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Before the time of new technology people create drawings on charts by hands with the help of brushes or pencil. But new technology provides multiple ways to create interesting drawings instantly. Sometimes you need to make drawings on your desktop screen for your important tasks. For this purpose, multiple programs have been introduced which allow you to work on your desktop screen and create drawings according to your choice. Means you can use your Desktop screen as a White board. So these drawings applications are called Whiteboard Software. Here is the list of Best Free Whiteboard Software for Windows which allow you to utilize your system screen as Whiteboard and make drawings according to your choice. You can make use of pen, brushes, and erasers. In addition, these programs provide you the option to change the color of pen or brushes like green, blue, black, yellow, and more. Use an eraser to remove lines which you draw by mistake. Some of these programs allow you to write something on whiteboard using TextBoard. Later save your drawings to image format.

1. Net Pen

Net Pen is a freeware handy software program that allows users to draw on and manipulate over the network simultaneously. Moreover, it contains tools for teachers just like class voting and conducting or grading tests. You can use pointer to choose and move items. The application utilizes a simple client or server model using only one port. It allows multiple clients to connect to a single host. You can use many pen colors and shape color fills. Net Pen has an intuitive controls of circles, lines, and rectangles. Only click the button and utilize the shift, shift+ctrl, alt, and ctrl keys. You can draw text as well as use a large variety of textures. Moreover, it allows you to edit and Spell check text by double clicking text. You can erase data by using eraser and change background color from Edit>Set Background Color.


2. Whiteboard Notepad

Whiteboard Notepad is a lightweight equation editor that can help teachers during tests. The intuitive interface of Whiteboard Notepad has a normal window with a plain look and neatly organized structure, where you have the facility to draw with blue, black, red, yellow, lime green, pink, green or aqua brush as well as create the lines small medium or large. In addition, you can erase lines, choose the font type between Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman, add text, as well as apply italic, bold, strikethrough or underline effect. Furthermore, left background white or set to isometric, black, graph, black graph, or polar graph. You can extend the whiteboard vertically for as much as you require. You have the possibility to input images from local files, as well as insert mathematical equations using different symbols, root, and fraction, along with top, bottom, and side exponents. Later, save contents to the product’s proprietary format.


3. Paint On Whiteboard Desktop

Paint On Whiteboard Desktop is a reliable software application that allows you to use your screen as whiteboard where you can make free hand designs, adjust the color and transparency of the editing tools, input lines and arrows, and export the drawing to an image format. This program can work with any Window version, provided that you have the Java working Environment present on your system. It is a portable program so you can copy the program on pen drives or any other portable drive. You can use its GUI by double clicking on the executable file. The application places a minimalistic toolbax at the left side of the screen which contains the necessary editing tools for creating designs. You have the freedom to embed arrows, insert lines, change the color, create free hand designs using a pencil, clear the whole drawing with a single click, adjust the stroke, as well as take snapshot of the screen and save it to an image file on your computer.

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4. NittiTre WhiteBoard

NittiTre WhiteBoard is an intuitive and handy software program that allows the user to draw a semi transparent whiteboard in full-screen mode, customize the brush size and color, as well as change its opacity level. You should have .NET Framework installed on the system if you want to work properly with NittiTre WhiteBoard. It is a portable program so work with it without installation. Once started, it takes over the full screen and displays the semitransparent whiteboard, providing you a default red brush. You can change the color of the brush any time into blue, green, and black if you want to draw with different colors on the same sheet. It has an option for white color, but you can only use it as an eraser. In a similar way, you can select from different brush sizes. You have the possibility to change the whiteboard’s opacity level through the right click menu and clear it to initiate everything from scratch.

5. Coccinella

Coccinella is a straightforward software program that provides a whiteboard features and enables team members to share idea and make projects collectively. It is a messenger application which allows you to chat with your colleagues and friends instantly. It has a Whiteboard feature that allows the user to draw or import images and movies that all members have access to. This section of the application helps you to write math formulas and elaborate on diagrams. It does not use a subscription based approach, it target users with existing accounts, who only have to provide the username, the server and log in with minimum efforts. It shows contacts in two lists, Online and Offline, depending on their current status. Moreover, it carries out conversation inside the simple window, where you can insert emoticons. It offers support for voice chat, file sharing and enables you to communicate in private chat rooms.

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6. irs Annotate

irs Annotate is a comprehensive Whiteboard application which facilitates the user to make his system as interactive presentation canvas by drawing with a customizable brush. You should have Adobe AIR installed on your system to work properly with irs Annotate. The program shows a transparent and compact toolbar on the user desktop, fitted with a slider for brush size, color options, and a few selection. It can convert your desktop into a canvas, enabling you to perform drawing freely with a slightly customizable brush. You can use few customization options for the brush like adjusting its size with a slider or by filling in the color and the numerical value. In addition, the drawing will remain active as long as the brush is chosen, however, you can’t get discarded unless doing so manually.

7. Open Sankore

Open Sankore is a multiple platform, open source application that is compatible with any type of interactive hardware. The application provides you features of commenting, drawing, and highlighting. The application allows you to insert any type of documents like flash animations, text, images, and videos. It contains ergonomic interface which helps the user to work in a clean environment. You can get quick access to rich and digital teaching resources. You have the facility to create apps and provide them more flexibility. This program can display the necessary part of your teaching message. Moreover, you have the option to share documents simply.

8. Whyteboard

Whyteboard is a straightforward software program that enables the annotation of PostScript documents, PDF and different image formats with the help of common drawing tools like rectangles, pen, text, and ellipses. The application will store the history of your drawing, allowing you to replay your drawing to remove mistakes from drawing. In addition, this interesting program allows tabbed painting, with a thumbnail which has the facility to update when the program creates a drawing, enabling the editing of many images or documents inside one instance of Whyteboard. It requires an ImageMagic for loading a PDF as well as wxPython and Python for running the application from source. The application has a simple and intuitive interface where you can work smoothly. Whyteboard does not put a strain on system resources and works quickly.

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9. Desktop Whiteboard

Desktop Whiteboard is a powerful software program that can facilitate you to draw sketches and take notes with help of nine customizable tabbed-whiteboards, generate animations, as well as export the generated sketch to PNG file format. The application facilitates you to make drawings with the help of a pen which contains preset colors. Switch between the preset colors utilizing hotkeys, erase areas from the drawing, as well as adjust the size of the pen. You have the facility to move the previous or next board, switch to a full-screen mode, rename each board with a user defined work, and enable the program to create an animated presentation which contains sketches from all nine whiteboards. In addition, import images, undo or redo your actions, as well as export or print the created sketch to PNG file format. The built-in text editor helps you to type in messages into the primary panel directly as well as find and replace words.

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