Best Media Player Apps for Android

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Usama Ali • Updated on Apr 18, 2023

Watching movies, videos and listening to the music has always be the major source of entertainment and chilling in the leisure time. People from all around the globe prefer to watch the fun based videos, movies, and films or want to listen pleasing musical melodies and songs whenever they are free or want to relax themselves. The scenario has been same throughout the entire past even, just the modes of listening and viewing the media is changing with the passage of time and is getting more efficient and smart as information and communication technology is leaping quite fast towards the glory. In the initial stages the inventions of audio and video cassettes was the big achievement and they were played on the digital tapes or VCR systems that was the best technology for playing the media at that time. As the time passes, the media players started to get more efficient and advanced. Later on the CD and DVD players get the place and were used for quite a long time. As now this is the time for smart digital devices, there are numerous media player apps present that provides full support and assistance regarding playing the audio and videos on the smartphones and gadgets. Best Media Player apps are mentioned here.

1. AC3 Player

Many of us are often fed up by the inconvenience that is faced playing various media files as after a long searching and downloading approach when the native media player of our smart devices show us the message that the media file that we have downloaded is not supported and cannot be played on this device. Nothing can be more annoying than this thing that after such struggle still we are not able to listen our favorite song or any other thing. This astonishing and bewildering app saves the users from such inconvenience and provides full supports for various media formats including audio and video both. This marvelous media player app is developed and released by Movie Apps Ltd. The app was built initially for providing the support and full assistance regarding AC3 audio format, as most of the new and modern audio files possess this format and the native media players of smart devices does not support this format. The app does not need any plug ins and is way much simple and easy to use. Graphics optimization for high fps videos is provided by the app. It is available for downloading on Google Play store for Android based devices.



2. AllCast

AllCast is another bewildering and astonishing media player app that provides tremendously pure quality based media playing and sharing facilities to its users so that they can share their stuff with friends and easily could play whatever they want to play on their Android smart phones. The app is developed and published as a product of ClockworkMod. The app is not a primarily a sort of video player app or something like that but yet it fully supports such features and are present inside the app making this app multiple functionality based. The best and most promising thing about the app which gives it a massive edge on various similar sort of media managing and sharing apps is that it let the users to share their media files such as photos, images, music audios, videos etc. all these things to the TV from their Android smart tablets and phones. The app is compatible with the following TVs and systems like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, and WDTV, Samsung smart TV, Sony, and Panasonic and even with the Apple TV. The users can also manage their various accounts and are enable for doing live streaming from their Drop Boxes and other cloud storage drives. This amazing app is free of cost available on the Google Play store for Android.



3. BSPlayer FREE

BSPlayer FREE is another marvelous and awesome media based video player app that has manage to earn a lot of appreciation worldwide and is ranked among the top media players of all times due to its immensely quality based features and extreme level hardware support. It is one of the most widely used software already on the desktops and laptop PCs and now it has been on the top in terms of smart devices including the smartphones and tablets. The app is compatible with almost every kind of smart devices but its premium acceleration and smooth working depends on the capacity of the devices. If the devices on which this media player is being used possess the multi core processors in that surly this video player will increase the performance and speed to a large extent and would surly reduces the battery consumption of the devices too. The app is developed and published by BSPlayer media and it can be downloaded for free of cost from the Google Play store. The users can now enjoy the multiple audio streams and embedded subtitles facility via using this very astounding and pure quality based effective app in terms of playing the videos more smoothly.


4. Kodi

Kodi is one of the best and most amazing sort of media player app that has won many awards worldwide and possess the ability of being used on various cross platforms as it is open source in nature. Kodi was formerly known as XBMC and it is quite famous among the users from every corner of the globe with the former name. The app is quite splendid and provide full sustenance and assistance for the digital media players inside the smart devices of the users and also provides supports for Home Theater PCs HTPCs. The app is designed and proposed under the flag of XMBC Foundation and is ranked among the best and top class media playing software of all times. The app supports almost all sort of media formats either linked with the audio system or the video including mp3, mp4, MPEG, DVD, Blu-Ray, FLV, SMTP and many more others too. The app itself doesn’t hold or possess any of the media content and the users have to provide their own downloaded content to be played via this app. The app already has millions of satisfied and happy customers from all around the world and is counting more and more of them with the passage of time. The users can play via direct or even via in direct plug ins. This tremendous potential based app is still free of any cost and can be simply be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets. Watching movies on the smartphones is way much easy and alluring now via this very app.

