16 Best Aviation Apps for Android and iOS

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It is complex to fly a plane, but it is more complex to know how to get from point A to B in an airplane. With all the training, reading, and simulation, you went through all these years allow you to calculate the risk and target a few definitions. It involves many features, like training a pilot. Each pilot goes through a specific training know about all the aspects of flying the plane.

These aspects are made of weather control radar control different kinds of reading calculations before taking off and many other types of necessary calculations. There is application software that allows users and pilots to go through every little aspect of flying a plane, which involves knowing about the weather report, traffic control, logbooks, and much more.

These apps contain various features that help you understand and navigate the application and customize them according to your requirements and needs. They provide in-flight and pre-flight schedules status with advanced features for the pilot to understand needs before taking off.


Here is a list of best aviation applications for Android and iOS devices that help both the passengers and pilots about everyday knowledge of travel and aviation so that you can have excellent and tremendous flying experience

Best Aviation Apps for Android & iOS

1. FltPlan Go

FltPlan Go is the best aviation application that is available for both Android and iOS devices. It gives you the detail of air traffic control and makes your flight experience much better. FltPlan Go is full of options which are available on iPad or Android tablet.

The core feature offers robust route mapping, features information about airplanes for the user, and many other aspects like it. It displays fuel prices along the route, four points, and map that move according to your location and displayed in the form of charts, login in-flight weather reports, and other functions.


The database of the application is best for normal that is very easy to utilize for trainee pilots or anyone having experience with flying. The application comes with connectivity support for Dynon, and Avidyne Avionics, along with Pathfinder, Dual XGPS-170 & XGPS-190, and much more.

It also has two simulators built-in: X-Plane Simulator, and FSX & Prepar3D GPS, which you’ll find effective. FltPlan does not contain, but it is not free, and the cost is high.

Android iOS

2. Avare

Avare is the best aviation application for Android devices. It is a tool that provides you a different type of information on the flight, and on all, there is to know about aviation, mostly this type of app is used for both private and commercial pilots.

It includes the necessary details of flights flying in the USA part of Canada it provides you data such as TCP charts for most of the world, along with ONC charge for Canada and South Asia and various other countries.

The core feature of the application provides the offline map and on all FAA charts. It also includes airport diagrams and terminal procedures. You can find features like GPS status train and elevation maps, obstetrical, and much more.

When the app connects to the internet, you can also get METAR & TAF data, TFRs, and a lot more information that you may find useful. Avare is free and does not contain any ads or online purchases.


3. FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker is a smart aviation application for the intelligent pilot. This tool is available for both Android and iOS devices and provides a set of tools. The best part of the app is its interface, which is easy to interact with and a provider white detailed features that are easily used by any Pilots, commercial or private.

It includes details like keeping track of offline status in real-time live track any commercial flight you can also use your flight casual that is currently flying over US and Canada all the information regarding it. Other types of tools that FlightAware Flight Tracker involves are smart interface great interaction layout.

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The best part is that it interacts with both beginner and expert users, and the structure is laid out in a very comfortable way for you to understand easily. Users can quickly locate and track websites using the software. The tool is ad-supported and comes with an in-app purchase to unlock additional features.

Android iOS

4. ForeFlight

ForeFlight is the best type of Aviation software which allows the user to touch planning, active route editing, SID/STAR previews, along with a lot more options. The best part of the application is that it provides a clear layout of the app and allows the user to access all the essential experience capable of running on both Android and iOS devices.

It also offers various types of features. The core function of the app is that it has a hazard advisor, synthetic vision test chart, and allowed many other useful flying tools that support both private and commercial pilots.

The interface is easy to understand with a constructive layout. The structure of ForeFlight is convincing and has a great theme. The app is free to use feature ads and offer in-app purchases.


5. FlightRadar

FlightRadar is an aviation application which has a constructive complex layout, but it is straightforward to use for both commercial and private pilots. The app has a core feature of commercial flights in the world in real-time and accurate provider displays of all the flights casual that are running real-time all around the world.

It is a flight tracker that can display the required information and weather report on the screen of the phone. It also provides information in real-time and 3D. It offers many tools with a different type of information beneficial, which also helps us in keeping up with our flight status.

Some of the features of the device include weather details, flight details, pilot guidance, and much more. FlightRadar consists of ads and offers in-app purchases. The subscription module cost about $4.

Android iOS

6. CloudAhoy

CloudAhoy is a smart aviation application that works only on the iOS platform. The primary purpose of the application is to provide basic knowledge of the post-flight debriefing app for pilots. CloudAhoy comes in handy for both commercial and private pilots.

It is easy to use and ever beautiful interface which guide the user and waste time it has the fantastic feature like cockpit view which allows you to review your flight from your perspective using 3D animation, and it also includes trip plans weather instructions instruction approaches VRF and IFR and more.

All these features prove to be extremely valuable for students. It also tracks your flight in real-time by tracking your GPS location. CloudAhoy provider a simple layout with the constructive, which has an extensive menu. The tool features ads and offers in-app purchases to access additional features.

Android iOS

7. Takeoff

Takeoff is a smart aviation app that only works on iOS devices. The best function of the application is for both the pilot and the student because it makes sure that the pilot gets access to the latest innovation in technologies and practices the application to provide necessary actions.

The app consists of features like teaching that engaging video tips, podcasts, aviation news, and a lot more. The layout of the application is straightforward to understand and provide in navigation has a beautiful structural design can help the user in every part of the menu.

It does not include tracking features but offers more expertise in the areas of information providing aspects. It includes content that is customizable to the level of the pilot. Takeoff is free to use, support ads, and offer a purchase module.

