10 Best Multipage TIFF Viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux

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Tagged Image File Format (TIFF or TIF) is an accessible format for viewing raster graphics photos. It is generally supported by desktop publishing, image manipulation, word processing, fixing, scanning, optical character recognition, and page-layout applications.

This high-quality graphics format support lossless and lossy compression and supports many pages and layers.

What is Multipage TIFF Viewer

Many specific applications are useful to open and view TIFF image format, and these apps are known as Multipage TIFF Viewers. These applications help to view and edit TIFF files instantly.

They also support many other image and PDF formats besides TIFF. Users can insert images using drag and drop tool or through a browser function. They can make enhancements to images.


Best Multipage TIFF Viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux

Here is the list of Best Multipage TIFF Viewer for Windows, Mac and Linux.

1. XnView

XnView is an advanced program for viewing, converting and managing images. This highly customizable program supports multiple tabs, allowing you to open and viewing different images simultaneously. Just right-click any image to seeing it in a whole new dimension.

From the context menu, copy or move the image to a specific folder, share it through e-mail, start a batch conversion, set it as wallpaper, and tag and rate it. Right-click menus are useful to load photos in their tabs and displaying them. The application lets you right-click a single image or choose multiples and convert them to other formats like PNG, BMP, TIFF, and JPEG with ease.



  • Set wallpapers
  • Context menu


  • Batch conversion
  • List of transformations


  • Limited formats


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $30

Download: XnView for Windows

2. WildBit Viewer

WildBit Viewer is a simple program that facilitates you to explore your collection of photos. It offers many editing features like slideshow creator and viewer. You can view, search and edit images and manage profiles. The explorer-based layout is useful for inserting images in full-screen mode, rotating them, viewing photo details and setting image as wallpaper.

Besides, you can create file listing, compare photos, make a favourite list and specify a color label and rating. Work with basic editing features like lasso selection, zoom, magic wind, line freehand, deselect, crop, resize, and highlight annotation. Besides, apply different filters, adjust the colours, merge images, and replace metadata.

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  • Create a slideshow
  • Configure settings


  • Apply filters
  • Adjust colours


  • Few image formats

Download: WildBit Viewer for Windows

3. HoneyView Viewer

HoneyView Viewer is a smart program that helps you to work with numerous image formats like PSD, TIFF, PNG, TGA, GIF, DNG, CBR, and BMP. It provides many methods for opening files or complete folders. The primary window has a small navigation panel for viewing an image, moving to first, last, previous, or next photo, and zoom in or out.

You can generate a slideshow by changing images, adding effects and randomizing their orders. Besides, use negative colours, print or delete files, set photos as wallpapers, rotate them and correct the gamma levels. Hide or show image details like size, item name, resolution, zoom percentage, and modified time and date.


  • Customized keyboard shortcuts
  • Tweak file associations


  • Interpolation methods
  • Zoom percentage


  • Few editing options

Download: HoneyView Viewer for Windows

4. STDU Viewer

STDU Viewer is an advanced Windows program having a navigation panel and large preview space for your requirements. The well-organized interface of the program allows you to work with numerous file extensions like XPS, DJV, TIFF, PDF, FB2, DCX, and TXT. It provides features for controlling the content of the document like zoom selection, text and image selector, a hand tool and sync content.

You can generate bookmarks to access many selections of documents. The “Option” screen helps the user to customize the program tools like the way they look and navigation tabs. Customize session control, set up screen tapping and scrolling and configure FB2 and text documents.


  • Configure printing
  • Create bookmarks


  • Multiple formats
  • Zoom selection


  • Need enhancements

Download: STDU Viewer for Windows

5. SDR Free TIFF Viewer

SDR Free TIFF Viewer is an intuitive platform having the aim to open and view TIF OR TIFF files. For viewing a file, browse the item from the computer, use the button in the toolbar, or drag and drop option to put the image on the primary window of the application. Besides, work with the “Open” tab to get any image.

