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Verbal communications are although easy to convey the message and effective for the real time response. Everyone find it easy to communicate with other via this form so that it is easy to setup a session, real time answers and feedback is provided and every issue can be discussed in detail and clearly. The only and the biggest disadvantage of we can say the flaw of verbal communication is that it is not permanent and can never be proposed as evidence. Yes there are tools and machines to record the voices and communications that are based on the audio but everyone is not able to possess them always everywhere with them. Now there are thousands of voice audio recording apps developed and proposed of the smartphones and tablets that the users can record whatever they want to record by simply tapping on their smart devices. The users can record and edit the audios and voices in various formats and can even share them in real time. There is a wide range of such voice recording apps for Android. The best and top class voice recording apps for Android are listed down below for everyone.

1. Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

Cogi is one of the most easy to use and best user friendly app. the app is a complete personal digital assistant and manager of the users that keeps everything up to date for its users. The users are now able to take frequent notes in real time with the help of this astounding app as the users are provided with simple and effective tools. The users of the app can record whatever they want to record and that too by just a single tap on the app. No complex setup and start-up menu, simple and easy on the go service.



2. Dictadroid Voice Recorder

Launching a voice recorder on the Android was never that simple as this astounding and bewildering app has made it. Dictadroid Voice Recorder is an amazing and extra ordinary sort of voice recording app that enables the users to record whatever they want to record that too rapidly and in real time. The users can now by using the simple swiping gestures of the app can pause, resume, save, delete the recording and other pre-recorded files. The app has a unique ability of automatically compressing the recordings in the audio files.

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3. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder by Triveous is a simple yet quite effective sort of voice recorder app that possess an amazing and alluring user interface and super easy premium features and controls. Now the users can create their own customized voice memos and voice presentations as this is a unique and intelligent voice recording app that can add images and videos to the recording of the users. The app is available to use in more than 200 famous countries of the world and the convenience level of the app is extreme because of the support of 15 different sorts of languages.



4. RecForge II – Audio Recorder

RecForge II is an excellent and tremendous potential audio voice recording app that is quite popular all around the world and is used by thousands of Android users already and is counting more and more. It is not an ordinary kind of voice recording app as it enables its users to save the recordings in extreme quality audio codecs. The users are now able to save, convert, edit and share their recording in real time via this astounding app. The app is highly customizable and used by thousands for creating audio recorded files.


5. Audio Recorder

This is the Audio Voice recording app that is developed and proposed by Sony Mobile Communication. The app is an official voice recording app of the Sony Company and is often found pre-installed in various Sony Mobile Android devices. The app makes it best and most easy to record whatever a user want to record on the go and can save, edit and share it too. The users can now playback their recordings on their devices while doing other tasks.


6. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is another astounding and bewildering audio voice recording app that is developed and proposed as product of Digipom. The app is already quite popular and famous among the Android users from all around the globe. It is used by thousands of users all around the world and are still counting more and more with the passage of time. The users can record in the best and premium high quality PCM and AAC audio formats. The pro version of the app enables the users to record in the stereo even.

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7. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Free)

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is already a very much famous, popular and most widely used high quality sound recorder. The app is mostly used for recording high quality songs on the Android smart devices. The app is developed and proposed by Audiophile. The best and most unique feature of the app is that the users can simply start recording whenever they want to record by simply turning the app on in the notification menu. The audio that are recorded via this app are automatically saved in the device of the users and in the dropbox as well.


8. Smart Voice Recorder

As the name of the app states, it is a very smart and intelligent voice audio recorder which is used by millions of users all around the globe. This app ranks among the best and most top rated voice recording apps of all times. It has topped various performance charts all around the globe and has won various quality performance based appreciation awards. With live audio spectrum analysis control and various sensitivity controls, this is one of the best and premium level voice recording and sharing app that is developed and proposed by SmartMob.


9. Voice Recorder – SnipBack

Voice Recorder- SnipBack is another extraordinary and tremendous potential based unique sort of audio voice recording app. The app is developed and proposed by Cosmic Pie Design and claims to be a revolutionary app in terms of voice recording. The app is based upon the modern real time gestures and possess some new and unique effectual features that are not present in various other similar sort of apps. The best and most unique master quality feature of this app is that it does not let the users to miss any of the important stuff as it intelligently records after saving and previous playing stuff too so that the user can recover it.


10. Voice & Audio Recorder – ASR

Voice & Audio Recorder- ASR is another effective and useful voice recording app that is developed and published by NLL Inc. for Android based smartphones and tablets. Although from its overall outlook and setup the app seems to be quite simple but yet it is very much inspiring and outstanding in nature. The best and most astounding thing about the app is that it has an automatic mode of starting and recording the audio voices. The users can now share their multiple recording at once via using this astounding app.

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11. Secret Recorder, Hidden Voice

Secret Recorder, Hidden Voice is another amazing and unique kind of voice recording app that is used for recording the audios in real time and that too secretly. Now the users can record whatever they want to record via this astonishing and master quality app as the app is able to record everything that the user wants to record. The app is developed and published by NAMOS. The users can now record their calls as well with this amazing quality app.


12. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder by Splend Apps is another useful and effectual voice recording app that is used by thousands of Android users already in ever part of the world. The best and most inspiring unique thing about the app is its super easy to use user interface and controls. The users can simply setup the app and make it record any of the audio voice they want to record. The users can now share their recording in the real time with various friends and family by sync and other sharing options provided by the app itself.


13. Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder is another safe, smart and easy to use simple sort of audio voice recording app. The app is the official Samsung voice recording app and is often already installed in many new and latest Samsung Android smartphones and tablets. The outstanding and most unique feature of the app is that it is astoundingly amazing in terms of recording and editing capabilities. The users can now record the audios and voices as the voice memos. The users can now convert their recording in to text via voice to text converting options. What the users will say it would be converted into text by this unique quality app.


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