31 Best Countdown Timer for Windows

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Best Free Countdown Timers are useful software applications that allow you to start a countdown timer easily and manage tasks and events in your daily personal and professional life in a better way. These software applications are free to download for Windows users. Free Countdown Timers provide different important features to you just like, create the timer in hours, set the timer in minutes, insert time in seconds, keep a track of your previous time, use multiple types of countdown timers, set the timer for a restart and log off your computer, use a countdown timer to shut down your system, and more. So, through this list, you can surely find software applications according to your needs.

1. VisiTimer

VisiTimer is lightweight and easy to use software application that allows you to create various alarms using rich style customization options. Further, you have the possibility to save different preset labels and timers. The primary window contains the preview area, so when the countdown starts, the image plays an animation which it is constantly revealed clockwise according to time. You can choose an image from the collection of preset pictures and you have the possibility to set a sample background image or a circle. Extra options facilitate you to maintain aspect ratio, keep the primary window on top of everything else, and hide control automatically when the countdown starts. It provides three-time slots for setting the alarm, for hours, minutes, and seconds. Then you can save configurations for setting specific alarms with a few mouse clicks.

2. Free Desktop Timer

Free Desktop Timer is a timing software application that contains sound signal support and power options. The application has a simple interface which is quite easy to figure out. You have the opportunity to set Free Desktop Timer to count down up to 24 hours. In this software, setting the accurate number of hours, minutes, and seconds is quite easy and you have to click the respective areas and the halt the progress once the application reaches the digits you want. In addition, you can set up an unlimited number of timers and drag the frames to any place on the desktop using the mouse pointer. The user has the facility to set the alarm for his computer. So, when the alarm goes off, the application will shut down the computer or send it to hibernate mode. The application contains few skins that can be used for the timer, just like LCD, Grey, Black, and Glass. Moreover, you can choose a sound to be shown when the alarm goes off, such as Buzz, Beep, or Cuckoo.


3. Final Countdown

Final Countdown is a featured rich application that useful for scheduling the computer to power off based on a preset or user-defined timer. This portable software program can be used to schedule the computer to automatically power off and perform other actions. Some intuitive options are present in Final Countdown that can be tweaked easily by all user levels. The application has a clean and intuitive layout which allows you to configure a countdown by setting the number of days, hours and minutes. Plus, you can choose the power management function between restart, shutdown and sleep, log off, hibernate, and lock. You have the facility to select a preset timer profile and create shortcuts to countdown configurations. In addition, you can change the theme, UI language, and menu position, ask the app to minimize to the system tray area and disable animation.

4. WatchMe

WatchMe is a simple timer application that allows you to monitor your multiple tasks and events using plenty of options and configuration settings. This portable software program helps you to start various timers and countdowns that run independently or at the same time. It does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu and leave the clean HDD after removal. The application has a simple and plain interface that contains five preset timers. The application enables you to swap time between multiple counters, reset counters, add visual or sound alerts, add, copy and subtract time, as well as set hotkeys for starting and stopping timers. Further, you can add new countdowns and tabs, manage configuration files, rename or delete the active tabs, export all countdowns, and cycle through all time formats.


5. Cool Timer

Cool Timer is a user-friendly software application that enables you to manage your activities using a countdown timer, stopwatch, or alarm clock. Further, it provides support for configuration and customization settings. It has an intuitive interface which attracts the user due to its simplicity and ease of use. The menus of Cool Timer contain options to create time presets, to access the Preferences section, or to switch between the three modes. The countdown timer is useful for teachers or parents to monitor test time. The alarm clock mode of Cool Timer has a snooze option and the stopwatch mode is useful to measure the elapsed time to a hundredth part of a second. You can customize appearance and behavior using the Preferences window. Further, you can configure the alarm system and create a new look for the countdown timer. This application offers support to MIDI, WAV, and MP3 files.

6. Cook Timer

Cook Timer is a lightweight software application that is helpful to schedule a countdown timer by setting a preset time or custom hours, minutes, and seconds. When you start Cook Timer, it creates an icon in the taskbar notification area and sits silently until the timer goes off. By double-clicking the tray icon, you can open the primary configuration panel to choose one of the four presets available to set the countdown timer quickly. Further, you have the option to use custom mode to specify the number of hours, minutes and seconds. After launching the timer, the application displays a progress bar showing the remaining time. The application works smoothly without hanging, prompting or crashing errors.

7. Compact Timer

Compact Timer is a simple and reliable timer software application that allows the user to manage his life in batter way. The user can find many important features in a single program just like countdown timer, stopwatch and count up timer, alarm clock, and reminder. The application has a user-friendly and intuitive interface which facilitates you work in a smooth way. Compact Timer contains all the necessary tools that you want from a timer. This program uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time. You have the facility to create multiple timers and save them. You will love this software because it informs you with the messages that pop up at the end of timed session.

