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With more than 400 million of native speakers Spanish is the World’s second most widely spoken language even surpassing the universal language English who has 360 million native speakers. Spanish is spoken in various continents all around the world including a large part of Europe, South America and the Central America. Although the Spanish that is spoken in Europe and that in American continents is different in some terms of pronunciation but overall as most it is quite the same. A gigantic majority of people living in these areas speak and understand Spanish only as it is their native language and they prefer it more on all the other languages even English. Spanish has further divisions on the bases of areas in which it is spoken as in some part of Spain it has a form of Catalan and many others in various areas and countries. People from all around the globe are now learning the Spanish language as the main hub of the world is full of people who has Spanish as their native language and everyone is now on to fill this communication gap. There is a massive variety of Spanish learning and Dictionary apps that enables the users to learn and understand Spanish language in the best possible efficient way. Some of the best Spanish Dictionary apps are mentioned here for your assistance hope they help you in learning.

1. Spanish English Dictionary

Spanish English Dictionary is a specified Spanish to English and English to Spanish dictionary app that has a lot of things in it to deal with and the users of the app are way much more satisfied and on the move in terms of its premium level of functionality and mastery. The app is one of the easiest and most convenient sort of dictionary app that is fully supportive for both the native Spaniards who are trying to learn the meanings of words in English and the similar sort of scenario is with the English ones. The app has quite huge lexical data base due to which it comprise of massive variety of words, phrases and example based sentences and that too translated in both the languages so that the users of the app cannot even only understand in a better way they can learn well too. This app is developed and published under the flag of Ascendo Inc. The app is equipped with some real great features like Phrase book with more than different 20 categories to look for and many more other features too. The app is free of cost and it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.



2. SpanishDict Lite

SpanishDict Lite developed and proposed as a product of Curiosity Media is one of the best and pure quality based simple yet effective kind of dictionary app that let the users to translate the words, phrases and sentences from English to Spanish and Spanish to English and that too with the pronunciation support program installed in it so that the users of the app should not only get their desired meaning of the word or phrase but they should also know the pronunciation of the word. From its overall look and setup the app seems to be a simple sort of app that has nothing to offer much but rather than being simple it is quite initiative in terms of brilliance and provides various exciting and cool features to the users so that they can learn the desired meaning in their specific languages in the best possible way of all. Beside of having various features the most prominent and the most inspiring one that single handedly took all the credit of the success of the app is the segment of Word Game offered inside the app, due to which the users are able to answer simple questions asked and gain points on each level. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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3. dictionaries dictionaries is one of the biggest initiative that has been taken for providing the public knowledge and know-how of almost all the famous languages of the world. Now the users do not need to consult any other dictionary for the specific language as this dictionary app has the data base of all the most famous and widely spoken languages of the world and it is referred as one of the best and most complete dictionary app. Basically this app is designed for providing the access to the website of as it is way much easy for the users that are using the smart devices such as tablets and smartphones they can conveniently access the lexical database of the website and can be able to search their query by choosing from the Dictionaries of The basic language of all these dictionary is English of course and further it is collaborated and consulted with various famous languages of the world such as French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Romanian, Korean, Arabic and many more others. It also has dictionaries that convert Spanish to French and Spanish to Portuguese. This app is too freely available on the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.


4. Diccionario de la RAE

Now this is the very own Spanish Dictionary app that is basically designed and developed for the native Spanish people like students etc. or the ones who are living in the Countries where Spanish is their primary language. As from the name of the app it is too in Spanish it is directed that it is a complete and fully fledged Spanish Dictionary app. The app is not only famous in the people that are living in the Spanish countries but it is famous all around the globe as many tourist too prefer this app for learning new word, phrases and sentences in Spanish and wants to increase their vocabulary. This bewildering and pure quality based app is developed by Grupo Planeta and is the official of the Royal Spanish Academy. The app is published by Espasa Calpe. Actually it is always in the connection with the Royal Spanish Academy as it works only when connected to the internet, so it access the database of Royal Spanish Academy and provide the assistance to the users of their desired searches and quires. The app is way too much easy and convenient to use, the users of the app can access to over 80,000 various articles and many conjugated forms of verbs along with thousands of words, phrases and sentences. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices.


5. Diccionario Español

Diccionario Español is another Spanish dictionary application that enables the users to search for any of the Spanish language word, phrase or sentence according to their own requirement and choice. The best thing about the app is that it is way too much rapid and efficient in terms of searching the queries and displaying the result as compare to most of the famous similar sort of dictionary apps that are already present in the market from famous and well reputed vendors. The app is designed and proposed as a product of Smartpcx. The users can use the app via offline as all the database it access is available when offline so the users now without any tension and ache of having an internet connection can search for their desired Spanish word. In some cases the internet connection may be required if any of the searched result is not displayed by the app. With more than 52000 definitions and various gesture based support such as voice recognition and many other features, the app is way much more awesome and smart in terms of overall functionality. On the similar side the app has a very easy and user friendly interface that enables the users to easily search and go for their required meaning of the words. The app is available on the Google Play and it can be downloaded for free for Android based smart devices as it supports both tablets and smartphones.

