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Drivers are necessary to run any program on the system. Hardware components also require drivers to work properly with the computer like keyboard, mouse, printer, and more. For example, if you want to play a high graphic game on your computer, you should have the up-to-date driver installed on your system related to games. Update video driver is also necessary if you want to see a high-quality video on the system. Broken drivers installed on the system can slow down the performance of the computer. In a similar way, if some drivers are missing on your computer then it will not work properly. If you have up-to-date drivers of every item of the computer then your system will work faster and with high speed. You can install drivers for system components manually using CD, DVD or USB drive. But, if you want updated drivers then you can use a program. There are specific programs which are designed to provide system drivers and to update already installed drivers. Here is the list of Best Free Software to Update Driver. These programs will analyze your computer and provide you download links of drivers necessary for your system. some programs have the option to create a backup of your data.

1. DriverMax

DriverMax is a simple and handy software program that has the ability to keep your computer up-to-date and in top shape. The program has a modern and visually appealing interface with functions categorized for easy access. A faulty driver or malicious program can harm your computer due to system changes created by a driver. This program provides you the facility to create a backup of your drivers, in the case when something unexpected happens. To ensure more security, you have the option to schedule driver updates. If you are thinking to upgrade your system with new drivers, this interesting program can help you with an integrated feature. “Popular hardware” feature provide a great amount of details about latest hardware for Windows, processors, famous video cards, as well as laptop comparison. Overall, DriverMax is a reliable solution when you want to keep your system fully functional and up to date.

2. Driver Booster

Driver Booster is a comprehensive program that has the aim to help you manage outdated drivers for all your systems. You have the facility to update all game components and drivers, create a restore point automatically and activate a silent update mode. In this way, you can enjoy a stable performance and smooth gaming experience. The intuitive layout of Driver Booster provides a list with the outdated drivers and another list with the up-to-date ones. Plus, you will get detailed information about game components and device drivers detected on your computer just like type, device, driver, vendor, version, and provider. You have the possibility to check out the status of your driver performance from the primary panel of the application, view the result of the last scan, as well as activate the scan mode with just one click. The program downloads the necessary updates automatically and installs them.


3. DriverIdentifier

DriverIdentifier is a comprehensive program which will scan your system for outdated drivers, then analyze the created report to see details. The application provides users with downloads links for the drives which needs an update. Outdated or missing drives can create errors, hardware issues and you can’t perform common tasks such as playing games and listening to music. This program has the aim to simplify driver care by analyzing the system configuration. It creates an online report with a list of all the installed drives, along with their detailed information like version, manufacturer, and the status of each entry. If the program detects an update, it will create a download link automatically and enables you to save the installer locally and deploy it. If the report of this program displays that all drivers are in good shape, means the operation was successful.

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4. Device Doctor

Device Doctor is an intuitive program that allows you to find out available hardware driver updates and install them to your system. this program provides a user-friendly approach to work with hardware drivers a breeze. In simple meaning, Device Doctor helps you to download and install new drivers for every single component of your system easily and quickly. The straightforward interface of Device Doctor scans the existing hardware automatically and lets you select the drivers to update. It contains a basic settings screen where you have the option to schedule scans, either weekly, daily or on specific days. However, this program lacks some critical features that could play an important in such program. Device Doctor initiates a scan at computer startup and detects automatically if any driver update is available. You can choose this application for updating one or multiple items simultaneously.


5. Free Driver Scout

Free Driver Scout is a reliable and handy software program that enables you to updates your installed drivers on the system. this program will scan your system for missing, outdated or faulty drivers automatically and furnishes you the up-to-date version immediately as a free download. In addition, Free Driver Scout facilitates the user to define memory location for driver updates and backups individually. It will help you to get rid of things which are slowing down the performance of your system. Free Driver Scout has the aim to update all of the drivers installed on your computer. The application can remove broken, outdated and defected drivers from your computer and provides the latest version of drivers.

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6. SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers is a lightweight program that facilitates the user to keep his system’ devices up to date. The interface of SlimDrivers is easy to use and pretty eye-candy, along with a home tab displaying information on the operating system like computer name, memory, and processor. You have the option to search for drivers to update, access backup, options or restore drivers using a single click. if you want to uninstall specific drivers, it will display all installed drivers in a clean way, so you can easily uninstall unnecessary drivers quickly. The clean and intuitive interface of SlimDrivers can help you to create the backup of existing files in few minutes. A rich options menu of SlimDrivers facilitates you to configure both the backup and restore tools as well as the update and scheduling utilities. So you can easily pick download locations and connections settings.

7. Driver Magician Lite

Driver Magician Lite is an efficient software program which enables you to create a backup of your system’s drivers. It can show information about installed drivers on your computer. The plain and simple interface of Driver Magician Lite provides you a list of all the available drivers automatically where you can check out the driver class, description, date, version, and provider. You have the option to utilize a button to choose all drivers and then start the backup creating process. If you select a specific driver, you can see the device information file, device ID and driver files number of a device. You can also get a short description on the bottom of the screen. Driver Magician Lite does not put strain on system resources and performs a backup quickly without causing any problem.

8. DriverEasy

DriverEasy is a comprehensive program having the aim to auto detect and backup the drivers already installed on the system. you can use this program to find out missing drivers and download them on your system. the user-friendly interface of DriverEasy can help you to view computer information that focuses on the operating system, processors, machine, RAM, and motherboard. However, this program can display information about hardware like monitors, video cards, network card, and audio card. Only you have to start the scanning process and it will find your missing drivers automatically like keyboards, sound, human interface devices, mice and other pointing devices, display adapters, and video and gaming controllers. In addition, check out the total outdated drivers, scanned drivers, missing drivers and scanning time. It provides you the option to choose the interface language, set DriverEasy to create a restore point automatically before installing the drivers, configure proxy settings, and see a list of all hidden devices.

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9. DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution is a straightforward program that has the purpose of simplifying the driver installation and updating tasks. The program will detect all the drivers your system needs for working properly automatically. Instead of searching the Internet for drivers, DriverPack Solution utilizes the collection it contains in order to make up-to-date your system with the latest updates. The interface of DriverPack Solution has a user-friendly and professional appearance, containing all the working options in plain view. It enables you to start the diagnostics tasks right away, in very short time. The diagnostics report displays missing drivers and updates for existing drivers. You have the option to resolve problems by pushing the “Update All” button. Moreover, the program contains a summary of all the updates or installed drivers. The backup function of DriverPack Solution enables the user to create a backup of existent drivers or of the database present in the DVD disc.

10. EasyDriverPro

EasyDriverPro is a simple to use and reliable software program that furnishes you the ability to update drivers installed on your system. the interface of EasyDriverPro is plain and simple to work with. After performing the scanning process on the system, you can view the name and producer of the device that wants an update. In addition, you have the option to check or uncheck all items, and hide groups. The program facilitates you to create a system restore point and restores drivers, in the case when your computer starts facing serious issues. The application can display the download history like computer status, name, size, and date. Through the “Setting” area, you can insert the path for download items and drivers backup as well as set the program to display an alert message when restoring drivers. Plus, configure proxy settings and allow the application to run a scan at computer startup.

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