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8. Springli Timer

Springli Timer is a straightforward and useful software application that is quite helpful for organizing your important personal and professional tasks. This useful works as a countdown timer with an alarm sound and message or a stopwatch. Both modes of the application allow pausing, minimized or a smaller skin. When the counter tool of this program reaches zero, it will display a message with “Times up” and you will hear a pleasant musical chime as an alarm. Spring Timer has an easy-to-use and simple layout where you can work in a quick way. The program utilizes a few system resources and has a quick response time.

9. Shutter Lite

Shutter Lite is a clever software application to remove routine out of daily tasks by creating actions and events that allow the computer to handle automatically with little effort. The application has a friendly interface and a large collection of features. the workspace of this program is divided into two primary parts, one is events and other is actions. If you are not sure about the configuration of tasks, you can get help through online help manual. For creating a new event, a new window appears with all choice where you can find a timer, countdown, CPU usage, Winamp stops, and battery low, along with an option for when the lid closes or opens. Different criteria are present to specify as trigger conditions. Further, you can choose different actions such as set an alarm, play sound, kill the process, message, open file, run a program and a lot more.

10. Free Timer

Free Timer is a timing software application that facilitates you to create countdown timers that show the remaining time as a colored section of a clock face. Further, you can set the timer in hours, minutes, and seconds. The color part of the clock face will show the time according to the interval you set. When the application finishes the countdown, you will hear your selected music and the timer will stop. You have the facility to run multiple instances of the timer at once, and colored to show what each one is being used to time. The new version of this application has a stop button and provides a primary window to the foreground when the alarm triggers.

11. AlarmXP Pro

AlarmXP Pro is a simple and full features alarm software program that can be used through menu items added to your system tray clock. The major tools present in AlarmXP Pro are daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly alarms, stopwatch timers, countdown timers, clock synchronization, a quick pop-up calendar, and notes. Further, you can perform multiple actions per alarm such as a pop-up dialog, run a program, the ability to play a media file, post data to a Web page, and send an e-mail. The application provides the facility to add the data to taskbar clock and customize its appearance completely by the changing the date and time format, color, font, or background.

12. Desktop Countdown Timer

Desktop Countdown Timer is a free and lightweight software application for Windows desktop that contains some interesting features. Only you need to set a timer, press button “Start”, then a countdown timer will start immediately. This countdown timer is very simple and easy to use. Further, you can use this software as an alarm clock to remind you about something. After completion of the action, the program provides you some alarm action to notify you. For, default, it will play an alarm sound and display a “Time is up” message. Plus, you can customize message by inserting a custom message to remind yourself and you can add your own audio files to create a personal alert.

13. Time Volume

Time Volume is an interesting software application which is designed to change your system volume within a specific amount of time. The application has a basic and no-frills interface that enables the user to choose the desired system volume and the hours and minutes quickly in which you want the application to execute. You have to click “Go” and it will start the countdown to volume change quickly. Moreover, you can specify a task just like launch a screensaver, or minimize or close the application, to launch with the volume change simultaneously. So you can alter your computers wave output volume to a specific value, after setting a time period.

14. Atom Timer

Atom Timer is an atomic clock piece of software that updates your computer’s system suing NIST atomic time servers. You have the ability to synchronize your system clock with the help of these atomic time servers. Further, it enables you to set a timer to shut down your computer automatically at a specific time. The application offers settings for the custom message and sounds such as MP3, MIDI, WAV, and more. Interesting this is that you can schedule 255 alarms in the alarm clock list to run at any time. Plus, it enables you to use hotkeys to minimize and restore windows. The application has customizable skin styles that are according to your preferences. The application allows the user to customize configurations just like edit skin, view time in 12/24 hours format, use Proxy Server, and stay on top window.

15. Simple Shutdown Timer

Simple Shutdown Timer is pretty self-explanatory and useful software that is helpful to manage your personal computer. You have the put in the time and click start. When the time in Simple Shutdown Timer reaches zero the system will shut down and power off. This program is useful if you are waiting for your computer to end up a task but you can’t wait for enough. So, you can set this program to shut down the computer automatically after the specific time. The application has a simple and intuitive layout which enables you to work in a smooth way. Simple Shutdown Timer uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time. Further, you can log off or reboot your system, as well as put it to hibernate or sleep mode.

