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It is good and positive to have a certain speed and pace in life. But a necessary thing that has to be kept along with it is the detection and monitoring of that speed. An individual should be aware of its acceleration rate which is commonly referred to as the speed. While driving cars, bikes, and other vehicles, we are not that much aware of the speed in which we are moving. Despite having a complete and certainly real-time detecting speedometer and gauge on the car we often do not bother to have a look at it as we are so much busy with various other stuff. This thing surely led all of us to the danger as without being aware we excel so much that our speed exceeds the speed limit of that particular area which causes dangerous accidents and collisions. Nowadays this problem is solved to a large extent by real-time accurate speedometer apps. These apps let its users notified and aware of their speed and guided them properly about their drive in respect of the specified area in which they are moving. These apps work collaborating with the GPS navigations system and provide the distance and track directions too. There is a wide range of such apps on the iOS and from which the top-rated are listed here for everyone.

1. Talking Speedometer – Bike Computer

What if your speedometer talks to you and tells you about your speed and other stuff while you are driving your car or bike. Sounds quite interesting and charming, and in actual, it’s quite astonishing too. Now you’re talking speedometer will never let you get over speed and exceed the limits. Talking Speedometer is an outstanding master functionality app that enables the users to get aware of the speed always. The app is developed and proposed by Dmitriy Kharutskiy. The app is quite different regarding overall functionality and outlook as compared to all the rest kind of speedometer related apps. The app has marvelous multiple support for the 25 famous different languages of the world. The users can choose the one languages in which they want the instructions by the app according to their personal preference. The best and unique thing about this app is that it not only supports the vehicles speed like a car, bike, etc. but it let the user be aware of their speed even while running, jogging, walking and cycling. The extreme quality based smart engine installed inside the app let it detect the exact speed of the users and tell them with the voice notifications. This extraordinary and unique speedometer app costs $1.99 on the Apple App store, and the users can download it for all iOS devices including the complete range of iPhone and iPad.


2. SpeedGlow Speedometer

SpeedGlow Speedometer is another useful and bewildering app regarding the overall speed monitoring with a glowing and imitative user interface. The best thing to consider about this app is its glowing attractive and alluring display that makes speed monitoring quite easy, convenient and pleasant. No matter how keenly a user is involved driving his car, this app will surely attract the user as it exceeds the limit or due to any inappropriate actions performed. The app grabs the attention of the user towards its display by ranging the glow. The app if needs to notify the user of some really urgent issue then it will glow in a different color with maximum glowing and shine as compared to its natural or normal glow. The app along with the initiative interface do possess a smart speed limit alarm that instantly notifies and warns the users whenever they excel more and exceed the speed limit on a particular track. The simple tap INS and swiping gesture controls enhance the convenience level of the app to the maximum. Another bewildering, unique and effectual feature of the app includes the support of Head-Up Display HUD. By turning this kind of display on the user can see all the speed components that the app show on their iOS device now on the windshield of their car. This HUD mode is quite useful and handy in the night, especially where the user can easily see the reflection-based display on the windscreen and does not need to look at the phone or a phone stand. The app costs $1.99, and the iOS users can download it from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad both.


3. Speed Tracker. GPS Speedometer, HUD, Trip Computer

Speed Tracker is another amazing and spells bounding app the totally tears apart every other similar sort of apps that are present in the market for similar functions. The best and most prominent thing about the app is its immensely elegant design and multiple features. The app is a complete speedometer app that possesses the GPS navigation speed monitoring. The users are now always notified by the app about their speed, the kind of motion they are driving with and various other options too. The multiple functionality features of the app make it a sort of all in one kind app that possesses a lot of things nicely collaborated. The users of the app can now detect and monitor their speed.The time of traveling, the distance they covered as it is GPS based app, the users can use it in HUD mode for the windshield display, the GPS navigation system helps in the directions and elevations as well and a lot of other features too. The app is developed and proposed by AppAnnex, LLC and the users can download the app from the Apple App store for their iOS devices in $3.99. Another amazing and unique feature of the app that is not seen in any of the other speedometer apps is that it works a trip log and travel manager too. The app will notify the users about their meetings; the time left to go to a particular event and saves all sort of information about the user’s trip and traveling.


4. Fast, a Speedometer


Although the name of the app is a bit controversial as many claimed that the app to be guiding people in a wrong way so that they can drive faster which is not a safe thing. But that’s not the case. The app does not have any concern in making the user pinch to drive fast and danger their lives. It is a simple and initiative speedometer app that let its users be aware of the speed in different modes. The users can use the app as a digital speed monitor, and it will display the speed in the simple digit format along with the miles per hour. Whereas the users want a kind of sportier look can turn the app setting so that they are displayed a gauge meter based speed display which works exactly like the one present on the cars and other vehicles. The app is compatible with almost all sort of vehicles. Many of the users thought it to be only compatible with the racing vehicles, but it’s not the way they think. It can be used by any of the vehicles no matter it is a faster or a slower one. With HUD display the app seems to fit the daily life quite well as the users can simply put their devices on their dashboard for viewing the reflection-based interface of the speed on their windshields. The app monitors and notify the user’s top speed and keeps them notified about that. The app does not urge anyone to drive fast. The app is developed and proposed by Brennan Zelener, and it can be download for the iOS devices from the Apple App store in $ 1.99.