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5. LocalCast for Chromecast/DLNA

LocalCast for Chromecast/DLNA is not a specific media player app but it tends towards providing more of the media managing and sharing support to its users so that they can not only play their desired media stuff but can also manage and share that stuff with their friends, family or even between their own different digital devices. The users that are using this app are free to share and sync their media stuff between their multiple digital media playing devices and that too with the facility of converting the media formats so that they could be played and supported by the other digital media player devices too. This amazing functionality app is developed and released by Stefan Pledl, who is a young developer and has many other pure quality based apps on his credit up till now. The app is said to be the best and number one casting solution app through which the users can send photos, videos, music, pictures and almost all sort of media files collectively. The users can now share their media stuff and can send them directly to their smart TVs too that includes the support for Roku, Nexus Player, Amazon Fire TV or Stick, Sony Bravia, LG, Samsung, Xbox One, Sonos, Panasonic and even with the AppleTV. The unique features of the app includes the video zooming and rotating features and various other effective and useful formatting and editing tools.


6. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer is an amazing and astounding sort of media player app that possess master in playing every kind of media files either the audios and videos belonging from any of the format. This advanced media playing app is developed and published under the supersonic flag of euphmia. The app is way much more effective and supportive in all terms of media playing as compare to the most the similar sort of apps available out there in the market. The app already contains the massive number of satisfied users from all around the globe and is adding more and more of them with every single passing day. The users can now watch all sort of video media files by directly downloading hem on their smartphones, tabs and other digital media playing devices as it app supports almost all formats and enable the users to watch the videos and play the songs on the go as the time they are received and downloaded. The users now have not to worry about the conversion of the media files as this marvelous app possess the ability of converting and playing the media files audio and video both frequently on the go. The app is way much quick in the services and much more efficient in response as compare to the rest. It can be downloaded for free of cost from the Google Play store for Android.


7. MX Player

If need to choose only one best of all media players specifically the best and most convenient for playing the videos, MX player is the name of that video player app. Massive astonishing functionality and premium level support for all sorts of video media files, all these amazing features makes this app as one of the best video playing app of all times. MX player is the video player app that is developed and designed as product of J2 interactive. The app is used by millions of users from all around the world and all of its customers are quite happy and satisfied by its stream less elite and high profile efficient functionality and performance. The app supports almost all video formats either the famous ones or the ones which are quite rare and are not common. Some of the formats are like mp4, FLV, SMTP, Full HD, MPEG, DVD, Blu-Ray etc. Another great thing about the app is its advanced hardware acceleration and immense support for the subtitles and that too in the various multiple languages, which makes this more convenient. The app on the other hand is quite simple and easy to use; the users just have to simply install this video player and the rest of the import of video based media and their support all is being done automatically by this very app. MX player is even my personal recommendation if you are looking for an ultimate video player for your Smartphone. The app is freely accessible from the Google Play store for Android based devices.

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8. Plex for Android

Plex for Android is another amazing and bewildering media player and media managing app that possess extreme level of multiple functionality and is able to perform variety of tasks at the same time. The app is a sort of all in one media managing and maintaining app that manages all the media files of the users including the audios, videos and images and provide the most efficient and quick access of these files to its users. This astounding all in one app is developed and published by famous Plex, Inc. The vendors are already quite famous for their digital media players and the products related to it. The users can now easily share their all media easily with their friends and family by using this app frequently and easily. It also allows the users to sync their media files and data between multiple digital devices and even PCs. For sync with the PCs desktops or laptops the users just have to install the Plex Media Server on them that can be downloaded from the official website of Plex. This mastery app is too free of cost but for some of the additional premium features of it the users have to pay via in app purchase. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store.


9. VLC for Android

After getting massive success on almost all platforms and operating systems of the world’s digital devices specially PCs this astonishing and bewildering media player software is now available for the smartphones and tablets as their native app. Everyone around the globe is quite familiar with the name of VLC media players as it is ranked as one of the best media video player of all times. The app of this media player retains the same legacy of ultimate glory and hailed all the similar premium stuff with all the same quality based tools and unique features. VLC was demanded for Android by quite a long time by the users and were instantly asking for launching the app for smartphones and tablets. So on the demand of users VLC media player is now present in the market and they can use it on their smart devices. VLC media player app same like its software is best in terms of playing all formats videos, supporting full HD videos in a better way and the most important and upfront feature of the app same like is software is the sound quality. Sound quality is way much more enhanced and clear and is managed automatically by the app itself. This wonderful and striking media playing app does not cost a single cent and can be accessed free of cost from the Google Play store for all Android based smartphones and tablets.


10. Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player is another immensely effective and all in one sort of media player application that let its users to not only play all sort of videos but also enables them to search online for the latest videos too. The app is a sort of online video portal or a hub as it provides full assistance regarding accessing the various trendy online videos directly by using the platform of this very app. This powerful multiple functionality app is developed and published by Wondershare Software (H.K) CO., Ltd. The users can now search for their desired videos, movies, dramas, episodes, music etc. directly via this app and also can play all this stuff online. The app provides the facility of downloading and adding into the queue due to which the users can add their favorite stuff in the queue for watching later. The users can also share and sync the media files and videos with friends and with their rest digital devices via this app respectively. It is too free of cost and can be simply downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


11. KMPlayer (Play, HD, Video)

KMPlayer is another premium, high profile and elite sort of media player app that is significantly designed for providing multiple supreme sort of functionality and possesses some striking abilities and features regarding managing and playing various sorts of media files audio or video. This astonishing and bewildering app is developed and proposed as a product of PANDORA.TV. The users can now play the videos of any kind, any size and of any format without any sort of distortion and inconvenience via this very app. The app possesses some astounding and effective tools and features that make it one of the best video media player app of all times. Many people around the world are quite familiar with the KM Player media video player software for desktop and laptop PCs as it had a touches of sheer brilliance and utter smartness. The app is from the similar vendor company who proposed that brilliant media player software and possesses the same professional level mastery and elegance in it. The app is most recommended due to its massive subtitle support and it is one of the most convenient and user friendly media player app as it supports more than 30 most widely spoken languages of the world. The app already have more 300 million users, which is the largest number being contained by any of the other media player app and it is still counting more and more with the passage of time. The users can download it for free of cost from the Google Play store.

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12. 321 Media Player

321 Media Player is also a famous and pure quality based media player app that has been a transformed version of already famous and popular desktop and laptop PCs software. This mind blowing app is developed and designed under the flagship of Videoshop LLC for Android. The app basically is from the same vendors who proposed that media player software for PCs and possess the same or if we can say it is even better in overall functionality as compare to the software of it that would be defiantly true. The app provides tremendous and marvelous support to a wide range of audio and video formats that can be played on via using this app. The app enables the users to play high profile videos including the full HD 1080p videos and even fully supports 4K videos too. Other video formats supported by the app includes following 3g2 ,3gp ,3gp2 ,3gpp ,amv ,asf ,avi ,divx ,drc ,dv ,f4v ,flv ,gvi ,gxf ,ismv ,iso ,m1v,m2v ,m2v ,m2ts ,m4v ,mkv ,mov ,mp2 ,mp2v ,mp4 ,mp4v ,mpe ,mpeg ,mpeg1 ,mpeg2 ,mpeg4 ,mpg ,mpv2 ,mts ,mtv ,mxf ,mxg ,nut ,nuv ,ogm ,ogv ,ogx ,rec ,rm ,rmvb ,ts ,tts ,vob ,vro ,webm ,wm and wmv. The app is amazing in terms of gigantic format support and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for having stupendous and astounding experience of media playing on the Android smartphones and tabs.


13. RLX Media Player

RLX Player is another bewildering and astounding media player that possess the power of being active all the time and is way much efficient in all terms. The app is although not that much popular as there are various other apps present in the market that are quite famous and are proposed by famous vendors of the World. The app is designed and published by RLX Media streaming LLC. Despite of being not that much popular this app possess sheer piece of classy master level brilliance and utter smartness. The app is a simple and easy to use as the users’ belonging from any walk or field of life can easily use the app and can be readily get benefit by its pure quality based effectiveness. The app is further developed from the video media playing software that was initially made of the PCs and desktop devices and later on as the trend shifted towards the smartphones and tablets this very app on the same high profile and elite principles were developed. The app supports almost all the famous and most widely run and used formats of the media either it is of audio based media files or the video. The app enables its users to play freely every kind of video either it is HD, Full HD and even provide massive user support of 4K videos. It is too free of cost available on the Google Play store.


14. Power Media Player Pro

Power Media Player Pro or formerly known as PowerDVD Mobile is an alluring and effectual media player app that provides the pure quality based functionality and provides its users tremendous and splendid sort of premium level experience. The technology on which the app is based upon is already quite popular and well reputed worldwide as the media playing software that are based on this technology. The app is based on the same extraordinary and outrageous phenomena and even provides better support and assistance than the others similar sort of media playing apps and software. The app supports all the famous and popular formats including MKV, MP4, SMTP, FLV, MPE4 and more including the gigantic variety of audio formats too. The audio quality and sound is way much better as it possess the unique support of DTS system and lossless FLAC. The app is developed and published by, who are already quite famous and have many effective apps on their credit. The app enables the users to create their own customized playlists and setup their own desired play back music. This striking and awesomely talented app have a free version and a PRO with additional functionality based features. Both of the versions can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android based devices.


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