16. TTclock

TTclock is a handy timer software application that allows you to set alarms to remind you significant events. The application has a pretty compact primary window where all features are clearly visible. It displays the exact time in hours, minutes, and second in a small window with the customizing options. You can set the digits and background color through the setting menu. The application has a core function to better manage your time. You have the facility to set an alarm to acoustically alert your about important event. Further, the application contains a timer and stopwatch but you can put in motion one feature at a time. TTclock uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

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17. Vector Clocks

Vector Clocks is fully scalable Desktop Alarm Clocks that can be placed anywhere on the screen. Further, you can rotate it with full freedom, set in 3D perspective view, and resize it to any scale without losing any graphic quality. Alarm function of this application allows you to set up message and sound to play in due time. Further, you can use it as simple countdown timer after checking on the “Now plus” option. It enables you to set multiple time zone for each clock and use a perfect World Clock using this program. It is a portable program so it works without installation. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface that works in a smooth way.

18. Marxio Timer

Marxio Timer is a powerful and versatile timer and reminder software program that enables you to schedule tasks using minimum configuration options. The application has a one-window GUI that takes care of everything. This program facilitates you to perform multiple tasks such as turn off the computer or reboot it, hibernate or lock the workstation, log out, suspend, run a program, play a sound or show text as user-defined time. It provides you many time modes so you can schedule some aforementioned actions to take place at a chosen hour, after idle time, after an elapsed period of time or repeat it at a configured interval. The application has the feature of password protection that is useful to make sure that no one except you has the authority to cancel a scheduled event.

19. Big Stretch Reminder

Big Stretch Reminder is a small utility that has primary aim to prevent the risk of repetitive strain injury by reminding the user in a customizable manner. The primary window of Big Stretch Reminder is pretty compact and you have to make further adjustments. Through the configuration screen, you can get four major areas that allow you to manage display, time, sounds, and messages. Doing this, you can allow the program to alert you at a given time that it is best for you to take some rest to minimize the injury risk. It allows you to select one of three notifications methods. You can select a simple balloon reminder that appears near to system tray, a micro-break that displays on screen for the specific time, as well as a pop-window.

20. VersaTimer

VersaTimer is a straightforward software application that allows you to set up various timers using custom names and configuration settings. The primary task of VersaTimer is to help you track the time spent on different projects with the help of a countdown timer. The application has a simple GUI which resides the timer in the center which displays the left time using LED style numbers. You have the facility to start or stop the timer, and restart the data using a single click. It comprises a help manual for further assistance with the configuration process. You can create multiple timers and may switch between the saved timers from the primary window directly. Further, you can set a new timer by specifying the time in seconds, minutes, and hours, and activating the loop mode. It contains the ‘Space’ key which is helpful in order to start or stop the timer.

21. Taskbar Timer

Taskbar Timer is a user-friendly and easy to use timer software application that enables you to countdown the time period specified by you. You have the facility to use this marvelous application when you want to receive an alert after an hour, half an hour or any other time interval you want. The application makes you able to configure the time period with the help of few mouse click. This program has an intuitive and simple interface and you can work without high computer skills. Taskbar Timer uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time. It shows an indicator icon on your windows system tray and when you right click on the icon a pop-up menu appears. You can access all program functions and the setup dialog box through this pop-up

22. MP3 Pizza Timer

MP3 Pizza Timer is a portable and simple to use a software program that is useful to manage your work with a countdown timer that offers support for sound notifications and preset time values. The interface of the application is just like a small remote control that facilitates you to perform most operations using minimal effort. You can use built-in buttons to adjust the time easily by adding or subtracting one, five, or eight hours. Moreover, you can set the time manually by using a right-click mouse operation on the countdown timer and inserting the desired values. You have the possibility to add an audio file from your system and the application will play it automatically when the timer reaches zero. It offers support to AVI, MIDI, or MP3 file format. You can add audio items using the built-in browse button or “drag & drop” support.

23. Good Timing

Good Timing is a simple and highly customizable alarm clock software application. The application contains three screen, new alarm, alarm details, and logs. The new alarm screen has easy to configure drop-down menu that facilitates you to set a time for the alarm to go off in 35 minutes, or to set a timer. Further, you can add a note to display when the alarm goes off. You have the facility to select your own alarm sound by picking one from the preset options or adding a new one. The alarm details area allows you to view all of the alarm set and a countdown to them at one glance. The application has an important feature of command box which allows you to put a Windows command and when your alarm goes off, the application will carry it out.

24. Cl1ckClock

Cl1ckClock is one of the most usable sleeper time software application. First, you need 1 clock to set all parameters and start the countdown. The application has a stylish and attractive interface with relaxing and smooth animation. It is a perfect application for listening to music you can relax and fall asleep because it will turn off the computer after a specific time. You have the facility to set the time by dragging your mouse or selecting from a preset timer of 1, 6, 12, or 24 minutes. If you are performing a task on your system and you can’t wait for enough to shut down the computer. So, you can go away to perform your other daily works because Cl1ckClock will shut down the computer when the task will be completed. The application uses a moderate amount of system sources and has a quick response time.