Android iOS

8. Qref Aircraft Checklists

Qref Aircraft Checklists is the best aviation application in-app store, which means it is only available for iOS devices. Qref Aircraft Checklists bring digital versatility to what was once a solely paper-based procedure, which implies that all the system’s actions are executed manually, and they are now easily accessible to every type of pilot.

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The core feature of the app is providing flight information weather details pre-flight checklist. It includes many exciting features about all involve pre-flight updates for over 50 values aircraft, and it pulls up a relevant document within just a few steps, air traffic information, weather control, and much more.

The interface is easy to understand and provides a clear GUI structure that helps the user navigating the app. Qref Aircraft Checklists are free to use the pilot’s full capacity. It is ad-supported and offers an in-app purchase.


9. SkyDemon

SkyDemon is a professional application that is suitable for all types of pilots, which includes commercial and private. The app provides a new platform of convenience to flight planning and in-flight navigation, which help the user navigating all the necessary facilities required for an aviation person.

All the information news displayed, which include Aeronautical vector chart with dynamic airspace clipping and virtual radar that calculate everything speed and weight strain and rainfall weather condition and passenger capacity on the flight.

The application includes pilot understand and navigate the application ease of additional access processes to understand the result is easier and much more.

SkyDemon is designed for all type of pilot need a nudge to perform the duty. It works for both Android and iOS users. It offers in-app purchases to unlock additional features.


10. Logten Pro

Logten Pro is a different type of Aviation application that supports both Android and iOS users. The primary purpose of the application is to provide logs of aircraft traffic. The records are public and available for everyone to see. The use of the app is that they replace logbooks with a new Android electronic logbook, which sets a new benchmark.

It is one of the type and profession logbooks for aviation. It is self-explanatory and offers a great thing which provides easy navigation. The GUI structure of the application is the route, and the interface has a high structural view. The menu is careful laid-out, and the app is responsive to any device.

Logten Pro is free to use and mostly used on the message the core feature of the application contain frequency requirement, automate a range of schedule processing, and much more.


11. Live ATC

Live ATC is an application which uses for listening to traffic control, which can be both fun and educational. The best part of the application is that it is free to use for every type of user. The in-app purchase feature requires you to purchase the app because of the functions it provides. The app is handy for both pilots and the passenger ad you get all the information on flights that are currently in your line flying around across the world.

The app has extended its features, the core feature of the app draw location to show your flight schedule, provides information on different times of flights, save your favorite countries, and display report in a different type of frequency diagram and Radar reports, and much more.

It is easy to use and easy to control with the intuitive and a self-explaining simple theme. Live ATC hears to approach control Tower weather conditions inside the app. It is not free and costs about $4 and does not contain any ads.

Android iOS

12. AeroWeather

AeroWeather is a smart aviation application for checking the station around you and a local airport with that you are traveling to check the weather report, and condition to have a better journey. It gives you full information about Airports around you. The pro version of this application gives pilots a quick icon indication if a station is currently reporting VFR, MVFR, IFR or LIFR.

AeroWeather automatically customizes the best view of air traffic control. The app extends to more features, which include weather reports, traffic reports, traffic routes, and much more. The tool is free to use, and it comes with two versions, the light version is free of charge and contain ads, the pro version cost about $3 and do not provide any advertisements and let you access additional features.

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Android iOS

13. Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course and Pilot Training app

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course, and Pilot Training app is a smart application for aviation. It has Android essential detail of Air Traffic control, another nautical for both pilot and passenger, but this application is different from the rest of the aviation application because it includes fly course simulator help you understand how the flights work.

Design is made ideal for this app to solving pre and in-flight navigation problems that help you understand the concept of Aviation. The app includes the manufacturer of like a traffic control, flight directions report, simulations of controlling the plane, provide pilot training course with the help of simulation in 3D animations, and much more.

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course, and Pilot Training app is easy to use and only available on iOS devices and support ads and offer in-app purchase to unlock additional features.

Android iOS

14. Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot is an aviation application that provides all the details of in-flight in all the necessary information you need to make your trip full of information and interesting information. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The primary function of this application is to provide a set of tools that are built for both social and commercial pilots.

The mechanisms involve option that allows all data to be displayed readily in the form of graphical or in report forms. Garmin Pilot contains many features like smart interface interactive map creating flight details weather details small the GPS tracking feature of this app has an intelligent design. Provide in-flight navigation that comes with an electronic lock that automatically gets the file with the GPS data from the flight.

The information on this app is easy to understand and contains a constructive layout that is easy to navigate. It provides a 30 day trial period before purchase and the subscription that starts from $10.

Android iOS

15. Naviator

Naviator, as the name of the application, suggests it is a navigator. The purpose of this application is to provide a direct view of the flight that you are flying or any other plane that is in your schedule. The primary function of the tool is to offer you a GPS plan. It displays information airports TRFs and other details that may use for the pilots.

It automatically downloads all the navigation data on your phone, so if you do not have an internet connection, all the information is already stored on the phone. The best feature of this application contains the navigation calendar, with NMEA output. Naviator can drive your aircraft’s autopilot.

The core feature is pretty easy to understand and consists of many small and big details. The layout is constructive and provides easy navigation. It offers a 30 day trial period and offer application at $5 and only will work for Android devices.


16. X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator is a dynamic simulation application that allows you to control an airplane in a virtual form. The application provider simulation which will enable you to control install weight and balance problem guitar basically on the base of real variable and readings. The core feature of the application include practices that maneuver in C172 or Piper club.

It also provides you weather-controlled dissimulation act accordingly to the F-22 fighter jet through the mountain of Austria, and it can be a tough path. The exciting features include role simulation, control speed, and acceleration control, gravity pull aspects, weather conditions, simulations, and more.

X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator is only available on iOS devices and free to use more than 50 system models combat missions emergency scenario to play multiplayer via game center, and much more. It is free to use and offer in-app purchases.

Android iOS

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