After inserting the file, you can view its’ all pages, and show other TIF photos from the primary folder. You can work with the “Slideshow” tool to display images one by one, at regular time intervals. The application facilitates you to zoom in or out the analyze phot in details and rotate the photos left and right with ease.

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  • View all pages
  • Make slideshows


  • Zoom in or out
  • Print out TIFF file


  • Cant adjust images of slideshows

Download: SDR Free TIFF Viewer for Windows

6. FreeVimager

FreeVimager is a simple program for viewing and editing images. Easy to navigate interface allows you to import images using the drag and drop method or through the file browser. Besides, zoom in or out, switch to full-screen mode, and move photos front and back. You can disable borders, alter the background colour and enable high-quality stretch.

Make and play a slideshow, enable random mode and infinite loop, and set transition and delay. You can use the batch processing tool for renaming and resizing photos, making file associations, viewing file details, and enabling multiple instances. You can configure JPEG settings, rename images, or convert them to PDF.


  • Add borders
  • Apply effects


  • Crop and resize images
  • Make a slideshow


  • Limited format support

Download: FreeVimager for Windows

7. DIMIN Viewer

DIMIN Viewer is a feature-rich program for viewing and editing many images simultaneously. The program allows you to work with many file formats like CUR, CEL, GIF, JPG, ASF, BMP, DLS, PNG, EMF, and DNG. You can insert single or multiple photos in a playlist and show their size, type, path and name.


Besides, it enables you to make enhancements to picture by cropping, resizing, flipping and rotating. Besides, choose the colour using the colour picker, view photo in full-screen mode, and make a selection using polygon or freehand features. A user can correct attributes of an image by adjusting the levels for contrast, hue, brightness, RGB, and saturation.


  • Apply multiple filters
  • Arithmetic function0


  • Combine images
  • Create new scripts


  • Quite simple

Download: DIMIN Viewer for Windows

8. ReaViewer

RealViewer is a straightforward image viewer program that offers support for more than 65 image formats like PSD, TIFF, PNG, ICO, GIF, BMP, JPEG, and RAW photos. It is a perfect application for generating slideshow with your images.

Display photos in an enhanced slideshow using effects like slide, and blend. This platform allows professionals to put audio into the soundtrack. It is a completely free, fast and compact program for performing editing on images. Other online tools of this program are providing services to convert images from one format to another one instantly.

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Amazing slideshow


  • Compact and fast
  • Raw image viewer


  • Limited tools

Download: ReaViewer for Windows

9. Futuriximager

Futuriximager is an intuitive and standard program for opening and viewing images. You can import images from a digital camera, file or scanner using drag and drop feature or through the file browser. You can view file information like EXIF, histogram, general, and EXIF thumbnail.

Besides, you can perform undo and redo actions, rotate the view, create a slideshow, zoom in or out and move to previous or next image. A user can set the image as wallpaper, and move to full-screen mode instantly. In editor mode, get features for hand, flood fill, pencil, rotate, resize, rectangle selection and crop. Apply different filters like equalizer, fix, sharp, auto-crop and white.


  • Colour management
  • Choose background style


  • Reveres the mouse wheel direction
  • Set file format associations0


  • Limited image support

Download: Futuriximager for Windows

10. Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is a smart and simple application that provides support for unlimited file formats like BMP, PNG, TGA, JPG, WMV, AVI, MPG, MIDI, and MP3. It supports text, audio, video, images, binary, HEX, and webpages. It includes tools for working with every single file format.

A user can see the EXIF of a photo, apply a grayscale or a negative effect, and flip or rotate it. the gigantic configuration menu provides all types of options like interface settings, and tools for managing multimedia and text files. it supports context menu and plug-ins integration. Place it in the Windows Context Menu to view all supported formats.


  • Context menu integration
  • Use multimedia files


  • Interface settings
  • Configuration menu


  • Limited options

Download: Universal Viewer for Windows

Final Words

Overall, these programs are providing all useful tools for working with TIFF format. Users can apply filters on the images, convert them to other image formats, make slideshows to view pictures continuously and see additional information related to the image. They can zoom in or out, move, copy, edit, or delete the image and make it the wallpaper of the screen.

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