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25. XNote Timer

XNote Timer is a free and handy software application that provides you two different features, countdown timer, and stopwatch. The primary task of this program is to manage your daily personal and professional events in a quick way. You can use count-up mode to calculate time intervals and count-down mode to work as an alarm. Using this app, you can play an audio track with multiple formats such as WAV, MP3, or MIDI, and launch any program. XNote Timer has a large sizable display to show on LCD panel for business or public presentations. A small icon is always present on the top of your screen for the reminder. Further, you can use system wide hotkeys to start, stop or reset the program with just a key press. It is a portable application so you can run it without installation right after downloading.

26. Free Countdown Timer

Free Countdown Timer is a lightweight and fully-featured countdown timer application that facilitates the user to view how much time he has left until an important event. This significant application is designed for helping you use a countdown timer for managing your activities. The application has an intuitive and clean interface that enables you to configure the dedicated parameters using minimum effort. The user has the facility to work with different countdown timers at the same time and a new timer to the list by specifying the time in seconds, minutes, and hours. You have the possibility to perform multiple tasks like use it to stop or restart the timer at the end of the event, display the countdown timer in a floating window, put a custom text message, upload an audio file from the computer, and choose between multiple preset sounds.

27. yTimer

yTimer is a straightforward and handy software application that allows you to set up a number of countdown timers. When the countdown reaches zero, it informs the user with an audio alert and a popup window. Further, the user can specify in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. If you minimize the application with some active timers it will restart them automatically with the correct remaining time when you reopen it. You have the facility to load up to 40 different countdown timers and it will hide the alarm and pop-up window enables you to keep track of your important things. Overall, it is a fast and clean application which is best for business people.

28. PC Chrono

PC Chrono is a simple to use software application that enables you to work with a timer, clock, and stopwatch. The application provides support for custom audio notifications and synthesis options. The application has a simple and easy to navigate interface where the current time and date is shown in a large and clear font. As using it as a timer, you can set the relative and absolute time, increase remind frequency automatically, and use voice synthesis as a reminder. For the stopwatch, you use to start, reset, pause, and cancel buttons. As configuration settings, you have the facility to set PC Chrono to minimize to system tray, change the time format, specify a WAV, MP3, or OGG file to play, display a message box, and enable voice synthesis.

29. SwizzTool

SwizzTool is straightforward and useful software application that allows the user to create automated tasks to launch programs or web pages through a hotkey, take notes, and create reminders. It spends most of its time in the tray area. Through this tray area, you can access all editable areas just like hotkeys, memo, alarms, tasks, and the clipboard manager. You can set reminders that will remind you about important appointments. Further through reminders, you have the possibility to play sound, show a message, run a task, and repeat the alarm. The application contains hotkeys having different buttons to start custom tasks or alarms, as well as controlling multiple Windows core features, just like management, volume, and others. Moreover, the application contains a dedicated drop-down menu with options to add to the clipboard, execute the script, log off, lock the PC, open a file, start or stop the alarm, mouse click, reboot the PC and more.

30. TimeLeft

TimeLeft is a reliable and easy to use software application that helps you to create different clock-related functions just like reminder and timer. It is a portable application so you can use it without installation and can store TimeLeft on an external device. The application has a standard and intuitive layout. TimeLeft facilitates you to add or modify an existing reminder, timer, clock, countdown, auction watch, stopwatch, and sticker. Further, you can synchronize time with the one from online servers. Many customization features are present in this application. So, you have the possibility to enable sound and different actions, add borders and effects, as well as change the layout and skin of the clock’s frame. Moreover, you can use this application to run at system startup, create a taskbar button, enable transparency mode, stay on top of other windows, and stop the frames from being dragged on the desktop.

31. Bling Clock

Bling Clock is a reliable and handy software application that provides time to track functions just like a stopwatch, countdown, or regular clock with a LED display. It has a simple interface which is easy to figure out by everyone. You can adjust the countdown timer using on-screen buttons or with the help of keyboard shortcuts assigned to each command. The application also has the feature of alarm and you can choose the alarm sound from the settings area. There are many options present such as “Ding Dong”, “Red Alert”, “Male Robot Alarm”, “Trumpet Fanfare”, and “Ancient Bells’. Further, you have the option to drag a personalized track to the clock window. Bling Clock is the perfect application for the less experienced users due to its intuitive layout.

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