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We cannot always be in front of the TV for watching the headlines and news even as everyone is so much busy nowadays in their work and other stuff that they does not have time for watching the TV sitting idle in their houses. Many of the times we people are traveling or are in such place where we are not accessible to the TV and often miss the important news or the breaking headline even it could be the budget seminar or the bomb blast news in the neighboring city or any other news according to the personal preference of everyone. There was a time when everyone was so much fed up and annoyed with this inconvenience but now it is not a problem anymore. There are numerous news apps available for watching the live news and any of the favorite news channel directly on the smartphones, tablets and on the other various sort of hand held devices. Some of the top rated, best and most widely used news apps are listed here for you.

1. Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard: Your News Magazine is one of the most famous and widely used News app that is used by thousands of people from all round the globe and is counting more and more with the passage of time. Flipboard magazine is the ultimate sort of the modern communication freaks that wants to be aware with every news all around the globe. The users of the app now wherever they are no matter they are with their TV or has the access to the newspapers, this outstanding news magazine will always keep their users notified of each minor news and the breaking that are not to missed. The users of the app can now customize the pages of their magazine app as they can now setup and organize their favorite or the important news or stories at the same page and the rest to another according to their own personal preference. The app enables the users to directly connect to the social media so that they can share an exciting story or a news with their friends and rest of the world. The app is fully compatible with the smartphones and tablets both and it can be free of cost downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices.


2. The Guardian

This is Official app of the famous newspaper of the US, not only the US it is read and viewed all over the world as it is famous for its hardcore internal hub international based news and public from all around the globe prefer the news from The Guardian as it has the reputation and people have trust on this media house that they will always publish the news more precisely, accurately, to the point and all of the above they would have the truth rather than having gossips and rumors like many other newspapers being published all around the globe. This news app already possess millions of users from every part of the world and the numbers are increasing quite rapidly day by day. The app let the users to be aware of all the happenings around the globe, no matter where the news is from. The breaking news alert notification system introduced inside the app let the users never miss any news. The app has two basic versions one is free and other one which is the premium version with additional features costs $3.99. Both of the versions of the app can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices.


3. BBC News

Yes we are talking about having the world in a hand, this astounding and bewildering app let the users to be aware of everything that is happening all around the globe and be its part right from their spot. As BBC itself is the world’s number 1 and most trusted and well reputed news channel that is ranked as world’s most top rated news channel and people from every part of the world prefer BBC news for knowing what is happening in the corners of the world. This is the official app of the BBC news channel and now via this app the users are even more directed and connected with the updates and breaking news and they can keep an eye in a better way on the circumstances and news that what is happening in the world. The app is never the less a sort of gift of heaven for those who are not near the TV most of the time due to their job environment or working conditions, as the app enables the users to access the news bulletins and various other programs directly on their smartphone and tablets. The app is also compatible with the android smart wear like smart watches. The users of the app can personalize their stuff and the news pages that are displayed on the app according to their own desire and requirement. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.


4. Inoreader – RSS & News Reader

Inoreader – RSS & News Reader is not a basic sort of news app like the rest of the apps that are mentioned in this list of the best news but it is over all content reading and viewing app and is most widely used by the people for reading and viewing the news on the screens of their smartphones and tablets. Inoreader is developed and proposed by Innologica. The app is quite simple and easy in terms of overall use and is way much convenient in terms of the options and features. The best part of the app is that it is quite smaller in size and it is highly customizable. The users can now add anything to the feeds and can manage the news pages according to their own will and personal preference. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded for free of cost from the Google Play store.


5. News Republic – Breaking news

Despite of being new to the market and facing such a swear completion from similar sort of news apps this outstanding and bewildering app manages to make the best of the list due to its own unique and powerful display and overall sheer brilliance and utter smartness in terms of news apps. The app is one of the most viral news app nowadays that is widely spreading among the people from all around the globe as they prefer to have a smart sort of modern app that they can gain all the news breaking and headline stuff in just a single glance. The app possess a solid over all buildup and astounding setup that ensures its smooth performance and tremendous quality based working. One the other hand the app with all its smartness is highly customizable, the users can set the news feed and headline widget according to their own and can set any of the desired channels from the list that they want to listen and view the most. The app is completely free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smartphones and tablets.


6. Pocket

Pocket is another outstanding and bewildering app that is specially designed for viewing the website content in the best possible way on the digital virtual environment of the smartphone and tablets. The app is one of the best app for viewing the web stories, discovering and exploring the stuff, reading articles, reading the breaking news and headline and many more other things too. The users of the app can now be always on the top of their priorities as this app is quite flexible in terms of functionality and is highly customizable too on the same time. The app is free of cost available on the Google Play store and can be divided from the Google Play store for Android.


7. CNN Breaking US & World News

The only news channels and media houses that are in the fight of being best and on the top of each other in the whole world are the BBC and the other one is CNN. CNN is the channel that almost equally stands with the BBC and gives it a massive fight and resistance being a tough opponent. Now the official apps proposed by the CNN Inc. are among the race of the best and many of those including this very app also. Although there are various other specific genre news apps proposed and published by the CNN group but this is the app that covers everything in it all the news based stuff from within the US and from all around the world too. The app is best recommended for getting the breaking headline and international news. It is totally free of cost and the users can download it from the Google Play store for Android.


8. Fox News

Fox News is the name that is known to everyone all around the globe as they are the brand of the news that is ranked among the best media houses of the world of all times. The app from FOX News Network, LLC is based on the similar pure quality based functionality and it enables its users to watch the news live on their hand held devices such as the tablets and smartphones. The app already has millions of users from every part of the world and is counting more and more with the passage of time. The users now can watch the news headline and other news video clips on demand too by requesting and can keep the favorites aside separately for future watching. Although the app is free of cost but the users for some of the additional premium features have to pay via in-app purchase. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


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