5. Speed PRO

With a variety of new and modern features, this particular amazing and outstanding speedometer app will surely blow your mind. The app is already quite popular among the people from all over the world. The app is used by thousands of iOS users worldwide as their basic speedometer. From its display and simple crystal clear display, the app seems to be a simple kind of speedometer app that works on the GPS navigations system and monitors the speed of the user’s vehicle while traveling. Whereas the app does possess some other multiple features and provide various other options too. No need to worry if lost your way or you are not familiar with the track, this astonishing and splendid quality based speedometer app will let you know the perfect directions and will keep on you updating in the real-time of the drive. The users can now keep track of their traveling and are even able to save it on the iCloud based storage or any other physical local storage by rapid syncing options. The full-screen mode display of the app shows everything on the home screen of the app including the current speed, top speed, average speed, route distance, route time, track length and various other things too. The app is developed and published under the flag of Mother Tucker LLC and is available to download on the Apple App Store for $0.99 only.


6. Speed PRO-Multiplayer

It is a different kind of version of the app that has been discussed above. It is also developed and proposed by the same vendor Mother Tucker LLC. The app is different from the app mentioned above in such a way that it is a kind of game that is specially designed for the friends who are always in the urge to beat each other while they are running, jogging, cycling or even walking. This splendid and extreme master functionality app lets the users detect they’re each minor kind of motion-based activity and display the accurate speed of it on their smart devices. The app is quite handy and useful regarding the motivation as it enables the users to create a solid statically based competition among friends so that they can run with more speed and motion to beating others, in this way they can achieve their daily life workout goals and can be fit and healthy. The app turns your physical running into a real-life game where your speed is monitored on the speed gauge, and it displays every single detail about it including average speed; distance covered, top speed and various other things too. This app also works along with the GPS tracking system and let you know about the directions and the distance covered. It is freely available on the Apple App Store and is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even the widget support of Apple Watch.


7. JustSpeed large GPS speedometer with H.U.D. Option

JustSpeed is another quality based speedometer app that will surely drive you insane because of its master quality features and tons of multiple functionality options. This astounding app works on a similar stance collaborating with the GPS navigation tracking system. Although the app is quite new in the market and is recently launched even being that much new it is already on the list of the best because of the users, demand from all around the globe. If you want to go with a large and clear display of your speed that should be present on your windscreen in the digit form while you drive, then this is the app you should consider. The app has the largest and the most crystal clear reflection-based view of the windshield of the user’s vehicle when used in the HUD mode. What else it has to be in a classy speedometer app that displays large and the users are always well aware of their speed by not especially looking and giving pauses based glances on the windshield or the device.


8. Speedometer Free Speed Box

This app is another quite famous and most widely used speedometer app for the iOS devices. The users commonly know the app as Speed Box and are famous with this same in every part of the world. The app is a real top notch app for the speedy freaks who are quite concerned about their speed and wants to monitor and track their real-time speed progress that how fast they actually can go. The app has a clear cut policy and does not take part in any of the illegal speed based activity and does not urge anyone to drive crazy and insane and cause their lives. It is a classy and astounding speedometer app with various other multiple abilities and functions. The app also works as direction based compass and an odometer too for the iOS devices. The app is highly customizable regarding its display, the users can set up their measures of calculating and determining the speed, whether they want it to display in KMH or MPH, etc. The app supports the GPS navigation and helps the users to evaluate their distance covered and the directions as well. The users can use the app with full screen in both portrait mode and landscape mode. The app is developed and proposed by Hans Schneider and can be downloaded free of cost from the Apple App Store for iOS-based devices.


9. Speedometer Free Speed Limit Alert + GPS Black Box

This app is the speedometer app that most of you will surely be aware of as it the best and most widely used speedometer app all around the globe by the iOS users. It is also a kind of old and pioneer speedometer that was first developed and later on as it makes the path for other apps, the rest of all came into the market as competitors. The best and most amazing thing about the app that makes the app that much worth having and make it stand still out as better than other apps is its detailed and in-depth crystal display. The display of the app even now looks much better as the latest iOS devices have retina HD display on them. The other similar sort of speedometer apps is way too much simple as compare to this one as they usually display the speed only and few other things sometimes. Whereas via this astounding and extreme master quality app you will get to know about your detailed speed stats. Along with the display of the type of area, you are passing through, how much distance you have covered, how much is the fuel consumption of the vehicle, what should be your max and min speed limits. Even the temperature inside the vehicle and outside, GPS-based direction and many more other things that are quite enough to surpass all the rest simple speedometer apps. The app has a free and paid Pro version. Both are available at the Apple store, and the users can download them on their iOS-based devices.


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