6 Best Open Source Writing Software for Windows

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Word processing is a vast field of computer terminology nowadays, and without having a good amount of its knowledge, one cannot do many things with the computer. All the programs we use in the Windows, Mac, Android, Linux or IOS are written in a word processor, and the better the data is written, better the software application will work. For instance, if you have to write a website in HTML, you will have to get a good word processor which will help you in writing the site along with high-quality web development skills. Without word processor, you will have to input the ASCII Code of every alphabet to be viewed, and even the most professional person will take about a month yet to complete one web page. With a word processor, it is much easier to write and comprehend it for the user to write any type of page, application or source code. Some of the best free word processing software packages are given in the list below with exquisite feature other than just word processing, and you can choose by reading the summarized data of the software.

1. Latex

Latex is a high-level software which was developed to write scientific notation and experiments, but now it is available for all type of documentation and all type of users. The software is open source and is available on many platforms to be run on. It supports Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux and UNIX. You can write Typesetting journal articles, technical reports, books, and slide presentations in it and it’s just some of the examples as you see, it’s totally open for any type of documentation, and you can write anything in it. The freeware is available on its official website for free.

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2. Bibisco

Bibisco is your novel writing partied you’re writing one or want to write. The software is equipped with such features which give peace of mind to a user while working with it. Its user interface is pretty easy, and it provides some of the features like organizing your ideas, creating a full stricture of a novel, define premise. With the data you fill it with about your story, it will intelligently tell you about what will be the best course of action to take at each step making it easier to complete the novel in time.



3. Grammarly

Grammarly is a top ranking software for English writers, and it is embedded with a high power dictionary engine which catches even the smallest of mistakes. The software is very intuitive, and it can be used in Microsoft word for checking the purpose of your context. Writing in this software guarantees you a safe paragraph with an attractive type of writing style which makes your content more engaging and meaningful. The features of this software are extensive, and it offers a free trial version for users to try, and a lot of people purchase it after trying because of its performance.

4. Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer is also a great software in the list, and you can use it to write coding, document, novels and pretty much anything you can write in text. The software has many features to aid you in writing confidentially and with a focused mind. It has a distraction-free mode which stops any notification from outside of software, and you can keep your full focus on the project you are working on without messing it up. Many more feature like Built-in Themes, Live HTML Preview, Export to Multiple Formats, Focus Mode, Hemingway Mode and much more.

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5. Manuskript

This software is still under development, and the company is offering it for free for now. The features of this software are optimistic, and you can have a great time using this software for writing your novel. The company does not offer any service in terms of data loss, but you can use it quite greatly if you take backups regularly. The software after development may be a commercial software as its features are very futuristic. Some of the features of this software is Outliner, Distraction-free mode and Novel assistant and all of these features have sub feature so it’s like 30 features already.


6. GIT Book

GIT Book is a cross-platform software which is among the best ranks in documenting software packages. The software has many features for word processing, and you don’t need to take lengthy tutorials for learning it to use it, it’s easy and quick in performance. The software is a commercial level software as it offers a free trial for only two users and after purchase, the software can be run by multiple users. Also, the software is cross-platform, so you can use it on any device you want. Plus, the software offers cloud storage to store your files which can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.


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