Best Red Eye Removing Apps for Android

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Red eyes are thought to be ‘devil’ eyes. No one in humans naturally possess the red eye color. There are lot of different kinds of eye colors found in the people living in the different parts of the world. The eye color depends on the genetic recombination and changes in the alleles of the genes. All we can say that it is a natural phenomenon, which is not controlled by humans. Although we people do not found a person with red eyes in real, but in photographs most of us are red eyed. Red eye effect or we can simply say it as flashy light effect in the eyes on the photos is a distortion in the photography. It ruins the complete photo although the click and the rest everything is perfect, but red eyed photos sucks and are not acceptable at any cost. Red eye effect is usually found in the images captured in the night time using the artificial lights or simply the flash light of the camera. The coloring effect can be different also, it can be yellow or green as well depending on the kind of light scenario but mostly it is red. Such kind of effect is generated when the camera by which the photo is being captured focuses upon the light emitting or we can say light reflecting from the retina of the eye is captured at the instance, which works as an obstacle causing red eye effect. It can be avoided by not directly looking towards the camera and by various other means. People can get rid of the red eye effects in their captured photos by using variety of different techniques. There are a wide range of smartphone apps that primarily focuses upon the removal of red eye effect in the photos and naturally remove it. Best of them are here.

1. PicsPlay Pro

PicsPlay Pro is premium kind of photo editing and processing app that is developed and released by JellyBus Inc. This app has won many awards and have topped many charts being number 1 photo editing and modifying app. The app is a real quality and astonishing app and is way much full-fledged that it contains everything in it that a perfect photo editor should possess. The app is quite famous among the users all around the globe with more than 10 million of loyal and satisfied customers. It is the largest number of users of any of the photo editing app ever had. Not only this the number of its users increasing day by day quite rapidly that soon they will be doubled. The app is said to be the most comprehensive photo editing app containing variety of different kinds of tools that enables the users to edit their photos with full ease and freedom. The most promising feature of the app is that the user can manually remove the red eyes in the photos, flashy eyes, and many other distorts too.



2. Photo Studio

Photo Studio is an epic and bewildering app designed for active and rapid photo editing, image processing and photo enhancing. The app is developed and proposed by KVADGroup. Although the app is not that much popular among the people, as it is new in the market. But it is a very much effective and pure quality based photo editing app. It is making its way in the market steadily and soon will be justified by the unique and individual identity of its own. The app comprise of a complete editing tool kit, which have every necessary editing tool in it. As the name of the app states, indeed it is a kind of mini photo studio, in which the users can do every kind of editing and manipulation with the captured photos. The only missing feature of the app that drags it a bit downward other than being superb overall, it is the lack of a built-in camera.

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3. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio is a more precise kind of photo editing app that primarily focuses upon the eyes and all the related stuff to them. The app is developed and published by ModiFace. Many of us are not satisfied with anything we have or we possess. The things which are not in our access or are not belongs to us, everyone want to have those things. It is the human nature that he or she is not ever satisfied. The natural eye color of particular person is naturally given by God and scientifically it is a result of parental genes recombination. All eye colors have their own charm and attraction. People nowadays experimenting everything in their photos, want to look different in their every photo. A big tool used for this purpose is the eye color changer. The app enables the users to change their eye shade or color with a pure natural and real look. More than 150 different eye colors are present in the app to choose from.


4. Cygnus – Photo Editor

Cygnus – Photo Editor is an elite and professional sort of photo editing and image processing app that possess all the professional level real life studio editing tools. The app is developed and released by Aesalon Software. From the outlook and user interface the app seems to be quite professional and tough to operate. But it is not like that, the app is way much simple and easy to use and anyone can easily use the app for editing and enhancing their photos. Although the app possess many unique and astonishing editing features that makes is a real pioneer app in terms of photo editing, but the only dearth that is present in the app which stop it from being the best of all times is that it does not have its own built-in camera in it. The app costs $1.04 and is available on Google Play store.


