored in this software which you can get for free. The link to its download site is given.

3. Room Acoustic Wizard REW

Room Acoustic Wizard is a software for checking and analyzing room speakers. The software is equipped with exclusive features that will allow you to optimize the acoustics of your listening room, studio or home theatre and find the best locations for your speakers, subwoofers and listening position.

You can measure frequency and impulse response, measure distortion measure SPL Impedance and do much more using this software. Additionally, you can listen and create white noises in this software. The software supports Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux as well and comes under a freeware license.

Download: Windows| Mac| Linux

4. White Noise Sleep System

Another free great software in the field of White noise software. This software is very easy to use and gives you the features to get your time a peaceful atmosphere. The software can pay five channels at a time, this way you can select multiple sounds that you like and get more out of it.

You can also create custom sounds in it if you don’t like the prebuilt sounds in it and save them for later use. This software is a package that includes White Noise Player, White Noise Machine Generator, Mask Noises, Play White Noise, Sound Screen, Sound Conditioner and Sleeping Aid. Get the freeware from the linked website.


Download: Windows

5. True RTA

True RTA is a High-Resolution Real-Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer that has many features for sound optimization. The software is a professional level software and has a great number of feature which is quite good to be used by professionals.

The software is not a suitable package for starters as its user interface is very crowded with features, and a simple user may lose his/her way on it. However, it can aid a professional user a lot because of its diversity in features and rendering capabilities. The software comes in free for trial only, and the trial is not limited by time but features. You have to purchase software to unlock full features.

Download: Windows

6. Tone by Tolvan Data

Tone is a freeware by Tolvan which is totally free. No strings attached. It is basically used for purposes like generating noises. With this, you can create different noises at different frequencies and decibel levels as well as you can play them in this software.

The process of creating noise in this software is not very difficult, and even a beginner can create sounds in it. All the features are available on one page, and you can do all you can from that one page and only that one page making it simple to understand and very useful.

Download: Windows

7. Sweep Gen

The software is created by an individual, but it is great in quality and is a piece of beauty to give a try too. The software turns your Personal Computer into an Audio Oscillator and Sweep Generator giving you the ability to create and analyze a number of sounds.

It is a good software to be used for educational purposes as the user interface is not very difficult to understand. The software is written in good language package and can support very high-level sound cards easily; it will keep your productivity on. It can be obtained as freeware as well as a paid version which includes support by the author.

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Download: Windows

8. Audacity

Audacity is a Free, Open-Source, and Cross-platform Audio software that allows you to edit any kind of audio file. It is an all-in-one audio editing software that helps you to record audio, import, and export easily, enhance sound quality, apply effects, and much more.

The software is designed for professionals and allows them to cut, copy, paste, and delete. Also, it offers unlimited sequential undo and redo to get back any number of steps. One of the most exciting facts about this open-source audio software is that it supports multiple third-party plugins like LADSPA, LV2, and lots of others that make it better than others.

Download: Windows| Mac | Linux

9. Soundcard Oscilloscope

Soundcard Oscilloscope is a simple yet powerful solution that comes with all leading features and tools. The software feature four different types of view, including the Real-time waveform display of Channel A and Channel B. It comes as a self-extracting archive and will start the installation automatically.

The interface of the solution is quite easy to understand, and you can enjoy it all tools without any limit. Its audio recorder feature allows you to easily record any size of the file to a wave file that makes it better than others.

Download: Windows

10. Audio Dope

Audio Dope is a free to use audio editor and recorder that can process almost all audio formats. With the help of this, you can record from any source line in live streaming, microphone, and others. It also offers a simple interface and encloses a menu bar, several shortcuts buttons, and options to view upload items.

The best thing is that it supports all leading formats, including MP3, APE, WMA, and AVI, etc. You can easily view a waveform and play or stop the audio file, select a specific part of its and copy, cut, and paste. Audio Dope’s frequency analyzer can show you details of any part of a song while you can also be able to generate several types of tones.

Download: Windows

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