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6. English Spanish Dictionary

English Spanish Dictionary is another simple sort of dictionary app that let the users to translate the meanings of words from English to Spanish and from the Spanish to English. This tremendous app is recommended specially for those who are heading towards Spanish languages spoken states and wants to learn the basics of the Spanish Language. On the other hand the app is equally important for the native Spanish speakers as it enables them to learn the meaning of the words translated in English in this way they can learn and get more familiar to the English language. In Spain and other Spanish speaking countries, native public is not much aware of English as they prefer their own Spanish language for every sort of communication but when it comes to the international or some highly official communication that is in English they surly face difficulty in it. As English is the universal languages and has the status that is accepted in all most every part all around the globe. This app has more than 17000 words, phrases and sentences that clearly explains the meanings in both English and Spanish. The best part of the app is that its data base can be accessed even when offline which makes it even more handy and convenient. The users can download the app free of cost from the Google Play store.


7. Dictionary of Spanish Coloqu

It is another native Spanish dictionary app that is specifically designed for the native Spanish speakers who are already well aware of the Spanish languages but are in search of new words, phrases and sentences for the learning purpose and increasing their vocabulary. The app is developed and proposed by Denox. It is one of the most famous Spanish Dictionary app in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries and is already be used by thousands of people. The number of the users of this very much amazing and astounding app are increasing day by day and soon they will get doubled even triple as many people from every part of the world are getting into the Spanish Language as it is one of the most famous language of the world and is almost ranked next to English. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.


8. Merriam Webster Spanish – English Dictionary

Merriam Webster Dictionaries are one of the most famous and most trusted dictionaries around the globe with millions of satisfies users who access Merriam Webster dictionaries for their queries as they are quite satisfied with the performance and the lexical data base that Merriam Webster dictionaries possess. There are variety of apps offered by Merriam Webster dictionaries that are specified and are primarily dedicated to a single language contrary to English so that the users can not only find their desired meaning but they can understand in the better way via comparing in two languages. The Merriam Webster Spanish to English Dictionary is built on the same iconic and mastery as other of its apps and possess a huge lexical database which enable the users to get their desired and satisfying answer of their search or query. Although the app is free of cost but same as like other Merriam Webster dictionary apps this one also charge for some of the additional premium features from the users. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices.

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9. is an education based dictionary app containing thesaurus and all the other user full tools for learning vocabulary. It is developed and distributed by The main aim of the app is to provide a long time learning facility to its users, so that with the help of this app they can improve their vocabulary and other skills too. There are a lot of different kinds of activities present in the app or we can say various activity based learning modes. The user can choose the desired one for starting the learning process. The step by step learning help the users to lean forward from minors to the majors. The initial start of a regular normal user is from 120,000 various questions that will help the users in learning 12,000 words quite effectively.


10. Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a unique and interesting sort of dictionary app that possess many new and different things in it as compare to the simple regular dictionaries app. The app is developed and published by Urban Dictionary Inc. The app possess massive variety of different kinds of words, phrases, definitions, meanings, sentences, synonyms etc. The most unique and interesting part of the app is that it supports unofficial words including slang that are used regularly in speaking or while chatting on social media. The user can enter any word even a slang, the app provide its definition to the user and in some cases it also tell about its start. The app is free of cost available on Google Play for Android based devices.


11. Advanced Offline Dictionary

Advanced Offline Dictionary is very interesting and useful dictionary app that is developed and published by movinApp. The best thing about the dictionary is that it is quite simple and easy to use with a classy outlook, which not only makes this dictionary app quite convenient but attractive too. The app possess more than 290,000 various types detailed definitions, meaning, and possess a fully loaded thesaurus too. The user can now search any word or their requirement by many useful and effective searching tools and filter methods. The app is totally free of cost and the users can access its all features even when offline, it means now no need to be bound of internet anymore. It is present on the Google Play store for Android.


12. Multilang Dictionary Glosbe

Multilang Dictionary Glosbe is another amazing and alluring foreign language all in one sort of dictionary app that provides multiple supports for almost all famous and most widely spoken languages of the world. The app is not that much famous and popular and not even proposed by any of the famous vendor or developer which is well reputed in the market but still this app on all due to its high level user support and effectiveness it has successful in retaining a unique spot in the market and is surely preferred by the people all over the globe as compare to the similar sort of apps that are already present in the market for the very same purpose. The app is designed and released Glosbe Parfieniuk i Stawiński s. j. by which is a community in its own. The app is quite convenient and easy to use, it enables it users to translate the sentences, words and phrases into all the famous and most widely spoken languages of the world. The real time translating ability and a lot of other features like examples for better understanding and accurate pronunciation facility makes this app a complete power pack. The app is still under more development and the developers have asked from all the users worldwide to give their feedback and suggestions regarding the up gradation of the app. This app is too free of cost and can be simply be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.


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