5. Red Eye Remover

Red Eye Remover developed and published by Joe Boese is a photo editing app that primarily focuses upon the removal of red eye from the captured photos. The users now not need to worry if their favorite photos along with their family or friends they have red eyes effect in it. The app possess the ability of removing any kind of red eye from all types of photos whether they are captured from any sort of camera or are quite old. Usually the old pictures or the photos captured in the night possessing artificial light are caught red eyed. The users via this app can easily remove red eye effect from any kind of picture, they just have to tap on the spot where the removing has to be done and all the rest is done by the app itself.

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6. Eye Studio – Eye Makeup

Eye Studio – Eye Makeup is an amazing and very effective photo editing app that is specially designed focusing upon the editing and making up of eyes. The app is developed and published by VsyionApps. Eyes are the spot on attention seekers of a face, if a person looked at the face of anyone he or she will surely focus on the eyes and all the further things are based on the eye contact. We can’t experiment much with our eyes as they are quite sensitive part of the body and modifications or changes in the eyes can cause various negative effects on their health. The users can change the eye colors of their photos and can apply various different kinds of effects and make-up on the eyes. The editing tools of the app are specially designed for editing of eyes in a particular photo.


7. Visage Lab

Visage Lab is a high profile and really amazing and effective sort of photo editing, enhancing, beautifying and modifying app. It is developed and proposed by VicMan LLC. The app is equipped with some brilliant and bewildering photo editing tools that provide a full-fledge professional kind of editing and enhancing effects on the photos. The app is way much better and effective than many of the similar kind of beautifying and editing apps that are currently available in the market. The best part of the app is that it automatically enhance and blemish all the unnecessary things from the face in the photo and make it a pure perfect and natural glowing look. Whereas the users can also manually edit each and every minor kind of stuff relating to the beautifying and enhancing. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play store.


8. Photo Wonder – Photo Editor

Photo Wonder – Photo Editor is an epic and astonishing kind of photo editing app that is developed and published by Baidu HK. The magic is possible with this app. We have seen in the comics and movies, the princess getting beautiful and alluring by a magical spell from a fairy. Now the users of the app can apply the same kind of magical into their photos too and can make their photos magically look ravishing. The app is quite simple and easy to use, the users just simply have to import their captured photos to the app and by just tapping on the screen the wonder will begin and photos will be edited automatically. The editing in the app is referred to the beautifying and enhancing of the faces in the photos.

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9. Pics Plus Photo Editor

Pics Plus Photo Editor is another pure quality and effective photo editing, and decorating app. It is developed and published by Photo Plus Studio. Despite of being new to the market and facing such swear kind of competition from the already renowned and well-reputed similar sort of apps, this app has already developed its unique and prominent identity in the market. It is making its way towards the glory quite keenly and rapidly. The app allows the users to apply variety of different kind of alluring filters, effects and frames on their photos. The app is equipped with the variety of almost all kind of essential editing tools that are required to give a perfect touch to a particular photo. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play for Android based devices.


10. Red Eye Removal

Red Eye Removal is the most powerful and solid photo editing app that is completely focused upon the removal of red eye effects from the photos. The app is developed and published by JustGoodApps and it is the only premium sort of app that in depth focuses on removing the flashy effects present in the eyes inside the photos. The photos which are captured in the night under the artificial lights or the ones which are captured using the flash light of the camera, are mostly found effected by the flashy effects on the eyes. It is red mostly but can be yellow or green as well. The users can remove these eye effects completely and easily via this app. The users just have to target the area or the spot and maintain the sensitivity level, than by just simple taping the red eye effect would be removed.


11. Pictor Photo Editor

Pictor Photo Editor is a simple and easy to use photo editing and modifying app that is developed and released by Digital Monarch. The app is modern sort of photo editing and enhancing app based on the effects and quite useful editing tools. The app beside of having alluring and bewildering filters and pre-installed enhancers possess a complete and wide range of manual editing tools. All the editing tools provided in the app for the photos are high profile and of extreme professional level. They are blend within the app in such an astonishing way that, it had become so easy and entertaining using them for the editing purpose. The unique and most promising features of the app includes whitening, blemishing, blur, color enhancing, sharpening, balancing, red eye removing, drawing, adding text and a lot more like them. The app is free of cost and is available on the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.


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