Best Free Video Bitrate Calculator Software For Windows

Most of the people do not know about the bit-rate thing, and its relation to video quality is another thing if they don’t know about the bit-rate. The bit-rate of a video highly impacts the overall quality of a video, and it also determines the size of a video. So tell you about the bit-rate, it is no of bits assigned to a video per second. For example, a low-quality video will have fewer bits assigned to it per second, and a high-quality video may have Mb’s assigned to it per second. This variation is also the cause of change in the quality of the video and the size of the video. So we can say bit-rate is a base pillar for all the videos. You can check and alter the bit-rates of your video in a matter of minutes using software available nowadays. The software makes it so easy that a non-professional user can also do it without a chunk of the problem. Some of the software which can be used to check and alter bit-rate of a video are given in the list below which are free to download and use.

1. DivXLand Bitrate Calculator

DivXLand Bitrate Calculator is a free Video and Audio decoder in which you can encode files with the targeted size. The software is pretty intelligent, and with it, you can compress most of your videos and audio which are taking excessive space in your drive without affecting the quality of the media. The software is compatible with all DivX and XviD codec versions, and it also supports various audio formats. The software is multilingual, and you can download it freely from its official website.


2. Bitrate Calculator

Bitrate Calculator is a simple, straightforward software which works quite well when it comes to encoding and compressing the bit-rate f your video file. The software is an open source software which is no longer under development, and the user can download it and alter it as wanted. The software is very lightweight and runs on both the Microsoft Windows and Linux. The simple software is available on the linked website to be downloaded and is totally free to download and use.

Windows Linux

3. Ecuador’s AVI Bitrate Calculator

Ecuador’s AVI Bitrate Calculator is a full suite of calculators which consists of HD Space Calculator, Audio Bitrate Calculator, Resolution/AR Calculator, AVI Splitting Calculator and some more. The software automatically calculates the best bitrate and file size for your video or audio file and you can the compress is as required. Considering all the features this software provides and some more exquisite features for free, it may be the best choice of software as it also comes for free and full version.


4. 3Vix Bitrate Calculator

3Vix Bitrate Calculator is a professional level software which is multilingual and supports many Operating Systems. The range of features I provide is wide, and one can use I easily as its user interface is pretty easy to learn and to operate with. You can easily check the bitrate of a video and alter it as wanted. You just need to click on some settings according to the video and fill the data fields to be filled to compress the video, then just a simple click and an automatic process will compress your video reducing its file size and bitrate. It is a freeware and link to download is given.

Windows Mac Linux

5. Video Bitrate Calculator

This software is also a simple bitrate calculator which is straightforward and free to download and use. Its user interface is very simple, and one can easily and quickly check out the bitrate of their video file. Unlike other bitrate calculating software given in the list, this software does not change the bitrate of your file. However, it is good to use if only you have to know the bitrate. This limited functionality makes it easier to use for beginners and amateurs, and it can be learned quickly. The software is freeware, and the link to download is given.


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