Best Free Rhino File Viewer For Windows: 3DM Viewer

Rhino is basically short for Rhinoceros 3D which is a commercial level Computer Aided Designing (CAD) system for 3D Modelling. The software is rich with features and is used ion commercial scale for 2D and 3D Modelling. The features this software provides are limitless and you can do whatever you like to do related to 3D modeling in it as long as your hardware can take the load. With good hardware, you can even render files in size of GBs in this software’s user interface. The files created in it ar saved in file format called 3dm which is specific for this software only. The files made in this software needs to be imported or converted if they have to be opened in any other 3D modelling software like AutoCAD. There are many software packages available on the internet nowadays which will let you open the rhino format (3dm) files. Some use conversion method and some just import it and view you in specific software via plugin. A list of software and methods is given below from which you can choose whatever you like to open the Rhino (3dm) files. Take a look at the list and leave a review if you find anything useful.

1. Rhino

Rhino is a 3D modelling software which gives you freedom of editing and modelling a 3D Image as much as your hardware can support. The software is loaded with features, and if your hardware can support it to the end, it can let you render models of very high sizes and layers. The software is professionally used in the industry, and it has a specific file extension type called .3dm. This file type consists of all the data you worked on in this software and is a high category file format type specific to this software only. It is available for 90 days in the free version and needs to be purchased afterwards.


2. 3D Tool Viewer

3D Tool Viewer is a software for viewing various type of 3D model files. The file format library which this software supports is very vast, and with the premium version, you can convert and inverse convert almost any of the 3D file format in it. The software comes in a 14-day free trial version with many basic 3D file formats supported and must be purchased for full support and later use. Other than converting, this software also provides you with basic editing functions for your 3D and 2D model. You can download the trial version from the given link.


3. 3DM Import for AutoCAD

3DM Import is a plugin for AutoCAD users which will allow them to view and edit 3dm files in AutoCAD User interface intuitively. The plugin can be easily downloaded and installed from the AutoCAD website or even from within the software. It is very small in size and you just have to wait for some seconds for it to be installed and you can start working on your 3DM model. Search it on google for easy navigation.

4. 3DM Import for Key Creator

This plugin is same as we mentioned in the above 3DM Import for AutoCAD article. Just replace AutoCAD with Key Creator.

5. 3DM Import for Acrobat

This plugin is same as we mentioned in the above 3DM Import for AutoCAD article. Just replace AutoCAD with Acrobat.

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